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Comment 19 hours ago

Maybe a better idea is to make all scholarship offers binding, or at least tell the athlete if it is or is not binding, after a certain date, say 1 Sep of an athlete's senior year; with all offers outstanding automatically becoming binding on the school on say 1 December. Schools can still extend non-binding offers before that, or explicitly state an offer is not, but must decide who they want far enough in advance so a kid has a chance to look elsewhere if a school changes their mind. 

It would probably mean a lot of 3 stars wouldn't get big time offers until later but at least they'd have a clearer idea of who is really interested. You might also see athletes going to a broader array of schools since schools could not afford to extend offers to every 4 and 5 star but need to focus on ones they really think they want to fill a need; if a school does make a bunch of offers they may wind up with a 10 person class. To avoid over signing and culling, the NCAA could automatically review a programs numbers for any school that over signs by more than 3.

Comment 19 hours ago

After reading that SEC Bag Man article, I just wonder if any of this matters.

As long as there is serious money to be made, and big time donors want to brag about winning, it'll be nearly impossible to fix. At best you can slam someone every now and then hope to keep it in check. I know someone who worked as an agent for a while and basically said the kids know they can get stuff so they ask, and everyone gives because they all want to land a whale. even if they know they aren't getting the kid no one wants a rep as being cheap so they all pony up a little cash, all the while knowing the kid is probably hitting up the other guys for "$100 to help with the rent..." 

Comment 19 hours ago

The problem is coaches will always push the boundaries and some will exceed them. The stakes are simply too high; and even coaches who want some sanity and common sense in recruiting are still under pressure to perform.

One way deal with this is for the NCAA to get serious about enforcement. They could establish an office of enforcement at each school, with staff paid by the NCAA. The staff would have unfettered access to programs, records, players and employees and report directly NCAA HQs. You could even rotate them every few years to avoid the Stockholm Syndrome. The program could be paid for by an enforcement fee leaved on member institutions. Periodic audits of programs could be done by teams composed of staff from other campuses and HQs. Of course, that would mean the NCAA is serious about dealing with violations.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Yea, I always wondered if they'd pick us vs ND or us vs UA.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

If you want to stay in Mississippi or even the South an Ole Miss degree carries weight, simply because of the alumni connections. I'd guess they'd take an Ole Miss degree over a chump ass yankee degree from TTUN.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Public relations, marketing, and media buzz about OSU, that's part of Smith's job.  He does not win football games.  And he is losing the media battle big time.

While TTUN got some "Oh, look. SHINEY!!!" PR from their event there is a lot more to marketing than a one shot deal. All throughout the season OSU was featured in advertisements for the CFP, we inked a big deal with Nike, and as other pointed out the hype around Buckeyes in the NFL will ramp up over next few months.

(Hiring Urban Meyer was a no-brainer.  You or I could have done it.  Urban would come regardless of the AD.  He specifically had an "out without penalty" clause in his Florida contract to leave for Ohio State.)

Maybe. Would have been fun to do so. However, GS didn't panic over the Tressel resignation and settle for someone but rod it out to get our guy. I would fault him for misreading the NCAA on bowl bans which cost us a shot at meeting Alabama in the NCG, however

Comment 04 Feb 2016

It's a dangerous game he is playing. You can bet there are plenty of people who would drop a dime on TTUN if he called a school out. When everyone's hand, including yours, is in the cookie jar you don't draw attention to the crumbs on someone else's shirt

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Unless they are squeaky clean it could end their college career before it starts, and with it any hopes of the NFL. In addition, they would be known as THE GUY who blew the whistle and portably would get the cold shoulder form a lot of folks who simply don't need, or want, the baggage and who would wonder if they are the next person under the bus if the kid thinks he didn't get something he was promised. 

TL;DR: There is no upside for the kid in doing so...

Comment 04 Feb 2016

I think it's great when opposing fans come around and engage in reasonable discussions; I have done that on other boards such as VT's the Key Play to get their perspective on us, their team, and how the game may play out. Blu hasn't been trolling and his additions have been welcome. Sure, we are on opposite sides of the greatest rivalry in sports, but intelligent discussion, with a little friendly smack, is something I find enjoyable.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

Good for him. A kid should go to the school he feels is the best fit and if he clicks with a professor, great. That's how I wound up at OSU; having grown up never hearing about Woody or the Buckeyes (the horrors!!!) and saw the light once I started school. 

Would I lie to have him come to tOSU? Sure, but I look forward to beating him once year for the next 4 years; other than that I wish him well.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

While he has kept TTUN in the news, hype only goes so far. Unless they start winning and becoming relevant in the CFP they shine will wear off and they'll be looking for a new team to lead them to glory. Only time will tell if their method works.

I'd argue GS is far from average. He made a killer coaching hire; great facility upgrades, and the athletic department is on very firm financial ground. I have no doubt that GS and UM are looking at ways to increase the awareness of OHIO STATE's brand, but they'll  do it in a way that they feel is right and doesn't wind up pissing off a bunch of other schools or coaches, at the HS or collegiate level, or give the impression tOSU is run by a crazy coach.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

What I like is the 12W PL hasn't turned into a separate premium content section; especially the PL. It would be easy to turn it into a private haven away from the rest of 11W but that hasn't happened. The only Us vs. Them mentality I've noticed is tOSU vs TTUN; as it should be.

Comment 04 Feb 2016

The graph could also represent the programs, one had a couple of bad years followed by a rapid return to the top; the other, while certainly good, has basically flatlined.

Comment 02 Feb 2016

Heh. It's amazing how people never see the need for a piece of technology and once they have it they can't live without it.

Comment 02 Feb 2016

Good to hear from you. I've never known a Marine to give up in a fight and I hope you win yours.

As for the PNW, yes it's pretty amazing, especially along the coast.

Comment 02 Feb 2016

I would guess several factors are at play:

1. They want to limit the number of 4 and 5 stars

2. The halo effect comes into play where kids at known powerhouses get a bump simply because "everyone is great at X..."

3. VA is not as big a recruiting hotbed as some other states so it's likely to get less attention and thus a kid may simply not be as well known as others

4. Ratings are subjective and by following the pack a guy is less likely to get a rep as being "wrong" if guys to pan out, so there is very little upside in id'ing a hidden talent vs running with the pack

Personally, I'd rather have coaches who can find under the radar talent and develop it than worry about how a player is ranked. Sure, it's great to get 4 and 5 stars but they tend to get spread across a lot of schools so the bread and butte roof a great team is in getting the other guys that have potential and unlocking the potential.

Comment 02 Feb 2016

That has been my experience as well. Everything I use on my 5 year old dell works just fine on my Mac, even my old Nikon film scanner. In some cases, the Mac was actually better such as when I was at a client sure and my Mac would find all the printers on the network and print just fine while the WinBoxes couldn't connect; but that is an rare occurrence, like TTUN beating OSU. My VM is primarily used for auto diagnostic equipment that requires Windows to run it's software. Even then, the actually hardware connects just fine.

In the end, I recommend people do the following:

1. Decide on a budget.

2. Identify must have programs or capabilities

3. Find a machine that meets 1 and 2. The reality is today's Windows or OS X machines are pretty darn good and as long as you don't start messing with the OS by adding on a bunch of stuff are stable and reliable as well.

4. Ignore the fanboys; they aren't the ones who will be paying for, and using, the machine.

Personally, I like Macs and iPads. I have customized them to match my workflow so as to be more productive.

Comment 01 Feb 2016

I disagree on the shorter life comment. Most consumer users never get near the daily write specifications for an SSD so they are likely to wear out the SSD before the computer is assigned to the scrap heap. I've got 4 year old SSD's that are going fine and are used in the "second" computer for casual use at home.

Comment 01 Feb 2016

The Air is a great machine. You can save a few bucks by buying an Apple refurb direct form Apple or getting the educational price. BHPhotoVideo (http://www.bhphotovideo.com) in NYC is a great vendor and doesn't charge sales tax on non-NYC purchases.

Besides OSX I really appreciate the Mac build quality; plus the Apple store runs training classes that can be very useful to a new Mac user.

Just don't let someone from TTUN use it, they'll leave whiteout all over the screen when from correcting their typos...

Comment 01 Feb 2016

There is enough similarity in the concepts both OS' use but they are implemented differently. For example, the Red dot closes the Window but not the program, so you must Quit a program in OS X.  Some programs are not available on a Mac and even when their are equivalents, such as OmniGraffle for Visio, they don't work the same way. Even Office has enough differences to make it frustrating until you learn the Mac way.

OTOH, once you use a Mac you will never go back. I run a VM (Parallels) for the must have Windows apps but it gets fired up rarely, manly when I have to use SharePoint which only plays nice with Explorer.