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Comment 5 hours ago

Lots of schadenfreude here. Like all fan bases, TTUN has good ones and jerks. Over the years I've enjoyed some good back and forth and worked with a number of them as well.

So no, I don't hate TTUN fans; you can enjoy a good, spirited rivalry based on respect and a long history without lowering yourself and disrespecting the rivalry. 

Comment 19 Dec 2014

No worries. It's all good and I was not insulted; nor did I intend to offend you. We both seemed to want to just give a complete picture of options.

Now, if you want to talk Navy vs USAF...

Happy holidays,

A fellow Buckeye engineer and Navy vet...

Comment 19 Dec 2014

Partitioning allows you to run it natively through bootcamp using the machines full range of specs

True, but for most uses that is overkill and requires booting into the OS so you can't use the other, where a VM integrates the virtualized environment into the native one. In my experience using VMs there are very few apps, beyond games, that don't run as well in a VM as natively. Any performance hit is not noticeable to the end user.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

No need to partition a Mac to run Windows, you can install Windows on virtual machine such as Parallels, Fusion (both commercial) or Virtual Box (Open Source GPL from Oracle) and run both at the same time. Except for graphics intensive games programs run just fine in a VM.

As for lasting 2 years, there is no reason for it not to last 4, unless it gets broken or stolen.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

Lots of great choices.

I'd add:

Boston - Boston

Zappa - Sheik Yerbouti and Joe's Garage

von Karajan - Bethoven's 5th and 9th 

Comment 19 Dec 2014

Not a recent grad but having helped a number of friend equip kids for college here are some general thoughts:

1. Set a budget for a PC based on what you can afford. This will help define what machines to consider.

2. Look for discounts - educational, employer, affinity groups to see if you can save a few bucks. Also consider a manufacturer refurbished model if they are available. See if OSU offers software at a reduced price or free. Some schools, for example, offer Office365 for free.

3. Buy an all - risk personal article policy or ensure your renter's insurance covers it. A policy separate from your parent's policy will ensure their insurance doesn't go up if you file a claim. For deductible, look at what you can cover if it is stolen or broken (if you buy an all risk policy). 

4. As for Apple vs. Windows it really depends on your preference. Chances are nothing you need to run will need better performance than running Windows in a VM on a Mac, but that adds a cost to the Mac since you need a VM plus Windows. You can get a higher spec'd Windows box for the cost of a Mac; although open box Macs at major retailers and Apple's refurbs can save you a few bucks.

Comment 19 Dec 2014

I just ask them how long a second is and then say 109 yards. War Eagle. Gets them every time.

I find the ones that actually went to Alabama to be much more reasonable; it's the ones who never set foot on a campus as a student, leyt alone attended Alabama, to be the worst. Their whole existence seems to be wrapped up in Bama football. Of course, all fan bases have the jerks, including ours. I had to cutoff a friend's buddy from tickets because he got drunk and acted like an ass, to an elderly couple who were opposing fans, at a game. That's not how I want my university to be represented, and I know Bama fans that feel the same way about their jerks as well.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Money will not be a problem for any NFL team that wants Harbaugh. The only question is "what does Harbaugh want?"

I think, if he really wanted the TTUN job there'd already be an announcement. It could still happen, but the longer it takes the less likely it will happen, IMHO.

It makes no sense for TTUN to leak the deal, the leak strengthen's Harbaugh's bargaining position since it sets a salary floor for any job; while potentially hurting TTUN because if Harbaugh passes what will they say to the new coach? Yea, we want you but only for 4 mill/year for 3? If I were a potential home run hire I'd be asking for a similar deal. 

Comment 16 Dec 2014

I say add Harbuagh. People seem to think he wants to return to the Midwest and he might as well join a winner.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

I'm also glad for TH. I wish him well.

I took a quick look at the numbers (it's the engineer and economist in me) and in the last 5 years there were almost 50 coaching hires at a Power 5 conference and only 7 were a coordinator who was not already at the school (8 were at the school so I'd agree your chances aren't bad IF you already are at a school. I didn't include Luke because of the uniqueness of the hire as an interim). That's about a 15% chance, which isn't IMHO a very good indicator that a coordinator can get a HC position; let alone one at a high profile school.. It's even worse if you go back 2 years - 34 openings and 3 hires. And of the schools none really came out as a high profile school where a coach is unlikely to leave for a better job if offered. For example, Vandy hired a coordinator after their HC bolted to PSU. Pitt and KY were the other two, neither of which I would consider a high profile D1 program. None of the 3 have a winning record, either.

This data ignores HC who were fired and became a NC from a coordinators position; but it does give an idea of the chances of a coordinator currently landing a HC job at a Power 5 school.

If I missed a school let me know as I did a quick search and count.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Or even worse - pop instead of soda (coke for all y'all in the south)

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Fisher already was at FSU as a coach in waiting situation and well, Muschamp shows the danger of putting an unproven guy into a major D1 HC position. I am not saying it doesn't happen but how many major opening were there this round? FL? WI? OSU? How many are taking a OC or DC? Most of those guys start at a lesser name schools and move up; so the argument some make that if TH waited he'd get a better job is one I disagree with.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

I'm of a mind that NEXT YEAR, he will have his choice of whatever open HC job he wants.

I doubt that. The chances of a major D1 program taking a chance at an unproven, as a HC, OC is pretty slim; no matter what he accomplishes as a OC. He already has made 2 QBs into Heisman candidates, created a powerful offense and helped get OSU into the playoff. What more can he accomplish that would add to his resume? Do it again? 

Could he fail at UH? Possibly, but that is independent of whether or not the job provides him with opportunities that he doesn't have at OSU. OSU could have a bad year next year as well, especially with expectations so high that merely winning a conference championship might be looked upon as a failure. So there is downside to staying as well.

I would like him to stay but he has to do what is right for his career; and IMHO this would be a good move and I wish him fair winds and a following sea.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

I disagree. What he accomplish at UH is very different that at OSU. Here, he has shown he is great OC and can develop talent. At UH, he can show he can lead a program, manage the on and off field activities and handle the pressures of being  aHC. No one expects him to win a NC; but if he wins conference championships and bowl games he will be seen as a HC who has what it takes to be successful and get a chance at the next rung of the coaching ladder. It's about demonstrating he has what it takes to win as a HC, develop talent and handle all the other requirements of the job. He can't do that at OSU; where he would be looked at as a great OC but dinged for his lack of HC experience. This job gives him the chance to succeed in an environment that is less of a pressure cooker than a top tier div 1 program and get the HC box checked off his resume.

Finally, even if he leaves he'll still have NC on his resume and a ring, deservedly so.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

While I would have liked him to stay this opportunity is a good one and hard to pass up. He'll be running his own show and given his performance to date UH will be a stepping stone to a big time HC position. Who knows, maybe it will be as the new HC of the Buckeyes, replacing a retiring UM.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

Belk - southern department store slowly giving in to the Yankee onslaught that is Macy's (NY) Marshall Field's (Chicago) and Lazurus' (Columbus)

San Antonio - ask Barkely about the lovely views there...

Part of the cost of bowl games, if I recall correctly, are hotel room guarantees. Using those for parents could reduce the marginal cost of parent transportation.  In addition, the airline could hedge its bet by buying tickets in advance, at lower prices, from the airline and then dumping them on the market if they don't go. If they did point to point from CMH and parent's homes, if not near CMH, to a hub and then to the host city they probably would have less problems selling unused tickets; since the they could sell CMH - Hub and Hub - Host separately. Even if OSU didn't go there would be a school that probably could us either Hub - Host tickets and others who would be traveling over the same time period from CMH - HUB and beyond.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

However, the swap allows them to remove the fuel price risk from their financial risks and so is of value to the airline and the producer as well since they also can lock in the revenue for a fixed period. A bit more sophisticated would be to us puts and calls to limit exposure to fuel price swings. In the end, the goal is to minimize the risk of fuel price increases at the expense of increased profits when prices drop.

Of course, as you point out fuel prices have nothing to do with ticket prices; since airlines can't add in furl surcharges like FEDEx, UPS and cruise lines do.

Comment 13 Dec 2014

Supply and demand. Airlines price based on their ability to sell seats, and a Final Four will generate more demand to MSY than PNS. Tickets price based on the demand, not the actual cost of flying a passenger; which is how it should be.

Comment 11 Dec 2014

On the other hand, a HC job at a good solid lower tier program is a great stepping stone. Win there, get experience running a program in an environment that is not as much of a pressure cooker and then move up. Coop did a stint at Tulsa before going to a major school. Like any job, it's hard to set into an upper rung position without having a chance to gain experience and learn the ropes in a less stressful environment.

Comment 10 Dec 2014

Yea. Dressing up like that isn't my cup of tea but if that's what they want to do then it's their business. I have heard a number of unflattering stories about BuckIDude that makes me simply ignore him when I see him at a game. Big Nut, OTOH, seems to be a nice guy who happens to dress up in a manner I would not. ESPN likes to show them simply because the are out there. Me, I concentrate on the game and don't get worked up over them being on TV. I save that for the important stuff, like when I see someone wearing Maize and Blue...