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Comment 30 Jul 2015

Next. Man. Up.

It sounds like the coaching staff has known this was coming for awhile, which is good news because that means they know they have to get others ready to play. Let's get some fresh blood on the field and go knock some heads off already, shall we?

Comment 30 Jul 2015

It's funny, I usually agree with you on this. I hated how Tressel always gave the Seniors more opportunities than the younger guys.

However, for some reason, I believe media day and captain selection should be based off seniority (unless the team has no senior leadership). On the other hand, playing time should go to the best player at his position, no question about it.

Comment 29 Jul 2015

Via Google:

"Pro Agility Test: The 5-10-5, a.k.a. the Short Shuttle Run or Pro Agility Drill, is the method preferred by football coaches and scouts to test a player's quickness. Three cones are lined up 5 yards apart. Start at the middle cone. Start by straddling the line in a 3-point stance."

Comment 29 Jul 2015

might be a shuttle time (not sure on distance), but I'm pretty sure under 4 seconds is absurdly difficult, maybe impossible. I don't buy a lot of reports about people running faster since we know how much 40 times are fudged.

Comment 29 Jul 2015

yeah, I mean Braxton went for 6.8 yds per carry and Hyde went for 6.6 yds per carry.

I really can't complain about giving it to Braxton, but I wonder why you don't run up the middle unless you're trying not to be obvious (with 2 runners over 6 yds per carry, does obvious really matter?). However, if Heuerman doesn't miss his block, they get the 1st easily.

Comment 29 Jul 2015

Can we please have Urban Meyer and Jim Tressel? I forgot how much I loved the Vest until I heard his voice again. What a great dude.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

I really don't think this is back-handed. We all know that Braxton's best ability is to run with the football and make people miss. It's not a secret to anyone and I think Narduzzi was simply trying to give him props on this.

I don't see anyone complaining when Braxton announced he is moving to H-Back/WR. The reason? He isn't that great of a passer in comparison to his other abilities.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

That potential early departure list, combined with the Seniors who must leave, makes me extremely sad. However, if they are leaving early, it usually means the Buckeyes are doing well. It's time to enjoy watching this current roster as much as possible because there are going to be a lot of new faces on the starting roster come next year.

Comment 28 Jul 2015

OSU was rewarded for playing another game against a quality opponent and then curb-stomping that opponent into 2025. I'm so tired of all this drama. It's as if doubters think anyone inserted into OSU's position would have beat Bama and Oregon back-to-back. TCU would not have beaten either team and that's why I hope OSU gets a shot at them sooooo badly.

Also, I'm tired of talking about this crap, can we just play VT already?

Comment 27 Jul 2015

People underestimate how much Urban loves Braxton. He forced touches to Evan Spencer last year just because he loved him as a player.

I don't think Braxton is going to have to fight too hard to get touches, no matter how stacked the rest of the WR corp is. Urban loves him and knows what he can do with the ball in his hand. Pending any injuries, there will be plenty of highlights this time next year of Braxton Miller as a Senior WR.

Comment 24 Jul 2015

If anything, it should help. D line is one of the few positions that can be neutralized by teams specifically strategizing against players if they don't have much help on defense (running away from them, double-teaming, etc).

If you want to show your dominance, come join a loaded D-Line with a great coaching staff and environment to push you to the next level.

Comment 24 Jul 2015

Ring the bell, it's over. You win, sir.

It means everyone needs to shut up and stop being so cocky. Last year's success and projections of how good this year's team will be don't mean anything at this point. They could choke Week 1 against VT and then have to play against the ropes the rest of the year.

Comment 26 Jun 2015

As I've said since this became a topic, I think the QB battle will be won based off the improvement of the WR. While he isn't the fastest or best runner, Cardale's arm is still the skill that creates the most problems for defenses. If he gets a legitimate deep threat, there's no doubt in my mind he is the starter.

Braxton has never been a complete QB and should be used sparingly to get his athleticism on the field. As we've seen, injuries do happen, so JT and his overall incredibly efficient skillset need to be ready at all times.

Either way, I can't freaking wait to see what this running game and defense do this year. It's going to be a fun Fall.

Comment 06 May 2015

The game is over and the Bucks have a National Championship Trophy to show for it, but my heart skipped a beat watching that gif in slo-mo.

Holy crap, I do not remember it being that close to being knocked away. I never thought I'd get anxiety over a game that has ended 4 months ago. Thank you, Evan Spencer.

Comment 06 May 2015

All of the people who say rock is dead are ignorant. There's probably more high quality acts out right now than during the 90s (which happens to be my favorite time period of music).

As stated by others, radio has simply moved to a poppier audience among all main genres (Rock, Country, Rap, etc.). Therefore, all the good stuff is just a bit harder to find. If you live in Columbus, just listen to CD102.5 and enjoy.

Comment 22 Apr 2015

Why are Males/Females acceptable to just look at and adore for being pretty, but movies aren't?

Like others, I wasn't sure I followed the story completely all the way through. Also, yes, there were some moments where I didn't like the plot, but holy shit this movie was amazing to see in theaters.

Comment 22 Apr 2015

Well, I didn't want to have to do this, but you made me do it. I hope you're happy now. Happy Wednesday, everyone.