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Comment 5 hours ago

How awesome would it be if Purdue hired Les Miles...it'd be a hilariously awkward relationship. 

Comment 23 Sep 2016

More people should do a Google image search (disclaimer:  don't do a Google image search). I remember when someone told me to do that and I stupidly complied.  I haven't been the same since. 

Comment 23 Sep 2016

Depends on whether we have free will or if free will is an illusion.

Comment 21 Sep 2016

I still remember in elementary school at some point pronouncing Socrates with a long "o" sound and long "a" sound.  I think that's a joke in a movie somewhere but I hadn't seen it so I was the only one not laughing.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Thanks for the trip down memory lane - I had forgotten about that play.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Jalin Marshall should be up for consideration, although I might still vote Brown.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Or it could be like Phil Fulmer ... won a national title but then wasn't winning more national titles...and Tennessee has been looking for a coach ever since then

Comment 20 Sep 2016

I've stayed up later than her ever since we met and when I was in law school (we got married the summer before I started) I'd be up all night studying and reading for class so it was an accepted routine that's just sort of stuck.  I require less sleep to function.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Yea I hear you on getting up early.  If I do get up early and exercise before I do anything else I feel better all day so that keeps me doing it.