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Comment 3 hours ago

WRs could do better but I saw a few times were the WR had his man on his back but JT over shot him. 

Comment 3 hours ago

You can't expect the defense to be perfect but we had the chance to slam the door on them a few times but the defense let them back in it. Though I agree coaching, special teams, and offense carry the burden of this lose

Comment 3 hours ago

Really hard to believe that was an Urban Meyer coached team out there tonight. For such a young team they need help from the coaching staff. They play calling the last three games has been stale and predictable and not calling a timeout before that field goal was a huge mistake. 

Comment 15 Oct 2016

Kind of a double edged sword. I think Marvin is a great judge of talent but an average coach. His ability to judge talent rejuvenated a terrible franchise but his average coaching ability has kept the team from making the next step to compete for Super Bowls. The last few years they have had some great coaches (three are currently coaching NFL teams) the lose of them has become very obvious. He may win a playoff game if they keep letting him coach but I doubt he takes the next step. 

My biggest concern about letting him go is who will replace him? To bad they let ZImmer get away.....

Comment 08 Oct 2016

What is your internet speed?? How many devices share at the same time?

Comment 08 Oct 2016

What is your internet situation?? I just re upped with TWC when moving. With the introductory price I wasn't sure if I would save much money with Vue once I paid for enough internet to stream numerous devices. Once my introductory promo ends it is likely a different story. Also the ability to stop service very easily is definitely a plus about Vue as well. 

Comment 24 Sep 2016

Piggy backing on your comment about getting more products in the Dry Goods Store. What I have to do to get you guys to make a First in Flight T-shirt?? I love my Ohio's moon. Need a good shirt to wear when I go visit my buddy in North Carolina. 

Comment 31 Jul 2016

This is a good idea. One that I had is that they pick a few sites (say 8) in different continents and rotate the games between them. That way the sites only need to update the facilities every few years rather than a complete rebuild.  

Comment 19 May 2016

Nate, I love my Ohio's moon shirt. A shirt that I would like to add would be a First in Flight shirt. It would go great for my visit to those credit stealing bums in North Carolina and their stupid license plates!!!

Comment 29 Apr 2016

In regards to Tunsil, I feel bad for him. To be totally honest there are some things that I did when I was 18, 19 years old that I am not very proud of. Also if I was in his shoes I would have trouble turning down money from old rich guys if my mom couldn't afford rent. If it was a family member that hacked his account as it has been speculated, it shows what a crappy family he came. Wish him nothing but the best. I hope he surrounds himself with better people at the next level. 

Comment 30 Mar 2016

Beautiful, beautiful place. We went for a week a few years ago. We only visited Oahu. Sharks cove was a fantastic place to snorkel and loved the shrimp trucks. 

My biggest piece of advice, especially if you are traveling from Ohio is go for more than a week. Even if that means pushing the trip back a year or so. The cost and time that you spend to fly there for me a week was not enough. When we go back we plan on going for two weeks or so and visiting more than one island.