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Comment 19 Aug 2014

Keep in mind that Braxton said he wanted to attend graduate school , not that he was going to attend graduate school. I realize there are many excited at the prospect of Braxton returning but keep in mind that his emotions are probably still running high after his injury and normally any decision made under the circumstances aren't the ones one sticks with. Besides, what else would he say ?  Would anyone expect him to say " I'm leaving"? That would add an extra distraction to the season. 

To be honest, the best thing for him , in my opinion, is to leave after this year and turn pro. His future was never going to be as a quarterback in the NFL for a multitude of reasons : skill set, injury history, stature, and ability to run a pro offense to name a few. Therefore, he should go ahead and leave and embrace that he is going to be a skill position player at the next level if he wants to have any length of a career. He's already gotten banged up so much that to come back for another year opens him up for further injury and not get paid for it. I realize that he wants to be a quarterback but some self awareness on his part at where he stands at being a quarterback in the NFL and another year older and opening yourself up to more hits and injury would be in his best interest.  

If he comes back for another year he's going to be heavily scrutinized by the scouts for skill and injury and may have his draft stock pushed further down (4-5th round) or he can leave, switch to a skill position, and more likely be drafted in the second round where he'll have a more lucrative contract, make more of an impact on the field, have a chance at staying in the league longer, and have a chance at an extra contract. 

I also think that with all the young skill guys that Urban has been recruiting , JT and Cardale getting all the reps in spring and fall camp , and an entire season of the skill guys building a rapport with JT that for the team the best thing could be for them to be building now for years to come with a core nucleus. 

Comment 09 Aug 2014

Why would we have to play this as a neutral site game? It's not as if the two schools aren't relatively close to each other. Does Gene Smith seriously not think that a home-and-home wouldn't generate the same ( if not more ) revenue than doing a single neutral site game? Also, don't you think Urban would rather have ND come to Columbus ( possibly for a night game) to show recruits the atmosphere instead of playing in some corporate stadium in Chicago or Indianapolis? If you bring ND to Columbus you most likely get College Gameday and an electric game day atmosphere which Urban can use for any recruits in town or for any of those recruits watching on TV.  I seriously think college athletic directors love out thinking the room. 

Comment 30 Apr 2014

When your biggest additions of late are Rutgers and Maryland ( both of which have fan bases that either could care less or are flat out hostile about joining the Big Ten) then I can't say the conference as a whole is on the rise.


Comment 11 Apr 2014

In the vine videos one guy is wearing #3 and the other is wearing #84. Those both can't be the same guy or did he switch for a day or something?

Comment 21 Mar 2014

Since Beanie was never redshirted , saying he "announced he was coming back for his junior year" is like saying Lebron announced after his junior year of high school he was returning for his 4th and final year at Akron St Vincemt Mary - they both had no choice, they kinda had to

Comment 16 Mar 2014

That first round matchup between Edison and Hanna will be interesting considering that Hanna is considered a jack ass from people who have worked around him and Edison was not the grandfather figure that he was portrayed. He was threatened by alternating current and did everything he could to lie and distort the truth to put others out of business. He was one of the original crony capitalists.  Our modern electrical capabilities are due to George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla

Comment 13 Mar 2014

Don't you mean OSU finds them in an unusual position today since under Thad we're usually getting a first round bye and not playing until tomorrow?

Comment 11 Feb 2014

On the iPad it's difficult to get to my account. I hit my account name or the logo and I don't get directed to my account page

Comment 10 Feb 2014

Dear Thon Maker,

Please look at Thad's record of getting big men to the NBA:

1) Oden - #1 overall pick. Granted, he hasn't necessarily panned out but that's been because of injuries. However, he's still earned millions off that rookie contract and could win a ring as a backup with the Heat. Not exactly a bad life

2) Sullinger - a legitimate NBA starter and double-double guy

Hell, even Koufas and Mullins made it to the NBA and you seem to have much,much,much more raw talent than these guys had (probably combined)


Comment 21 Dec 2013

To be a top 5 back you have to have more than 1.5 seasons of consistent play. It's not necessarily a knock on Hyde; he had to grow up and sometimes the coaching staff just didn't give him opportunities (although part of the reason was probably said immaturity at times). 


To be a top 5 means you're an all-time great. I don't see all-time great when I see Hyde. 


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