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Comment 9 hours ago

I'm saying that if they called it everytime he gets fouled we'd be watching a free throw competition..its not right. Shaq has said the same things, when you're bigger and badder than the rest, you aren't really going to get the benefit of the doubt


Comment 9 hours ago

Steven Curry

Ya know, the GOAT...the undeniable greatest player in history, he does it all. Shoots, dribbles, beast in the post, never has had a foul called against him because he so transformational that there is no way he could ever get fouled

He that good


Comment 9 hours ago

Well when you're 6'8" 250lb and you can rough up anyone in the lane, its going to be hard to get calls, even if it is a "hard foul" what do you expect the defender to do? Just get run over everytime? The officials have to try to make it balanced, so more often than not LeBron won't get the call...if he did there would be a foul every single time he drives the lane

Comment 10 hours ago

Its the double standard that the Warriors get that really grinds my gears...make the right calls and maybe these magical shots don't go in, you're basically not allowed to defend them. Except OKC said fuck that, we get enough fouls anyway..whats a few more,funny how that works

Comment 10 hours ago

Don't like him, hes like Tom Brady..golden boy. I never wish injury upon a player but I wish someone would slobberknock the shit out of him....then he'll have a reason to have his mouth piece hanging out..ya know, a "good,hard playoff foul"

Same goes from Draymond..douche nozzle

Comment 26 May 2016

The worst that could happen at a camp is Jim taking his shirt off again...thats criminal to do to those high schoolers

Comment 23 May 2016

Improper benefits! Obviously ESPN is invested in Eli's future..I call shenanigans

Comment 23 May 2016

I really don't get why it matters now...the Colts were not going to win the game anyway

What are they going to do? Strip wins and super bowls because maybe the balls were tampered with? Don't think so

Just shut up and take a 4 game suspension.....who cares, go bang your super model wife and eat fish sticks out of her blowhole. Lol