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Comment 09 Oct 2014

Just curious... I have heard that as a condition of Urban Meyer's employment at OSU that he does NOT report to Gene Smith. If this is true, then why is Smith performing Meyer's review? Does anyone have any insight into this?

Comment 06 Oct 2014

Taking a look at the selection committee, Jeff Long (who is unfortunately the committee chair) and Archie Manning appear to be the lone SEC homers out of the 13 members. 

And remember that the first criteria for selection is whether a team won its conference. I'm still holding out hope that the committee can ignore influences like ESPN's propaganda and whatever else the SEC has up its sleeve. I wouldn't put anything past them. Slive certainly has his sights on two spots and he is directing ESPN's content to promote that at all costs.

Comment 15 Aug 2014

It's a list of SEC homers, even by ESPN's standards. Brian Bennett looks to be the lone B1G rep, and we all know how he feels about Ohio State. 

Comment 16 Jul 2014

There are years the SEC has deserved two teams, but this certainly has the potential to be a complete cluster.

I think the committee's job would be easier if its task was to rank the four "most deserving" teams, rather than the four "best." Hypothetically, one of the four best teams could have eight losses.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

Lived in the Florida Panhandle for four years after graduation from OSU and had a similar experience to most who have commented. Fun time, but not home. 

Been back almost 15 years.

Comment 15 Jul 2014
Funny every time....
Comment 16 Jun 2014

Intersting that Dick Vermeil, who was broadcasting the Rose Bowl with Musberger (remember the classic "those refs ought to donate their checks to charity") ended up drafting Germaine.