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  • SPORTS MOMENT: I love the Buckeyes, but it would have to be the 1997 World Series with my beloved Cleveland Indians. Still sad about that, but it was an amazing ride.
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Comment 24 Nov 2012

Terrific game, boys!  Well done, you all derserve a drink for this year's amazing and undefeated performance.

Comment 24 Sep 2012

We do this (voting) on WaitingForNextYear.com (minus the stickers) and it works pretty well.  I think this is a solid way to show our like/dislike of different ideas as Buckeye fans.  Well done.

Comment 10 Oct 2011

Anyone else see this: http://www.cbssports.com/mcc/blogs/entry/24156338/32634312

Comment 30 Sep 2011

I also got some tickets for this sucker, way under the pressbox. I'm coming in from Cleveland to see it.  Any 11W's meeting up before the game?

EDIT:  I am not a lawyer, btw.

Comment 27 Dec 2010

Tressel would be so dumb to leave.  He is god-on-earth in CBus, even with these recent allegations.

Comment 06 Dec 2010

I think Arkansas is a good opponent; excellent passing game and a solid run game.  Mallett is on fire this year (30 TDs) and he will make Chekwa, et al work for every down.  I see us winning but it'll be close.  Another good practice run at what I hope can be a BCS Championship next year.

Comment 05 Sep 2010

Shh...ESPN might hear you and their love affair with the SEC/PAC-10/Notre Dame might end!

Comment 05 Sep 2010

I still feel like Michigan will falter sometime soon and that that loss will be the one that sends them into another spiral of confusing games.  Denard does look eons better than Forcier, but the team just doesn't have it where they need it. 

When they play ND, I sometimes wonder if they can both lose?