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Comment 5 hours ago

Ah yes, the old soccer vs football thing. We had that too, but after  a little "friendly" game with a few of the big bad football players having hurt ankles from sliding tackles and shin bruises from ball steals they stopped playing us for fear they'd get injured and not be able to play football.

Comment 6 hours ago

In. No one ever accused Pete Rose of not giving 100%+ as a player or coach and his record speaks for itself. He paid the price and deserves to be recognized while he is still alive. The players from the "Steroids Era" didn't get lifetime bans and are HOF eligible and their impact on the game was certainly measurable and negative. For MLB to have such a double standard is unfair to Rose, the fans, and the sport.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

we may be talking about different types of sports books. I was referring to one like they run in Vegas, where in my admittedly limited experience talking with people in that industry, they want to balance their bets so they are covered no matter who wins. They make their money off the top so it's a volume business. The opening line isn't necessarily what they think the score differential or the right line should be but what they think will generate even bets on both sides. If their book gets out of balance they need to move lines to balance it. The might not balance every line but in aggregate they come out even.

Some books may take a position but that's not a smart way to make money in the long run if you can essential eliminate the risk of paying out with your own money and just taking a cut off the top.

As for future bets there is, as you point out, another side, namely all the rest of the teams. As long as the aggregate dollars lost equal the payout less your cut you have  a balanced book.

In short, do you really mean to say a Las Vegas casino puts at risk any significant amount of its own money on a betting line because they think it is a sure thing? 

Comment 22 Aug 2014

I would think another benefit is it gives defenses less time to react to the offense and change players to adjust their schemes.  That lets them keep the defense off balance and if the offense has a number of potential threats increases the chances of one being open. The defense of an open tempo team would need some depth to keep from getting gassed as the game wears on so backup defensive players become key to the offenses success.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

You had it easy. I had to do that in 3 feet of snow and all I got afterwards on TV were TTUN games.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

The thing to remember is a sports book is not trying to predict the odds but set a line that balances bets on both sides. The line represents what bettors think are the odds and moves based on betting patterns. The house makes money on the betting and doesn't care who wins or loses since they are not taking a side on the bet.  If they are skewed to one side of the book then they will get to many bets on one side and thus put their own cash at risk; they adjust the line to bring the betting back into balance.

The Championship is a future bet.  You can imagine the pool of money as all what was bet on all the teams with odds. The house wants to balance the total betting so no matter who wins they still get their cut and payout from all the cash collected. So the odds move to keep that balance.

10 - 1 without Miller no doubt made a lot of people want to bet some other team would win and the book makers would like to add money back into the OSU pool  by offering a larger payout if they win.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I think that would be the smart move for him. Get his degree and take his shot. The last thing he needs is a career ending injury in college, he's already shown his loyalty to OSU for coming back for his senior year and I for one wish him God speed on his recovery and a great NFL career.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

I agree. In the middle of all of this is a young man who his chasing his dream and now faces an uncertain future where he may or may not realize his goal of playing in the NFL. The first order of business is for him to get healthy, and if that means missing the season so be it. It'd be great for him to bounce back and have a super senior season but I would not want that at the expense of his long term health and NFL success.  

Comment 18 Aug 2014

The best part:

If you play it backwards it says"Bomb Ann Arbor Now" and "Brady Hoke will never leave.."

Comment 18 Aug 2014

Well, not sure about tailgates but Cahrm City offers a few things to do:

The Birds (Orioles) are at Camden Yards. The Birds are hot right now and Camden Yards is a great park. Grab some Boog's BBQ and enjoy.

The Inner harbor has the oldest Ship in the Navy - the Constellation, as well as a WII diesel boat and a USCG cutter to tour.

If you like trains the B&O museum is a must see.

Be careful where you wander - the area can get rough quickly.

If you are driving, consider parking at a light rail stop and taking the light rail in. Traffic will no doubt be a bear on game day since all traffic basically dumps into a two lane street from the beltway.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

I always love the "How do you replace (Archie Keith Eddie Maurice Beanie ...)?" line of thought. Not to take anything away from his talent or what he accomplished, but it seems that we've been lucky to have a bench strength that keeps replacing the unreplaceable. A combination of winning, great coaching and talent recognition sure doesn't hurt.

If a rotation gives each guy a chance to be the breakout player while adding some different looks for defenses then it could be a god thing. Having the young guys get some experience can't hurt either.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

I am already going to the game, and as an OSU NROTC grad am a bit conflicted. I want OSU to win but Navy to look good. I was at the Horseshoe for the last meeting and throughly enjoyed it; especially John Glenn at the Skull Session and dotting the i.

Kudos to the donor.

Comment 18 Aug 2014

Yes. What better example of the old maxim, "offense wins ballgames, defense wins championships" do we need than last years B1G championship?

Great maxim but unfortunately it doesn't hold up upon analysis. If you look at NFL football, there is no statistical difference between the winning percentage of a great defense or offenses. The best is to be strong in both, obviously.

Comment 17 Aug 2014

It's good to see him get back on track. If he stops one kid from going down the path he went he'll have accomplished something great than he ever did on the field; and he was very good on the field.

Comment 17 Aug 2014

When you get them verify they have been upgraded to general admission. StubHub has a guarantee so your covered on that end but to be safe I'd check. You can call the athletic ticket office to with questions on how to verify they are legit at (614)292-2624.

Comment 17 Aug 2014

I'll say this much for ND. They seem to be handling the situation correctly, getting out in front of it and taking steps to address it. I also think they are doing that not to protect their football program but because they really value their academic integrity. While I am sure stuff goes on their like any other school I would be very surprised to find out the administration turned a blind eye to it or said "Let's deal with this...(wink) (wink) (knowing nod)" as would happen at some other schools. For that, I respect them and their program.

Comment 16 Aug 2014

I'd say they are pretty serious. That a professor would feel comfortable turning in several stars says a lot about the culture at ND. Do you think a professor at Alabama would do that? At many schools they would be vilified and their careers severely damaged. ND will need to look at how their academic standards impact athletes they recruit and decide what they want ND football to be; but I don't doubt, despite their recent troubles, that they deeply value doing things  the right way.

Comment 16 Aug 2014

Don't have to study,  work hard at all

You're just here to play some football

Comment 16 Aug 2014

I agree there are a lot of benefits form being a student athlete, and I think many would still go that route for several reasons:

1. A developmental league (DL) would probably take at best 20% of its rosters from high school. They will be looking for the top prospects since they still want to win and the real money is form developing talent.

2. High school athletes would get a professional assessment of their ability to make it. If the DL isn't interested that's a good sign they need to go the college route. they could still blossom, and would get all the benefits of being a student athlete.

Sure, going back after  a pro career is a different experience, but many would be more mature and see the prize much clearer since the NFL is no longer the goal. Plus, a DL player could still make contacts that would help him after school. I'd even say, let the kid play for  a year in the DL and if he doesn't pan out come back and play college ball. The downside is people boosters could funnel money into the DL to get players to go and then come back to their school. But given the here and now focus of recruiting they'd be risking him not panning out or not returning.

Comment 16 Aug 2014

I've always thought the 2cd tier football leagues such as arena football should take kids out of HS and act as the developmental league. They could even institute some sort of transfer fee payment like soccer has with some of it going into a college fund to pay tuition for payers who don't make it in the NFL. Sure, some exceptional athletes won't play college ball but overall I doubt you'd see much drop-off in the overall quality of play; simply because there won't be enough slots for all the elite players and some may actually want to go to college and even get a degree.

Comment 16 Aug 2014


As fellow Buckeyes, veterans or otherwise, be assured you are not alone. We are here for you and want to help. 

Comment 13 Aug 2014

1) Those are independent of the report.

2) Irrelevant to his failure to attend classes as directed.

3) I googled Ms Bork but didn't find any reports where she claimed to have been cornered and her comments taken out of context.

I am not surprised band members came out defending hims and what went on; although most seem to focus on why what happened wasn't bad rather than saying those sorts of things didn't happen. My experience in such situations indicates people who disagree with their goal peers often stay quiet rather than being ostracized. I'm not saying many of those who speak out don't honestly feel that way simply that those with dissenting opinions often are afraid to speak out because of what may happen. I've also been in situations where people will say  one thing in private but change their tune in public in the face of external pressures to conform.

As for reviews, it won't be the first time someone get s a good review and then something comes to light that gets him or her fired. Was he caught in a perfect storm of Title IX enforcement and OSU being in the cross hairs? Maybe, but it doesn't change what happened.