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Comment 08 Sep 2014

Auburn went undefeated the year they had Cam Newton...

Comment 09 Feb 2014
Smart is suspended for 3 games. Also the fan released a statement saying he called Smart a piece of crap and there is a video going around that backs that up.
Comment 08 Feb 2014
I have a windows phone and when I go under the forum the active topics are cut off. I can see the name of the topic but it starts getting cut off where it says what forum it is in and I can't see the number of new posts.
Comment 22 Aug 2013
How good was this high school team? Him and Julius Randle who was the number 2 player last year. Geez
Comment 14 Oct 2012

Easy. I am in no way happy with the defense but people are overreacting.

Comment 30 Mar 2012

I live in Northern Kentucky and this is true for some parts of the state however when I drive up to Columbus once you past Cincinnati it is the same, if not worse thank Kentucky. Where I live it is considered to be part of the suburbs of Cincinnati and it is the exact same here as the suburbs north of Cincinnati.

Comment 08 Aug 2011

i agree with that although they go after Kentucky all the time

Comment 08 Aug 2011

Is it just me or do you all think we should give guilton a shot he looked pretty good in the spring game