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Comment 05 Oct 2015

The homers just want to hear about how good we are and the "negative nancys" just want to be critical.  Both are equally bad, but neither should be referred to as "so-called fans."

Just because people are critical does not mean that they aren't still behind them.  In fact, one could argue the negative or critical fans are actually more impassioned because they care so much about the team to think of ways to get better, as opposed to "thats great, honey" to everything.  We all want this team to do well and we all have the same end goals. 

Comment 02 Oct 2015

Yea, I think they present a very balanced attack that will challenge our defense and stretch them horizontally.  I have a lot of respect for Wilson as a coach and offensive mind.  

Comment 02 Oct 2015

1. 20 carries, 170 yards, 2TDs

2. Jones 17/30, 300 yards, 3TDs

3. Over, 200+ yards

4. Yes.  Deep ball, seam route.

5. Eli Apple, 12 tackles, 1 FR, 1 INT.

Comment 02 Oct 2015

That is a good point. Struggled may not be the best word choice. Nonetheless, it's a long season and they remain "on schedule"

Comment 02 Oct 2015

I agree with both of these points. Outside of a few teams that have decent resumes, it's just a cluster of question marks. 

Comment 02 Oct 2015

And you're too focused on a single game and transitive property to make your point.  OSU struggled in 3 out of 4 games.  Had OSU struggled against the competition played by some of these other teams, they would have lost in my opinion.

FYI, NIU lost to BC. 

Comment 02 Oct 2015

Why so defensive? Sure every team has struggled, but not as consistently as OSU.

LSU's wins over Auburn and Miss St. were more impressive than 2 of ours.  Plus, Syracuse is a power 5 school.  We've only played 1.

NW beat Stanford and Duke.  Two power 5 schools, who look very good this year.

UCLA has played and beaten 3 power 5 schools, if you include BYU.  

ND has played and beaten 3 power 5 schools.

Sparty's win against Oregon was more impressive than VT, otherwise similar type play.

Clemson is similar to OSU.

TCU is similar to OSU and not even on my list.

Oh and the five teams that have actually lost to teams on my list were teams that lost to very good teams.  I've seen OSU play 4 times, and out of those 4 times, OSU wouldn't have beaten the opponents that handed other teams losses only once, so I'd call them similar.

I'm sorry you don't like my opinion, but its not baseless.

Comment 02 Oct 2015

2. Michigan State(5) 4-0 1397 —
3 Ole Miss(10) 4-0 1349 —

5 Baylor 3-0 1196 —
6 Notre Dame 4-0 1163 —
7 UCLA 4-0 1156 2
8 Georgia 4-0 1147 1
9 LSU 3-0 1075 1
10 Utah(1) 4-0 1034 8
11 Florida State 3-0 888 1
12 Clemson 3-0 853 1
13 Alabama 3-1 850 1
14 Texas A&M 4-0 776 —
15 Oklahoma 3-0 747 —
16 Northwestern 4-0 566 1
17 USC 3-1 509 2
18 Stanford 3-1 486 3

20 Oklahoma State 4-0 281 4
21 Mississippi State 3-1 211 —
22 Michigan 3-1 209 —
23 West Virginia 3-0 179 —


Comment 02 Oct 2015

Right now, there are at least 4 teams who have put together better resumes than OSU.  What could you argue in favor of OSU being included that is something tangible that has happened this year?  You can't argue intangibles like "Urban Meyer or talent."  You can't argue the NC from last year.  The only thing I can think of is beating VT on the road and then a bunch of poorly executed, sloppy played games against poor competition after that.  

I really don't understand the outrage at this point. 1.) we haven't played well at all this year against poor competition.  2.) it's so early that it doesn't even matter.

Comment 02 Oct 2015

I'm not following you here, but maybe because I'm not all that clear on the FPI.  This is what I tried to look at but it doesn't mesh with that you state.


I haven't been impressed with our play and it seems that you haven't either.  We both agree that it really doesn't matter right now as long as the team gets better.  So exactly what do you want to argue about?  I don't think OSU is playing like a top 10 team either.  We only think they are because they have a lot of talent, have great coaches and won a NC last year.  I you stripped away all of that and only looked at their resume from this year, I think you'd be hard pressed to objectively put them in the top 10.  My guess is that they'd fall between 10-20 in a blind system based on what they've done in 2015 up to this point.

Comment 01 Oct 2015

They've played 4 games and looked like a fringe top 20 team. I have no problem with their opinion right now. In fact, if the playoff was next week, I wouldn't put them in it. Fact of the matter is its all conjecture and hypothetical right now. Season is young. 

Comment 30 Sep 2015

The converse to that (which I agree with) is that sometimes companies are just looking for fillers - not exactly temp people, but rather people with experience that can come in, right the ship, train for the future, get things on auto pilot and leave the place better than it was.

Comment 30 Sep 2015

Mike, this isn't supposed to be a fun time for you and so its OK to have these feelings.  The key is going to be getting quickly back to the place where you're rationale.  You'll be fine, you've done this before.  

I guess now that you've further explained your situation to me, my advice would be to stick it out with the company in the warehouse, but immediately start looking for new jobs while you're there because someone absolutely will find value in you.  The key for you is making sure you have that parachute strapped on while you wait.  

I'd also start working your numbers for retirement and maybe try to figure out ways to cut corners to make it happen sooner.  Yet another parachute....

Is there a possibility of getting benefits through your wife?

Comment 30 Sep 2015

The biggest problem with this line of thought is that the same thinking could be applied to OSU and their schedule because VT's defense is around W. Kentucky and Hawaii is around Wake Forest and FIU.  The biggest outlier is N.  Illinois, which boasts a decent defense.  But really, despite playing similar competition, our offense has failed to put up the same numbers as Indiana.  

Comment 30 Sep 2015

I have no doubt that this team will peak when they should, like last year.  The key, and the concern that I have, is that when this time rolls around, will OSU be in a position to capitalize on it like they did last year?  They don't have to be putting out peak, game-long performances like they did at the end of last year, but they do need to start putting series and quarters together.  

It's interesting that you bring up the MSU game.  While I do think they performed better than you are giving them credit for (I'd at least give them a solid 3 quarters), that was actually the first game that they showed how good they could actually be.  Of course, we didn't really see that type of performance again until Wisconsin.  

This year sets up a bit differently. Once we hit the last stretch of our schedule, we wont be able to play a good game and then take a game off as we did last year.  Come November, we have to be playing at least 3 quarters of solid, mistake free football every week, with no weeks off.  They've put together stretches like that before, but this year, they're going to need at least 5 straight weeks of good to great play.  But first thing first, hopefully we're starting to play better each week and are still contenders when November rolls around.  Time will tell.

Comment 30 Sep 2015

I was about like you.  6 months with extracts and then all grain and developed my own recipes.  I love all grain brewing.  Brewing with different yeasts is a simple experiment as well.  All good things to move towards. If you have any questions, let me know.  As with many things, there's a million different ways to accomplish them.  I have my opinions based on my time and money.  You'll find that you'll develop yours and we may not agree on everything, but no one argues with a home brewed beer. Good luck.

Comment 30 Sep 2015

I used to brew a lot.  Almost opened a brewery but it fell through (lack of startup funds/investor interest).  I don't have cider recipes, I brewed the basic ales, but fine ales at that.  I'd recommend getting the process down pat before moving on to more challenging or atypical brews.  Walk before you run.