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Comment 2 minutes ago
yet the OP (you) don't mind if it gets off track.

Do you know that for a fact?  Perhaps he is fuming right now and we just don't realize it? 

Comment 3 minutes ago

You people need to let things go, you will end up with an ulcer.

Comment 9 minutes ago

Here is one I have been meaning to bring up, you could try adding some humor to your posts every once in a while. 

Comment 15 minutes ago

Perhaps you could put that at the top?  Like we do with BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front). 

Thank me later.

Comment 2 hours ago

Harbaugh may have a nice Butt, unfortunately, he was showing it off too much last night and everyone now knows how good his Butt is.  Teams will be watching his Butt more closely now (not that they weren't before), it's just that Hoke's Butt was not nearly as nice as Harbaugh's Butt. 

Comment 4 hours ago
(Note: I did forum search for this and use google domain searches but did not find a post or article about this)

Excellent idea.  { Some People } around here get bent out of shape when people make an honest mistake and create a duplicate post. 

Comment 5 hours ago

Nah Unky, there is no way I believe that.  You look too cuddly to be an a$$hole.

Comment 03 Sep 2015

They said the exact same thing when RR was hired, no team in the B1G would be able to keep up with his offense.  They said the same thing, again, when Hoke was hired, no team will be able to stop the Man Ball that was coming back to AA.  I have heard this record before and I know all the lyrics.