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Comment 28 Jan 2015

I drove my family five hours to sit in the stands. Being an out-of-state, non-native Buckeye, I had no idea who any of the dignitaries were other than Coleman -- and that was only because he was plainly labeled on his scoreboard video. My wife asked if one was the governor, and I had to admit that I didn't know who the Governor of Ohio was anymore. So the dignitaries were wasted on us. We can't legally vote for them anyway.

Of course, it was a great ceremony and easily worth the gas and hotel room. I only wish that they had stuffed a sock in the dignitaries and let more of the players talk. Or at least, have somebody read the names of all the guys in gray suits down on the field who didn't get mike time. We were there to thank them too.

Comment 24 Jun 2013

Other than the few years I was fortunate enough to attend Ohio State, I've spent my entire life in Pennsylvania. And for such a diverse and beautiful state, Harrisburg is an abortion of a capital city. When I was at OSU, I remember wondering why Harrisburg could be that nice.

I used to say that they should have put PSU in Harrisburg because University Park is isolated. Perhaps I got that backwards.

I've never been to Trenton, but dang it must suck to be ranked lower than Harrisburg.

Now all of this being said, the Pennsylvania Capitol building itself kicks ass. Nicer than the national capitol.

Comment 27 Feb 2013

Hovenaut is right. Central PA simply isn't men's basketball territory -- wrestling is as big or bigger. So PSU is forced to go into Pittsburgh and recruit against Pitt or into Philadelphia and recruit against the Big Five, all of which are far more established in hoops than PSU. So I'm not sure comparing PSU to OSU or TSUN is fair. PSU has more competition in state, and is far more removed from Pennsylvania's main population centers than either OSU or TSUN. So I tend to think PSU basketball is simply hopeless, and that PSU's fans and administration simply accept this.

I was Bryce Jordan on January 26th, and the place was probably half full and one-sixth Ohio State fans. I sat by a family of Buckeyes from New Jersey who had never been to Bryce Jordan before (they came because State College was as close as the Buckeyes came to their home this year). Upon learning that I lived locally, the lady said, "This is a really nice building..."

...and then quickly added, "Do they know they have it?"