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Comment 10 Jan 2016

Reggie Germany got a lot of undeserved grief because of his 0.0 gpa because if you remember the whole story, that fall quarter his father passed away and he had slipped into depression and wasn't going to class. I'm proud of this guy going back and getting his degree. I've also read how he has had his own sport training business and has focused on mentoring young kids. Class act. 

Comment 07 Jan 2016

I firmly believe Tyquan Lewis will be a captain next year. That kid busted his butt last year and played very well. He's a real grinder, which we know Urban loves, and will be our most experienced defensive lineman. 

Comment 06 Jan 2016

I said he reminded me a little of Ray Allen. Yes he can hit 3s but they also have similar body types (in my opinion). I didn't say it was a perfect comparison, just that if I had to think of a player Kam reminded me of, Ray Allen came to mind

Comment 04 Jan 2016

This is a bad move on his part. He's not an established receiver and not a dangerous punt returner ( I'm thinking of Devin Hester who wasn't established in a particular position but who was a legit threat as a returner or Tyler Lockett this year for the Seahawks). If he returned he had an opportunity to be OSU's #1 receiver ( assuming Mike Thomas left, which seems almost a certain) with an established qb ( JT).  That could have meant more targets, more catches, more big plays, and more opportunities to showcase that he could transition from a marginal slot player to a player who could make plays in a variety of ways. I see him as a 5th round type guy at best because this is only judging him against himself and not against all the other receivers who will be coming out. 

Comment 04 Jan 2016

Those were the days when the Mike & Mike program was watchable/listenable. Ever since they moved to a tv studio and producers have pushed interviews with celebrities and more ESPN guests the show is just foolish. I miss when Mark Schlereth would be a regular guest because I enjoyed his insight to the game. The Mike's also didn't seem to take as many days off, so (maybe) they were hungrier to prove their chops as a national radio show. 

Comment 29 Dec 2015

I should've been more specific. Under the new playoff format with the bowls I know that there are new bowl selection procedures once the semi-finals are set and any bowl commitments are made ( Big Ten/Pac Ten with the Rose, SEC with the Sugar, etc)… So if the Peach this year and the Fiesta last year "fall on a grenade" , are there some back room understandings and talks that lead some bowls to take a hit on match ups? My overall question is how an explanation of how the selection process now works

Comment 29 Dec 2015

The Peach Bowl fell on the Group of Five grenade this year after the Fiesta Bowl took one for the team last year.

Can someone explain what Vico means by this? Thanks

Comment 09 Dec 2015

I gotta go with the 1998 team. That team had much more depth on both sides of the ball than the 2006 team. The 2006 team did have two defensive stars with Laurinitis and Jenkins but that was it; let's be honest, our 2006 defense was not as great as other OSU defenses. The 1998 defense had a better defensive line and a much better secondary (Winfield,Damon Moore, Gary Berry, and Ahmed Plummer as starters and then Nate Clements as a nickel - so there's 3 first round corners in the top 5 defensive backs and two safeties who were mid-round picks and in Moore's case had a somewhat decent NFL career before injuries). The 1998 linebacking corps was better with a stud in Katzenmoyer and then Na'il Diggs who had a long and very productive NFL career; Laurinitis was the only linebacker from the 2006 team who was drafted. 

Offensively, it's close because of Ted Ginn's straight line speed and open field ability but I would take David Boston over Ginn as a pure receiver (and he was a freak athlete in his own right before steroids in the pros). Personally, I'd take Germaine as my quarterback over Troy Smith any day of the week. Troy may have the Heisman and the highlights but if you live in Columbus you've heard from people how he may not have been the most stand up guy.  The running back in 1998 were Michael Wiley/Joe Montgomery vs the 2006 Antonio Pittman/Beanie Wells. I think it's very close because each pairing have their own strengths and weaknesses (there's no Eddie or Zeke in the bunch) so it's close. Wiley is definitely the most versatile so that helps.