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Comment 15 Dec 2014

How does predicting Braxton will not come back next year (despite what him and his dad say) deserve a down vote? On that logic, then all predictions should be automatic down votes

Comment 10 Dec 2014

So the schools don't have say on the design? That's absurd. Even NFL teams in the monolith that is the NFL that wants to homogenize everything allows the teams to work with the jewelers to design their ring so they can make something that's memorable and unique to the team

Comment 09 Dec 2014

Heading into the Big Ten Championship Game, I voted that my confidence was little because it was his first start. Now that I've seen him play and coupled with his performance I'm willing to give some benefit of doubt and up my level to moderate. It's only one game and more than half his yards came on 3 deep balls to Devin Smith. Will he be able to do that against Alabama? Was this just a one game wonder? These are valid questions but my own two eyes saw Cardale sling that ball so heading into the Sugar Bowl I'm comfortable with a moderate level

Comment 08 Dec 2014

No- it's only one game. If they can go out and have a stout showing against Alabama then I'm willing to say that for next year we can expect to see an extra shine on those defensive players' helmets

Comment 04 Dec 2014

As talented as Gordon is, I have a hard time believing that should he go for 190 yards/2 tds that Ohio State still cannot find a way to win. Aside from Gordon, Wisconsin has no other offensive go-to playmakers. However, I think for Ohio State to improve their chances of winning the breaking line for Gordon has to be under 150 yards or less and 1 touchdown. 

Comment 26 Nov 2014

I'll be fixing bacon wrapped filets tomorrow and need some help from the 11W community because I plan on searing them with a cast iron skillet then putting them in a convection oven to finish off. I've read from sites that I should sear them for about 1 1/2 - 2 minutes on each side then put them in the convection oven at 400F until the desired level is reached (rare,medium rare, etc). Is this correct or can anyone else offer their cooking secrets? Thanks

Comment 25 Nov 2014

 but seriously, I didn't know if I was listening to an Ohio State game or a 2008 teen's breakup/workout hybrid mixtape.

Hahaha, fantastic line

Comment 24 Nov 2014

The way the poll is set up, other by default would mean you think Michigan is going to win. If you voted other, what the hell is wrong with you? Have you watched this sorry excuse for a college team play? Granted, this is a rivalry so you can "throw the records out." But this isn't 2011 when we were an extremely young team with a makeshift coaching staff and were playing a team that had a quarterback/running back hybrid go ape and a freshmen qb who overthrew receivers. Again, if you've watched Ohio St play and Michigan play and you still voted other then get your head checked out.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

No; left some points on the board from some missed opportunities in the red zone and Indiana should never have come close to 27 points , especially off those two long runs. I might have voted yes because of the way Bucks came on in the last 10 minutes of the 4th but 42-27 doesn't look as good as 42-20 would have (or more)

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Normally by this time of year is when you hear coordinators' names leaked as being on hot lists for jobs (even for non high profile jobs) and I haven't heard Herman's name. I'm sure he'll garner an interview because of the job he's done with JT but my feeling is that he'll stay a little longer.

Plus, with the way JT has progressed Herman may think that he'll have JT for a couple more years and can further nurture and develop him while chasing a national championship within the next couple of years. Coming close to winning a national championship if not winning one as well as having a Heisman contending quarterback can do wonders for raising your profile for more lucrative jobs

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Congratulations !