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Comment 16 hours ago

These unis look nice, and the helmet seems pretty sick.

I'm also an Oregon fan, went to grad school here, and I love all the jersey combos. Some aren't always my favorite, but they have great colors for mixing and matching. You're right though and I wouldn't want tOSU to have this many jersey combos. With our colors, I think the potential is there to have 1 or 2 alternate jersey combos each year that would look really sick.

I still think we need to use the championship reds. I hate our current red unis that look like a Wisconsin knock off. We should see grey in the sleeves.

Comment 30 Sep 2015

Pulling for 'Bama to lose. I feel like Georgia will end up losing at some point and just want to see 'Bama completely eliminated from playoff contention. I never believed they were a top 5 team, like Auburn, and just want them to be done early on. Will maybe pull for them later in the year to have a big upset, but for now, let them slide out of the polls.

Comment 30 Sep 2015

I agree completely. For teams that run hurry up, I think changing the 1st down rule hurts them if they are playing fast and have to sit there and wait for the ref and linesmen to move up and mark the spot, allowing time to waste. Any chance I can get more football, I want that, so reducing the amount of time a game takes while reducing the number of plays doesn't seem like a fun solution for the fans. I also don't think we should make arbitrary rules for the last quarter or few minutes of each half. The 2-minute warning for the NFL is obnoxious and often interrupts the flow of a good drive.

As another commenter mentioned, I think an approach like soccer/futbol is the best option. We could have a designated tv timeout at the end of each quarter and obviously the half time ads, and the longer timeouts a team takes. But after every punt and touchdown, we don't need to spend 3-5 minutes watching ads. Teams should have 30-45 seconds to take the field after a change of possession. In that time announcers could do a quick 20 second promo for a company, even possibly displaying the logo on the field similar to the way they display first down line technology. 

They could also use pop-up ads during the change of possession, that occur on the bottom or side of the screen. Announcers already do promos for many companies where their ads show up on the screen and the announcer will say this game is brought to you by "random corp". It takes little time and can give the teams enough time to gather their offense/defense for the change of possession. 

Promotional boards similar to what they do in soccer are nice, but with all of the people on the sideline, they would be hard to see. Additionally, not every stadium has the boards like the 'shoe to have changing ads running at other parts of the stadium, and there's no guarantee those are visible on tv. It may be more plausible to have ads pop up on the screen during breaks in the action or on the field which can greatly reduce how long the games are while also satisfying the money hungry execs of the NCAA and NFL.

Comment 20 Sep 2015

Yea I know, I actually checked the spelling, got distracted, and forgot to correct before I posted. #noob

Comment 19 Sep 2015

Our defense looks awesome. If they keep playing like this and we get our qb's to settle down while getting our run game in order, we'll be unstoppable.

Comment 19 Sep 2015

Theme is, unless our playcalling gets better, expect more than 1 loss by the end of the season.

Comment 19 Sep 2015

No I don't, but there is nothing consistent about how we have been running Zeke the last 2 weeks. I know the announcers are kind of dumb, but for the entire game they were wondering where Zeke was on a consistent basis? And it was true, he got a few runs every now and then, but we didn't do anything to wear down the defense and open up the side to side plays. Sorry, but true.

Comment 19 Sep 2015

Wow kingbuck12, sorry I'm not happy that our offensive coaches have refused to run Zeke in an effective manner. We have had no identity on offense the last 2 weeks. When did it become a crime to call out your coaches for the fact that they have stunk it up against inferior competition. Yes our backs need to hold on to the ball, o-line needs to block (Warinner's crew right?) and qb's have to make better decisions, but when defenses aren't being abused by our "power running game", the rest of our offense may not get into a rhythm. 

Sorry for having an opinion and sorry our play calling this year has been terrible and ineffective.

Comment 19 Sep 2015

Been on this site for a while now, so your comments are inaccurate. 

Outside of our Va Tech game last year, what was there to complain about offensively? Oh right, we were scoring on everyone. 

Please tell me what there is to be happy about after the Hawaii and NIU game from an offensive standpoint? Thomas is catching the ball and that's about it.

Comment 19 Sep 2015

Some of that is the issue, but last year Zeke was gashing them early and then we hit them with our sweeps and pass plays. We aren't establishing any running identity early on. We finally had that one drive after the bad punt, and ran it with him twice, got great yardage, then hit them with the passing TD. Went away from it completely after that, except on 3rd and short. 

Comment 19 Sep 2015

Of course we won't melt down, our D is playing great and our skill players have been playing well.

But, our coaches are not establishing any identity on offense. Urban says we are a power/play action team, yet we establish no power running game to run an effective play action. I have yet to see a defense consistently stop Zeke, so why the fuck are we not running him until the teams creep up and hit them with play action.

Our offense was amazing last year b/c Zeke was gashing teams consistently, not disappearing for entire drives. We can't score a homerun every play, especially when teams are staying spread out defensively because we aren't gashing them with Zeke.

No need to meltdown, but a HUGE need for the coaches to wake the fuck up and start using Zeke more to open up everything else.

Comment 10 Sep 2015

Going to vote for his spin against the Hokies, the degree of difficulty of doing that at that speed is unreal.

On a side note, watch Carlos Hyde get blown up by the Penn State defender. He took a hit for that amazing play.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Random story:

His name is Kwame. Played on my intramural b-ball team two years ago. Was sold to me as a good player with the "passing ability" of Michael Jordan. Maybe the biggest overstatement of all time. Dude couldn't pass a lick. Could easily drop 0 points in a game and shoot 5 airballs or go on a streak and score 15. Has to stick to being a ball boy because b-ball isn't his game.

Comment 06 Jan 2015

I wish I had seen this guy at the Rose Bowl, must have missed him.

I was at the Rose Bowl and outside of FSU and Oregon, tOSU may have been the most well represented team there. A lot of Buckeyes were at the game wearing their scarlet jerseys. There were a few 'bama fans there (I made sure to rib them a little bit), some various pac12 team fans, and of course a couple of idiot scUM fans, including a guy in a signed Harbaugh jersey (worth about $4?) that sat a few feet over from me. 

It was pretty nice getting to chat with fellow Buckeyes since I don't see many going to school at Oregon. 

On a side note, I remember coming to the Rose Bowl in 2010 and seeing how it was 50/50, maybe even more favored towards tOSU against Oregon. FSU fans barely showed up for this game. It was about 80/20 and that's being generous. Such a shitty fan base for the Seminoles. I know they have to travel, but Tallahassee can't be that much further than Columbus and we turned out for the Rose Bowl.

Comment 02 Jan 2015


Comment 23 Dec 2014

Whose hair is that next to Braxton? Pretty sick.