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Comment 11 Dec 2013

I think, at least from the stand point as to why the SEC hates us so much (I live in Georgia), it's because many times, especially in the last 10 years or so, Ohio State has or has had the chance to stand in the way of the SEC's Success.

Meyer had to lobby to get his Gators in to the 2006 NCG. I don't think that Florida was that much superior to us. I just believe they prepared better for the game and it showed. All season long the Buckeyes heard about how good they were and how no one could beat them. They already took down two #2's, what was one more?

In the 2007 NCG, Ohio State had an opportunity to beat LSU, but they lost it when they quit running Wells (sounds familiar). Wells was racking up yards until we fell behind and I think Tressel panicked and decided to start throwing the ball more. Stupid penalties gave LSU first downs on drives they had them stopped and then LSU would move the ball down the field and put points on the board. The Buckeyes tried to play too hard to prove that they could play against the SEC and it cost them.

SEC county then decided that Ohio State was inferior to them and in combination the B1G because Ohio State basically ran the conference at that point.

After the 2010 season and Ohio State was slated to play Arkansas in the Sugar bowl, Everyone I knew was saying how bad the Razorbacks were going to kick our butts, but when that didn't happen. They turned to well "Ohio State blew a huge lead and nearly lost", or "Arkansas isn't a traditional power in the SEC so you really didn't beat a good SEC team"!! This win also ended the winless streak against SEC opponents in bowl games. Of course, that didn't last long with the NCAA vacating the win. And because of the "scandal", it lead many SEC fans to believe that the only way Ohio State could hang with them was by "cheating".

The Gator bowl following the 2011 season wasn't really success for either team, but the fact that even while both teams were lousy, the Gators were able come away victorious!

Now on to the 2012 season. The Buckeyes go undefeated, as does Notre Dame. If Ohio State were not on a bowl ban, It would have been tOSU vs ND in the NCG. Which in turn would have left Alabama out of the NCG, and last season would not have ended with Alabama winning it's second straight national title and the beginning of this season starting with them going for their third.

So here we are, 2013. Ohio State 12-0 going to play in the B1G championship game, and with a win it had the potential to keep the SEC out of the championship game again. However, that did not occur and here we are with Auburn going to play FSU. the SEC going for it's 8th straight title and the state of Alabama going for it's 5th straight. (sigh...)

The conference's record in bowl games and in OCC games against other BCS conference schools has not helped either. I agree with the comparison to Oklahoma. I have asked several times why they aren't as scrutinized as the Buckeyes and I rarely got an answer. I'm still clueless as to how they got the "at large" bid in to the Sugar Bowl.

Comment 30 Nov 2013

I'm glad they knew what was coming on the 2 pt conversion because it sure didn't seem like they knew at any other point in the game!... That said, I'm happy for the win and Go Buckeyes!!

I watched the video of the players celebrating Auburn's win over Alabama. I think the team will be extremely motivated this week. They know what they're playing for. I trust Meyer will have them ready.


Comment 22 Oct 2013

Here's an interesting thing I've noticed. Not only is Ohio State the top dog in the Big Ten and going to get the best shot each of it's opponent can produce, but Northwestern, Iowa, Penn State, and Purdue will all be coming off bye weeks when we play them. So each team will have 2 weeks to prepare before hitting the gridiron. *Iowa and Ohio State had the same by week so not much of an advantage there but still interesting.

I'm somewhat worried about the Penn State game this weekend because Penn State will play to win and have nothing to lose. I would not be surprised to see a few trick plays, fake punts, onside kicks, etc. I hope the team can minimize other mistakes (penalties and turnovers) to offset the chance Penn State converts on some of their risks.

Comment 15 Sep 2013

This is reminiscent of when my wife and I and two of our friends went to the Ohio State/S. Carolina basketball game in Columbia, SC a couple years ago. There was scarlet and gray everywhere and it was a great experience to be able to partake in the O-H-I-O chant in another schools arena/stadium!

Comment 15 Sep 2013

My wife and I have our tickets to the Ohio State/Northwestern game. So, there'll be at least two in scarlet and gray!! And we're making the trip from Georgia!

Comment 14 Sep 2013

No, Not a chance. But of course I didn't think they had much of one last week against Cincinnati and I was completely wrong! So, I guess anything could happen.

Comment 14 Sep 2013

Stick with Bama, I'd rather have a shot at beating the current champion in the Championship game than to have to continue listening to overrated coverage of Manziel!

Comment 01 Sep 2013

I'm not sure why so many are disappointed by the defensive lines stats. Licata threw a lot of quick passes and never really gave our D-line a chance to rush him.... I too however was expecting better numbers!

I was more disappointed with the right tackle, Taylor Decker. I know he's only a sophomore and was making what I beleive to be his first career start, but it seemed like every time Miller was on the ground it was because Decker couldn't hold his block. I hope he's able to improve he pass blocking over the next few weeks!

Comment 14 May 2013

I think we'll have a tremendous DL this year and next year, but I'm more worried about our OL. With the DL recruits tsun is receiving commitments from or are potentially favorites to land, will we have the OL recruits to match them? Who are the top OL recruits the Buckeyes are favoring right now, and are any of them leaning toward tOSU?

Comment 04 May 2013

It seems as though quite a few Buckeye fans like to pull for Northwestern (when they're not playing the Buckeyes of course!). I too am one of those. Northwestern really did it for me when I watched them play Auburn in the 2010 Outback bowl. The way they were able to fight back in the second half and nearly pull off the win in overtime! I'm glad they were able to finally get the coveted bowl victory they've been seeking this year. It's also why I'm going to the game in Evanston this year! With the changes in the conference, who knows when they'll play each other again!

Comment 13 Jan 2013

Wouldn't it make sense to redshirt Barrett, since he has the knee injury? that would give him time to fully recover and open a scholarship spot for this year.

Comment 08 Jan 2013

The top SEC team's out of conference games for 2013:

*Alabama - VT, Georgia State, Chattanooga, Colorado State

*Florida - Toledo, Miami (florida), Gerogia Southern, FSU

*Georgia - Clemson, N. Texas, Appalachian State, GT

*LSU - TCU, UAB, Kent State, Furman

*T A&M - Rice, Sam Houston State, SMU, UTEP

*S. Carolina - North Carolina, UCF, Coastal Carolina, Clemson

Florida, Georgia, and S. Carolina might can lay claim to having a slightly tougher OOC schedule but really, year in and year out, how is this any tougher than the Buckeye's OOC schedule?? Especially for Alabama, LSU, and Texas A&M!!!

Comment 08 Jan 2013

Florida got embarrassed by Louisville this year, and as much as I'd love to rub it in my future in-laws face that the Buckeyes beat Florida, I would much rather beat Alabama. To be the best, you have to beat the best! And no matter how much the rest of the SEC tries to ride on the coattails of Alabama, they are the ones to beat!

Comment 08 Jan 2013

Actually if you ask any SEC fan, they'll tell you that the SEC Championship game is really the National championship game and decides who gets to go on and play in the exhibition game before hoisting the trophy! :/ ... I really hope Urban and the Buckeyes can put an end to this non-sense this year! I live in Georgia and have to listen to this crap non-stop! Go Bucks... O-H...

Comment 05 Jan 2013

Just heard, while watching the All American game, that Quick has a sister that runs track at Louisville and his dad played football at Louisville... not sure that helps the Buckeyes land him :/ he's to hoping though!! O-H...

Comment 17 Dec 2012

I am so tired of hearing about the out of conference schedules!! Ohio State's out of conference games are no easier than the mighty SEC's!! let's look at some of their 2012 OOC games...

1. Alabama - Western Kentucky, Florida Atlantic, West Carolina (who??), and michigan
2. Georgia - Buffalo (this team looks familiar), Florida Atlantic, Georgia Southern (I know they played in the semi-finals of the FCS but come on really??), and Georgia Tech
3. Florida - Bowling Green, LA-Lafayette, Jacksonville St, and Florida State (can't complain about this game too much)
4. S Carolina - East Carolina, UAB (another team that looks familiar, hmm...), Wofford (another FCS team), and Clemson (another one I can't complain too much about)

Now let's look at Mississipppi State... They were ranked as high as #11 in the polls and why?? Because they beat... Jackson State (I can only assume this is a FCS team), Troy, South Alabama, and Middle Tennesse (none of these are even from a BCS conference!). They also beat Auburn, Tenn, and Kentucky which went for a combined 1-25 in SEC play. So, they were ranked as high as #11 because of the perception of the SEC. They went into the game against Alabama at 7-0 and of course lost by 31. Northwestern ought to win their bowl game against them by 10+ pts.

Ohio State's real problem is the conference they play in.

Comment 01 Oct 2012

I agree! I'll admit that I havent been a life long Northwestern fan, but Pat Fitzgerald and the rest of the team really impressed me when they played Auburn in the Outback bowl acouple years ago! I've rooted for them ever since, and continue to hope that they get their first bowl win in forever this year, they deserve it.... I wouldn't mind them going 12-0, except of course for the years when they play tOSU! Then they have to settle for 11-1!!

Comment 30 Jul 2012

I would be willing to bet that the Alliance P.D. cites quite a few whites with those same charges! The DWB complainant is common when it just so happens to be a black person who was in the wrong. I don't hear too many whites complaining of DWW though.

I find it interesting that you're trying to paint this as a conspiracy against Bri'onte. The officer was doing his job, and is trained in finding illegal drugs. Bri'onte was in the wrong and got caught. Maybe instead of trying to claim racism, one should advise Dunn to man up and accept the consequences of his decisions!