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Comment 21 Jan 2014
Thank you. Whether we agree with the law is irrelevant. Even if the law was different, Urban could make up his own drinking policy, and Urban's rules are the law. This is a recidivism issue. Reminds me of the legal advice Jim Carey gave in the movie Liar Liar..."stop breaking the law a$$ hole!"
Comment 18 Jan 2014
Houston Nutt - "They remember in November".
Comment 17 Jan 2014
Pretty much,.but Mississippi gonna Mississippi, and Maryland really does do crabcakes and football?
Comment 11 Jan 2014
This story was confirmed by multiple sources as I recall (I had recently gradiated from Ole Miss and lived in MS, devouring all of the local coverage). It was neither fabricated or exaggerated to the best of my knowledge. Amongst Ole Miss fans I believe it is common knowledge that yes, that $h!t happened.
Comment 07 Jan 2014
I anticipate the SEC will do very well in the new playoff. They are going to get a number of quality teams in each year and will win their fare share of championships (and more than their share probably). Having said that, they also had a lot of good fortune and favorable matchups in the one game season national championship format. I don't anticipate anything like we have seen the past decade.
Comment 07 Jan 2014
I'm pretty sure that happened to me at OSU in the late nineties. I had two beers while at a bar once and was wrecked and absolutely not in an alcohol drunk way. I was even fuzzy the next day. I never told anybody and honestly wasn't sure if I was just coming down with some kind of crazy flu or what had happened. As a male I had a hard time thinking anyone would put something in my beer. Maybe it was meant for someone else, maybe someone was just being a jackass and didnt care what beer they dosed. Anyway, Im still skeptical about accidental ingestion but heck yeah it can happen off campus.
Comment 04 Jan 2014
"Braxton will not play a snap of NFL QB. No matter if he leaves now or next year. That's just cold hard fact. " This is a textbook example of an opinion, unless you have a time machine. You don't have a time machine do you? If so can you prevent Brax from making a few throws last night? Maybe get in Philly's ear? I'm skeptical of Miller as a pro qb at this point too, I just am not sure you can say he will never play. Pryor is armpunting around in Oakland so who knows.