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Comment 5 hours ago
so I dont make a fool of myself with a dumb response

Well you just did...

Comment 5 hours ago

This has nothing to do with your nightmare, but I am pretty sure I will be having a great dream tonight.  Is anyone else getting an ad for Chinese women?  One showing some cleaveage?  Well, everytime I see the article about the Deep Threat, my sub conscience has been changing the second word.  I'm going to bed early tonight!

Comment 9 hours ago

I'll be honest.  The OSU games she typically gets are not highly regarded matchups and are usually over well before halftime.  Now, I'm not going to turn the game off, but listening to her during a blowout does add some humor to an otherwise boring 2nd half.  Make it into a drinking game.  But make sure you have a designated driver, because you are going to be plastered.

Comment 10 hours ago

I realize everyone is happy that May is gone and that Galloway is his replacement, but I have yet to read anything about anyone being concerned for Beth and what she is going to do now.

Comment 21 hours ago

I was going to ask my odds of making it with the brunette robot with the bar code on her bra, but I thought that might come off as weird.

(she is my favorite, for those who were wondering)

Comment 22 hours ago

I would certainly hope that not having sex in The Champagne Room isn't on the list of 10 coolest things.  If it was, your list would be pretty lame right from the start.

Wanna know who has made it there?  E. Gordon Gee.

Comment 22 hours ago

So you are pulling out and not going to finish on your part of the bargain?  I would say I pretty much cracked the code.

How is the new salt water pool?  Did you hear us giggling?

Comment 23 hours ago
if you've always wondered if it would be cool to hit an iron off of C-Deck down into south stands.

Shanked it huh?

Too bad.  From that position, even Remy could have hit the scoreboard.