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Comment 9 hours ago

Maryland's name honors Queen Henrietta Maria (1609-1669), wife of Charles I and his second wife, Marie de Medici (1573-1642), not the Virgin Mary. The flag is from the coat of arms of Lord Baltimore and his maternal family the Crosslands.

Lord Baltimore was Catholic, and Maryland enshrined religious tolerance into colonial law for Christians who believed in the Trinity which protected Catholics as well as Christians whose beliefs did not conform to the Church of England. As a result, Cathlocism flourished in Marylad along with Protestantism. Interestingly, Catholics and Protestants, lead by William Stone the Protestant Governor of Maryland, united to put down Puritan revolt and reestablished the tolerance law following the Puritans outlawing the Catholic and Anglican faiths. 

Comment 9 hours ago

While I agree that ES certainly has the right to pull his scholarship and that it may be the right thing to do given the negative light it cast on ES; I disagree with the idea that somehow athletes should be held to a different standard when they do something equally dumb. They are also given an opportunity that many others never had, and if they mess up they should suffer the consequences and not be given a pass because they can perform on the field. Their scholarship money doesn't magically appear; it is paid for by the university and those who support it. They represent the university and where their actions reflect negatively on the university they should suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, people are willing to give them a pass because they can throw or catch a pass and thus those whose jobs depend on that give them a pass and say "it is a teachable moment." It is a teachable moment, and unfortunately they learn that they are somehow free from the same rules that apply to others. Pull their scholarship but let them play; and give the money to some other kid who is doing things right and not embarrassing their school, their team and their teammates.

Comment 15 hours ago

A few points:

1. National Beer is no longer brewed in Charm City but still best drank Baltimore style; with a side of Utz Crabby Chips

2. That flag looks like a pendent since flying it as a flag would have Mr. Boh's head sideways

3. The Maryland flag uses a gold cross botany on the top of the flagstaff; many places get it wrong and use the same tip as all the other state flags

4. Asking Marylanders to change their flag would meet the same reception as asking an Ohioin to make their flag rectangular like everyone else's

5. Anything is better with Old Bay

Comment 15 hours ago

Also, did I read that right?  Scholarships for people who have worked as golf caddies?

Yes, there are all kinds of scholarships out there beyond athletic and academic.

Comment 15 hours ago

I understand the point you are making, however the fine analogy doesn't work for one reason: you are entitled to the money you have. It's yours, you've earned it. You are not, however, entitled to other people's money. Yes, fining someone $40k for running on the field is ridiculous. However, the kid's scholarship isn't his money- it's someone else's (Evans Scholars). He's not entitled to it.

While I agree that you are entitled to your own money and not someone else's; the fundamental question as i see it is what penalty is commensurate with the deed? A fine is designed to punish so your actions resulted in a consequence no matter whose money it you forfeit. Es is perfectly within their rights to end his scholarship; the question is do they do the same for someone who commits a similar offense, in terms of what they are charged with, or did they react to him being on TV? 

Comment 18 hours ago

There is obviously strong feelings on both sides of this argument. Let me reframe the discussion:

For sake of argument, let's say his lost scholarship is worth $40K. Do you think:

1. It would be reasonable for the fine for running on the field be 40K?

2. Should people who run on the field at the end of the game be fined?

3. How should the notoriety involved impact the punishment? 

Not knowing any of his history at ES I can't say if the punishment was appropriate. I do think, if it was a one shot deal, it is a bit harsh and wonder if his making the news and dragging ES into it impacted the punishment. Absent other mitigating factors, I think a ban from OSU sporting events for some period of time and perhaps a fine or community service would be a more fitting punishment.

Comment 18 hours ago

Ole Miss not number 1? As they say, Ole Miss has lost many a game but they've never lost a tailgate.

Having gone to Auburn tailgates I'd rank OSU above them.

Comment 26 Sep 2014

While it is a good sentiment, but with 44K undergrads you're using 40% of the capacity right there. Not only does that cut into the revenue significantly but it also gives tickets to many students who may not want them; leaving scalpers buy them to fill the demand, though it would be interesting to se the university try to upgrade say 10 or 15k worth of tickets each week.

Comment 22 Sep 2014

I also think there is conformation bias at play in the voting. Pre-season hype says Miller is key to our offense and a Heisman candidate so voters will think "we'll they have a young line and a lot of new starters on both sides of the ball but Mille rid so good he can carry them..." and when he is out they look at the game and see what confirms their viewpoint that our team's ability to be dominate depended on Miller. As a result, they over react to the performance and we see a larger drop than may have been warranted based on the game. The loss to VT won't be as remarkable since they've already accounted for Miller being out and thus punish us less for losing. I'm not saying that is what happened but biases play a large roll, even if we aren't aware of them, in our decision making.

That's why I think early polls are generally worthless. Without good information the biases and desire to conform to the groups perception will weigh heavier on their minds. Of course, given that no voter probably watches a significant portion of the teams they are voting on but looks at final scores and maybe highlight reels just adds to the problem.

Comment 21 Sep 2014

Sorry, I believe teams should be evaluated based on play on the field not on assumptions. I guess that makes me old school.

Therein lies the problem with a preseason poll. No one has seen the teams actually play a snap so all they can go on is their opinion on the impact of players leaving and how those returning / new guys will perform. Losing a Heisman quality QB is sure to impact their viewpoint, even with a win. While Barrett is very good and will no doubt get better it's clear he is not the explosive player Miller was and thus we probably are not as good as they thought. Should we have dropped as far as we did based on losing Miller? No, but we certainly would have dropped some; couple that with the sloppy play and we clearly aren't a top - 10 team. 

As the season progresses and the voters see more actual game play the polls will sort themselves out. Personally, I think no polls before week 5 reflect reality; but they bring in cash so people do them.

Comment 06 Sep 2014

PSU has looked pretty average during the first half. If their line can't protect Hackenburg against Akron he's likely to be barely able to walk halfway through the B1G schedule. He's saved a few sacks by throwing the ball away but he's likely to throw a pick 6 as he seems to just want to unload the ball and throws wherever he is looking. They've gotten some good plays at the edges but the Zips seem to be stopping runs up the middle.

On offense, the Zips have done a good job on moving the ball against PSU. They are getting guys open but can't seem to hold on to the ball. A few less drops an they would be tied at least. The running game, while not breaking a big one moves the ball as well and the QB has saved a few sacks with his feet.

Overall, if this is what PSU will be like in the B1G they are in for a long season. Us, TTUN and MSU would be L's and MD / Ill tossups.

That roar is annoying. A soft meow would be more appropriate.

Comment 06 Sep 2014

He's from KY and would be a hometown hero to a lot of fans, especially ones with connections, if he goes there and has a stellar career. You can't fault a kid for wanting to stay home and play for an in-state school.

Comment 06 Sep 2014

While I see your point and to pretty much agree I also feel if you count the wins you gotta take the L as well.

Comment 29 Aug 2014

Hard to believe most of those Coeds are now nearing or in their 30's

Comment 29 Aug 2014

Don't forget Astronauts as well - Ohioans - We're Out of this World...

Comment 28 Aug 2014

I park in the garage next to the Ohio Union. Easy to walk to the stadium and get back onto High St especially heading south. I believe it was around $10 to park.


Comment 28 Aug 2014

They do look great, especially the class rank (not rank such as Midshipmen Capt, Lt, etc).  I wonder if Marine options will have an EGA on the unis?

As a side note, they look like what we used to call Trop White Short rather than Trop White Long since the former had short pants and the later had long ones.

Psyched for the game as I'll be there.