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Comment 25 Jul 2016

Here is a comical story about Riep from one of MSU's boards...

I was given permission to talk about what I know about Riep's recruitment, so here I go...

Since the Indiana game last year, he had his mind made up that he would be a Michigan State Spartan. His best relationship to a coach, even now, is with Harlon Barnett. He originally planned on announcing his commitment on Harlot Barnett's birthday, January 2nd. But there was an issue because ESPN asked him to hold off because they would be airing his school's first game of the season. For a while that was his plan, but ESPN dropped their game, well past January 2nd, and he decided to save his commitment for his birthday. But where it gets sketchy is his dad's involvement in the late stages of his recruitment. His dad was a huge fan of Barnett's, but when Riep told him he made up his mind for the Spartans, he did everything to make sure he'd end up at OSU, his team. To shorten things up, his father was a buckeye fan trying to find glory out of his son's recruitment. Time passed and The Opening came and the Buckeyes had a large presence at the event. He roomed with Antjuan Simmons, who I have a gut feeling will not end up at OSU, and the pressure made him switch things up and lean towards OSU. In the weeks prior to his commitment, he planned to visit MSU to possibly get that "spark" back for MSU. His dad would not drive him, so he settled with OSU. There was also an issue with his uncle, but I will not go into detail about that.

Comment 22 Jun 2016
My.KD prediction - signs for 1 year at OKC and then goes home to the Wizards the following year.
Comment 22 Jun 2016
I've heard that many believe the Bulls are serious about wanting to get rid of Butler. They claim it's primarily because the Bulls don't want it to be "Butler's" team and are more interested in rebuilding. Celtics would once again win the draft if they pull this off in my opinion. Huge dropoff after the big 2 in the draft.