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Comment 19 Dec 2014

He also has a diamond encrusted fedora in his intro. Why? What would compel that? This guy is a total neckbeard

Comment 10 Dec 2014
Yeah, that Edelman guy should probably just go crawl under a rock and die...
Comment 07 Dec 2014

Elliot emerging like this is relatively recent; he has been playing at nearly Hyde level the last few games, but that was not the case earlier on. Furthermore we recruit dual threat QBs, so why not run them? JT's run against Minnesota was clearly very important. It's easy to criticize after an injury, but no one was angry about it until after it happened. Finally, running a QB doesn't always make them more injury prone..

Comment 25 Nov 2014

Thank you! I too am tired of segments of this website claiming the "youth" don't know any of the traditions, and don't understand what OSU football is. As a current student I can say without a doubt that most of us do. It's why we fill the student section and are the loudest segment every week...cause we love OSU and we know what it's about. The traditions permeate the student body, exemplified by all of the things even student orgs unaffiliated to sports do (I can give examples, but every org I've been in has maintained traditions both related too and outside of football). I know most of us didn't pay attention in the 90s, but please stop downgrading our beliefs. We are the future of this fan base, and the reason our stadium is so damn intimidating weekly.

Comment 23 Nov 2014
Taylor Swift was also played yesterday, and is a meh choice. But reading more of this areticle I agree that Kendrick, or childish gambino, or other modern rap and also modern alternative (like MGMT) would be much better.
Comment 23 Nov 2014
You guys really didn't like the music? In the student section people loved the song choice in the second half. Only negative was not enough Rage Against the Machine. And I say all of these things as not a big 90s fan, but it was pretty fun for the game.
Comment 16 Nov 2014

Dude, I never said anything about being a coach or doing someone else's job. And I don't boo at games either, but I can observe and think what I want too. I don't always have to be 100% behind every single thing we do just because it's my team. The point of sports is to have an opinion, and I'm not trash talking either. I made a valid observation, that this team has ball security issues. 

Comment 16 Nov 2014
Look, tweeting and them and saying certain mean things is wrong, but criticism is well deserved. I'm tired of dumb fumbles and lack of ball security because it will cost us real games. Last year the muffed punt killed us in the title game. Again, people shouldn't be asses, but being disappointed is ok imho.
Comment 11 Nov 2014

Yeah, but noon games isn't a tradition....look at the latest article on this website. I'm not sure if you've been to an OSU game, but my night game experiences have beaten out Michigan games and that's a sad sad statement. If we could play Michigan at night the people who matter the most, the students of this university, would benefit the most, and they are the people that matter most in this decision.

Comment 10 Nov 2014

I'm also a current student and I know the tradition, but that doesn't mean it can't change. That's how new traditions emerge. Just cause you're older doesn't make your opinion more valuable, and I'm sorry if you truly think so little of OSU students to expect we don't even know tradition.

Comment 09 Nov 2014
Dude...we gave up 37 points. The defense wasn't bad but that's not good. Also, there was still enough time left that it wasn't trash time. I'm not complaining but I still expect more. 37 is too many points.
Comment 04 Nov 2014

Please look at that list and tell me that you would be confident we'd beat any of those teams above us. We would be competitive sure, but say with a straight face we'd outright win any of those. We lost to VTech, and followed with a close game at PSU. Why are we complaining? The B1G is trash, and so is our loss. There is a reason our perception is so bad: we lost every big OOC game this year as a conference, and PSU, Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa are all trash (but were once powerhouse programs in the B1G). Once this conference stops shitting the bed we'll earn our respect, but it's not (and shouldn't be) just given for no reason.