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Comment 15 Dec 2014

I rarely down vote, and I did not down vote you, but if Meyer loves Tebow as much as you think he would know that this would be horrible for both Tim and tOSU.  Parents know their children's strengths and weaknesses, and if they truly love them they would not set them up for failure.  Tim being a QB coach would lead to failure.  Tim is/was a great competitor, but his inability to learn proper QB mechanics probably indicates that he probably just doesn't get it.   Probably not a great teacher of the position.  He overcame his deficiencies with effort and brute force.  Things that won't work as a coach.  

Comment 11 Dec 2014

It is tough to fill 24 hours when you only have, if you are luck, maybe 3 hours of quality material.  CNN, FOX, ESPN ... all have the same problem.  Most of the time is spent kissing up to whomever pays the bills.  

Comment 11 Dec 2014

One of the first things Jeff Long said is that tOSU is a complete team.  I read into this that the committee does not think Baylor and TCU are complete teams.  So, I'm pretty sure 61-58 played a fairly big role in the committee's decision.

My take from the decision is two fold

1.  don't play FCS teams (unless you are an SEC East team)

2.  play defense

Comment 10 Dec 2014

I want the media to be careful, but I want all of this reported.  The Police did the right thing when they report it to the media.  The media did the right thing when they report it.  (How they report it may be another issue.)  We don't want a FSU-TPD-like relationship in Columbus.  

Comment 08 Dec 2014

Thanks for volunteering, but its "all geek to me."  No insult intended, but I don't understand any of this.  If it makes things better, I am all for it.

Comment 05 Dec 2014

Leinart probably has never seen Jones throw a ball, not saying Jones does not have a strong, but Leinart has to say something to build up the game televised on his network.  These talk shows are just commercials to advertize the upcoming games.  These talking heads like Leinart look good in suits, but know little more than your typical fan.  Most of the regulars here on 11W know much more about college football than Leinart.  Just because you played college football does not mean you know more about the game.  Just think Desmond Howard, he knows very little, and Mark Mays, pushing his agenda because of feelings of inadequacy having played at Pitt.

Comment 05 Dec 2014

What's wrong with this picture?  Football coach's job more more stressful than college president job?  Ask M-Man, as college president he has the added stress of dealing withTitle XI and band directors.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Here is the announcement.  "Jameis Winston is no longer enrolled as a student at FSU.  He is pursuing his dream to play in the NFL.  Pursuant to state and federal privacy laws the University makes no public statements concerning the records - including conduct records - of a former student without the written permission of said student.  At this time Mr. Winston has not given the University written permission to release his records."

Comment 25 Nov 2014

I don't know all the details, none of us do.  I, also, wish Spence would be able to wear the Scarlet and Gray again, but I can accept what the B1G did.  It appears to actually have standards, unlike the ACC and their handling of Winston. Please don't think I am trying to equate Winston and Spence.  Spence is clearly a much, much better person.  Likewise, the B1G is a much, much better organization.

Comment 24 Nov 2014

"skewed towards personalities and not play"  sums up my opinion, too.  I only watch the games on ESPN, often with the volume on mute.  Can't stand the talk.  Can anyone really take people like Mark May serious?  You can tell that Lou Holtz doesn't.  Also, can't stand terms like a "walk-off sack".  What about the "walk-off field goal", "the walk-off knee down", "the walk-off missed field goal", ...In baseball is ball-four when it's the bottom of the 9th, tied game, based loaded a "walk-off walk"?

Comment 19 Nov 2014

I agree.  Does anyone know of a RB who has had similar shoulder injuries?  Would his shoulder hold up to the pounding a RB typically takes.

I hope he stays, but seeing how transferring worked out for Wilson I would hold no ill will against him if he chose a similar route.  

Comment 18 Nov 2014

Thanks for the input.  If I had written "I'm cool with that"  instead of  "I have no problem with that" would you have found it less judgmental?

I am the father of  4, one college student and 1 soon to be.  While they may be adults from a legal perspective they still need much guidance.  Some they seek from my wife and me, some they don't but we still give.  Spend one weekend night on a college campus and you realizes that these young adults still have a lot of growing up to do.  Coach Meyer spends a lot of energy on helping the young adults under his charge make wise decisions.

We spend a lot of time discussing Twitter as it relates to recruits and players here on 11W.  I thought I would share my opinion on how to judge what is appropriate.  Maybe I could have done it in a better way.  But, it is clear after the disgusting, hate filled immature things tweeted about Jalin Marshall last Saturday many need some guidance when it comes to Twitter. 

Comment 18 Nov 2014

DerryKing, my name and my children's names are  mispronounced and misspelled all the time - even when you spell them out for some one.  A lady at Starbucks misspelled my daughter's name on her cup so poorly it was not even phonetically close.  It has become a family inside joke.  It has become the family's pet name for her.  My son's name is butchered so bad that at places where it is not important for people to know his real name, like at Starbucks, he just uses Joe.  But, we all love our real names and would never change them.  One of our parent's greatest gift to us.

As far as Dontre, while expectation were too high, unfortunately many so called Buckeye fans are idiots.  Exhibit A:  the idiots tweeting about Jalin Marshall last Saturday.  Many of these folks need to get a life or go find a SEC team to root for!