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Comment 2 minutes ago

You people are all wishing you had red x's now, aren't you?  Know what I see?  NOTHING!

Ha, Sucks to be you!

Comment 7 minutes ago
I swooped in earlier with an admittedly inappropriate 1D joke for Bassdropper and the MODS promptly deleted it ... so I was just laying low for awhile.


Comment 9 minutes ago
Does a hobby horse have a wooden D?

What a silly question.  You can clearly see that they do not.  The mystery lies in the fact that Howdy wears pants, and it is a good chance that only Bob has been in them.

Comment 19 minutes ago

Nah, he would be too disgusted and running for a shower at that point to do anything.  After the shower, he would curled up in the fetal position, rocking back and forth.

Comment 41 minutes ago
I fear it'll be about Scroguards though.

Yep.  I'm betting the neighbors just love having him live next door. 

Comment 46 minutes ago

I'll give him credit. He did call his mother, so she is now involved and it also said "for instance", as in, there are more ramifications and here is just one example.  Give credit where credit is due, at least he is getting involved and not turning a blind eye.

Comment 51 minutes ago
I'm still expecting 05 to swoop in with a specific comment, red X and associated link for said red X. It's the perfect setup.
Comment 53 minutes ago
Nah, he's more like Bobby Brady, Hall Monitor.
Comment 56 minutes ago
Unless he were to have a wooden bag, then they would be { A Part } of his { Lincoln Log } .
Comment 1 hour ago

Actually I think apart would be correct in this instance. But we may be delving into an area that should just be left to the imagination. And I'm going to imagine just one log, not mutiple.

Comment 1 hour ago

That's not grammar, that's basic puppet biology.

Comment 1 hour ago

Wouldn't that Lincoln Log, as in singular?

Comment 2 hours ago

Buffalo Bob knows, but he obviously aint telling...

Comment 4 hours ago

My advice was to always have the baby breast feed.  Not because it is natural, more healthy and creates a bond between the mother and her baby, it was because she had to get up in the middle of the night and you could sleep.

Comment 4 hours ago

Just for clarification, are you tired of hearing that advice or are you tired right now?  Because if you are tired right now, just wait till that baby comes.

Comment 4 hours ago

They are not lazy about that!  At least I was trying to make them work for it, you handed it to them on a silver platter.

Comment 4 hours ago

That could be something fun to do.  We all strive to get a number associated with our screen name.  Once we have been tagged, we can put it in the signature line as a badge of honor.  Just the number, no explanation.

Comment 5 hours ago

I regards to the fans, I simply refer to them as  "You People".  A phrase made famous by Ross Perot as he was about to flush his Presidential chances down the toilet as the words finished crossing his lips.

Comment 5 hours ago
And the rhino obviously makes sense becau... Ok, fair point on that one.

Maybe an Elephant or a giant Duck would have been more appropriate.  I'm sure there is somebody here who can put Jones on the back of Oregons mascot, right?

Comment 5 hours ago

His sister posed in Playboy many years ago.  I bet my post sparks more Google searches than yours does.

Comment 5 hours ago

True, but George Jerry won't draft anyone who would dare question is football acumen.  He likes yes men.  That fact also explains why the Cowboys threw away a chance at winning 3 Super Bowls in a row.  Johnson is not a yes man and he had enough of Jones sticking his nose where it doesn't belong.