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Comment 10 Dec 2014
Hah, me too. I made batches with Old Crow (US Grant approved), Early times (on sale at the USCG exchange) and EW black label. I also filled a mason jar with some sailor jerry rum. Old Forester is next.
Comment 09 Dec 2014
I'd add that Bama fumbled a punt late in the game, the rebel running game (which is more of a scat back group) did just enough to keep Bama honest. Good Bo Wallace and Laquon Treadwell and company gashed the Bama secondary a number of times. We dont have a laquon treadwell but have the pieces. So run the ball/stop the run Limit big plays in the passing game get a special teams play and or force more turnovers hit some big plays of your own. Easy right?
Comment 09 Dec 2014
The Ole Miss D-line is pretty damn good and the landshark secondary has been tough against the run and keeping things in front of them in the passing game. They are a fast prototypical SEC defense. They bottled up the Bama running game and did a good job preventing big plays for the most part. I think the OSU staff will watch and re-watch that game. The blue print is there and we have the d line (if they play like last Saturday) to replicate it.
Comment 06 Dec 2014

Nothing wrong with ancient age. Its a quality "value" Bourbon put out by the Buffalo Trace distillery. I'm experimenting using a bunch of cheap stuff and using mason jars. Old Crow, Early Times, and Evan Williams black label. My favorite bargain bourbon is currently Old Forester. We'll see how it all turns out.

Comment 21 Jan 2014
Thank you. Whether we agree with the law is irrelevant. Even if the law was different, Urban could make up his own drinking policy, and Urban's rules are the law. This is a recidivism issue. Reminds me of the legal advice Jim Carey gave in the movie Liar Liar..."stop breaking the law a$$ hole!"
Comment 18 Jan 2014
Houston Nutt - "They remember in November".
Comment 17 Jan 2014
Pretty much,.but Mississippi gonna Mississippi, and Maryland really does do crabcakes and football?
Comment 11 Jan 2014
This story was confirmed by multiple sources as I recall (I had recently gradiated from Ole Miss and lived in MS, devouring all of the local coverage). It was neither fabricated or exaggerated to the best of my knowledge. Amongst Ole Miss fans I believe it is common knowledge that yes, that $h!t happened.