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Comment 05 Jan 2014

I'm afraid that we're going to miss Philly Brown more than people realize. Outside of the tight ends(who we don't utilize enough to begin with) he was truly our only reliable receiver. Where was Devin Smith in the last 2 games when someone needed to make a play? Or what has Evan Spencer done since his "wipe the field" comment? You knew with Philly that he was going to run good routes, get open, and catch the ball. Is he an elite player? No, but he was very good and I don't think we win 24 straight without him. Guys like Smith, Spencer, Michael Thomas, and company will need to step up next year. I think they have the talent and I think they will all improve but there are some big shoes to fill

Comment 02 Jan 2014

The thing that makes it worse is that a) he wasn't apart of the Tat 5 so he was never ineligible and b) the NCAA wanted Pryor,posey and company to play because of ratings and money. They can take away that game from the record books but I promise you they didn't give away one penny they made off that game. What a joke

Comment 22 Dec 2013

I was at dinner following the game on my phone sensing the game slipping away (even on the espn game cast haha). Finally got home when it was 58-50 thinking the game was over! Total meltdown by the Irish but we were able to make it count by making our free throws. The last minute of this game showed how important it is having seniors like Craft and Lenzelle Smith who have been there before while Notre Dame has a guy attempting his first career free throw in crunch time. One of the big advantages of not having a bunch of one and dones

Comment 21 Dec 2013

I think you hit the nail on the head. You don't lose a 3 year starting captain in your secondary and not take step back

Comment 21 Dec 2013

Very talented receiver I see a lot of Julio Jones in him. But like Colby said their entire team is a bit soft. The 2 times they were tested by teams with comparable talent(FSU and SC) they got hit in the mouth and didn't respond

Comment 20 Dec 2013

With recruiting classes coming in like this it is hard to envision this team not winning double digit games for the foreseeable future. Even with uncertainty next year(4 new lineman, no Hyde, possible new qb, 3/4 dbs and maybe Shazier) there is no way this team will lose more than 1 or 2 games(and that's worst case scenario IMO). I'll tell you what, its a damn good time to be a Buckeye!!