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Comment 07 Sep 2016

Seriously, why does this have to come up every other week during football season? Who cares? Go to a futbol game in Europe or South America, you'll hear chants and songs 100x worse than rip his fucking head off. I like the more vulgar or intense cheers, we have so many damn boring alumni at the game that we need something to get people more into it.  Are we that sensitive we have to complain about this all the time? It's not a formal cheer sanctioned by the band or uni, so you can't get rid of it unless you come up with something better, and given that the kickoff is probably going to be taken out in the next few years, your wish will come true soon enough.

I'm ok with the DV's for my blunt comments, but seriously, our crowds are kind of boring compared to other games I've attended. I'd rather try to create an intimidating and loud atmosphere and have a few kids or old alumni be offended, as opposed to promoting a kid friendly environment that has no atmosphere or intimidation. 

Comment 05 Sep 2016

With regards to the 4 hour games, I wish they'd just do graphic ads on the fields between plays while the announcers talk, or have title sponsors for each game that get a few 30 second promos. This would cut down on commercial breaks after every damn kick off and punt and score. It's so ridiculous when you're at the game. At least at home you can change the channel or run to the restroom or grab another microbrew. 

Comment 02 Jun 2016

My Passions:

1) tOSU football (tOSU in general, love the university)

2) Traveling

3) Electronic dance music (like our fave DE Bosa)

4) Playing sports & outdoor activities

5) Saving primates and other animals

Comment 06 May 2016

As someone who studies primates, I can say that it would be possible. Chimps have been known to attack leopards. Gorillas also have big canines and could do damage if they grabbed a lion. I'm not saying they would win, but don't underestimate the strength of a gorilla. If they grabbed a lion's legs, they could likely break them pretty easily.

Comment 19 Apr 2016

My most recent top 5 for football (excluding tOSU):

1) Oregon - started pulling for them & their green & yellow jerseys in the 90's, went to graduate school there
2) Boise St. - like their approach to play anyone, and always have good coaches and good players
3) TCU - always liked the mascot and Gary Patterson's team
4) The U - the recent U hasn't been fun, but typically loved the bravado 
5) Oklahoma State - love their scoring, jerseys, and playmakers they've had throughout the years

Honorable mention: Baylor - their scoring prowess is fun to watch

My most recent top 5 for college basketball (excluding tOSU):

1) UNC - Jordan fan forever
2) Oregon - see #1 for college football
3) Cincy - love Ohio teams
4) Xavier - love Ohio teams
5) Gonzaga - like the coach and their players and approach to b-ball

Comment 16 Apr 2016

This really bugs me, and yes I love futbol but their constantly rotating sponsors on jerseys bugs me too. 

At what point do we stop? I have yet to meet someone that enjoys saying the Battlefrog Fiesta Bowl, and every other shitty bowl name we now have to deal with. Every time we have some special replay or stat display during a game it always has to be sponsored by some company (usually a crappy beer company, "cough" Bud). Do we have to sponsor everything? Don't Nike, Adidas, Reebok etc. usually pay to provide the jerseys? What's wrong with having their logo on our shorts and jerseys; no one typically cares because they make the actual unis. $1.1 billion over 5 years by Nike for the NFL.

This is all done to benefit the league, owners, and maybe players (not sure if this particular deal benefits them). I understand the leagues are businesses, but they are heavily dependent on their customers. As we have seen over the past few decades, leagues keep finding new ways of making money, increasing revenue, and growing their brands. Yet fan experiences go down while costs keep going up. I have yet to see a time where added revenue from promotions and sponsors has helped fans afford attending a game (thank you for the free pom poms Burger King). So before someone says, "these extra monies will reduce ticket prices for fans", my question will be, "what was the precedent"? Even in futbol, many teams have increased their ticket prices much to the dismay of their fans even with their huge sponsorship deals. The only sponsorship case I can think of that has benefitted the fans is Taco Bell sponsoring the 500 person student sections in the CFP playoffs. If there are more please share because I'd love to know of any other cases where fans have truly benefitted from a sponsorship.

I get they will sell jerseys without the logos. But what happens after the pilot program ends and they find out they can make another 5 or 10 million by selling all jerseys with the logos and/or making them bigger? 

I'm not looking for an argument on here with anyone (though I would gladly engage in one off here so as to avoid a huge public ruckus and frequent downvotes on here ;)), but after a while it gets to the point where you can't enjoy a game anymore without being inundated with promos, ads, and 30 commercial breaks (looking at you NFL and college football), and then they want to make rule changes to shorten games instead of decreasing their 2 hours of commercial breaks for a 1 hour game. 

I have never once considered advertising a part of the game and I have only seen it diminish the feel of the game to many fans (i.e. bowl game names, stadium names). I know it sounds like I'm being idealist or overly nostalgic, however, I do not have a problem with advertising because I understand tv stations need ad revenue and I know that teams can use extra money if they are in a smaller market. But there are tasteful, less intrusive, less shitty ways of doing this without having to ruin gameday experiences. Otherwise we might as well dress up all of our players like nascar drivers and throw in the towel.

This rant brought to you by Carls Jr.