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Comment 18 hours ago

Forgot though that he is close to Damien Harris - that would be incredible it it happened!

Comment 18 hours ago

I dunno - seemed weird...especially since I can't think of anyone we're recruiting that would be an easy "package deal" except for maybe Gibson??

Comment 19 hours ago

Orange vs black on what is basically halloween weekend would be amazeballs...

Comment 30 Oct 2014

Since I don't think this was sarcasm, it was a dub over of a actual Geico commercial that said pinocchio was a bad motivational speaker.  Nice work by someone, but that someone was not Geico.

Comment 28 Oct 2014

I hear you - it's part of the world we live in.  I'm not judging the university for kicking him off the team, and I think Rod (and Noah for that matter) knew the rules and are responsible for their own actions.  That being said, I think the problem is that it is even part of the conduct rules at the university - and I think that is something that should change.

Comment 28 Oct 2014

This will probably get me downvoted, but whatever.  The "war on drugs" is coming to an end folks, and we'll be better off for it.  We'll hopefully see some changes to the NCAA rules over the next 10 years, but hopefully we'll see some sensible changes to the rules - allowing recreational drugs in the same capacity that alcohol is allowed (DUI and underage drinking still punishable offenses for example) and performance enhancing drugs will be banned and tested.  

This crap about suspending a kid for a season for experimenting in college is complete BS.  Most of us experimented in college, and our scholarships, grants, etc weren't on the chopping block unless we didn't perform in the classroom.  Bottom line for our kids should be, do what you want, be educated on the negative side effects, and make a decision for yourself that puts you in the best position to succeed on and off the field.  

Comment 24 Oct 2014

I know why - Curtis Grant can't cover receivers...

Comment 23 Oct 2014

Try it again, especially if you've enjoyed other high IBU beers since (i.e. IPA's).  I remember the first IPA I ever had was Stone Ruination - thought it was the worst thing I had ever had, because of the hopiness.  Now I REALLY enjoy and appreciate that beer!

Comment 22 Oct 2014

Ahh, so you mean, they'll keep playing like they've been playing this entire year?

Comment 21 Oct 2014

I tend to agree, except with the Big 12 - several newbies (TCU & WVU) and schools who are constantly talked about in terms of joining other conferences.  I think I could realistically see the Big 12 going extinct if Texas leaves - and which conference wouldn't want Texas?

Overall though, I like the idea of a 6 team playoff with 5 major conferences with automatic bids and 1 at large bid.

Comment 19 Oct 2014

Exactly - think about it.  If you could do that, teams would just run receivers next to each other with one playing the "blocker" to knock the CB or S out of defending the play.  The rule is there for a reason, it's rarely called though - hence the large number of "pick" plays in football right now (ncaa & nfl)...but this was too blatant not to be called.

Comment 19 Oct 2014

I sure as hell hope the OSU/PSU game isn't competitive.  Rutgers should have beat PSU and TTUN did beat them...all stats that say the game shouldn't be competitive if we're truly the team we think we are.

Comment 19 Oct 2014

Exactly - this doesn't get UK a national spotlight at all, and if you are elite that should be what you want.  Ohio State under UFM (especially in the years ahead with this young team) will have the national spotlight.  You can win Heisman's at Ohio State, and at UK you really have no shot at that.