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Comment 25 Nov 2015

People die running marathons. People die playing football. People die hiking in national parks. 

Are we going to shut down every thing we do because one person died? Given how many people attend this each year, we've probably had a few hundred thousand people jump in, and this is the 1st person to die? That's better odds than running in a marathon (about 1 in 50,000). There's going to be an inherent risk in any physical activity we do. It's people jumping into water in November, not throwing themselves off a 10-story building where the risk of death is obvious. 

It sucks the kid died. It would suck if they cancelled the jump. It would suck more if we stopped doing everything in this society because someone gets hurt or died. Can't stop everyone from doing something stupid or from potentially having a preexisting condition. 

Comment 25 Nov 2015

Really? We do crazy stuff all the time. Jumping off cliffs, snowboarding, rock climbing, etc. When someone dies, or get hurts, we don't cancel everything we do. Sometimes we take measures to ensure we are safer, or sometimes it's a freak accident that can't be prevented. Using your logic, do you do anything other than lay in bed? 

Comment 09 Nov 2015

Here's my top 5:

1. Clemson
2. tOSU
3. Baylor
4. Oklahoma State
5. Stanford

Not going to give 'Bama credit for their win over LSU. LSU is 1-dimensional, and Bama proved it. Bama is 1-dimensional, but LSU couldn't stop it. Bama's loss is looking worse each week. SEC as a whole blows this year. Lots of teams with below average qb play. Bama hasn't proven it can handle dynamic offenses, given recent losses. I'll take my top 5, all with capable qb's and good offenses over a 1-dimensional SEC team that has struggled in a number of its wins. And yes tOSU hasn't looked great, except now they do w/ JT in there, so don't hate haters.

Comment 04 Nov 2015

Exactly!! Wait til they play teams that can score, while continuing to stack the box against Henry. They'll lose easily. Same with LSU.

Comment 19 Oct 2015

As a tOSU alum, that now lives in Eugene, I can say the Duck fans definitely put to shame our old alumni. One thing about being at Autzen, everyone all throughout the stadium is standing up and cheering and yelling. My last few years in C-bus were spent scalping tickets all over the stadium. When I couldn't get into the student section, I would be sitting with all types of alumni. The number of arguments I would get into simply for cheering and rooting on the team was ridiculous. We have way more cheers and traditions than the Ducks do at their games, but they seem to enjoy being at the game more as a fan and supporting their team, and everyone stands up and goes nuts during the game; my dad and I had a blast at the game against Eastern Washington, a low opponent, but the fans were engaged the whole game (our student section is 50x better than the Ducks though, their student fans suck). 

It would be nice if tOSU fans stopped using the game as social hour and a way to be seen at the game, which is how it feels these days. When I watch tOSU on tv, it never sounds as loud as many other stadiums, which is ridiculous because of how many people the stadium holds. It's disappointing to see us waste all the tradition and atmosphere we create by pandering to a bunch of old fucks. 

Comment 19 Oct 2015

Maybe he was annoyed with the idiot tOSU fan and the PSU fans talking about politics and the tOSU fan bitching about him. Seriously, maybe they should hold hands.

Comment 18 Oct 2015

Well it would exist because the place kicker is on the ground when they catch it. So under normal rules, he would already be down and the play is over so you could never attempt a field goal then, unless they had the holders not put their knee on the ground. They would have to change the way holders hold the ball moving forward if they wanted to make it down by knee contact because they already have their knee on the ground for the hold.

Comment 17 Oct 2015

This was hilarious, from MGOBLOG:

Venting: I need this

Dear Mods,

Sometimes venting is needed. This is one of those times. In honor of the previously-created thread called "F***", I hereby create this venting thread. 

This thread is needed. It is much better than any "snowflake" thread, and honestly what better word can summarize my feelings at this moment other than "f***".

Thus, we commence:

f*** the refs

f*** dantonio

f*** old man sparty in row 1 at the big house

f*** punting

f*** connor what's his face

f*** brahs walking around like they did something

f*** losing in a way that i'll have to see for the next 10-20 years

f*** this thread

f*** off

f*** otters

f*** kittens

f*** targeting calls

f*** replays that seemingly can't ever be done correctly

f*** having to wait ONE ENTIRE YEAR and then still who knows what will happen

f*** the espn stream which actually hung at that point in the game, forcing me to hear about it from the damn web

f*** long lists like this that nobody wants to read

f*** everyone

f*** the guy who flipped off the camera; bad karma

f*** the fools who paint things like statues

f*** late games that take too long

f*** vines and twitters and youtubes replays of the ending

f*** anyone who gives a hard time to a punter who is probably dying a bit inside right now

f*** commercials

f*** everything

f*** 404 and 505 and other web page errors

f*** me

f*** you

f*** deleting awesome venting threads like this one will likely be

f*** sh** damn 

f*** saturdays

f*** trying to watching anything else related to football for the next three weeks or years

f*** bad luck

f*** special teams being the way we die

f*** not tackling some dude at the 1 as time runs out because that would have been damn precious

f*** not staying with me I'm going to turn this thing around

f*** letting this one damn play ruin a great season

f*** the next team we play

f*** getting down on these kids who just played their hearts out

f*** it, we're going to come back from this

f*** it, we're going to start rolling teams for real

f*** it, we're going into the Ohio game without losing another

f*** it, we're going to WIN THE DAMN GAME

f*** it, I love football

f*** it, does anyone have it better than us, even after that piece of s*** ending? 

f*** it, would you really want to have any other coach or any other team

f*** it, don't be depressed - enjoy your family, and friends, and don't ruin this night because of one damn play

f*** is just a word, a feeling, a state of mind; stick with this team, and remember that it's just a game played for entertainment purposes.

One more thing, if you've read this far. There is a red pill: forget this game ever happened, or that you were a fan who could have your heart torn out. There is a blue pill: where you remember, and suffer, but (with time) overcome.

I choose blue everytime, motherf***er.


Comment 17 Oct 2015

Our rushing attack this quarter has looked its best all year and looks more like how we finished last year. Hopefully we keep it up and it's a sign of things to cum.

Comment 15 Oct 2015

Before we freak out, we need to realize how many players we have at these positions currently and incoming. We had 3 of the top rb's in the nation coming here next year, and we also recruited Weber this past year plus already having other rb's on the squad. Granted Hill or McCall are likely to play more hybrid, even those positions are loaded. 

Like you said, worry in spots where we have little depth in the recruiting class or on the roster.

Recruiting always has its cycles and its "flavor of the months" with regards to what teams are turning around and what teams are up and coming. Look at Ohio State over the years, we've never fallen like scUM did this past year with their pitiful recruiting class. Every major school may have some decommitments, but remember, tOSU is going to keep getting recruits this year in other positions that make our class look good. I'd be worried if it was signing day and on one else has committed. 

If the guys that have decommitted don't want the competition and don't want to play for the Buckeyes, that's their own problem. We can't force them to come here.

Remember, our defense is playing "great"ish and we are trying to get everyone the ball. It's definitely not a Tressel offense. Guys will want to come here because they've been doing it forever. Not going to worry unless our recruiting sucks for years on end.

Comment 12 Oct 2015

I hate the Gators with a passion, but the story says it was for an over the counter supplement. Why would this carry such a harsh sentence? My issue is, what if this happened to a Buckeye player for an OTC supplement??

I love any chance to see the Gators get weaker and lose, but when it's something I could see a tOSU get in trouble for, I worry about such harsh penalties.

Comment 10 Oct 2015

I can't stand the brotherhood crap with other conference teams. Sure, if you are a mid-tier program and want a good bowl game, pull for your conference so you can maybe get a good bowl game. But tOSU has never needed the conference to look good for us to get where we need to be, we just have to not lose games.

Most of us cannot stand the way ESecPN and SEC fans constantly talk about the SEC. Last time I checked, if Alabama wins a national title, no one else in the SEC does. It can help tOSU for their to be good Big Ten teams, but MSU and scUM and Wiscy have ruined so many national title potential teams for tOSU, I can't pull for them and want them to be good. Seeing them lose makes me almost as happy as tOSU winning. 

Ohio State is a national brand, with top-tier talent. They don't need to ride the coattails of their conference.

Comment 10 Oct 2015

Fournette is just a beast physically. Sure Zeke has better overall skills in each facet of the RB game, Fournette just isn't stopped because of his size and speed. If we ran our offense how it should be run like last year, I'd possibly keep Zeke because of his versatility and pass catching skills. I don't know if Fournette excels in a spread attack where he is constantly moving and blocking and expected to be a reliable pass catcher. But it is hard to not appreciate Fournette and how he hits holes and runs over people. Given our o-line play this year, I'd want Fournette out there because he would likely get some extra yards because of his size. 

It's fair to say Zeke is a better all around back, and has more skills, but Fournette is hard to stop because of his physicality and sometimes that's all you need to dominate.