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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Live was during the Fiesta Bowl win over Notre Dame, watching Ted Ginn lined up in single coverage and presnap predicting the ensuing touchdown.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Lawrence Funderburke
  • NFL TEAM: Browns until Satan moved them, now NY Jets (wife)
  • NHL TEAM: (crickets)
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Indians, but don't really care
  • SOCCER TEAM: Any EPL team, their passion is contagious

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Comment 28 Jun 2015

Didn't offer JT, they deserve whatever lack of success comes their way. 

Comment 21 Jun 2015

Incredibly well said. Enjoying the simplicity of childhood, and marveling at their innocence for me. And grilling and beer, of course. 

Comment 20 Jun 2015

Ramzy wrote an article on fall weddings that you should probably just print out and leave somewhere obvious for her to find. Should take care of it. 

Comment 14 Jun 2015

Sam Adams Summer, a local microbrew IPA (Badger Hill Brewing), and probably an Ultimat martini as my nightcap.

Comment 13 Jun 2015

The ad revenue is what keeps the site free. Tread carefully bitching about the ads, lest you find yourself on the receiving end of the hammer. 

Comment 10 Jun 2015

"Queefcore" made Chipotle hot sauce come through my nose. It burns...badly. Totally worth it, though, thank you. 

Comment 07 Jun 2015

"They broke the mold" applies here, to me. As it does often, recollecting the exploits of that generation. 

We really aren't made of the same stuff, these days. True heroes. My eternal thanks and gratitude. 

Comment 07 Jun 2015

Counter argument is that the harsher methods have avoided that war many times already. Nobody wants to be the guy who blows up the earth.

Comment 07 Jun 2015

Two thoughts: this seems like a borderline slander lawsuit, with the mis-representation of truth and omission of facts with the intent to cause harm. Second, everyone knows they just wanted the conversation, right? I mean, troll heavy. But Smith bought in and made it what it is. E+R=O coach. Outcome right now? We are talking about OSU-UM. Really shouldn't be. It's like trash talking your ex who is in jail. Unnecessary. The world served them, already. We'll re-serve them next fall. Until then, they get to serve in Ann Arbor State Prison, population "full" according to ticket sales. 

Comment 06 Jun 2015

Really curious what in the hell that girl's sister was doing for 45 minutes while they waited for other passersby to rescue the girl hanging from a cliff? 

Comment 28 May 2015

The Dayton Triangles is oddly fitting, and humorous, though. 

Comment 27 May 2015

So, I'd have to read 11W on my laptop AND not get texts? Probably better for my eyes and my sanity. Win win.