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Comment 01 Apr 2015

This drill looks like a recipe for disaster.  Oklahoma drill usually has a few blockers and about five yards of width to maneuver.  This looks like they just have two guys running full speed into each other at the same spot.  Reminds me of the old XFL "coin toss".

Comment 13 Nov 2014
The only catch is that if Alabama beats Mississippi State then the bulldogs only have 1 loss. If that happens I think the committee keeps them ranked above OSU.
Comment 04 Jun 2014

I never figured out how Tressel was the only coach considered to have lied to the NCAA.  For example:  Rich Rodriguez at UM was implicated in running an offseason program that knowingly exceeded NCAA limits.  The program was punished lightly but Rodriguez got off Scot-free.    Did Rodriguez not sign the same pre-season compliance form that ultimately did Tressel in?  Shouldn't Rodriguez have also been given a similar punishment for lying about the compliance of his program?