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Comment 22 Dec 2014

How many years has Amir supposed to increase his intensity?  Forget him and go on to the next.  Need scoring from the middle.

Need more penetration from the outside.

^^^^Amir couldn't play volleyball because he would still have to jump and he refuses.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

"NC is filled with Ohioans".

It is also filled with Floridians in the summer.

Spent many a spring vacations playing golf in western NC.  Beautiful relaxing place.

Comment 20 Oct 2014

Surprising how few screens and reverses tOSU runs.  I may have possibly seen one of each this season.  Dontre had the reverse and can't remember at all a screen being thrown.  If they are not successful they at least keep the defense honest. 

Comment 11 Sep 2014



If we would have had the "cupcake" first I don't believe we still would have played VT and help toward their defense would have been moot.

The only help toward the VT defense would have been coaches with an idea of what to do during the game.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

"run the schemes they're used to seeing week in and week out in the Big Ten"

Back to the comfort zone.  Yep, that'll make it easier.  Don't want to play against those teams that don't play fair.

Don't want to see a poor showing here.  Then the players start questioning.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

I made this statement elsewhere but, after reading Buckeyejohn's comments on Herman and MENSA I will basically repeat myself.

Herman is a card carrying member of MENSA.  He took a test that ranked him among the smartest of the smart.  Nowhere on that test is a correlation between the test answers and football.  Not one question will relate to football.  It has been displayed by Tom Herman that MENSA and football have no correlation.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

They mentioned several times last night that Tech was running a double eagle defense.  If you can't run your normal offense you have to be able to adjust.  I saw no adjustment to the Tech defense.

Against the eagle defense (7 or 7+ defensive front) the center and both guards are covered.  LB in the gap with normal depth between the DE and DT.  (in the normal college alignment an OLB May replace the position of DE),  If you can't run at them in the middle you have to have a lead blocker or trap one of the three down linemen.  Off tackle you need a lead blocker.  You can also trap the OLB or DE.  OSU made no adjustments and were, for lack of a better word, incapacitated.  The outside running game was simply strung out to the sideline for pursuit tackling.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

Don't feel I can condemn ESPN for speaking the truth.

Yesterday's B1G showing was a week of bowl games thrown into one day.

Sad but true.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

Scenario: Dad wants Jr. to be a football hero.

Problem is Jr. may not want to participate in football at a young age.  No matter what Jr. wants he ends up practicing and "participating" on a team.  He is gun shy.  Not sure he wants to be part of this contact sport. 

Dad is extremely happy Jr. is on the team.  Jr. is very apprehensive about playing and getting involved in the body contact necessary.

Because Jr. has a bad experience (Dad "forcing") him to play at a young age he never wants to play again. 

Too many kids are forced tp play by an over zealous parent and they never want to play again.

Let Jr. decide what sport he wants to play or not to play.  Congratulate him on a job well done and other than that KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!

Comment 30 Jul 2014

I know many coaches will move down to get a start in head coaching.  I don't understand why Herman would leave unless it is for a large school with a step up in pay.  He may not be the top man but he is making more than many head coaches and not quite all of the head aches of the lead man.  Many want to be the top dog in a program and others are satisfied with with fewer things to worry about and still have a better than most as far as salaries.

Comment 04 Jan 2014

They are kids.  They played to lose?  Give it a break!  Sure are a lot of people complaining who could only have done worse and know very little about the game except what they perceive to know about the game of football.  If you are unhappy about the team you can always find another to lend your negativism.

Great job by a bunch of dedicated young men on the playing field and you have made a great contribution to Buckeye Football.  Those that criticize know little about the game.

Comment 30 Dec 2013

Guess I should admit that Greenville is a pretty nice community but, the neighborhood of Woodside did make the list.  The walk along the river is very nice with a lot of activity.

Furman University is also in the area of Clemson and Furman is a beautiful campus.