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Comment 16 Jan 2015

I think people are missing a big point with Cardale's return to OSU.  Yes, he could always come back and get his degree, but its not the same.  My four years at Ohio State were the best four years of my life, I have no doubt about that and I am 27.  If I came back in my 30's or 40's, I have a feeling my experience would be quite different.  College being experienced as a 22-year old, especially at one of if not the greatest university on the planet, is a once in a lifetime opportunity, just like the NFL.  Cardale will still get his shot at the NFL and unlike many are saying, I think his draft stock can increase.  The NFL is a monster.  The game is different, the attitude is different, the people and the culture are different.  One day they love you, the next they are burning your jersey.  Cardale Jones' decision to stay at tOSU is bigger than football.  The NFL is only about football.  

Also, think about what this national championship meant to us and how it felt for us.  Imagine how it felt for him.  Exponentially better than you and I can even fathom.  Why not try to get that feeling again?  I would.  In my opinion, he made the right decision.  Don't grow up too fast, especially when everyone else is telling you to do it.  Keep learning, get better, and prove them wrong.  The NFL will be there when he's ready and he will do just as great then as he would now, if not better.

Comment 05 Sep 2014

Been using the Oxford comma since day one bro

Comment 06 Sep 2013

I hate you so much for that fox music video and I didn't even watch half of it. 

Comment 28 Aug 2013

I don't do Twitter, and I sure as hell don't Facebook because I have a gang of bastard children of which I'm still trying to evade responsibility. I also don't attend football practices because the teens I want to watch sweat under a hot summer's sun aren't gendered properly to play football.

I'm crying as I log into sportsbook.com to put it down on the parlay LOOOOOOL.


Got a good feeling about this $ea$on.

Comment 14 Aug 2013

noun \ə-ˈna-lə-jē\
plural anal·o·gies

1 : resemblance in some particulars between things otherwise unlike : similarity

Comment 07 Aug 2013

First and first mostly, LOL.

I got Kenny Lofton's personal autograph when I was a little kid. I was at a Tribe game and handed him the baseball myself, he wrote on it and handed it back to me... it was pretty cool, when I was 10.  I think the other part of this is that these are grown adults stalking college kids... none of whom have really proved anything yet (less than a handful will make it to the pros and very few of them that do will become legends). 

What I do know is, those lions don't give a f***... and that Kenny Lofton is a legend.

Enjoyed the article and the comments even more.  Remember guys, getting offended on the internet is so 1996.

Now, can I get a temple light beam GIF?

Comment 17 Jul 2013

The best chant in the shoe is O-H-I-O... R.I.P. to the competition.

Comment 30 May 2013

One of the best parts of being a Cleveland fan is hating on Cincinnati.  I support Ohio as much as the next guy, but it's just fun.  Besides, isn't Cincinnati in Kentucky anyways?

Comment 30 Aug 2012

OU line was never +9 it opened at +7... gonna be a long season if this is to replace the presidential power parlay :'(