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Comment 04 Jun 2014

Clark is a STUD! Go Tigers and Go Buckeyes! You know, the state championships are now in the shoe. When Massillon makes it to the finals, lets fill up the shoe with buckeye fans to give this kid an idea what to expect on saturday afternoons.

Comment 23 Apr 2014

It's great to see that Danny is already on the recruiting pitch. Hopefully, Urban keeps eyes in Massillon as Danny's little brother is a STUD too. It's also nice to hear that future recruits (hopefully) see the importance of football (high school especially) in this great state through films such as Go Tigers! Although that film does not paint Massillon in the best light it is a pretty accurate reflection of Massillon (I should know as the filming was completed during my Senior year and I am in the film throughout and in the deleted scenes). Go Tigers and most importantly Go Bucks! Is it too early to suggest that Danny will be throwing TD's to Key Jr when we visit Chapel Hill in 2017?

Comment 19 Nov 2013

Someone needs to get on the horn and get Doss down to Columbus and convince these guys (Shazier, Roby, Bryant (if he gets the chance), etc.) to return next year. He is a great example as to why you come back for your senior year (or another year for some players cases) to win the ultimate prize. ESPECIALLY since we will most likely get screwed out of it this year.  Just think about it though, Senior year, 24 games in a row and counting (with no reason to think another undefeated season isn't highly probable (albeit with a young line), first year of the playoff, National Champions (38 wins in a row and counting). Urban STILL without a loss at OSU. Now that is a way to go out... granted millions of dollars is also nice too. Although the signing bonus may look better with that on the resume.

Comment 24 Oct 2013

For what it is worth I wish him all the best in whatever he decides to do. In a selfish stance, if he doesn't pursue the NBA it gives him time to begin his medical degree/ residency and he can begin helping people. I feel confident that he will do great things as a physician. Just think about how well he can "defend" against sickness! Pun intended.

Comment 22 Oct 2013

On that note... It is not widely known that Don was a Massillon Tiger (same school as Devin Smith). Quite a mark that little stark county school has had on the coaching profession (i.e. Paul Brown, Earl Bruce, etc.).

Comment 23 Jul 2013

Let me say what all of buckeye nation is thinking right now. WHEW! Go with the flow El Guapo! Become a better man and a better buckeye for this incident. For that matter, Urban should use this as a rallying cry to the rest if the team to straighten up because it could only take a second for a career or a legacy to be tainted forever.