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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Buckeyes winning the National Championship in the 2002 season.

    My Red Sox coming back from the dead against the evil empire. The Evil Empire shot out to a 3 games to none lead. All hope was lost until miraculously, The Sandman surrendered a lead off walk in the ninth inning. Roberts was put in as a pinch runner and stole second! Mueller was at bat and hit a single off The Sandman allowing Roberts to tie the game!
    Later in the 12th Manny Ramirez hit a single and then Big Papi crushed a two run homer over the Green Monster.

    Game 5 was a 5 hr and 49 minute barn burner with the Sox winning.

    Game 6 Red Sox ace Curt Schilling pitched a gem.

    Game 7 The Red Sox would not be denied and destroyed the Pinstripes.

    After that the Red Sox swept the Cards to win their first World title in 86 years!
  • NFL TEAM: Indianapolis Colts AFC, Green Bays Packers NFC.
  • NHL TEAM: CBJ I still believe!
  • NBA TEAM: I don't like teams I just follow players
  • MLB TEAM: Boston Red Sox AL, Atlanta Braves NL.

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Comment 24 Jul 2014

The everyone is doing it excuse. DOESN'T WORK!

It is ingrained in the culture of the program. DOESN'T WORK!

College students are highly sexualized and have been for years. DOESN'T WORK!

It is all in good fun. DOESN'T WORK!

This is TODAY, not 20+ years ago.

Also, some of stuff continued to happen on Water's watch. 

It is terrible, but it had to be done. 

Comment 02 Jul 2014

Oh boy here we go:

- Seven Nation Army has to go!

- I used to like Notre Dame and actually rooted for them during the Holtz and Willingham years.Not a Kelly fan but if the right person gets the job, that could change.

- After the loss to Texas in '05 I really started to question Tressel. I had this feeling that he would have lots of success but strike out in the huge games.

- I like Dantonio.

- Past foes I like - Bo, Alvarez, Carr and Paterno (before Sandusky). 

- I think Michigan beer is far better than Ohio.

- USC and ND fight songs are money!

- As far as rooting against Michigan, it depends on who they play and how it affects tOSU. 

- I rooted for Michigan to beat Tebow and Florida in that Gator bowl.

- I like Boise State. The field was what really caught my eye at first. I remember seeing it during on the Humanitarian bowl game in 99 vs Louisville. Also, thought it was rather odd that a bowl game was not being played at neutral site. 

- I pretty much gave up on the basketball team last year. I'm excited about the future though. 

- After 98' I started to really care less about tOSU in football and actually started hoping they would be so terrible that Cooper would get fired so I could care again. 

Comment 28 May 2014

Exactly, this was always my issue with a playoff. No longer will every game matter, especially for the SEC.