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Comment 11 hours ago

If the shoulder just doesn't have it anymore, I'd like to see Braxton returning kicks. 

Comment 12 Apr 2015

I missed Ramzy's article and discussion on conference pride earlier in the week.  Like to make two comments.

1.  Some of us are old enough to know ESPN did not invent sports nor conference pride.  As a child in the late 60's and early 70's all the folks I know rooted for the Big Ten teams during Bowl season and basketball tourney.  Even the TTUN!   This extended to pro sports too.  As Red fans we rooted for the NL team during the World Series.  Even the Dodgers (How many of you remember when the Dodgers were the Reds major rival in the old western division of the NL?)

2.  I have read countless times on here folks bashing ND for not joining a conference - at least in football.  While not a ND apologist, I find it sort of hypocritical to bash ND for not being part of a conference on one hand and saying conference pride is bad on the other.

Go Bucks!  Go B1G!   

Comment 12 Apr 2015

I read the Skullies for two reasons  1) DJ's wit and 2) the WMDs.  DJ has introduced me to many interesting forums and blogs that I now visit regularly.  While I don't share DJ's love of  heavily caffeinated concoctions, the 29th President, and cats he's alright by me.

Comment 03 Apr 2015

Who was the RB coach during the Wells/Pryor years?  Hard pressed to find anyone better than these two at using the stiff arm.  Pryor use to punish DBs with it.  I am wonder it it was just innate for these guys or if it was coached.

Comment 26 Mar 2015

Archie Miller is 36, Thad Matta is 47.  I see Matta having to at least semi-retire within 3 years because of his back/foot.  Maybe to a AD/Vice President position at tOSU.  This contract keeps Miller nearby In Dayton making the transition to Columbus much easier for all concerned!

Comment 26 Mar 2015

I wonder if the helmet coming off is a good thing.  Maybe the energy that would be absorbed by his head is absorbed in the helmet as it flies off.  Much like how race cars are designed to fall apart on impact absorbing the energy of the collision protecting the driver.  On all the hits that Jalin's helmet came off he showed no signs of having had his bell rung.  Seems to be the same most times I see a helmet come off.  So, if helmets coming off mean less concussions I'm all for helmets coming off.  Next play, next man up!

Comment 26 Feb 2015

What is the OVER/UNDER on how many years before Mr. Gingivitis wins a Darwin Award?

Comment 19 Feb 2015

I will be in the minority.  I think it is a good idea.  A year to develop physically, academically, and emotionally.  Still give them 4 years of playing eligibility.  Most of this year's "freshmen" with significant playing time were either red shirts or January entries.  I agree it would hurt with the recruiting of 5 and 4 stars players if not required of all schools.

Personally I can't stand what Kentucky has done to college basketball.  I am hoping they get beat by someone like Iowa State. 

Comment 19 Feb 2015

Sorry, don't think Westbrook even makes first team of UCLA greats, definitely not at point.  He would not fit into a Wooden scheme.

Think about this, in Kareem's day freshmen were not allowed to play.  His freshmen team did, however, play the varsity - National Champs.  Yes, you guessed it, the freshmen won.

Comment 19 Feb 2015

Sorry, don't think Westbrook even makes first team of UCLA greats, definitely not at point.  He would not fit into a Wooden scheme.

Think about this, in Kareem's day freshmen were not allowed to play.  His freshmen team did, however, play the varsity - National Champs.  Yes, you guess it, the freshmen won.

Comment 18 Feb 2015

Read an article a few years ago that Lucas is the BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER AT ANY LEVEL EVER.  Sorry, but quick check on google did not turn up the article.  It included a quote from Bradley - a Princeton grad - about Lucas being the smartest player he ever played with/against.  Lucas left the NBA after a short stay to make his fortunes elsewhere.  Maybe not the BEST EVER, but no doubt the best Buckeye ever.  Can't take a All Time Buckeye team that does not include Lucas seriously.

Comment 16 Feb 2015

My thinking is that we the fans should stay away.  Let the families, high schools, colleges, conferences, and NCAA handle this.  The rest of us should focus on rooting for the adults (18+ years old) who are already students (or have signed a NLI) at our favorite school.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

While I think the mother should take responsibility for her action of allowing her son to play football, I think you may be wrong about young kids and the risk of concussions while playing football.  It may actually be more dangerous for young kids.  Their brains are still not fully developed and their neck muscles aren't as strong.  (Plus most Pop Warner coaches are really bad at coaching proper tackling and blocking technique.)  It is currently recommended that kids not play before the seventh grade.   I recommend checking out some of Alan Schwarz articles on the subject.

from Wikipedia:  Alan Schwarz is a Pulitzer Prize-nominated National Correspondent at The New York Times best known for writing more than 100 articles that exposed the seriousness of concussions among football players of all ages.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

Open letter to Mike Weber:

I understand your love for Detroit.  I have similar feelings for my hometown, Dayton.  I, also, understand you wanting to do something that would make Detroit better for the people who live there.  Detroit has seen rough time - an understatement - since probably1968-69 - the years of the riots.  I understand your dream of being the next Joe Louis, someone that makes the folks from Detroit proud to call themselves citizens of Detroit.  This is a great, admirable thing, but also a great burden for you to put on your 18 years shoulders.  My guess is your heart lies with Michigan, but your mind tells you Ohio State is the better choice.  My words of advise

God, grant you the serenity to accept the things you cannot change,
The courage to change the things you can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.


Comment 05 Feb 2015

Having a prior relationship with a coach who moves to the NFL can be a benefit.  Just ask John Simon.  He may not still be in the NFL if it were not for his prior relationship with Vrabel.  So, while it was brief, Weber's relationship with Drayton could pay off in 5-6 years. 

As far as RB coach, while I love Eddie I think if he wanted to be a college or pro coach he would be one.  Often great players don't make very good coaches.  

Comment 29 Jan 2015

I think there is a difference between a 18 year old changing his mind versus an institution ultimately run by highly educated, and I hope wise and rational, adults.  I hope we hold these adult run institutions to a higher standard.  Surely, if we think things like the number and color of alternative uniforms are important factors for 18 year olds we clearly know their decisions include a fair amount of irrationality.  (Only if we wore the black unis, TG would not have even visited Auburn and LSU

Comment 24 Jan 2015

Let's be honest, if you just saw the pictures of JT, Cardale, and Braxton at the Championship celebration and you had your heart set on playing QB in college in the next year or two would you not be looking elsewhere?

BTW, the picture of JT, Cardale, and Braxton where Cardale and Braxton are laughing is a great picture.  What do you think happened or was said just before that photo was taken?  My guess,

JT:  "Y'all hear Gibson is visiting Miami."