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Comment 13 Aug 2015

Yes, please post stats, but please also include the same schmattering of excuses that you'd find on this site as to reasons why they weren't actually better than us when we played them last year.  For starters, we played Navy the week before them.  We had injuries.  We were young.  We weren't experienced.  They got away with holding all game. Qb played game of his life. Etc.  

Comment 13 Aug 2015

Say what you want, but I respect the VT program, their players, their coaches and their fans too much to predict a blowout when we play them on the first game of the season at their house.  Could a blow out happen?  Sure.  Will a blow out happen?  Not in my opinion.  They beat us last year.  We return the same team as do they.  They get home court this time.  We have a new OC who hasn't experienced playing against one of the best DCs in the game.  And most importantly, its the first game of the season, so any comparisons made to how we finished last year aren't really relevant, we haven't played game speed in 8 months.  I do think we win, but if we do, it will be a very good win because VT should be a good team this year, same as they should have been last year.

Comment 13 Aug 2015

But the idea that Silver Bullets defense will be playing as well as they did against Oregon in the NCG, after an entire season of playing together, in their first game of the season is also laughable.  You can't compare end of 2014 season to potential start of 2015 in terms of performance.  I do agree with you about offenses being behind defenses at the start of the season, but think its also important to recognize that the defense will be behind where it finished 2014.

Comment 12 Aug 2015

I'm surprised you didn't get the point.  The point was not that VT's roster is on par with OSU's roster.  The point was that you can't assume that one year of playing experience will only benefit Ohio State's returning players and will not benefit VT, who returns a similar amount of players on offense and defense.  

I wouldn't say I'm pessimistic in this case, but rather optimistic on VT.  VT has a lot going for it this coming year.  They return a ton of players.  They get us at home.  At night.  On the first game of the season where offenses are generally operating less efficiently.  With a great DC who will have them ready.  We will be ready too, but I see this as a close game.  I think we win, but 3-4 TDs seems either overly optimistic on OSU, or way too pessimistic on VT.

Comment 12 Aug 2015

This about OSU: 

 Every starter minus maybe 1 receiver spot is better than they were a year ago and the same thing goes with the defense minus Bennett and Grant.

Then this about a VT team that returns 8 on offense and 9 on defense:

V-tech's offense regressed and Michael Brewer can't stretch the field meaning we can have more players closer to the line of scrimmage, Vtech's receivers and O-line are very suspect! 

Comment 11 Aug 2015

They are only as cool as the way they use them.  They could be awesome.  Think about hitting the lights at the stadium and watching your team run out in pitch black?  Could be awesome.  For a night game at the shoe, think about that.

Comment 15 Jul 2015

You don't waste your time making posts anyway and mostly, the people who do waste their time making posts, have these posts hijcked and taken off topic by you when you do decide to waste your time.

Comment 15 Jul 2015

My guess is that it wasn't a "dupe post" but it was duplicated content.  You're not getting penalized.  I appreciate the effort to focus all discussion of a single story into one thread.  I think that is all that's happening.

Comment 13 Jul 2015

I think the disagreement stems from assumptions and expectations.  Is this going to be a radio song?  No.  Is this guy a creative and musical genius?  Hardly. 

However, he knows that 1.) OSU has a large alumni base. 2.) consisting of rabid football fans and that 3.) his ex-player status has him uniquely positioned to within the university and fan base so that his efforts are recognized and worthwhile.  

My opinion?  Rapper/Musician?  Nope.  Smart Businessman doing what he loves but isn't great at?  Yep.