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Comment 09 Mar 2017

I was going nuts at my place. As a Barca fan, I was on the fence that we could really get 4 without getting scored on, and sure enough we did. Before Neymar scored that free kick I had given up on 3 goals in the last few minutes plus injury time. Once we scored the 2nd penalty I knew they only needed one good look. Freaking amazing. 


Comment 21 Nov 2016

I don't know if he will come back, but he should. He seemed more accurate his first year playing and then at the end of last year. Maybe that was because of the receivers here, but he has missed a lot of throws, especially deep throws, and he still stares down receivers too much. I think he could help his draft stock by coming back, developing his game in those areas. If he goes pro, he won't start his first year, so he's going to be riding the pine and having to develop his game with his limited practice snaps. Might as well stay here and take 95% of all snaps and see how he does with a more experienced WR corp. I thought he was going to leave before he beginning of the season, but after the way he has played, I think he should stay and see if he can improve in those areas.

Comment 14 Nov 2016

I fractured mine earlier this year and had to get a plate. No way was I playing anything in 3-4 weeks. My nerves were pretty shot afterwards and the ligaments took a while to heal (still not 100% but I can play things & do a few pullups). Maybe with a world class surgeon he'll heal sooner, but the bone takes a number of weeks before it's close to 100% even with the plate, and then you have the issue with the surgery itself. Of course if he doesn't need surgery he could be back faster, but 2 weeks would still be fast unless it's a minor break. Mine was a bad fracture, 4 pieces of collarbone goodness.

Comment 23 Oct 2016

Yea we didn't lose just b/c of a blown call. However, when you aren't given the first down you aren't given the opportunity to move forward and win the game. You can't always pin the blame of a game on one play, or one blown call, but you can say that it greatly affected your ability to win at that moment, which that play did. 

PSU killed us with field position, and our o-coordinators killed us by forgetting we have better athletes. But the phantom horse collar, no calls on late hits, and pass interference did affect us. Refs had no problem throwing yellow at us, still may not have won, but it sucks when you lose with some big no calls that could have benefitted you.

Comment 19 Oct 2016

It's not about bitching. It's about pointing out that this is an editorial site and over the last few weeks I've noticed a lot more missing letters and words. I'm not complaining, but it looks a tad less professional if there are many errors. Regardless, I'm still reading the stories, but just wanting them to be aware that lately the proofreading hasn't been up to par; I didn't notice these issues as much a few months before.

Comment 07 Sep 2016

Seriously, why does this have to come up every other week during football season? Who cares? Go to a futbol game in Europe or South America, you'll hear chants and songs 100x worse than rip his fucking head off. I like the more vulgar or intense cheers, we have so many damn boring alumni at the game that we need something to get people more into it.  Are we that sensitive we have to complain about this all the time? It's not a formal cheer sanctioned by the band or uni, so you can't get rid of it unless you come up with something better, and given that the kickoff is probably going to be taken out in the next few years, your wish will come true soon enough.

I'm ok with the DV's for my blunt comments, but seriously, our crowds are kind of boring compared to other games I've attended. I'd rather try to create an intimidating and loud atmosphere and have a few kids or old alumni be offended, as opposed to promoting a kid friendly environment that has no atmosphere or intimidation. 

Comment 05 Sep 2016

With regards to the 4 hour games, I wish they'd just do graphic ads on the fields between plays while the announcers talk, or have title sponsors for each game that get a few 30 second promos. This would cut down on commercial breaks after every damn kick off and punt and score. It's so ridiculous when you're at the game. At least at home you can change the channel or run to the restroom or grab another microbrew.