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Comment 12 Mar 2017

Two thoughts:

1. Neither appears to be wearing a helmet. They wouldn't dream of stepping onto the field without one, yet risk a much more serious impact with the ground.

2. When I ride I remember the law of gross tonnage I learned in the Navy: Even if you have the right of way the bigger and heavier ship wins...

Comment 10 Mar 2017

Without providing the methodology and data source that's a pretty picture but not very useful. As the OP pointed out, BB more popular than soccer in Spain, France, Argentina, and Italy as well? I find that hard to believe.

Comment 07 Mar 2017

1. Create a bucket list of places you want to go.

2. Establish max budget to spend.

3. Research prices if you bought airfare, hotels, etc. Then list most expensive to least expensive to see what it would cost if paid for entire trip. 

4. Subtract airfare from total cost and list resulting cost next to total cost.

You now have a list that shows which trips are within your budget and can see which ones are no affordable because airfare was a significant part of your total costs. Pick from the ones within your budget. I would give priority to those I couldn't afford because of the airfare but now are within budget since the airfare is free.

I would also factor in how much time you have off - 4 days roundtrip to Australia cuts into a week's vacation but more doable with 2 weeks.

Comment 07 Mar 2017

I agree it would not be ideal but what if the scholarship offer came under the conditions that if we are at 85 you have one, if not you'll need to gray shirt a year and then come onboard with a scholarship or if one opens up in the spring it's yours? That at least is upfront and lets a kid and his family know what might happen.

I would also change the NCAA rules to let gray shirts transfer with no penalty, even if they played or practiced.

Comment 07 Mar 2017

Second that. Don't forget reimbursing you for Global Entry and now $15/month Uber credits.

My biggest tip is find a provider and stick with them rather than build up lower tier status in several programs. As you build up points you will eventually become lifetime members at various tiers. Also look for crossover benefits and point building opportunities.

Get one credit card whose benefits you like and use it for everything you can, not just travel.

Enroll in sites like flyertalk that will keep you up on the latest in rewards programs.

Comment 07 Mar 2017

I agree, bets to look at the big picture. There is life after football, and if you are transferring for lack of playing time chances are the NFL isn't in your future. Having left tOSU under good terms means you have a network you can reach out when the time comes and they will be there for you.

Comment 07 Mar 2017

While online will become more common, there are things it can't replicate easily:

1. The interaction of students after classes. The personal interactions builds friendships and networks that last beyond college are an important part of the educational process. You're not just someone who you interacted with online but had a few beers together, pulled a few all nighters getting a project ready, etc. all of which combine to build bonds of friendship beyond graduation.

2. The ability to walk down the hall, see a professor in their office, knock on the door and start a conversation with "I understand you are an expert on..." and get into a long discussion on a topic of interest. One of my professors had a newspaper front page of the Miracle Mets winning the world series. He saw me look at it and said "you probably never heard of..." and i said "I remember when my beloved Birds fell to the Mets, it was the same year my Colts lost to the Jets..." You can't easily establish such  personal ties online since you have no context beyond what is said online.

3. You miss the snide remarks from fellow students near you in class; and how do you play Buzzword Bingo online?

TL;DR Both types of delivery systems have pluses an minuses and I see online as augmenting, not replacing B&M schools.

Comment 07 Mar 2017

I beg to differ. Where I live, most teachers work a lot more than a 40 hour week when you add in all the additional stuff they have to do beside just teach. They do get health benefits but most come with at least a 2K deductible per family member and 5K cap in total, which is a lot on a teacher's salary. They are one of the dwindling careers that offer a pension but its not like they are raking in the cash. Where I live the school district surveyed the teachers and was surprised to hear something like 70% would actively recommend someone not enter teaching and will retire the first chance they get. I know teachers who tell student teachers to do something else while they can still get out of teaching. Not exactly comforting for the future of education; we'll wind up with only people who can't do anything else.

I realize it varies by state, teachers here think Ohio teachers have it lucky compared to them because their benefits and pay are higher.

I also get the tax thing every time I pay my property taxes; however at some point we have to decide if we want to invest in education and hold the school administration and board accountable for focusing in on actually providing a quality education.

Sorry for the soap box but as the beneficiary of a fine public education that enabled me to achieve far beyond what I ever thought possible I want others to have the same opportunity.

Comment 06 Mar 2017

I agree that debt itself is not bad or good; it depends on the source of the debt. Capital investments whose return is above your cost of capital can be good; however if your taking on debt to fund cash shortfalls to stay in business it isn't good.

Comment 06 Mar 2017

Facilities are capital expenditures and typical depreciated over a number of years so they'd have to be huge to drive deficits. Given a 20 year useful life even $100 million would only add $5 million per year in depreciation expense; even so it's not a cash expense. EBITDA would be more interesting.

Comment 05 Mar 2017

I love it when someone complains about teacher's (secondary or post-secondary) pay, work load, pensions, summers off, etc. I sometimes ask but always wonder "If it is such a great deal why aren't you doing it?"