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Comment 28 Mar 2017

I'll take you at your word and bite.

1) Not the me-for-mod stuff, but rather the aforementioned "It's time to drain the MOD swamp" line.

2) Not the 26 but, in general, half of a quick-to-anger population would get angered by that in America...so not, like...a real 50%.

Comment 28 Mar 2017
I'm totally bewildered by the existence of the people waiting around to see what gets posted to imgur, but I immediately got hammered by down votes from those terrified that people exist willing to spread false information like this. So just know I'm baring the brunt of your ill will toward posterity.
Comment 28 Mar 2017

Lol. My man, I hate to burst your bubble, but I don't think these are in size order. If they were, #5 would be #1, obvs.

Comment 28 Mar 2017

Exactly. This only works if he's able to reconstituted the #MODded content or fight off MODs from ruining everything. Simply giving this guy power does not help us otherwise...and I worry that he knows he's pulling a fast one on some.

Comment 28 Mar 2017
He's probably confusing it with the Northern Micro Americas. Those are as small as he describes. Regular North America is much larger, as 1994 has shown. What Padrino is thinking of, that's one of the reference continents embedded in the map. Probably wouldn't be as confused if he noticed that earlier.
Comment 28 Mar 2017
Even funnier, @1994, while waiting for the Hurry Up last night, before going to bed, I wrote piece for the PL (read: you), about my family's failed attempt to ride a bus of a certain route number before deciding it would be too #nice, even for the PL.
Comment 27 Mar 2017

It's a difficult situation, but also one Ohio State dealt with last year when five-star cornerback Shaun Wade visited Alabama, Florida, Notre Dame and Virginia Tech.

At least you can recruit more than one CB at a time (heck, we went prime time for 6 of them). This is definitely more complicated. Better parallel: Tristen Wallace

...not that I'm AT ALL sad about 'settling' for Dwayne Haskins!

But that situation speaks toward the unique QB challenges. Could make UFM's trigger finger a little twitchy.

Comment 27 Mar 2017

while Worley came in as a 190lb, 3-star athlete (safety) before moving to linebacker.  Worley clearly became a gym rat, too - bulking up to approximately 230lbs, today.

I'm a little bit concerned on this point. Worley has added quite a bit of weight since getting here. Now he has to add even more. It'll be interesting to see how well his frame can support even more.

Comment 27 Mar 2017

Funny thing is, here, hours later, I saw your line and immediately thought, "I feel like he's riffing on a Holocaust quote...nahhhh, there's no context for that."