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Comment 07 Oct 2015

I agree that "The myth of JT" is a reach but I also believe Urban has selected the best quarterback to help the team win. If we're comparing stats from 2014 to 2015 then after 5 games JT has 17 TDs, 5 Ints, over 1300 yards, and somewhere around a 67% completion percentage compared to Dale's 5, 5, 850'ish, and 59%'ish.

Comment 07 Oct 2015
We have a bye before the Minnesota game so I don't see that game being an issue but could see a letdown in the (@) Illinois game. I hope not but could see the team looking ahead to MSU, U*, etc, etc, and etc.
Comment 06 Oct 2015

I already stay away from the forums during the games. I'd get more upset from the comments than I would from underperforming. For those that may not see this though I recommend putting it front and certain on game day to prevent jail time to the innocent that may have been gone from the site.

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Did not mean to come across as confrontational if that is how you took my comment. I just wanted to read what you would have liked to have seen. I could easily say that in the split second the player dove at Elliot, Dontre made the decision to try and go airborne in an attempt to miss him entirely. 

Comment 05 Oct 2015
What exactly would you have wanted Dontre to do? If he just stayed back there would be many more complaining about his lack of effort. Buckeyes fans are always putting players in a lose-lose situation. In my opinion he did exactly what I would want and expect out of him.
Comment 04 Oct 2015

Well that sucks to lose someone as talented as Judson but best of luck to the young man in making one of the toughest decisions he has had to make at this point in his life!

Comment 04 Oct 2015

I'll have to re-watch that play with Dale missing the throw on Thomas but I agree with Jalin's fumbling issue. Unfortunately with our depth at WR we can't afford to reduce his playing time.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

I agree. The game could have easily been 55-20. Obviously the score could have gone many ways but I came to this score by taking away Diamont's 79 yard touchdown run, scoring on Braxton's "illegal" block, Dale make a competent throw to Thomas, and Jalin doesn't fumble on IU's 8 yard line. 

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Urban is just stating one of JT's strongest attributes as a quarterback by describing him as a natural leader. That absolutely is not saying Cardale is not a leader. 

Just to make things clear I was on Team JT but Urban has made a decision and Cardale is now my guy.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

Even though IU ended up still scoring on the drive after Dale's interception, I loved Dontre's effort in tackling the guy who picked it off.