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Comment 8 hours ago

If he didn't, he should have.  Bigger standard payload than both Ford and Chevy, good ground clearance, full size bed and a very roomy cab.  The bed liner makes it easy to clean up too.

Comment 9 hours ago
the Highlander

Milk just came out my nose from laughing so hard...

When I as in Iraq, my buddy sent me BMW floor mats and a BMW license plate holder.  My driver and I called our HMMWV the { Beemer }.  Same thing as a { Highlander }, right?

Comment 9 hours ago

We bought a drone at the State Fair on Sunday, but I am pretty sure my youngest hasn't been up there in at least 6 months. 

Comment 9 hours ago
Dude I plan on swimming in that pool after I'm super drunk at the Dubgate

We all mutually decided you have to leave your new mini van at home if you are going to hang out with us.  Some of us still have self respect.

Comment 10 hours ago

I was in a golf outing at Muirfield Country Club a few years ago and we seriously contemplated skipping the golf and just enjoy the sights instead.

Comment 10 hours ago

If you want to see jiggly gifs in Dublin, just hang out in the parking lot of any of the health clubs.  The MILF's congregate there once they send their sugar daddies to work every morning.

Comment 10 hours ago

Yea, I'm going to have to pass on that.  I'm sure Ytown is really proud of his new vehicle, but I wouldn't be caught dead riding in one of those things.  I'll just follow behind in my Tundra if it's all the same to you..

Comment 11 hours ago

Blowing off the planned events was wrong, but as for him wearing Bama gear?  I can recall many around here getting a good chuckle when recruits wore OSU colors to other schools.  The shoe is on the other foot now.