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Comment 21 Jan 2015

Just started following it after the World Cup. I root for Liverpool in the Premier League but Barcelona is my favorite overall.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

Auburn went undefeated the year they had Cam Newton...

Comment 09 Feb 2014
Smart is suspended for 3 games. Also the fan released a statement saying he called Smart a piece of crap and there is a video going around that backs that up.
Comment 08 Feb 2014
I have a windows phone and when I go under the forum the active topics are cut off. I can see the name of the topic but it starts getting cut off where it says what forum it is in and I can't see the number of new posts.
Comment 22 Aug 2013
How good was this high school team? Him and Julius Randle who was the number 2 player last year. Geez
Comment 14 Oct 2012

Easy. I am in no way happy with the defense but people are overreacting.

Comment 30 Mar 2012

I live in Northern Kentucky and this is true for some parts of the state however when I drive up to Columbus once you past Cincinnati it is the same, if not worse thank Kentucky. Where I live it is considered to be part of the suburbs of Cincinnati and it is the exact same here as the suburbs north of Cincinnati.

Comment 08 Aug 2011

i agree with that although they go after Kentucky all the time