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Comment 23 Jul 2014

It's a tough call between the OL and secondary.  Both groups return less than 25% prior year experience.  I went with OL because I think the entire offense will hinge off their performance, whereas a good to great DL and LB core can mask imperfections in the secondary by 1.) stopping the run and making an offense one dimensional, and 2.) pressuring the QB, forcing decisions and limiting the time the QB has to throw and the WRs have to get downfield.

Comment 19 Jul 2014

As someone who struggles with cable in and off, care to share why you went back?

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Not what I was implying and sorry if it came off that way.

Comment 17 Jul 2014

No, I get it.  It's all on the crowd though.  The crowd should be the same no matter what time of day.  Maybe it involves the circadian rhythm, but it makes little sense why the crowd can't bring the same intensity no matter what time.  

I actually go more nuts for noon games than prime time.

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Even when I was younger I liked the noon games.  I never had a problem getting my energy up for a noon game.  

While I agree with you about the generational thing, I think some of it happens to be a bit of a spoiled thing and a scheduling thing.  We are in the midst of nearly unprecedented success for the football program. We are also seemingly scheduling easier teams ooc.  These things combined make for the expectation of a blowout and a snoozer of a game.  With that expectation in place, it's hard to set up your day around a game and to get excited for this game.  I think we have several games on the schedule that no matter what time they would be played, you'd see the same dismal environment.  But then again there are certain games that no matter what time they are to be played, the environment should be electric.  If the people nowadays can't get their ass out of bed and get the crowd and stadium energized for a noon kickoff against ttun, then I don't know what to tell you.  

Here goes a bit of a rant: I get the point about getting with the times, but what about respecting tradition?  Why should it change?  Because we are in the midst of an era where we have the internet and everyone's voice and opinion can be heard and it just fits better into our schedules?  Because we are entitled and powerful and we demand change and transparency?  Why should OSU cater to people that are just too lazy to get out of bed and get riled up by noon?  This game was something people would schedule their weekends around.  Why isn't it like this anymore?  When I was a student, we used to go to bed at midnight and set our alarms for 6 am for the game and other big games with noon kickoffs.  We'd wake up to the fight song with beers on our nightstands and pop up out of bed like a mid summer's storm and hit Lane Ave. As it turns out now, I just wake up around 6am without an alarm.  I'm good to go now and made sure I was then.  It was never been a problem before and I just don't understand how it can be a problem now.  People used to adapt to the game, now they want the game to adapt to them.  Sorry, but I think that's lazy.

Comment 16 Jul 2014

Not the money. We make next to nothing to travel to Kansas. 

Kansas is one game, this would be 2. 

I don't see the problem with "helping out little brothers" because we will also benefit from it greatly. 

No way this is a lose-lose situation. 

Comment 16 Jul 2014

National exposure. Prime time game with top 25 and NCAA tourney teams. 


Little to no travel. 

Respectable opponents to challenge team early in season. 

The fans. 

Showcase Ohio

Comment 16 Jul 2014

No worries.  Everyone does it once or twice.  Just something to consider whenever you want to start a new post.  There is a search function in the top right corner that you can use keywords to search the site and see what already exists.  

Comment 16 Jul 2014

Did you read my entire name?

I don't doubt his talent.  I doubt the fact that he will no longer be tackled by a stiff breeze and the fact that he has been able to completely understand all of his responsibilities in the system.  I hope I'm wrong though.