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Comment 26 Apr 2017

I just think a Connecticut team like ESPN can't keep up with all that SEC speed down south.  

We all know ESPN won't change.  They will keep being overtly political and preachy.  They will keep beating dead horses.  They will stay in the hot take business.  There will not be a reason to turn them on until your team is playing on their broadcast.     

I used to like when they played obscure events like rugby, strongman, paintball, lumberjack games, darts, etc, in their non-prime hours.  

Comment 29 Mar 2017

It would be difficult to pick between watching Larry Johnson and Kevin Wilson.  Coach Johnson is one of the most gifted and passionate speakers I have ever seen.  Coach Wilson brings in all the intrigue of a new OC with tons of success and experience.  

Comment 16 Feb 2017

So am I reading it wrong to think there are 3 types of scholarship offers according to Alabama?  Non-committable, committable, and guaranteed scholarship.  

I understand why he would be upset if they said he had a committable offer and then didn't have a scholarship for his player.  Sounds like Bama is playing semantic games with people.  It's like Mitch Hedberg used to say:  "I don't have a girlfriend, but I know a girl who would be real mad if she heard me say that."    

Comment 30 Jan 2017

Seems like a stretch given the resume but resumes don't always tell the whole story.  For a guy of that little experience to get a job like this maybe he just killed it in the interview and vetting process.  

Urban never had coordinator experience before BG took a flier on him.  Doesn't mean that I think Lynch is going to be the Urban Meyer of NFL GM's, I just don't think he's an automatic dud.