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Comment 22 Aug 2015
Heard them talking about it as well on Sirius. They just basically said he's the first coach to ever stand them up like that. Every other coach in the BIG makes time for them except hairball.
Comment 11 Jun 2015
Wow, remember his feuds with Richard Flair and the 4 horsemen like it was yesterday. RIP Dream!!
Comment 07 Jun 2015
Davis or Fuller. Bosa probably won't be til end of summer.
Comment 05 Jun 2015
If Kyrie is out for any games, this series could be over quick. LeBron is LeBron, but he can't make shots for everyone. They couldn't buy a bucket in OT until the game was essentially over.
Comment 03 May 2015
I think Birm and others have said tonight around 7 pm. Everything says it should be Ohio State.
Comment 02 May 2015
I didn't get the RB or the extra DT pick when you still need a WR and especially TE help. I was okay with the rest. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Anyone know what they gave up to New England to move back up and get Cooper??
Comment 01 May 2015
Citrus I get what your saying about the free agent pickups. But you don't know what we're getting with Bowe. There was a reason KC let him walk. Like the Hartline pick up for obvious reasons, and we got Hawkins as a #3, but nothing behind them. And TE is a joke right now!! We let Cameron walk out the door. I would have thought we'd at least draft Williams or Heuerman.
Comment 30 Mar 2015
They'll all be playing different positions so I think we hold onto all 3. Kareem at rb, Demario and Hill I thought I read somewhere will be in the 'Dontre' role. Maybe some wide receiver and out of the backfield as well.
Comment 26 Mar 2015
If we stay healthy, this team could be special and scary this year. I don't think we've seen the peak yet!! Talk about a recruiting tool to use, the first ever back to back National Champions of the playoff era. Now that would be sick!!
Comment 04 Mar 2015
Believe Birm has mentioned in the past, that he has some maturing to do before Urban and company offer him.
Comment 03 Mar 2015
Would love Hartline to be a Brown, just not with this offensive roster they have assembled. He'd be an upgrade over what they have now, but if I were him, I'd go to a Playoff contender.
Comment 18 Feb 2015
Wow!! Thanks for the update 305. I would have thought Farrell would have been #2 as well. That being said, I would take Upshur in a heartbeat!!