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Comment 16 Apr 2014

It appears that the Athletic Department ignored the giant sign above the South Stands that says, "Pay It Forward." Some dude said it... I can't remember who... I have always thought of the Spring Game as the Athletic Department paying it forward. It was my trial run to make sure my daughter would make it through a real game without me having to duct tape her to a bleacher. It is a time to get down closer to the field. It is a time to think what it might be like to actually be talented enough to have played on that great field while not having a heart attack about the game that is happening.

If they can't see the value in the future fans, they are definitely missing the boat.

Comment 09 Apr 2014

Quickly flipping through the game breakdowns for the year, 10 of those 34 TE catches were also in the 3 games that Kenny Guiton was the primary QB. That leaves 24 for the other 11 games of the year. A difference of 3.33 vs. 2.18 catches per game for Kenny G vs Braxton. My memory told me that Kenny was better at finding the underneath receiver, but I was curious if the numbers agreed. This was in no way in depth research, but at least a starting point if anybody cared to take it further.

Comment 01 Mar 2014

That NIT game is easily my favorite basketball game I have been to in the past 10 years. Whether it is nostalgia or that the environment is really that much better, I am not certain. I have a feeling that half of us in the stands that game were also there to prove how much better of an environment there was back in the good ol' days... With that said, the Schott has certainly helped recruiting and provided revenue to the university. I have seen 4 or 5 concerts in the Schott that I can say, with confidence, would not have taken place on campus without the new arena being there. Love the Schott for what it provides, but miss the hell out of the loud, old, dump that provided so many great memories.

Comment 21 Nov 2013

People must not have been able to feel the tremor in Columbus yesterday. I heard a rumble and felt my house sway a bit in Pickerington. I don't think it was felt much farther away than that. 

I agree that this is the year to win. I would much rather replace a couple wide receivers and a RB than 4 starting, senior, offensive lineman. It is amazing how undervalued a good O-Line still is in college football. I was amazed that Alabama didn't lose an early game for that very reason this season.

Comment 17 Nov 2013

Yep. Didn't have our Heisman level RB for 3 games. Didn't have our Heisman level quarterback for 3 games. Lost a team captain, senior safety for the year. Dressed 3 scholarship LBs for this game (I think). Other teams get exceptions for these kinds of things... OSU gets punished for not being impressive enough.


Comment 31 Oct 2013

Montana had a year of "Wyatt" pop in there. I also had no idea that "Liam" was the new "Michael". Very bizarre.

Comment 27 Oct 2013

Best one since the Video Game Tribute that won Waters the permanent job as director. Dude is crazy.



Comment 08 Oct 2013
I forwarded the timecube link on to my boss and demanded that I be paid for 32 hours per day, and that I will not accept a penny less because he has been ripping ne off for years based on the evil teachings of.academia! He said I was crazy, and I told him that he needs to come stare at my belly button so that he can see that his beliefs are founded on lies!
Comment 17 Sep 2013
I said it 10 years ago... If the NCAA wants to be taken seriously about their enforcement of infractions, they can't simply be reactionary. They needed to create a group of investigators who rotated through programs and looked at athletic departments, did interviews with players, employees and boosters; and actually looked for violations! They have had plenty of money to make this happen for years, but they obviously don't want to know the truth and want kids to be able to quietly abuse the system without the money coming out of the NCAA's pocket. NCAA should be to college athletic departments what JCAHO is to hospital systems. If not, then they need to admit that they don't actually care
Comment 14 Sep 2013
Yep... His "heisman moment" they kept talking about is also known, in coaching circles, as "a horrible decision."
Comment 10 Sep 2013
I have gone through the whole article with a fine toothed comb and can't find a single thing about fixed raffles or selling your own stuff... Anyone else find anything worthwhile? http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g3iFJpGJiug&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dg3iFJpGJiug#
Comment 09 Sep 2013
I will just refer to him as Marcus Shugarts until he.pulls it back together.
Comment 31 Aug 2013
I try not to be overly critical to the point of insanity, but we are starting the season as the #2 team in the country. People are allowed to critique and have high expectations for a team that is expected to do great things. You can't panic everytime the other team gets a first down, but watching more blown coverages & mental lapses does make you concerned if playing other, top level, elite talent, opponents
Comment 30 Aug 2013
Still can't believe LaBambas is gone. That one actually makes me sad. Larry's being gone just mean you have to go home to drink after a 7:30am final exam.
Comment 28 Aug 2013
Do they still have "the best damn bacon in the land'? Nothing like a big ball of low quality deep fried bacon!
Comment 26 Aug 2013
One day... Each September... I cry at work when I reread that article. This time I was in bed, so I just had to deal with my wife mocking me a little.
Comment 09 Aug 2013



Link to "Sugar: The Bitter Truth." Pretty eye opening science behind the crap we eat... I still eat most of it, but at least I recognize that I am poisoning myself.