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Comment 23 Apr 2013

I don't mean to be a party pooper, but that NC by Maryland, along with the Buckeyes MNC in football, are the B1G's most recent championships in the respective sports...

Comment 08 Oct 2012

I mentioned how classless it was on cornnation.com and got LAMBASTED for it. I didn't care. I stuck to my guns. Come to find out that the conversation was linked on offtackleempire.com and was raked over the coals again for being an "a**hole" because I defended the tradition of Script Ohio instead of Nebraska's kickers. I wasn't even particularly vitrilolic in my exchanges, but it didn't matter. Apparently we're stupid for caring and it's just a band. So much for Nebraska fans being all class. I hate to say it, but maybe Longhorns fans are right: Nebraska fans have purple doo-doo that smells like rainbow sherbet (read: doesn't stink). Personally, I think they're terribly sanctimonious and, unlike Ohio State fans (see: TattooGate), can NEVER admit they are wrong and how DARE you for suggesting otherwise, you monster! "Through These Gates Pass The Greatest Fans In College Football," after all! It really left a sour taste in my mouth.

Comment 12 Jul 2012

Yeah London Red Raiders! I'm an alum! Red Raiders; that's good old-fashined family racism.

Comment 31 Mar 2012

I liked that we played "Throw the ball into the paint so the big white guy could get a million blocks instead of kicking it back out to the open man at the top of the key" for the last 10 minutes. That was a real barrel of monkeys. Nightmare. Well, good season, anyway. Spring Practice! Woo!

Comment 09 Nov 2011

Jonathan, at OTE, probably did the best job I've seen so far of describing how we should feel about PSU right now. Pretty poignant stuff. A lot of commenters have been surprised that a Buckeye takes the high road, but we are greater than the sum of our parts. O-H.


Comment 30 Jul 2011

I see this cat's car parked at the Wendy's by my house all the time. It's batshit insanity I can get behind. He had "In Fickell We Trust" on that window from day one of his tenure...

Comment 13 Jul 2011

I'm headed to LebowskiFest in Louisville this weekend. White Russians with Buckeye Vodka? THey are now on the agenda. Hooray, local industry!

Comment 01 Jul 2011

Rock-paper-scissors to see who gets to help me get rid of the ol' camel tail here. Straight up the middle. Three yards and a cloud of dust for the old man...

Comment 21 Jun 2011

Hell's Horses that sucks. Like I've said a number of times, now we see who the REAL Buckeyes are...

Comment 19 Jun 2011

"I've been gumming at this apple for the last hour, and all I taste is mercury. Gave me Mad Hatter's Disease, it did! Reminds me of when I was 6, working at the textile mill. We used to have to un-jam the spools manually, and many a finger was lost. Speaking of chicken fingers, I had some with potato salad the other day that....zzzz*snort*zzzz..."

Comment 14 Jun 2011

Not to be snide, but he can be 9 credits away from sucking my yam bag. A forced apology to try to clean up his image and make more money does not an NFL QB make.