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Comment 15 hours ago

1. Jim Tressel - got to say hi to him at a golf outing.  He was a pretty good football coach

2. Ben Rothelisberger - had class with him during college and actually had to do a project with him his freshman year.  Actually wasn't a bad guy during the first couple years of college, kind of a douche though after he went to the NFL.  I guess that's what the Steelers do to you.

3. Wally Szczerbiak - one of his best friends in college was dating my sister so I got to hang out with them and play Mario Kart with him on my college visit while his GF made all of us dinner, kinda cool.

4. Spring Break freshman year we managed to get into the Hotel where the MTV "Talent" was staying at. Macho Man, Pauly Shore, Mandy Moore, Sisco, Jerry Oconnell (GIANT WASTED DOUCHE), Beyonce, and Pink who was by far and away the nicest person out of all of them and actually stood around and BS'd with us for a while.  

Comment 25 Feb 2015

I'm shocked I had to scroll through so many of the comments before finding Mitch Hedberg.

Comment 25 Feb 2015

Awesome dude, although after trying Soup Kittens i don't trust his taste in food. Although very cute.

Comment 24 Feb 2015

The procrastination they displayed on this logo project had to be some high level college student type of work.  I'm imagining they've been partying for the last year and a half while getting paid thousands, then last night around 3AM after they got back from the bar they were like, I'm going to take a nap to sleep off this hangover then get up and do this thing in the morning.  Their alarm goes off around 930AM today, they download a quick picture of the helmet, load it to instagram, try a couple filters, save it, then fill in the face mask with brown in MS paint, and voila, NEW LOGO!!!

Comment 24 Feb 2015

So you will be taking your picture brightening it up a little bit via instagram, then holding a big press conference to announce your "New" logo next week right?

Comment 24 Feb 2015

it looks like they just took the old one, dusted it off, waxed it and said it as new.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

I chose "Other" because I'm thinking someone other than Chase Farris or Jamarco Jones will start at RT.  I kinda thought by choosing "Other" this whole thing was pretty self explanatory, but it did ask me to explain in the comments.

Comment 09 Jan 2015

Let me take a run at this and tell me if this helps,

Here in portland at the airport filming "duck fans" heading to arlington for Monday's game. 

Well opening their broadcast one channel got a whooooole lot of a solo bright red buckeye cap. 

And I'm out

Translation: I am a fellow Buckeye fan living way out here in Portland, Oregon (not Maine).  I was at the airport this morning where the local news stations are at the airport trying to get live shots of Oregon Duck fans leaving to go to Arlington for Monday's game.  Well, I got to thinkin, wouldn't it be funny if I, as a Buckeye fan, went full on troll to the news station and as soon as they opened there broadcast, jumped in front of the camera with my Scarlet (not red) Buckeyes hat rather than the typical Duck school colors they were looking for, Green, Forest Green, Lime Green, Yellow, Electric Yellow, Duck Bill Yellow, White, Off white, Gray, Gun Metal, Black, Textured Duck Feather Black, Mat Black, Chrome, pink,  OH SHIT, I've got to go, my flight's leaving! 

Comment 07 Jan 2015

I was thinking that is one of the things that's RIGHT about twitter.  I love the ability to be able to capture someone showing how stupid they really are so they can't deny it later and say they were "misquoted" or "taken out of context".

Comment 06 Jan 2015

If you can't win the BIG go try the SEC (Nick Saban)

Comment 05 Jan 2015

The play that sticks out to me where everything has to go wrong for them to find a way to lose was the opening day loss to the Chiefs in 02. 

Just found a recap on Dwayne Rudd's Wiki profile, unbelieveable.

Rudd's most infamous moment came in the 2002 season opener between the Browns and the Kansas City Chiefs. With less than 10 seconds left on the clock and the Browns clinging to a 39–37 lead, Chiefs quarterback Trent Green dropped back to pass. The entire Browns defensive line swarmed him, and it initially appeared that Rudd sacked Green as time expired. However, Green lateraled the ball to tackle John Tait just before he went down. Rudd did not see this happen. Believing that he'd sacked Green to end the game, he took off his helmet and threw it in the air in celebration of an apparent Browns victory.

Tait ran to the Browns' 26-yard line where he was knocked out of bounds. That would have been the end of the game, but Rudd was assessed an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for his premature helmet toss. Since football games by rule cannot end on a defensive penalty, the Chiefs got to run an untimed play. The ball was moved to the 13-yard line (half the distance to the goal from the end of the run). Chiefs kicker Morten Andersen booted a 30-yard field goal to win the game 40–39.[1]

Comment 05 Jan 2015

He was trying to slow the pace of the comments.  Giving the readers.  Time to rest.  Between thoughts. 

Comment 28 Nov 2014

as much as some of their crazy talk was terrible they did come through with one of the best lines in a while.  When coming back from an in studio update, Gus says "Charles, what the heck is that growing on his face?"  At our house we were all in the having the same conversation looking at the freaking ridiculous mutton chops the in studio host had growing everywhere but his chin.  It was gold 

Comment 20 Nov 2014

If anyone is going to say OSU doesn't deserve to be in the top 4 because of an inconsistent Defense, then there is only 1 team out of all of the contenders that should be in the top 4, and that would make it only a top 1.  All of these team have warts, and if our problem is defense, then i like where we sit, because out of the "contenders" we are top 4 in Defense too.  

Rank Def PPG

2 - Alabama 14.5

17 - Mississippi State 20.2

19 - Baylor 21.0

25 - Ohio State  22.0

34 - Florida State 22.8

36 - TCU 23.1

52 - Oregon 25.0

Comment 20 Nov 2014

PR / KR / DB / WR, i think he'd help a little bit, it has been a while, but I don't remember a bunch of turnovers in the Kick return game with him.