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Comment 29 Jan 2015
There's no farm system in football besides college. If you play well and stay healthy for three years in college, you're guaranteed a big paycheck. In the MLB, some guys don't see "real" contracts in until they're near thirty. Plus, I think being a lineman is probably the safest position in Football to play long term. Also, in reference to Samuel, they did play him when Zeke was gassed in the last few games. However, if I remember correctly, almost every snap he played was a run by Cardale or a throw. Gotta let the speed freak touch the rock, which I think will happen next year.
Comment 21 Jan 2015
Oh man, I know it's way too early, but how fun would a shot at TCU and Baylor be next year? I can't wait for next year. Here's to hoping the Bucks basketball team can turn it around and make this off-season bearable.
Comment 15 Jan 2015

Lots of familiar names... It's almost like they were on a very successful team we're fond of. 

Wow, I cannot wait for Spring ball.

Comment 15 Jan 2015

In my opinion, save some games when the athletes are young and still trying to learn the game (i.e. 100-0 6th grade girls games), I do not ever see a problem with running the score up on the other team. The object of the game is to score points on the other team and their job is to stop it. If they cannot stop it, they deserve to lose by as many points as they give up.

However, I do not even see this as a situation of running the score up. I was not going to feel at ease until the clock hit zero against this offense, as Oregon freaking scored in 6 seconds on their last touchdown. Down 15 points with 1-2 minutes remaining would be an improbable comeback, but certainly not impossible for this Oregon offense.

Comment 14 Jan 2015

I never thought I'd say this, but I really think Cardale should leave for the NFL. While he probably won't get drafted until the 4th or 5th round, this is a weak draft class and anything can happen. His stock is way higher than we ever imagined right now and he possibly may never start another game at OSU (I think he should start next year, but that's my opinion). An NFL team will take him as a project and realize he will probably have to sit 3 to 5 years. He would be able to finish his degree by then, which he has stated is his #1 priority currently, he would be able to have an income to support his daughter, and he would not have to worry about potentially losing all chances at the NFL via draft ($$$).

I would love to have him back, but I believe he should do what's best for him. He has nothing left to prove to the fans, scouts or coaches in terms of winning.

Comment 09 Jan 2015

I absolutely agree, but Oregon/Mariota is also the type of offense that somehow gets ridiculous backbreaking 3rd down conversions (not matter the distance), which cannot happen.

Comment 09 Jan 2015

Anyone who thinks Braxton is going to transfer severely underestimates 1) the guarantee he can throw the ball effectively after two major shoulder surgeries and 2) learning a completely new system with new coaches and teammates starting in July/August, which will be when he is able to throw again.

End of discussion.

Comment 08 Jan 2015

I stopped wearing jerseys my senior year of college because I started to realize I was older than some of these guys. I don't know why, but at that point they just seemed to be tacky to me. Classier, more form fitting Nike or Homage gear seems to be a better look to me nowadays.

Comment 07 Jan 2015
If everyone is so upset about 15 games, let's just drop one of the BS games every single team plays. I'm looking at you, Kent State for OSU and whatever 1-AA team the entire SEC schedules. However, I don't see the big deal physically. Both leagues above and below the college level require at least 15 games to win a championship (Ohio HS and Pro). Time away from the classroom and costs for families are my biggest concerns. I agree with Darron though, just freaking play. I'm tired of sports writers making such a big deal out of it. Some even go on tangents about how players are putting in so much more effort and not receiving a dime back, as if both teams competing for the National Championship are pissed they have to practice and play one more game. This is what they came to school to do, no one is forcing anyone to play. This stuff is supposed to be fun and I think a lot of people claiming schools should pay players sometimes forget that's part of the reason college football is so special. Rant over. Go Bucks.
Comment 05 Jan 2015
The shoulder pad numbers are black, but the big numbers on the front and back are white. I don't really care much for the black numbers, though. I think they're hard to read on the scarlet jerseys, but if that's what they wore back in the old days, then so be it.
Comment 26 Dec 2014
DJ, that sad #MichiganMan is Jake Ryan's father and he is a grade A asshole. I had to sit in front of him for the entire Game and he is awful in every sense of the word. In other news, I originally heard about the missing mom and did not piece it together that it was JT's mom. My heart goes out to him and his sister (a former lady buckeye baller), as they are both great kids. I hope they find their mother soon.
Comment 30 Nov 2014
He's definitely a different beast to take down. I hope Jalin gets about 20-30% of the snaps at QB with some passing options, though. That would allow Samuel to get some touches at H back and would throw lots of speed on the field. One could argue this offense could be even more dynamic in terms of style if Herman gets creative. So bummed for JT though, he might have moved to my favorite OSU QB of all time this week. Pure class out of that kid, he'll definitely be missed next week.
Comment 18 Nov 2014

A chance to play Bama and then Oregon/FSU is making me ridiculously giddy. 

Three big games to go though, regardless of the talent level of the first two.