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Comment 23 Jul 2014

1.  If you're ridiculously fat you cannot under any circumstances show up to the game halfway through the first quarter and try to squeeze your fat ass into a seating situation that's already sort of worked itself around and adjusted without you being there (happened to me - pissed me off).

2.  Better 4G reception (at least on Verizon).  I try to upload photos of my kids, etc. when I'm at the games so my wife or other family can see and comment on facebook and so forth.  You'd think I was trying to split the atom.

3.  Do something better when the team takes the field.  I'm not hip or cool enough to know what that "something" is supposed to be ... but it seems like our team just runs out on the field after the band finishes playing.  It's almost boring because the band is just so good.  Maybe I expect too much ... it just seems like there's an opportunity for more theater at that moment and we're not doing it.

4.  I agree 100% about getting the librarians away from the field ....even out the parking lot.  It needs to be loud.  Don't spend your loudness energy yelling at me to sit down (happened to me - pissed me off).

5.  If you're going to dump liquor from a sunscreen bottle into a giant cup of Coke and be wasted the whole game don't dump a half liter of Coke down my back in the first quarter (happened to me - pissed me off).  Perhaps it'd be easier if they just sold beer.  Sell beer.

Comment 20 Jul 2014

What if people could "level up" in the site by how many purchases they drive through the Amazon link?  I don't mean they'd get anything - just maybe some notation next to their icon or something.  For example, when you contribute $0.01 you get Steve Bellasari status.  When you reach a billion dollars, you get Woody Hayes status. .... completely independent of helmet stickers.  It might be a friendly way to drive more money to the 11W coffers. 

Comment 20 Jul 2014

Despite being on here all the time, I legitimately don't know the answer to this question:

What is the "cool" way to refer to the Michigan Wolverines?

TTUN? TSUN? *ichigan? Wolverweenies? scUM?  or maybe just UM? or Michigan?

Inquiring minds who have never been cool want to know this.

Comment 18 Jul 2014

I'm hardly a defender of Russia or Ukraine, but I was talking to a guy from Switzerland (German native) recently and he opened my eyes to an issue that I didn't realize:  Russia almost has to "control" Ukraine (their tactics may be undesirable) because Russia's only access to a shipping port that doesn't freeze in the winter months runs through Ukraine.  Thus, Russia gets even more shut off from the world if it allows Ukraine to take its ball and go home.  I'm sure it's 1,000 times more complicated than that, but it was an interesting take from someone who lives near the region.  This conversation happened before the recent plane incident FWIW.

Comment 17 Jul 2014

the other side of that is ... Barry probably felt like he was still in charge of the team because Bert can't think for himself ... so . Barry could move out of the office and away from the grind while still being in control of the football program from start to finish ... it eventually blew up because he propped Bert up too high and Bert started believing in his own false success ... but it was sort of brilliant while it lasted

Comment 15 Jul 2014
I've been to Montana ....Bozeman and over to Big Sky and Yellowstone ...absolutely breathtaking natural beauty ... I don't hunt/fish/camp/ski etc. but I thought the landscape was terrific to see ....seems like a very peaceful place to live
Comment 15 Jul 2014

I'm embarrassed for everyone that this gif hasn't made its way into this thread yet:

Comment 15 Jul 2014
Someone can chime in and tell me if I have this wrong, but I always kind of thought that PSU had an opportunity to take the lead in the fight against childhood sexual abuse, i.e., turn the enormous negative into something resembling a positive. To my knowledge that hasn't happened - and I'm all but certain that it wouldn't be a lack of resources that would be the cause of inaction. Hopefully I'm just uninformed.
Comment 14 Jul 2014

tying multiple threads together in one nicely played kick to the shins of another member

Comment 14 Jul 2014

This is the Browns, meaning, they'll find a way to screw the pooch here (pun intended).  I'm thinking the dog leads the team onto the field and then the handler stands over near the sidelines while waiting for things to calm a little.  Some fan will throw a half eaten chili dog and a plate of nachos onto the field for the dog.  The dog will eat the food and then drop dead from a heart attack.  In sum, the Browns, whose mascot will be a dog, will find a way to kill an animal on national television and be overrun by PETA reps the rest of the season.  Only in Cleveland.