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Comment 7 minutes ago

Smith is for sure, but I'm not sure if he's trying to cash in or not.  I think the Cavs are going to let him explore, which will force him to realize his true value.  Ultimately, I do think he will resign with the Cavs for 2-3 years around 4-6 million a year.  I don't think the Cavs are going to offer him more money, although given what they did with Shumpert surprised me

Comment 22 minutes ago

They really don't need a true "backup" for Lebron with Irving and Love on the floor, but they do need someone who can fill in at the 3.  Mo Williams is not that.

Comment 49 minutes ago

2014 team for me and I'm surprised at how not even close it is.  2014 was a team that was just dominant and undisputed, they could only be stopped by themselves.  The 2002 team was a scrappy, defensive minded team that really was offensively challenged.  They will always be marked by some ignorant fans as a team that should not have won it, despite the fact that call was correct and other calls that benefited Miami were incorrect.  But I do think it was the playoff this year that really gives the 2014 year the edge - they are unquestioned, whereas 2002 was more of an inconsistent team that had more "controversy" around the championship.  

Comment 3 hours ago

This is a great deal.  I'd like one more guard, maybe more of a pure PG slasher and I really like this roster.  I'd be thrilled to dump Haywood and get something in return.

Comment 16 hours ago

West made sense only if the Cavs traded Haywood and AV for Johnson. AV has our worst guaranteed contract.  

Cavs priorities, beyond resignings, are a spot shooter and backup PG. 

Comment 16 hours ago

Yep. And this means that Johnson is probably out of the equation now. 

FWIW, I've always thought the mid level exemption would be used on Mo Williams. 

Comment 17 hours ago

Wow. Incredible that he took that much of a cut. I'm shocked. 

What is it about the Spurs that people will take dramatic pay cuts to play there?  

Why can't that spill over to the Cavs?

Comment 18 hours ago

Is that guy holding up one finger to say he's #1 and has won the race?  Because it looks like the balding guy out-kicked at the finish to win it all.

Comment 20 hours ago

Maybe.... or maybe the time you do spend on the site consists of checking out Buckshots and front page content?

Comment 21 hours ago

Not to get too political, but the beauty of capitalism (touched on in my response below) in that consumer is the market force.

Comment 21 hours ago

With respect to this:

Do we give ourselves permission to focus on Alex Morgan's looks rather than her soccer ability because she effectively gave us that permission when she decided to sell her sexuality in that magazine?  

I guess my immediate, gut response would be along the lines of, just because we had permission to do things once upon a time, doesn't give us an unlimited capacity for these things throughout time.  To mean, as time changes situations, permissions and circumstances change.  So I think the "objectification" could be more justified if it was resulting from the swimsuit issue as opposed on the field, but the timing doesn't warrant it.

If I were a female asked to do a swimsuit shoot, it would probably produce a thorough cost/benefit analysis, with biggest pro being the financial windfall and the biggest con being that I will likely be forever objectified for it and possibly even scrutinized.  That being said, it brings us to your point.  Do I feel bad for Alex Morgan being objectified because of the photo shoot?  No.  Only because she probably performed the same analysis and decided the pro's outweighed the cons.  Do I feel bad that:

the only way they're able to "cash in" on their success as a female athlete is to sell sexuality rather than do other endorsements or demand higher compensation through other avenues relating to their soccer ability

Not really.  Again, its always their choice to sell sexuality - it's up to the consumer to set the price and buy the stuff.  I would probably pose, not naked (keep something for myself and partner), but I'd do my best to capitalize on myself and my situation to provide for my future as best as I could.  

Comment 06 Jul 2015

I'm not sure, but it does get me to smdh.  Generally, I feel it just reflects poorly on everyone.  Specifically, maybe because 1. I feel its disrespectful to the women playing the sport, 2. disrespectful to our female members on the site and in general, and 3. completely unnecessary. But particular to this post and others that have highlighted certain players on the team, these women are performing for their country and playing damn good soccer, and posts like this just seem to take away from and/or ignore that fact, even if they don't try to.

I will say that it was at least done with tact, but with the number of people that start and comment on women on this site in an "objectified" manner just make me wonder if they've ever met a real woman in person.  I guess I think of posting on the internet differently than most.  If I were sitting my wife, would I bring these things up or say some of the things we see on here?  No, because its disrespectful to her as we already made our deal (and maybe she'd like to trade me in for Channing Tatum).  Same would go for hanging out with my mother or with other girl friends, sure it would be funny once or twice in passing, but not all the time.  Sometimes I feel like people that post and comment on this stuff go to games and just sit and gawk over the cheerleaders, or attend the WC finals to stare at some T&A, instead of appreciating the beautiful game, representation of our country, and best in class skills.

I don't expect this stuff to stop because it's truly a violation of nothing, but then again, don't expect me to stop pulling out my soap box from time to time when I see them.

Comment 05 Jul 2015

i dislike posts like this so much that I'm compelled to comment. 

Comment 05 Jul 2015

Incredible half. Bottom line is win. But please entertain me in the second, and not in a nervous way. 

Comment 05 Jul 2015

+1 to all for some good karma. 

Comment 05 Jul 2015

No way. He's a minimum contract player that gives great minutes. He's a bargain if he decides to keep playing. 

Comment 05 Jul 2015

Last year left on contract. Cavs aren't focused on building for future. Their future is now. 

Comment 05 Jul 2015

I agree. It's a stupid contract, he's not a 10 mill/year player. He's half that.