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Comment 08 Jun 2016

Thank you for this article, Ramzy. Helped me reflect differently about rape and sports. I'm totally guilty of thinking about this through the lens of the effect on the team and the man involved (especially with Hyde). The Stanford case has really pushed my thinking as well. I encourage you all to read the letter the victim wrote. 

Comment 28 Mar 2016

Here is my take. OSU bball is heading into a critical year next year. This is concerning, but I still think the team could be really good in 2016. KBD, Loving and Lyle could all be all conference type guys, and Tate brings heart and energy to the team. Team should have good depth too, with Kam, Poetter, Bell, Funderburk and Harris off the bench. 

Comment 02 Feb 2016

Thanks, Birm. Only group I'd push back on is the OL. Seems like we have 2 really solid guys, and two projects. I'm glad to read that they all have a great work ethic, but I'd probably give the group a B or B+, since they don't seem to have an elite level guy like Kraemer or Eichenberg. Are you sold that Jordan is a OT? I've heard some banter on TOS that he might be a future OG as well.