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Comment 08 Feb 2016
Yes he has baggage, but if he has a great combine like the senior bowl, I think he's too good to slip. If your a GM, do you want to face him, or want him on your team? I think the prevailing thought will be to put parameters in his contract to make sure he doesn't.
Comment 04 Feb 2016
Eric Crosby (DT), Fred Hansford (DT), Aubrey Solomon (DT), to go along with Jerron Cage. Won't happen but I'd love to get 2 out of the 3 with Cage. Maybe Trey Sermon for a RB.
Comment 02 Jan 2016
Heartbreak Hotel two years in a row for the Ducks!!
Comment 03 Nov 2015
I'd make the trade!! Front Office and coaching staff will probably all be gone after this year anyway. Rebuilding for the 1,000th time...
Comment 19 Sep 2015
Take your pick. Neither Qb is playing particularly well either. Poor decision making, turnovers, blocking.....
Comment 06 Sep 2015
He may not have the players he needs to run the offense he really wants yet. Or it could be a form of what Urbs runs based on what he has right now. Time will tell. We'll know more next week when they play Louisville. Based off their schedule, they could wind up 10-2 or 9-3. Way too early to tell though. Will definitely be following they're team though. Thanks for the summary of the game!!
Comment 05 Sep 2015
Yes sir!! He's done a heck of a job receiving and returning!!
Comment 03 Sep 2015
Utah got tired of hearing about this being a "hairball coming out party". They must have forgotten to give Jimmy the memo.
Comment 03 Sep 2015
Skai Moore won the game for them. Weren't we interested in him for awhile?? Had 2 pics, one in the end zone for them. Spurrier needs to worry about his team for sure!!
Comment 22 Aug 2015
Heard them talking about it as well on Sirius. They just basically said he's the first coach to ever stand them up like that. Every other coach in the BIG makes time for them except hairball.