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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Live was during the Fiesta Bowl win over Notre Dame, watching Ted Ginn lined up in single coverage and presnap predicting the ensuing touchdown.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Lawrence Funderburke
  • NFL TEAM: Browns until Satan moved them, now NY Jets (wife)
  • NHL TEAM: (crickets)
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians, but don't really care
  • SOCCER TEAM: Any EPL team, their passion is contagious

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Comment 26 May 2016

Sounds like "coach in waiting" resume material for a certain school in Tallahassee, unfortunately.

Comment 25 May 2016

That was actually not a bad play all at all, just a slightly underthrown pass and a phenomenal recovery by Bell.

I'm guessing the poster was referencing Kiffin putting the game in Blake Sims' hands instead of handing it to Henry, was averaged like 7 yards a carry (aided by a couple of long ones, but...so were Zeke's stats. That's kind of the point.)

I agree that we deserved to win, and mostly outplayed them, but we did fail to gain a first down for like 15 straight minutes of game time.

Comment 23 May 2016

Well if the title statement alone doesn't sum up "talent wasted", I don't know what does. Guy had the keys to the kingdom and pissed them away. My heart breaks for him, and I hope he figures himself out. I know many people with those demons and they struggle every single day. 

Comment 15 May 2016

Why does Collier's ACL have an impact on next year's class? He'll be 100% before they even sign their LOI? And with Clark we'd have 4 on schools next year (Burrow, Haskins, Collier, Clark), assuming JT leaves. That seems like a deep enough room, and in a class with numbers issues having another guy in that room who is unlikely to play that year seems like a big price to pay to hedge against both Burrow and Haskins getting injured (assuming they'd be 1-2 on the depth chart. 

Comment 11 May 2016

The OSU bro in the Bring the Juice shirt after Zeke's run is my favorite. It makes me laugh every time because every OSU fan was doing the exact same thing, he just got immortalized on the broadcast. It was the "holy shit we are going to win!" Never celebrated anything as hard as I celebrated that TD. 

Comment 10 May 2016

Your #2 and #3 are the issue. The reality is that the whole point of the zone read (or any option play, for that matter), is to make the defender pick. He can't play both options (which is what you are saying for both 2 and 3) because you can't tackle 2 people going opposite directions at once. 

To your first scenario, yes that works...provided they are running that play and not a WR screen, in which case you likely gave up 10+ yards and possibly a TD. Also, watch the QB counter with a RB lead block to see how that defense gets gashed. 

#4 is what defenses do. Assignment football. But that assumes the QB never makes a guy miss. Watch the tape from our boys the last 3 years. The first guy almost never makes the play. 

TL:DR, the read option works because it forces a wrong d lineman choice and isolates the offensive weapons in one on one match ups. 

Comment 03 May 2016

You don't, but that is the pillar of the OSU stance on the matter. That and they don't want the liability of some shirtless fan dying of hypothermia. 

I honestly think they are so worried about offending their old ass, shitty, sit down fan, season ticket holders, that they'd rather oblige them with half the games. 

Comment 03 May 2016

The only purpose a noon game serves is to be over before the "sit down" crowd needs their blue plate special. Default needs to be 3, there cannot be metrics that show a noon kick is better for viewership or finance. 

3pm, 6pm, 9pm: more tailgating, better crowd, more money pumped into local business. Downside? Drunker, rowdier crowd. Less family friendly. More issues for security. Most importantly, probably more drunk driving. And if that's true, I've talked myself out of later kick offs. Don't need more of that. 

Comment 03 May 2016

That's recruiting gold right there. Good luck to all of the future stars of the NFL that were groomed by our beloved program. Really gonna miss them, but extremely excited to see the next men up!

edited my egregious spelling

Comment 03 May 2016

Good read, I'm impressed.

Feels like Saban and Bama should be mentioned, even though it happened a bit longer ago. They were a joke before he came along.

Comment 03 May 2016

Hopefully he heard that this is the year we are definitely gonna feature the tight end.