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Comment 7 hours ago

I disagree with a kid losing his scholarship if he does not become a starter or backup. If he did his part and fufilled his end of the bargain, we owe it to him to honor our scholarship. Such a kid needs a degree and it's our responsibility to keep our commitment to afford him the opportunity to earn one. Football may be a business in many respects but we must not forget tOSU is an educational institution first and foremost. 

IMHO, if football is just a business then the players should be free to take their talent to any other school without restriction at any time while they have eligibility; and schools should  be free to recruit them just like any other business. 

Comment 9 hours ago

This is good We can still hold ours at tOSU, others who hold legitimate camps now can, and B1G coaches can go to selective ones as well. If Harbuagh does a 30 camp world wind tour the NCAA can now step in and stop that without hurting legitimate ones; for example they could simply limit the number which most coaches would probably support if only to avoid overloading their travel schedule. The SEC coaches can do them as well but it's not like they don't already know who they want in the south and have name recognition so the upside for them is small. Like Meyer said the ban didn't really hurt us and lifting it helps kids who might not get seen. Personally, I think it would be good if B1G coaches organized trips with MAC and others small conferences coaches to help kids get exposure and show the camps are a good idea. 

Comment 27 Apr 2016

I got a ticket for an illegal U turn at a traffic light while a grad student in Chicago.

I could have gone to court and figure on the rocket docket resulting in a dismissal but opted for traffic school instead. It turned out to be a valuable learning experience. We had a "blast from the past" with all the crash and gore movies you saw in drivers ed in high school. I was bit embarrassed during introductions because everyone else seems dot be on their 3rd r 4th round of traffic school and had more serious violations than me; I felt like I should add something more intresting to my violation; the instructor asked rhetorically "end of month?" when it was my turn.

I learned however, to speed up and hit a bus or truck in the front half when the try to cut you off so it's their fault, always go to court if you can becuase cops rarely show up, and everything is illegal in Chicago that is legal elsewhere.

Comment 26 Apr 2016

Xeroxed copies of handwritten notes stapled together. 

I related news,ESPN released its list:

1 -14. SEC schools ( in alphabetical order) 

15 Alabama

16 - 25 SEC schools (in random order, with Vandy, Ark, and MSU tied at 25)

Comment 26 Apr 2016

Accreditation revocation would be a big deal, and for a flagship state university losing it would be a real kick in the nuts. It would not only mean loss of money, but students graduating after such a loss would have degrees that might not count for things like graduate school, applying for government jobs etc. This is bigger than athletic teams cutting corners to keep students eligible. A death sentence for all students is hanging over their heads, and heads need to roll at high levels to hold administrators accountable for what happened. 

I don't buy, and I know you don't, the arguement that it was an isolated case of a rogue department and thus leadership should not be held accountable. When you are in charge, you are accountable for what happens on your watch, and "I didn't know" just doesn't cut it with me. Your job is to know, and if you didn't know you failed at your job. This wasn't one or two isolated incidents but a methodical effort to cheat students out of an education. Clearly the accreditation board thinks this may be a systemic problem and being placed on probation would be enough for me to can the leadership and replace them with people who will clean up the mess and ensure it doesn't happen again. 

This went on for six years and people involved are still at UNC? 

Comment 24 Apr 2016

Got to agree with the coach at TSUN. The NCAA could restrict the number and perhaps require some number of coaches from other schools attend as well; that would lend credence to the argument the camps give kids a chance to get scholarships that might not otherwise. How about Meyer, the coach up north, and some Mac coaches doing camps in SEC land? 

Comment 20 Apr 2016

Not  a POW / MIA but KIA was a classmate in NROTC: First Lieutenant Jeffrey R. Scharver. He made the ultimate sacrifice in Grenada.

The NROTC unit dedicated a room in his memory and serves a  reminder for all who chose to serve of his sacrifice.

Comment 20 Apr 2016

Great post. I got a bit different read from it - the great coaches are preparing players for life. Everything mentioned is a virtue in the corporate world as well; and if the kids buy in they're set to carry that mindset wherever they go after college. Consider that 75% of the 2013 squad didn't leave for the NFL, but they have learned lessons that will stick with them their entire life. 

It reminded me of my HS soccer coach, who made working hard and not giving up, and being focused on the team rather than the self, no matter where you were on the roster, a requirement for being on the team. I may have been the worst player on the team, but stuck it out when more talented players quit because it was too hard. We won the state championship as an underdog, and when Coach refused to hand out trophies because there wasn't enough to give everyone one, and said so at the post game ceremony and handed us our gold soccer balls later in a private ceremony where every member of the team got his; it really taught me what it meant to be a leader and part of a team. When I graduated, I knew whatever life threw at me I could take and come out fine. That lesson stuck with me from the good, getting a commission in the world's finest navy, and the bad, getting laid off with 3 days notice despite bringing in a ton of profit to my company. In each case, I sucked it up, remembered what my coach said about working hard no matter what happens, and pressed on. My first CO , as a young midshipman,  motto was "Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent, Press ON! (a nod to Silent Cal) which encompassed my coach's attitude as well. 

I have no doubt the players at tOSU, and other schools with a similar focus, will do great things and look back on their playing days as part of what forged them into the men they became.

The full quote from Silent Cal:

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.”

Comment 20 Apr 2016

Correction, our media is about 6 points higher. Beer and advanced math don't mix.

As a math prof told me, math and drinking don't mix, never drink and derive...

Comment 20 Apr 2016

As long as they were in good academic standing it shouldn't have hurt them. Overall, the B1G looks pretty good, which is really what it's about since many of the players won't get a whiff of the NFL so graduating is important.

We're in the 70 - 80th percentile for football. I wonder how the general population, for similar majors, would fare. Judging from my experience it would be lower.

For the SEC, the medians are essentially the same at about  970:

auburn 981

LSU 931

MSU 970

Bama 973

Florida 976

Ark 975

Vandy 1000

A&M 960

UGA 948

UK 959

Ol Miss 952

Mizzu 997

Tenn 975

USC 980

Pretty good overall but the bottom is worse than ours as is the top. 

Comment 20 Apr 2016

Merton Miller had a great comment on Northwestern when their were talks about combining NU and UChicago:
"Chicago would get a football team and they'd get a faculty..."

GO Maroons...

Comment 19 Apr 2016

Haven't been there but the tOSU Navy game in Charm City was great, as was the one in Columbus where John Glenn dotted the i. Served with a lot of boat schoolers and even as a Army brat had to go with my branch. 

Was at UT  game in Columbus and their fans were great. Wrote a letter to one of their local sports writers before we played them in Austin telling him about our electing a cow homecoming queen so calling us Cowtown was not an insult and pointing out when we beat them if the lose to A&M they would lose to Aggies twiice in a season. He wrote back saying fans would be jumping off bridges in Austin if that happened.

VT fans seemed cool if they were like the bunch at The Key Play and would love thB1G to add VT. 

Comment 19 Apr 2016

I took my son and 2 of his friends to that game. Great fans and that had a great time. 

Comment 19 Apr 2016

UV for Slippery Rock. When I was at tOSU they would announce their scores. 

For me it's Navy, UChicago (only team unbeaten vs ND), Auburn and who ever is playing TTUN. 

Comment 19 Apr 2016

That's what makes a rivalry great - respect for the other team and a desire to beat the crap out of them in a good, clean, fair win.

The Woody - Bo years were the epitome of the rivalry, IMHO. Two great coaches who were great friends and still fought once a year to the bitter end.

Comment 18 Apr 2016

However, when everyone is telling you how great you are and plying you with incentives to come play it's easy to forget that they only want you for what you can do for them; and it's hard to see that when you are done or someone a little better comes along you'll be forgotten. Most kids aren't seeing the long game and get caught up with all the attention to realize it isn't you, but what you can do for them that counts.I've met plenty of SEC fans who think it's ok to dump a kid if he doesn't live up to their hype, there attitude is it's a business and if you don't perform then dump the kid for someone else who is the next great thing. The kid doesn't see that until he is just 3 deep in the lineup or on the practice squad and all their "friends" are suddenly gone and they realize that they were used.

As a good friend of mine put it. "One day you wake up and when you ask for help and no one answers your calls you realize all you were was someone who could score a bunch of points for them and when you can't it's 'don't let the door hit your butt on the way out' you realize they didn't really care about you as a person and reality sets in and you are just another guy with no education and no future. He was fortunate to go back and get his degree and did fine, and later as a high shool coach told kids to look out for themselves and get an education but said it's hard to convince a kid who is being told how great he is that the chances of him making it are slim and none and for most of them slim has left the building so get your education and get ready for the real world.