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Comment 8 hours ago

...at which time you'll put down your potato chips, wipe your greasy hands on your shirt, grab your laptop, sit it on your pants-less legs, and bring your #hottakes to the live thread

Comment 9 hours ago

and Baylor still avoids receiving a Fulmer Award because it happened on foreign soil

Comment 10 hours ago

Offense:  JT Barrett (I'm risk averse - taking the obvious choice)

Defense:  Chris Worley (Ohio kid trying to fill Darren Lee's big fast shoes  - hope he shuts down the open field)

Comment 10 hours ago

What happens if a member of an alumni group shouts something negative about OSU just before falling into a foreign zoo gorilla enclosure? Does the member get shot or the gorilla?

Comment 10 hours ago

You could ask an alumni group for help - just don't say anything bad about the university when you get in touch with them.


Comment 21 hours ago

The good news is that we'll likely know the outcome by halftime and can get on with the rest of our day

Comment 30 Aug 2016

That's what I assumed when I read it, but since it doesn't say that I chose to troll instead.