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Comment 3 hours ago

In NYC the money is in the medallion, not the fares. If a driver buys a medallion he or she used to be able to count on them going up significantly an retiring on the resale. No, with Uber, medallion prices have dropped to the point some people are under water on a 500k medallion. There is also some evidence medallion prices were drive up at auction to increase the value of all medallions and thus allow owners to borrow more on the medallion since it's increased in value. They used to be a low risk collateral since no more were being made and if someone didn't pay you could repo the medallion and resell it. In NYC, cab companies don't hate Uber, IMHO, because they are taking fares but because it is driving down the value of the medallion.

90K works out to $45 an hour for a 2000 hour year. I wonder how Uber calculated that. Was it drivers actually working 2000 hours or taking the average earnings/hr and multiplying them by 2000 to get the annual figure. In the later case, the number is very misleading because drivers might work more in surge times but not during slow periods, slanting the average to higher earnings.

Comment 12 hours ago

BB'S MAGNOLIA is a good place to comparison shop but not buy. I got a quote for setting up a basement video system (wiring, gear, etc) and it was nearly 10K. Monster cable at many dollars a foot, lots to string wire in a framed but not drywalled basement. They also aren't that knowledgeable about setting up equipment, mostly parroted back specs in attempt to convince me the cable, etc was worth it.

Comment 13 hours ago

He He...They've been irrelevant so long I forgot what they look like...

Comment 16 hours ago

I got that and needed to clear my cache. My browser, in an attempt to be helpful, kept reloading the error page. Once I cleared the cache it worked fine.

Comment 16 hours ago

Not only that, but had a listed phone number. He used to joke he knew when he lost because there were a bunch of "For Sale" signs on his yard. He had an open door policy as long as you didn't show up in Maize and Yellow. Navy Blue and Gold was fine. God help you if you wanted to talk military history, you better know your stuff.

Of course, times change. Football was big but not the big money game it is today. The pressures that result must be immense, plus everything you do, no matter how slight, is on a national stage; not limited to local media who may be more sympathetic or at least know you and have some context about your actions. Woody was a workaholic but he found time to do things that mattered to him beyond football; how many big time coaches have that luxury today? 

Comment 01 Sep 2015

A couple of points:

1) VT uses their D ti gain a numeric advantage over the run and go man to man on the WR. They have a great CB pair so man to man probably isn't a bad bet against our relatively unproven WRs. We need them to step up and make a few big plays to get VT to rethink their strategy.

2) Running between the tackles plays right into their defensive game plan. We need to win the race to the edge and turn the corner; banging inside will be frustrating and let them dictate the play.

3) I think slants and crossing routes will be key. If we can hit a TE behind the safety we should get some big gains. If Miller pulls it off he could take it to the house.

VT played poorly last year after us but some of that can be attribute 2015-09-0o injuries, although a few teams exploited the man coverage to beat VT.

Comment 01 Sep 2015

The hurry up aspect could help if it prevents them from doing their shift when they lineup and bring down the LB. If we catch them out of position during the snap their advantages go away pretty quickly and we take away one of the Bear looks big advantage, the ability to force the play to an unblocked defender. Instead, we could create a seam and get a blocker downfield before they can react. The disadvantage of the Bear is its dependence on each player not only making the right block but using the right technique, absent that it can get blown up for big gains.

Comment 29 Aug 2015

Yes. Modern detectors give off a weal signal due to their design, and police can detect that signal. Some detectors are more easily detected than others; with some being virtually undetectable. Of course, since most mount on the windshield a cop could see one and pull you over; if the cop is unmarked and not using radar you might not even realize you are being nailed until the blue lights go on. a quick ping from a gun that lights uo your detector is a dead giveaway as well. When I lived in VA a number roof years ago the cops I knew weren't too worried about the driver with a detector who was doing less than 10 over since there were plenty of drivers doing 20 - 30 over to nail. Today, who knows?

Quite frankly, Waze plus a CB radio is probably as effective as a detector.

Comment 29 Aug 2015

It will be interesting to see how we match up against VT's D. As I understand their D, they rely on gaining an advantage at the line at the expense of pass coverage, relying on 1 on 1 coverage of WR. While that means they can exploit gaps and stop the run it leaves them vulnerable to big pass plays. They have a CB tandem that is considered one of the best in the country so I think Foster will be willing to take that chance given our relative inexperience at WR and no clear deep ball guy like last year.

Can we counter with TE running a slant to get between coverage forcing the FS to decide what to cover? It would seem there's be a lot of running room for the TE, especially with blocking WRs.

Comment 28 Aug 2015

I'm not so sure. He'd probably get an assistant position somewhere, depending on the scope of his actions at Illinois. If it was 1 or 2 instances he has a better shot than if it was an ongoing pattern. Not to defend his actions, but this does give Illinois a convenient way to terminate him and save a buyout.

Comment 26 Aug 2015

ok, maybe the sarcasm went whoosh but as someone who posts on TKP I've found them to be a good bunch and interested in hearing our take on the game. They love their tema (surprise) but respect us and want to talk football and not trash when we visit. I have. A lot of respect for VT, for a number of reasons beyond football, and find them to be a classy fan base and TKP a class act. 

Comment 25 Aug 2015

Auburn. Family went / goes there and I really like the school and campus. Great, but different, atmosphere than in Columbus, primarily in tailgating since there is no large parking lot surrounding Jordan Hare.

Go Bucks and War damn Eagle

Comment 25 Aug 2015

I doubt it will have much impact as the NCAA, B1G and OSU can establish its own rules on usage and I doubt those change. There may be more forms available but I would guess any student that wanted to get some weed already has it readily available. this would mean that being caught with it would result in no state charges and probably no Federal ones either unless it is of sufficient quantity to be dealing or caught in a Federal location. I view it a lot like PEDs, many of which can be legally obtained but are banned for use by athletes except in very specific cases.

Off topic, but interesting is US pot is now being smuggled abroad from legal locations as it is of better quality; resulting in foreign pot farmers losing business and turning to more profitable crops like heroin poppies.

Comment 23 Aug 2015

All are fans, and welcome in the family; except those that are douches, no matter their affiliation. 

Comment 23 Aug 2015

It really doesn't exist. People assume causation when they see a statistic that support their belief even where there isn't causation. People make the claim that playing Navy results in a greater likelihood of losing the following week, and because crappy teams that tend to lose lose they assume it was from playing Navy. Sure, it may take a little different prep for the triple option but if a team is a good team and fundamentally sound they tend not to lose after playing Navy. Sure, you'd like to play identical offenses as much as possible but rarely do you see that; yet we don't her about a spread effect or a hurry up effect, because like the navy effect, they simply do not exists. The unique thing about Navy to is not an often seen offense so the rarity causes people to ascribe things to it that do not exist.We like to see patterns where none exist and establish rules to conform to those patterns.

As for data, teams were 7 - 4 in 2013 after playing Navy. Included in those 4 were Hawaii which won 1 game all season and Air Force  which finished  2 - 10. Notre Dame (9 - 4) lost to Pitt (7 - 6) and Pitt lost to GT (another triple option team so they should have been ready for that style of play). Of the 4 teams that lost after playing Navy, losing was pretty much the story except for ND. If there was a Navy effect you should expect it to exist year to year.

Comment 23 Aug 2015

Be sure to check if you have any bandwidth caps. If you stream a lot you could wind up paying more for the extra bandwidth than a cable subscription.