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Comment 29 Sep 2014

Firstly- if Braxton can come back healthy and no complications. People forget that his type of injury has no garuntees that he will have the same arm strength as before. There is a chance his throwing days are over. 

Secondly- gonna be really hard to not give Braxton his spot back but it is gonna be just as hard to tell JT he has to play back up for a season. Tough tough decision for Urban. 

Comment 28 Sep 2014

JT reminds me of Troy a little bit. Maybe not as elusive but as effective a passer we've seen in years. His future is bright and we get him for 3 more years.

Comment 27 Sep 2014

I think MSU is still a legit team and with help they could possibly squeeze into a top 4 spot if they run the table. Personally I'd love to see MSU get another chance against Oregon on a neutral field. I thought they had there chances in Eugene but got outplayed late in that game. That is the only team I see with a legit chance form B1G and for them to move from 10th to top 4 isn't a crazy idea at all especially if there one loss was at Oregon. IMO

Comment 26 Sep 2014

I usually find $10-$20 parking spots along N. High near Hudson. I found a lot behind Hound Dogs building at $10. Nice walk but I usually make a few pit stops at local bars along the way. 

Comment 16 Sep 2014

1.Troy Smith is the best QB OSU has had to this day. His senior season was as good as we will ever see and he got us to the BCS Title game and won a Heisman in a landslide. 2. TP had great success and won a lot of games as a 3 year starter. Probably the most physically gifted athlete OSU has ever had. 3. Krenzel got the Us the Ring and made big plays all year but the least talented of all four. Great leader and super tough dude but averaged 150 passing a game. 4.Braxton is probably best running QB we've had but an average arm.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

I have a pair at 1C row 9 seats 6-7 that I will sell at face value. Has to be local exchange and I paid $238 for both. 

Comment 21 Aug 2014

I am dumping my tickets for that particular game because I'm having surgery on my ankle that Friday and won't be walking or getting out of bed for a few days. I understand everyone's concerns for marked up tickets but you all don't have to buy them. Pretty simple IMO. 

Comment 21 Aug 2014

Vivid Seats best available 2 seats together is $158 per and that is 12C Row 29. Stubhub cheapest pair together is $167. Yeah you can find tons of great deals for single tickets but seats together aren't as cheap. Cheapest 1C tickets on either were both around $300 each so I'm not far off. Someone make me a decent offer and they are yours. FYI 1C Row9 are pretty solid seats and great view point. 

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Braxton red shirts this year while JT or Cardale gets a year of playing time. Meanwhile O-line, Zeke, defensive unit, WR's, all gain a year of experience and solidify. Braxton comes back healthy and with a really loaded team and an O-line much better. JT or Cardale will be ready to step in when Braxton eventually does leave and we basically don't have to break another QB in. Only positive I can think of. 

Comment 18 Jul 2014

I think Love is an essential piece in order for this team to win titles now. If all else fails and Wolves won't trade Love without getting Wiggins then I thinks you have to pull the trigger and do the trade. Love is a top 15 player in the NBA and is only 25. Love is an immediate upgrade and makes the Cavs a contender now! Wiggins might be a great player but he might just be average or worse. I'm more intrigued in an established All-Star 6-10 250lbs big man with post moves and a really nice outside shooting game over a Wiggins. 

Comment 07 Jul 2014

Cleveland-go get those old LBJ 23 Cavs jersey's out of the back of the closet cause the King is coming home! 

Comment 28 Apr 2014

Latest purchase was a Bersa 9mm semi compact handgun. Love it, easy to shoot and smoothest 9mm I've ever shot. 

Comment 17 Apr 2014

I like Herbie and respect him for his work calling games but calling OSU arrogant for use of " THE " is just plain arrogant in itself. Sometimes his efforts to distance himself from his Alma Matter so that he doesn't come off as bias is just plain annoying sometimes. 

Comment 08 Apr 2014

What are you skeptical about? We are moving and cleaning out the basement and it has been sitting in the same spot for 4-5 years and really never been used. I have no use for it and when we are down sizing it it something that has to go. Absolutely nothing wrong with the scooter and I charged it up and it runs just fine. It's not much of a conspiracy like your making it sound and if you are skeptical then you don't have to buy it?