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Comment 3 hours ago
Sebastian Bach was a staple of VH1 recap shows. Also, I just walked past a guy walking a dog. He was wearing a bomber jacket with a chest patch reading "Life Champs ('year#)."
Comment 4 hours ago
Even though you seem to be thinking Wilson, I'll respond for Tufele. Both (1) consideration of the current commits as his competition (competing against the #1 DT for playing time vs competing against the #10 DT) and (2) the optics (I was supposed to be your big splash to finish the cycle, but you right it necessary to make a big flip like that? Am I not The Guy?). I don't think it's a guarantee that Tufele ceases interest in USC, but he probably second guesses.
Comment 18 hours ago

On one hand, I wanted to know what this means for the Bucks: Nate stays kind of close, does that mean UFM stays 3ish years longer than he otherwise would...

...but on the other hand, UFM is so overwhelmingly "surprised" by this offer, my bigger wonder is "did UFM sell Fickell for a Nate scholarship?"

Sure, I have no idea how that would work but I'm finally watching season 4 of "House of Cards,"...so I know there is probably a way.

Comment 19 hours ago


Jumping in here with a non-sequitur since it seemed important to you and who knows if you'll ever look back, but here you are so here I'll dump:


Comment 23 Jan 2017

Just got this in my inbox:


Comment 23 Jan 2017



Comment 23 Jan 2017

Yeah. Five days is way too long to be in Las Vegas so the answer is definitely to rent a car and go to the Hoover Dam and/or Grand Canyon/Zion.

Comment 19 Jan 2017

Square feet. That's one thing that's safe from inflation.

Although these release seems to suggest just 1MM sqft of buildings...hopefully it means holding something hostage for more land as well. That would be more fun from the evil people turning everything into mixed-use space.