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  • SPORTS MOMENT: even though we lost, i'll never forget the moment that USC snapped the ball through the endzone for a safety when they were punting inside their 10. i had never heard, and probably never will again, hear a stadium as loud as that moment. i've been to all the big tOSU games in the past 5 years and while some have close that moment stands alone. i distinctly remember the south stands vibrating so violently i felt like i was surfing.
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Comment 20 Jan 2015

might wanna pump the brakes on throwing praise on tattoo cartel. there's a pretty obvious grammatical error in Raekwon's tat lol we were ranked as a top public school in the nation, after all...

Comment 05 Jul 2014

should they not drive a car too? or not talk to females? jeez dude you are advocating for indentured servitude. god forbid an 18yo kid make a mistake. believe it or not, these football players are human beings. since i received an academic scholarship at this university, should i have been forced to sign a 'no bar clause'? not to mention your last 5 comments have mainly been about buying cases of beer for yourself to consume. take your #HOT #TAKES elsewhere. this is troll slop.

Comment 03 Jan 2014

"People is going to be surprised by me and Erick decision"

i can't be the only one hoping that the 'decision' involves enrolling in "English As A Second Language: 101"

Comment 05 Dec 2013

the most important game in the S-E-C this weekend is taking place in Indianapolis, Indiana. oh sweet, sweet, schadenfreude.

can we get a live cam of the angry elf saban sitting in his house watching the B1G championship game? pretty please?

Comment 18 Sep 2013

even though it goes against your prerequisites, usc is still the single greatest sporting event i have ever attended. the buildup and narrative of losing 2 NCs + bringing in the arrogant, free flowing golden boys of Left Coast into the Shoe for a night tilt was something that cannot be replicated. the amount of vengeance and revenge on the minds of the 106k+ that night was unimaginable. it really seemed like every single person at that game wanted to run down onto the field and light up the pretty boy freshman matt barkley [or any person who was currently employed at ESPN hurrMarkyMayhurrr] and i'll never forget when the punt snap went through the south endzone. it honestly felt like the stands were swaying and i was riding a wave. obviously, the game did not end on a high note but holy hell i dont think i've ever had an adrenaline rush [or emoutional rollercoaster] like i did that night.

Comment 06 Aug 2013

you guys are missing the point. the idea that 'if there were a better option in the free market then it would appear" is a false flag. the current structure is a cartel that limits the options of the workers. by the nfl requiring the player to be 3yrs removed from HS, the nfl is guaranteed a monetary and risk free minor league system. neither party, the NCAA or the NFL, has ANY incentive to change course. there is no free market- it's impossible to exist w/in the parameters of the current cartel structure. the ncaa gets to use the efforts of its workers w almost no expenses and makes BILLIONS of tax free revenues.

to pay or not to pay the athletes is a different question entirely. HOWEVER, to restrict them from profiting from their OWN IMAGE OR LIKENESS is criminal w/in America. imagine this scenario:

a student is extremely gifted at playing piano [the instrument here is arbitrary]. he/she gets a full scholarship from tOSU. over the course of 4 years they do performances and earn money based upon their hard work and talents. they have access to a well-renowned music program, teachers, instructors, etc. at tOSU. however, when they do their own personal performances, a 3rd party collects all of their revenues and they receive nothing. if they do receive anything, they are completely removed from performing. furthermore, they are unable to go off-campus and perform b/c Major League Piano has a rule that they cannot enter Major League Piano for 3 years after HS. the student is then unable to perform, has no access to instruments or instructors, and is unable to earn a living on their own talents. still agree?

athletes are the ONLY group of a 50,000 student population that is barred from profiting on their own image or likeness. the argument that the platform matters is irrelevant. if people wish to spend more money on different forms of entertainment [football games v. piano performances] then that's a product of... WAIT FOR IT... THE FREE MARKET. the exact economical structure that athletes are restricted from accessing strictly because the NCAA says so and b/c they want every possible dime.

also, the 'benefits' that some have referenced here are a shame. schools are under no obligation to aid in injuries. some do keep athletes on scholarship [and i applaud that] but there are many stories of athletes left behind b/c of a major injury.

i'm not arguing players should be paid. but to say they do not deserve to seek and receive profits for being who they are and what they do is asinine. it's unamerican.


Comment 02 Jan 2012

i really hope there is more to the story... i wasn't at the game but that's what i've heard.

Comment 02 Jan 2012

ii thought the exact same thing. but then again that's expecting Luke to figure out what a TO is and how to appropriately use them. one final DERP.

Comment 02 Jan 2012

so apparently the team walked off the field and refused to sing carmen w the band and the cheerleaders...???

Comment 06 Dec 2011

that's fair. despite his lack of on-field production ol' Joey B is good guy- i've had a couple chances to talk w him on campus so i understand.

but yes i think we would all love to see that punter's face on loop- a victorious battle for us in a lost war lol

great work on the videos!!

Comment 05 Dec 2011

fantastic video. this must be the equivalent of porn for urbz. congrats on the new partnership. you guys shoud give Jean-Ralphio a call and help make 11W Columbus' 1st Blog/Entertainment Multimedia Conglomerate.

also- would you guys be able to put together a Joey B Lowlight video capturing all of his overthrows this year? A perfect LULZ capper for this season and we could get a true tally of fan death by overthrow.

Comment 01 Dec 2011


also, saying this team is most talented is saying a lot considering the 07 team that featured Madsen, Twig, and Los Dos Amigos [Peters + Titus].

Comment 18 Oct 2011

praising bollman... really? were you watching the right channel? and are you really expecting him to make any significant changes against wisconsin? there's a better chance of lloyd carr patrolling the west sideline on saturday.

and btw- players are required to attend every class. professors have to sign off attendance forms or else they dont practice/play. praising him for attending a biology class is a little over the top. hell ted ginn was illiterate [kidding... sorta] and attended class...does that mean he wasn't "slacking off" either? lol

Comment 09 Oct 2011

i completely agree w this. very odd of him to call NCAA out given the circumstances. not that it really matters though... doubtful you'll be able to find his car in the Fawcett Center parking lot past February.

Comment 07 Sep 2011

had hamby actually caught that pass... we may have never really known who troy smith was/is. it was effectively the end of the zwick era.

Comment 04 Aug 2011

after watching the Brax video I have 2 observations:

1- tim may's questions are the exact same ones a 10yr old would ask. how did this man get promoted to his current position? [wait, we're talking about the Dispatch here. my mistake, guys.]

"has anyone talked to you about not being stupid?" gee, i can't imagine anyone trying to protect the future franchise player from making the same mistake that the previous franchise player made, and in the process hanging the program out to dry to receive a gut-punch to the once nearly spotless reputation, and actually sitting down and talking to him about decision making.

"do you feel more pressure now that TP is gone" Brax: "nope... realizing that I may be given the keys to one of the all-time top 5 football programs in the america [not just during mop-up duty] hasn't changed my thought process at all... btw, who's TP?"

Thanks, Tim. Recess will be in 20 minutes and snack time will follow immediately after. Please remember to clean up your legos and toy dinosaurs before your Mom picks you up later.

2- how many pictures can you honestly take of a 18?yr old standing at a podium answering stupid questions in the most monotonous manner? do you really need 256 shots of braxton miller standing half-asleep?

...some things i will just nvr understand, i guess lol