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Comment 8 hours ago

I am hoping there is a little bit of "don't show your cards" going on here, too. Whereas a Bowling Green is going to use every trick in the book to beat a Big Ten team, when things got tough against Indiana, our "trick" was to run Zeke down their throats.

So I'm thinking it would be cool if we've only used half of our playbook.

Comment 8 hours ago

If you've ever called in a show, you know that it is a lot of work.  That is, it takes a lot of time holding the phone, not knowing if you will get on or not.  If you have a negative comment to make, is it really worth all the pain and suffering to actually make the call and sit there (breathing through your mouth) for 15 minutes hoping you'll get your jab in?  For most people, no.

Plus with the seven second delay they catch the obvious a-holes.

I think most of the people calling in are fans, and they are supportive and positive and maybe come off a little slappy!!

Comment 10 hours ago

I don't think the Maryland team unity is there --- a lot of their problems have been caused by player (mis-) behavior.  I would expect them to be at a low energy level.

A win is a win, but if we squeak one out i'll be pi$$d.

Comment 13 hours ago

okay, totally irresponsible comment here, but I heard a rumor that JT is starting this week.  I laughed it off, and the other person said, "well, that's what we're hearing".

Their son played football with one of the starters on D this year.  So, not exactly connected but definitely close enough to hear goofy rumors. 

Hearing this rumor, I would be shocked if it happened.  But intrigued at the same time.

Go Bucks, whoever is playing!

Comment 07 Oct 2015

Card's --- I get it.  I thought you flunked journalism for a second there...

I don't mind the victory margins, and I understand that other teams are going to give it their all to try to dethrone the #1 undefeated undisputed champ... 

It's the sloppy play, penalties, lack of focus that make it a little tougher to go to work in Ann Harbaugh.  I mean, it's okay, I give my Meatchicken coworkers shit, but it would be more fun if we didn't have to discuss the turnovers, the red zone problems, the penalties....

Onward and upward!  The enjoyment of having good coaches is watching the team get better and smarter.  I'm sure that we will look back on the 2015 fondly, just like the 2014 and the 2002 seasons.

Go Bucks!

Comment 07 Oct 2015

Anything is better than Waffle house.

Cracker Barrel is not bad when you're traveling and you've got kids with you, and you're overdue for a meal and starting to bark at your wife...  But I wouldn't plan on going there. The gift shop is truck-stop-creepy.

Comment 06 Oct 2015

B68, I think I sat next to you in Buckeye Donuts one night back in the 70's.... how you doin'?

I do agree with what I think your point is --- and that is, it's psychological.  And it's just damn tough for these kids to get fired up week after week.  What's the attraction in beating the Hoosiers in Bloomington when they've smashed Oregon in Jerry's House?  They should be doing better than they are, but I can certainly believe that their frame of mind (compared to the other teams' mind sets) is making it tough to excel.


Comment 06 Oct 2015

Yeah, I thought he did a good job overall, but I texted my brothers after his first fumble, "Geez, Marshall, two hands on the ball" because he was waving it around again.  Ten minutes later, he fumbled for the second time.   Maybe I blame the coaches just as much.  They have to be willing to tell him to put two hands on the ball if he is anywhere near contact, until he grows a pair of green Hulk hands!

I think he'll have a good game this week, too.  For starters, he has to take Corey smith's place on the kickoff team!!!

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Although I think Schutt did okay (I don't expect much out of NT) I do like it when Hubbard is in there.  Dude makes plays.

Me personally, I think I watched the 'Bama and Oregon games too many times.  And I fast forwarded through the ugly parts.  So now, I can't stand to see "normal football". 

We'll be fine, and even if we lose one (because it sure feels like we're going to slip up somewhere along the way) we will still have a good year.  Repeat as Nat Champs?  Probably not, but if we do it would be great.

Now go play and have fun!

Comment 05 Oct 2015

Yeah, I wasn't what you would call "embarrassed" until their backup QB (Zamboni?) ran through the silver bullets for 79 yards. 

Yes, you have to take everything together in balance, but that was a little weak. That even got Zeke up off his seat.  He was probably thinking like me at the end of the game, great, they'll score and go for 2.  LIke someone else said, thank god for the bad snap.

Good teaching moments Saturday, I'm sure, and I think it will start with the coaches.  Meyer is going to mandate ball security all week. 

I hope we come out throwing against Maryland because they are surely going to be focused on stopping the run. I think this week sees the return of Braxton.

Comment 04 Oct 2015

First off, is it over yet? Can I turn the TV back on?  Did we win?

God that's painful to watch.  And I mean, painful in the fact that we could be better.  We are 5 and 0, and that's great, and as a fan I appreciate it!  ...but we could be better.

My brothers and I text each other during the game, and AFTER Marshall's first turnover, and before his second, I texted my bro's and said, "Marshall, two hands on the freakin' ball, please!!!' because he continues to carry it with one arm while being hit and while spinning around in traffic.

I guess my biggest takeaways are (1) every team will definitely give us their best shot.  (2) the coaches are not doing a great job. It's that time of year when UFM has to get really pissed and start telling the coaches what's gonna happen if we continue to make the same mistakes (3) 2-4 penalties a game are excuseable, but not 10 or 12 and (4) we're 5-0.

i've never been on a defending national champ college football team, but the players need to understand that they are not that much better than the Indiana's of the world, or even the Northern Illinois's. Don't sloppy your way into a loss that you will regret the rest of your life.

Finally CJ is a bad red zone QB. Too slow to make his decisions, throws too hard a ball, not a true running threat.  And I agree with those who have said, start sitting players who are repeatedly F'ing up.  Marshall, Boren, etc.

I liked the D line and LBs yesterday, but I wonder why the back four were out of sync yesterday.

Go Bucks!

Comment 02 Oct 2015

Awesome!   when I moved to TSUN I started watching the Lions, and William White was pound for pound the meanest dude on the field.  I remember him routinely tackling tight ends and bending them in half.  Great cover guy, too.

Boom indeed!