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Comment 25 May 2016

Here's my take on getting an MBA:

1. If your company is paying and you plan to stay there go where they pay and leaders in your company went. The degree is more validation than a ticket to another job. You are part of a shared experience that they value. Plus you graduate with virtually no debt. 

2, If you plan on a career change go to the best school you can. A top 10 school carries weight, not because you'll get a better education but for the  name recognition. MBA s from top schools tend to be parochial (snobbish if you will) in that they value the name and you're one of the brotherhood. 

I went the second route and it opened doors for me. Neither is better, just different routes to different ends. Either way, B School is about building relationships where you can help each other out throughout your career. What you learn is secondary to the friendships you develop. 

Comment 25 May 2016

Get the book "Cracking the GMAT" It focuses on strategies on how to take the test, rather than working practice problems, to help improve your score. For example, years ago when I took the GMAT math answers were listed low to high in consecutive order. So you first plugged in the middle value, and then adjust your choice based on how far you were off of the right answer, rather than trying to actually solve the problem. Their approach gets you to the answer faster than working out the answer.

Also get the official practice tests from GMAC to see who they structure questions and answers.

Comment 24 May 2016

Could be worse. You could get berth forward under the steam cats and learn to sleep with Mickey 

Mouse ears...

Comment 24 May 2016

I put them down because it is an FAA regulation they must be down for takeoff and landing; although I usually ask the FA first if there is an open seat. If I have to explain I leave off the takeoff and landing part.

Comment 24 May 2016

Once I realized Ohio State was the school for me (Aero Eng) I was all in.

So did Dr G sell you on the Aero Department?

Biggest inflection point as a fan was the orientation weekend the summer before.  I was beyond stoked and that excitement didn't wane through my 4 5 years on campus. 

Same here. I remember 2 things from my orientation. The first thing they said was "We know the question everyone wants to ask. The answer is yes you can get football tickets." To which I though Huh?

The second was meeting my first girl friend at tOSU, whom I dated for a few months before she dumped me; which was a blessing in disguise.

Comment 24 May 2016

The alumni organization offers river cruises so you may want hit their website for info.

Comment 24 May 2016

We stopped there and the cab driver taking us into to spoke American. I got curious and asked him and it turned out he was born in the same hospital as my daughter and lived in the US most of his life and only recently returned to Croatia where his parents lived. Small world.

Oh, and don't get upset if some of the trivia answers are wrong. RC thinks Southern California is it's own state with a flag that has a Palm Tree and SC on.

Comment 24 May 2016

Sorry for the long post.

Also, bring a light jacket. Some cities get cool in the evening and it will be chilly on deck at night especially of the ship makes a high speed run to the next port.

Also, check to see what tie ins any of your frequent traveler programs have with line ou pick to maximize your points.

Comment 24 May 2016

I've done a number of RC cruises, including a Med cruise, and are very happy with them. The drink packages are expensive unless you drink a lot. Not sure about current rules but I believe you can bring 1 bottle of booze per person or stateroom to drink in the stateroom, so check with them. Of course, once you poor your beverage of choice into a cup who can tell what it is? I've also known people who buy 1 drink package and then discretely get a drink for their spouse, as long as they aren't obvious or abuse it they have not had any problems. 

I realize you've narrowed it to 2 lines but if you want to splurge Disney is the way to go. Everything is up to Disney standards and despite the Disney name is also a great experience for adults as well. They even have corporate events on board.

I think the shore excursions are way overprices and a bit to rushed for my tastes. Duty free is over priced, but they have a few sales where yo can get a shirt or memento cheaper.

If you go early check out various hotels. We left from Venice and found a hotel right outside the train station into the old city that was a fraction of the cost of staying in Venice proper and only a 2 Euro round trip.

Lines for rides and shows can get long. If you have no kids the late dinner is better because most families with kids do the early dinner. If laying by the pool is your thing get their early or else all the spots in the sun may be gone. RC has an adults only topless area as well on their European cruises.

Be sure to get your travel agent to check on deals, RC always is running some special pricing, often with upgrades, free drink packages or tips, etc. Be sure to sign up fro their frequent traveler club so you get cruise credit for the trip. Also, try to get a ship that is new or recently refurbished as they get a bit worn right before refit.

Enjoy your cruise. If it stops in Lisbon that is a great city to walk around in and have a nice pastry and coffee.

Watch your wallet in most ports - pickpockets target tourists and nothing ruins a vacation than losing your cash, id and credit card.

Also, ignore the periscopes you'll see; it's just submariners having some fun...

Comment 23 May 2016

If it was a tall boy I guess that's one way to have something big and long lasting between your legs...

Comment 23 May 2016

The SS wore black. The Wehrmacht wore a green / gray generally, although panzertruppen work black as well, IIRC. Of course, many uniform variants existed including dress and field.

From this Navy guy congrats to your daughter, even if she is on a skimmer. Best wishes to her for fair winds and a following sea...