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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Most memorable games: Michigan 2006, and the 2010 Rose Bowl.

    Favorite moment wasn't on the field: I was walking back to my dorm the Thursday before the 2006 Michigan game, and I saw the suzaphonist by himself practicing the i-dot and bow, over and over in the rain.

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Comment 13 hours ago

I'm not Ross, but I'll take a shot at this: Teams called those WR screens because the weak spot of cover 3 is the flats. Cover four with pressing corners covers the flats well.

Its weakness is play action passes because the safeties often bite hard on run action and corners getting beat deep by WRs because they often don't have safety help. (Ross, is that right?)

Comment 13 Oct 2014

A-deck seats are nice of course, but from the first row of C you have a totally unobstructed view of the whole game and you're high enough up you have a good angle on everything. I really do think these are the best seats in the stadium.

Comment 13 Oct 2014

Row 1 of 21C? Those are some of the best seats in the stadium if you ask me. I've always wanted to sit in the first row of C-deck anywhere -- but those are practically on the 50!

I'm already going to the game, but for anyone looking at these tickets: Those seats in C-deck are AWESOME.

Comment 24 Sep 2014

Grammar talk on 11W! Hooray!

There's a fine (or non-existent) line between style and grammar "rules," but what you're talking about here would be called style by most people.

Also BTW, don't take this thread personally. Insulting a reader of your site who voices an opinion makes you seem petty. Every writer needs an editor, and you guys publish tons of awesome content a week.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

(It won't happen, but...) OSU could lose to Kent State and UC and still go to a big bowl game if it wins the B1G. That's why the conference games matter so much more.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

But if you win the conference, you go to a good bowl game no matter what other people in the country think. It might not be the new playoff, but it's still going to be a good game.

Comment 10 Jun 2014

So is Hall blocking the OLB just because there's no one else to block?

And how does he know which direction to block him? If Hyde had gotten the ball, wouldn't he want to block him in the other direction or something? (Maybe I'm overestimating how hard it would be for Hall to know who had the ball.)

Comment 20 May 2014

I'm curious if we'll see more power read plays with Hyde gone since we'll have more speed at the running back position. (Maybe not this year though since Braxton being prone to injury.) I loved him, too, but we have to look for a silver lining, right?

Comment 20 May 2014

You make it sound like these packaged plays aren't "straight up" football. It's just another way for the offense to win the numbers game by keeping additional defenders out of the box. Teams used to rely on the threat of a pass but are now finding ways (like those described here) to package the pass threat into the run play, making it easier for the offense to run the right play more often. Instead of hoping that a safety (for example) bites on play action, you can just run the ball if he didn't.

Comment 20 May 2014

Ross: I know Malzahn (and I'm sure other coaches) combine zone read plays with a packaged route, giving the QB the option to hand off, pass, or keep.

Does OSU do this? (I think they do, but just double checking.) Also, what is the order of reads in a situation where something like a IZ is packaged with route?

Comment 15 May 2014

11W, can you clarify the comment about the tunnel. Will there be an actual tunnel now, or are they just replacing the current awning?

Comment 14 May 2014

People whining about this post don't understand the bigger context: It's not really about just Manziel. It's about the evolution of the air raid and mobile QBs as we see more of both in the highest level of football.

Comment 17 Apr 2014

OSU ran the zone read while blocking inside zone for the QB last year. One time I specifically remember was vs Cal, I think with a man in motion being the RB read.

At some point I read a Chris Brown article where he mentioned that Meyer sees the DE as the most disruptive player on the defense, so a lot of playcalling is built around making the DEs more hesitant and easier to block.

This seems to fit right into that strategy. If you're being read as a DE on the opposite side as the RB, you don't know if you're the backside or playside DE. 

Comment 26 Mar 2014

"A-gap tight zone vertical power run team with play action pass off of it"

I thought that comment was really interesting. I had figured we would see more outside zone read/power read this year since the backs might have more top-end speed than Hyde.

Comment 24 Mar 2014

We only see a sliver of the time these kids put into their sport, so we can't say that for a fact.

But, either way: evaluating how well a kid takes coaching is part of the "talent evaluation" portion of the coaches' job. Again, I'm not calling for Matta's firing by any stretch of the imagination. I'm just saying that I hate to see people making fun of kids who put a ton of time into a sport while not being compensated fairly. What these kids do -- work a full time job (and then some) as an athlete while keeping up grades -- is tough, and we don't know what else is going on in these kids' lives. Don't be so quick to pass judgment, especially on the players.

Comment 20 Mar 2014

Thanks Kyle. I have a quick question for you: The way Ross has been explaining the cover-4 Ash runs is that both safeties will come hard at run action. How does explanation mesh with what you said about one coming into the box faster on run action? (Not saying you or Ross missed anything. I'm probably just missing a nuance here.)