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Comment 28 Apr 2017
*on a tipped pass. Which means he was luckily in the rite spot on the int, not from good play.
Comment 26 Apr 2017
The problem with the report is it is on the internet without the authors name attached to it. Plus it only gives Conley and friends/acquaintances side of the story (even though multiple attempts were made to get the alleged victims side of the story). There has to be video of the lobby of the Westin Hotel where the report says Conley hung out with the alleged victim and friends before going upstairs. Not to mention a witness account from a front desk clerk who called the room on the victims behalf after the incident.
Comment 26 Apr 2017
I found this on the interwebs. Someone did some investigative research about the night in question. He was able to talk to everyone that was present that evening except for the victim, who did not answer or return several calls and texts. Everyone had the same story that leads to Connley being not guilty. Warning: Article contains sexual content http://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/draft-diamonds-investigative-report-gareon-conley-maybe-the-victim/
Comment 22 Apr 2017

Evan Spencer also had another big play in recovering an onside kick later in the game. 

Ohio State played poorly at times in the Sugar Bowl too. The first quarter plus had OSU inexplicably turned the ball over twice and did not execute in the red zone. Plus there was a breakdown in coverage on a long pass play to set up the Tides final TD. Oh what could have been if OSU would have played well the whole game.

Comment 15 Apr 2017
Well played '94, well played indeed.
Comment 26 Mar 2017

Dontre didn't actually catch Zeke but was running as fast as him. Go to the 43 second mark. 

Comment 25 Mar 2017
In 2015 at Indiana Zeke had 3 long TD runs. One of those runs Dantre caught up to EZE who ran a faster 40 last year. Odd.
Comment 12 Mar 2017

FP, if he's smooth  (for arguments sake I'm assuming a starter on the D line for tOSU is smooth) then he will turn it into a Mentos moment. 

Comment 12 Mar 2017

I still have the same crush. I just have to have it from a little farther away, legally speaking. 

Comment 12 Mar 2017
The crush is a deep one. I had the same thing going on with Kelly Kapowski when I was about your age.
Comment 12 Mar 2017
A man robbing a Family Dollar must be down on his luck financially. Clearly the sweatshirt must hav been donated by an OSU fan trying to pay it forward to someone in need. The robber being a fan of any team including TTUN is pure speculation but most likely a TTUN fan. The only concrete evidence is the clothing was donated by a good Samaritan OSU fan that was unknowingly helping out a bad person.
Comment 12 Mar 2017
If Sam turns out to be a bad dancer, a la Mark Madsen, would it be a deal breaker? You are probably too young to get the reference so just Google Mark Madsen dance.