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Comment 26 Nov 2014

I don't see Hoke encouraging fighting; first and foremost it is simply the wrong thing to do and while Hoke makes many mistakes i don't think he is malicious. In addition, no coach wants a player to get hurt and a fight can get out of hand and result in players getting hurt. It makes no sense for any coach to risk that nor do I think Hoke is so callous to do so.

Finally, if the other team doesn't take the bait it can result in penalties for your team that could be very costly. Take LSU - Bama where a last second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty cost LSU the game when they had to go for a FG instead of a short run for a TD. Had the LSU player simply walked away LSU would have been on the 6 and probably would have punched it in and Bama would have needed a TD not a FG with less than a minute to play.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

I agree. Not only are there duplicates of threads complain about duplicate posts of threads but their are too many posts complaining of duplicates of threads complain about duplicate posts of threads in duplicates of threads complain about duplicate posts of threads.

Comment 25 Nov 2014

Maybe, but it's a smart move by the OSU police. They can make sure no one does anything dumb or dangerous and at the same time show students that they're not the enemy. The really want the students to see them as being their to help them so in a real emergency they will call them before things get out of hand. When I was in grad school they campus cops also pointed out at great length they are not the ones that write parking tickets...

In the end, the students had fun, things didn't get out of hand during a great show of school spirit, and everyone won.

Go Bucks. Beat TTUN.

Comment 23 Nov 2014

Speir also made light of Herbstreit's playing days, saying "he never had probably a bloody nose or a callous like some of these guys." I realize coaches suffer the most horrific injuries of anyone in football but I'd bet Herby took a few hits in his day. Speer is just worried his gravy train is ending given the inevitability of an 8 team playoff. Once the conference champions are assured a spot there will be no need for payday games with cupcakes. They could schedule good games, saving money, and not worrying about the impact on the playoff picture. When that happens, FCS teams can kiss the paydays goodbye.

Comment 18 Nov 2014


Come to think of it that's my favorite beer year round...

Comment 17 Nov 2014

Mass market (in no particular order):

1. See's

2. Ritter Sport

3. Cadburry (UK made)

4. Suchard

Comment 17 Nov 2014

We're not that far apart, I think. I do agree that it is reasonable, in fact th purpose of those boards, to discuss player / team performance in a civil manner.

I personally see his erros as fixable, especially given his relative inexperience at the college level. Since I am not privy to how he coached to line up for punts, I'm not sure how much is on him and how much is on the coaching. At any rate, no doubt we both hope he improves and wish him well.

Comment 17 Nov 2014

As my coach used to say: The scoreboard talks the loudest, so let it do all the talking. 

Comment 17 Nov 2014

I think it really depends on the type of mistakes. Much of what I saw is fixable with experience and practice. Those mistakes are part of the growing process and he will get better as he gains experience. Having played in bad weather I can say it helps the underdog because players make mistakes, balls take crazy bounces, they miss shots, etc. due to the playing conditions; as a result it is hard to determine how much of the errors were due to the conditions and how much due to player mistakes.

The other type of mistake, one that i repeated because of inability or a lack of desire to learn are a big problem.  A player who is repeatedly out of position, makes bad reads, etc. is a much bigger liability; and generally they are more senior players who will not progress. I didn't see that in Marshall's mistakes.

At any rate, to text him the type of vitriol I saw is simply inexcusable and makes me ashamed to be a Buckeye. No kid deserves that type of crap; the one positive I can say is when that happens, in my experience, your teammates have your back and rally around you.

Comment 16 Nov 2014

I'd love to see them make a run at Franklin. He's coached in the SEC successfully, and PSU would go into meltdown mode...

Comment 15 Nov 2014

The burning of Atlanta has an interesting history. Sherman originally ordered what was left of the city to be destroyed and later amended his order to spare some churches after a Catholic priest, Father O'Reilly, pointed out to Sherman that he was deep in enemy territory with a lot of Catholic troops who might mutiny if ordered to burn a church. None of the black churches were on the list to be spared, not surprising given Sherman's attitude toward blacks. 

Big Bethel out to ask for the money with interest...

Comment 15 Nov 2014

Were they expressly marked for destruction or caught up in the fires when Union troops failed to demolish buildings marked for destruction and burned them instead, thus setting off fires that destroyed much of the city?

Interestingly enough it appears in 1907 Congress authorized a payment of $7000 to Big Bethel AME as restitution for the destruction of their church when Atlanta burned.

Comment 15 Nov 2014

What often gets overlooked in the burning of Atlanta was the rebels started the fires to prevent the Union forces from capturing the armory and rail terminals. Sherman's march was a feat of tactical and logistic brilliance. 

Comment 13 Nov 2014

Here are my thoughts on the subject:

  1. For most scholarships as long as you keep a specified GPA you retain the scholarship. I see no reason why an an athletic one should be any different. the purpose of the scholarship is for you to get an education and as long as you make satisfactory progress then you continue to receive it.
  2. While athletes are expected to perform there are many reasons they do not. If the person is in compliance with team and athletic department rules then they should continue to get their scholarship even if better players are recruited at their position and they no longer are at the top of the game.
  3. If they break team / school / B1G / NCAA rule then pulling a scholarship is warranted. What I disagree with is the practice of giving 1 year scholarships and then not renewing it i the player is not the star he was expected to be and you want a spot for the next big thing. I find that to be unethical, even it is within the rules.  You promise a kid an education and then fail to follow through if he is not the star you thought he was.
  4. The contract a player signs is slanted too much in the schools favor, in my opinion. A coach can leave, a scholarship can be pulled yet the player is not free to leave an play anywhere he wants if his scholarship isn't renewed. He has to sit a year and schools can block transfers to schools they will play. If you want the right to cut a player than the player should have the same right to walk whenever he wants as well with no restrictions. Schools should be free to recruit any player whose scholarship was not a 4 year one as well.

I understand and respect your position even as we disagree. I realize "student - athlete" is  bit of a joke but I think the academic mission of a school should come first. Many of these kids will never get serious playing time in college, let alone a wiff of the pros; am education is the best deal they are going to get. Either schools are serious about academics or not. If not, end the charade, give the players a choice of getting paid a market wage or a scholarship, let them move from team to team where they get the best deal, and be like a real world company and not part of a university.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

I think the SEC champ is no matter what. If it's Mizzou then their only loss is a quality loss to UGA since OOC games only count if you are OSU; and they played a tough Indiana team close all game.

Seriously, I think it would be tough to leave the SEC out for political reasons so the narrative would be that Missou lost early but is a much different team know and beat a powerful SEC west team so they deserve to be in.

Comment 13 Nov 2014

My scenario would be: MSU beat Bama; knocking them out of contention. Then, Ole Miss beats MSU so they now have 1 loss; and then they  lose to the SEC East in the SEC Championship game; putting the SEC East in the playoff and leaving MSU in the cold. 

Comment 13 Nov 2014

While I understand your sentiments my fundamental disagreement is we sell kids on getting an education, and that's part of the contract and a key difference with a real world job. Cut them from the team is fine but keep them on scholarship, as long as they make grades, and count the scholarship against the limit.

If you want to give 1 year renewable scholarships and be like the real world then the kid should be able to transfer without penalty as well after the year is up. If he doesn't like the school, coach, playing time or whatever he's free to find a better deal, just like a regular job.

To me, it comes down to do you want student - athletes or merely a minor league for the pros. If it's the latter than cut out the student part, pay them, end scholarships and stop pretending to be about education.

Comment 10 Nov 2014

So here's the question:
What schools have graduate program that OSU doesn't, play at the same level, and need a QB for a year?

Best bet might be a language program OSU doesn't offer at the graduate level.

Edit: Not that I want to see him leave. I appreciate what he has done as well as his dedication to OSU. He deserves a chance to prove himself to be NFL ready and I hope he gets it next year. 

Comment 09 Nov 2014

Coach makes us clean up after ever hit...