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Comment 23 Mar 2015

I want to win some cash in my office pool, so give me Kentucky, OU and UNC in the final four (thanks a lot, Iowa State) and Kentucky winning it. Calipari's National Championships are going to get vacated anyways, so it really doesn't even matter.

Comment 23 Mar 2015

I actually disagree with you on Knight as a commentator. I would much rather listen to Bob Knight talk about basketball during a game than anyone else on the planet. The guy's basketball IQ is through the roof and he doesn't drop the random fluff that every other sports broadcaster does.

I can't stand Bilas, Gottlieb, etc. or any of the other ex-players/coaches, but especially Gottlieb. Guy loves to talk about how "good" he was back in the day and it's obnoxious. Give me Coach Knight over them any day.

Comment 17 Mar 2015

Anyone else think McLaurin is going to reach the potential we imagined Dontre could hit before Dontre actually does?

I'm not giving up on Dontre, but I feel like he might just turn into one of those guys where the idea of what he could be coming in as a freshman surpasses what he actually can be. I'd gladly eat a giant plate of crow after this year, if he wants to prove me wrong.

Comment 09 Mar 2015
When can we stop using 20 wins as a metric for a decent year considering in half those wins Vegas doesn't even bother with a spread? The majority of the first 15 games should be considered preseason. I don't think anyone is calling for Mattas head and I don't want to diminish his coaching skills, but it really seems sometimes that he just recruits lots of HS studs, then hands his team the ball and says, "go play." I can't remember the last time we executed an offensive play late in a big game.
Comment 04 Mar 2015
Yeah, not to get all #takey on everyone, as DJ put it, but I remind you all that Joe Paterno's sanctions didn't last as long as JT's (even if Paterno stayed alive). What a f'ing joke.
Comment 03 Mar 2015

I don't live in town anymore, so I'm going to see the Cavs on Friday and the Tribe on Saturday. Only chance I'm probably going to get to see either team play this year, so I'm stoked regardless if it's opening day or not. I'm also really anxious to see the new additions to The Jake, should be a great weekend.

Comment 03 Mar 2015

He didn't come to school to not ride endangered animals around with crowns and national championship trophies.

Did I get the tweet right?

Comment 03 Mar 2015

Congratulations, Braden, I spit water all over my work laptop.

Comment 24 Feb 2015

I would love to see that exact block O added to the jerseys in some creative way (besides the occasional appearance on the pants). Perhaps on the shoulder pads or something? 

Also, I think this block O helmet would look better if it were actually the normal "shiny" silver helmet that they where, rather than this plain, dull gray.

Comment 24 Feb 2015

The most frustrating thing about Amir is that he doesn't hustle and looks like he just doesn't give a shit. Sam Thompson just never developed any skills besides jumping and Shannon Scott is just a mediocre version of Aaron Craft without the leadership ability.

I'm starting to wonder about how much of this is on Matta. With the way he is so hands-off with his teams and lack of playing his bench, it seems the only teams he has that succeed is where he dominates the recruiting game on players that don't really need much development. If they do require development, his teams just seem to be stagnant and never really live up to expectations/improve.

Comment 20 Feb 2015

I love Devin and what he did for us this year (and the past few years); however, I just don't see him being all that successful in the NFL. While a deep threat is crucial for an NFL passing game, you really have to be able to run every route and I honestly can't remember him catching anything other than a deep ball. Also, for an extensive amount of time during the middle of this year, he seemed to disappear completely when we focused on the run game and the short to intermediate passing game.

Hopefully I'm wrong, but I just think taking him with a 1st round pick is absolutely insane.

Comment 10 Feb 2015

Super stoked about the Alford hire and my excitement continues to grow every time I hear something new about him. I had no idea he started at Mount Union and welcome him to Buckeye Nation with open arms.

Also, I couldn't be happier than Urban has started to offer bigger and rangier WR. I always get jealous when I see other teams with giant, athletic freaks for WR and I'm happy our team is starting to float towards that a la Michael Thomas.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

Someone reported that the interview took place this morning. 

My thoughts:

1) Unlikely, but perhaps he didn't know he'd get the interview until earlier today.

2) He knew he was interviewing today, but that doesn't guarantee he was going to get the job.

3) It sucks for the kid and I feel bad, but they should be selling the University and Urban Meyer's program, which will include a great staff, regardless if it is the one that recruited the players originally.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

Gotta love threads about arguing over the 5th and 6th string quarterbacks.

Comment 05 Feb 2015

I just assume the remainder of guys were picked up because current players have stated interest in transferring; however, it hasn't been public yet. MAYBE because they want to finish out the school year to not set their academic progress back.