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Comment 12 Apr 2016

Got pulled over in Lancaster for going 25 in a 20 school zone..it was 4:30pm. Just got stopped Sunday for making a left hand turn..well let me explain, me and this other fella get to our intersection, I'm turning left, hes turning left..so I think, lets do this in style, turn together and whatnot. Well the SOB decides, nah, I'm not going left anymore, mind you he had his signal on, so he guns it thru the intersection with left signal on...the problem is I had already begun to execute my turn, damn cop behind me....I knew I was going to get tagged, he followed for a bit then lit me up. 

All I could say was I swear on my life he had his signal on, the cop responds with, "Well I certainly didn't see it"...well no shit you didn't see it, my car was in front of you bruh

I hate driving so much

Comment 12 Apr 2016

If you have over 10k HS you get in..who do you think used to clean the bathrooms and stock the Zima?

Yeah, this guy. I've paid my dues in that cesspool of a restroom many times over.

And Oyster broke the jukebox....he thought the slot was for something other than helmet stickers

Comment 12 Apr 2016

Agreed..didn't see any progression, he trapped lightning in a bottle for 3 games with a well oil machine at his disposal. I'll never forget him, thats for sure, but I don't understand the love affair

Comment 08 Apr 2016

It really is just pathetic. Butt fucked once again because Saban and the SEC whine....COME UP NORTH YOU DOUCHE NOZZLE

Comment 06 Apr 2016

Very nice..we just have to hope Brown is able to recover fully and doesn't get the yips

I really want to see Dixon and KJ Hill make some noise

Comment 06 Apr 2016

Disciple has a religious connotation meaning to accept and spread the word and teaching of a famous person.

Urban is famous...Herman is spreading his greatness far and wide..as a good disciple should.

I'm just busting balls here