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    Then watching that same Son win his high school conference 100m dash title his junior and senior year.
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Comment 22 hours ago

First off, the point spread and all these score predictions were hilarious. I predicted a nail biter 27-24 and almost nailed it. Last time we were there we needed OT against a clearly inferior opponent.

Baugh might be a nice target for the passing game but he has been a blocking liability all season long. He is not a physical blocker. Other than possibly Samuel we don't have a homerun hitter on offense. Zeke was special and put the fear of God in defenses. Weber does not. He's more of a Boom Herron type back which isn't a dig at all. He just doesn't have the speed or wiggle capability. The entire receiving corp is under achieving......still. Can't somebody catch a gosh darn ball????

How we continue to get gashed on defense several times a game is baffling. Here's an interesting stat. PSU top 3 LBs had 42 tackles. OSU top 3 LBs had 11 tackles. PSU had 6 sacks and 11 TFL. OSU had 1 sack and 6 TFL. The biggest bonehead mistake came from Meyer for not calling a TO or taking a delay of game and then pooch punting instead of trying a for a risky FG. That was the ball game right there folks.

Sadly this might not be the end of it. I easily see 2 or 3 more losses if individual and coaching performances don't improve like now.

Comment 17 Oct 2016

Would sure like to see 2 or 3 receivers become consistent weapons no matter the opponent or what defense they are playing. They are all athletic freaks and there's no reason a few of them can't put the fear of God in any defense we face. Noah, Parris, James, Terry, Johnny, Austin, Victor etc it's like a who's who out there.

And I am convinced Baker is our best LB on the team.

Comment 12 Oct 2016

This was one of my losses I predicted beginning of the season. Ineffective passing game will doom us. If the passing game continues from last week we lose 17 - 14. Badgers 0-Line is bigger and stronger than any other.

If we can pass for 150+ even in bad weather we win 21 - 17.

Comment 05 Oct 2016

An expected blowout does nothing for us going into Camp Randall. Indiana will actually be leading going into the 4th quarter and we end up winning by 10 points 34-24. More freshmen grow up after this scare.

Comment 30 Aug 2016

Would love to see Clark get to show case his speed at WR or KR. A few quality touches will do wonders for this young mans confidence.

Comment 22 Jul 2016

Domestic and sexual violence is very real however it is also proven there is a growing number of false charges being filed against many young men. If Zeke is dirty he should and will pay the consequences but if is proven that this young lady did indeed lie and filed a false police report I hope a clear message is sent her way too.