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Comment 30 Sep 2013

Tough loss on Bryant. Wish him a speedy recovery. God bless him.

Comment 22 Sep 2013

Loved watching Guiton operate with surgical precision. I think we've been spoiled watching what a pure passer can do in in a system like this the past couple weeks.

Not to mention, he is a class-act, as evidenced by his comments to the reporter after the game on the sideline.

Go Bucks.

Comment 17 Sep 2013

Posting a link from the ultra-feminist, ultra-liberal site Jezebel to poke fun at our Christian ancestors? I guess "religious Christian kooks" like the Puritans make for easy targets, hmm? Utterly distasteful and offensive to even the most dispassionate among us.

This is just one among example others like links to Salon, HuffPost, etc. I've been reticent up until now, letting it slide. I think it would be wise to steer clear of these kinds of politically-motivated sites when choosing your links of the day for fear of begrudging one's taste and judgment.

Isn't the intent to keep those things off of here anyhow considering it's the first main point under your commenting policy? I'd expect better adherence to your own policies.

Comment 14 May 2013

The idea merits interest, but I'd have a lot of concerns with it.

Limiting the number of team to 80 seems arbitrary. Teams enter and leave the FBS all the time. I doubt this rigidity would sit well with those teams that would like to do the same in the future.

More likely that teams would schedule tougher OOC opponents? Have a hard time imagining that too, for the simple reason coaches can pad their wins and two, most importantly, why risk increased chance of injury and why beat your own team up with stout opponents early in the season?

I would like to see better OOC scheduling, like everyone would, but I fear this would do just the opposite. Currently, there is some incentive to schedule better OOC games, because it will help in the polls. Remove the polls and you remove the incentive. We need there to be more incentive and I'm not sure that arbitrarily forcing teams into 4 20-team conferences helps in that aim. Polls aren't the problem.

Be careful what you wish for.

Creating a new division football between the FBS and FCS is worth considering. It's been done before and I think their would be a market for the lower division. This would create more parity among the FBS and FBS teams could play new FCS (not the old FCS).