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Comment 38 minutes ago

On a related note, Thad Matta has never won fewer than 20 games in a season as a HC. 

But, this could be the year that he fails to reach 20.  Seems like a great group of young men but they are very erratic and too much "Loving" and not enough Killer instinct.

Game with Virginia tonight, will be a good test to see how they are coming along in their development.

Comment 2 hours ago

Bama has the "storied program" big name (much like the Buckeyes do) and also have a stud running back who gets a lot of attention.

not saying they have better credentials than OSU, but they would make a similar argument.

I dread the fact that this all means we are almost guaranteed to see an 8-team playoff in a few more years.

Comment 6 hours ago

soccer is a game best played by 7 and 8 year olds, picking dandelions during the match and sucking on juice boxes on the sidelines. 

For me, typical ignorant American sports fan, just sooooooo little interest!  I apologize but I would just as soon hear about NASCAR or the LPGA....

Comment 6 hours ago

Loved the OSU-Oregon matchup from 2010.  Masoli and Kelley were grinning right up to the end.  Loved Cam Heyward and also Zach Boren lead blocking from the fullback position.  Saine, Herron, Posey, Pryor.  I have the DVD and have probably seen it 40 times.

would be fun to see how we would do against Stanford --- and against the 5 week layoff and distractions that come with it...

Comment 30 Nov 2015

Back at work today in Ann Arbor.  It's been a lot of fun - and I've tried to be nice all day to my scUM co-workers.  I keep telling them, "man I love your coach".  'cause I do.  Jimmy is crazy... 

Of course, we all want to know, "where was this last week"?  Jeeeezzz. 

All I can say is, Zeke was right.

I don't want to sneak into the playoffs.  I hope we get a good (Rose) bowl and blow someone out and end up the year top 3. 

Comment 29 Nov 2015

Just watched the BTN replay of the game.  At times I focused on Chase Farris, to see if he was a weak link.

He played great.  No penalties.  Wasn't asked to do too much but he consistently stood his man up.

I didn't "grade" him or watch him the whole time, but to my untrained eye, he was fine.  One more non-issue.

It's too bad that the MSU game happened, but I like where the team is now.

Now I hope they are on their best behavior until the Bowl Game.

Comment 29 Nov 2015

Yeah,  no way we get into the CFP.  We should have taken care of biz last week. But I won't let that thought keep me from enjoying this victory, and the heart that the team showed.

To expand on Urban's riff last week, it's easy to put out the effort when you are in the title chase -- and the Bucks could have thrown in the towel this week.  But they put it all out there on the field.  I didn't see Bosa or Zeke saving anything for their pro careers...

This game showed that the team still cares, and also that Urban still gots it!  Looking forward to a good bowl. and to next year!!

Comment 25 Nov 2015

I feel terrible for his family.  I lost a son at 23 and I can somewhat imagine what they are going through.

I help organize a 250 mile bike ride every year, with 700 riders.  For 20 years, nothing ever happened. Then one year, two people died (on different days) of heart-related problems.  They weren't terribly young guys but they were fit and accustomed to riding.  So the ride goes on and no one has had a problem in the ten years since.

I can imagine that OSU might decide to cancel the Mirror Lake jump after this year, and I would understand it.  But maybe they won't.  Probably will depend on what the autopsy shows.

I hope his family can find some peace and some meaning in it all.

Comment 25 Nov 2015

Well, I always like being the underdog.  And certainly, we didn't show TTUN any of our playbook last week. 

One of the 3 or 4 things that really bothered me about last week's game is while MSU was apparently comfortable switching back and forth from their #2 to #3 quarterbacks, we never thought about bringing in Cardale for a series or two. To me, Cardale is a Ben Roethlisberger type who can see over the line and complete some stuff down field.  I like both QBs, and until his OVI, Barrett was better at leading the team, but we still have the Cardale weapon in our arsenal.

Get Zeke his carries, use Curtis Samuel and Jalin more and open the playbook.  Go right at Jabril Peppers and show him he cannot singlehandedly defeat the Buckeyes.

If we win, I will be seriously looking forward to work on Monday. My office is in Ann Arbor, surrounded by scUM grads...

Comment 24 Nov 2015

here's what worries me.  In my lifetime....

OSU wins the NC in 1968, and in 1969 they lose in Ann Arbor.

OSU wins the NC in 2002, and in 2003 they lose in Ann Arbor.

and now...maybe third time's a charm? and we'll get the win this year?

I work in Ann Arbor and I'm still taking crap about the MSU game;  beating TTUN this weekend would be great for me.  Please.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

The picture was from the 1987 game; players wearing the road whites and Bruce was wearing his "I don't give a shit if you fired me I am going out in my black suit!" suit.  It was a sweet game, I was there as a guest of a couple of UofM grads.  Spielman had (no kidding) I think 27 tackles that day.  Carlos Snow took a halfback pass 67 yards at the start of the 2nd half, after I was telling my scum friends, "watch out for that Carlos Snow guy".  That was the day of the Bruce headbands...

Then we hired Cooper.  [sigh]

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Jesus. I don't understand why we are calling him an "inmate" and telling him to "shut his mouth".

The coaches let him down in two ways: not letting him run it, but then deciding it was okay to use him as a battering ram, blocking for others.  If his health was any issue, they would have allowed him to rest between plays.

JT is a mobile quarterback.  When we (Urban) saw that the line was getting pushed back, why not counter that with a moving pocket? Or, if JT cannot see over the rush, bring in Cardale for a few series.  MSU did not have a problem playing their #2 and #3; we only used our #1 QB.

Tough game which we thought we could win without any strategy or adjustment.

I fully believe we will beat scUM next week.  I work in Ann Arbor and you cannot believe the crap I'm listening to.  It's setting up for a big OSU rebound and victory.

Comment 23 Nov 2015

This week, Beat *ichigan because... why not?

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Well, if that was the case (concern for Zeke's health), Urbz wouldn't have had him in there blocking like Zack Boren 20 or 30 times.

I think Zeke went a little overboard with his comments, but he could have added, "I got the ball twice and then was used as a blocker 25 times!".

If you are worried about his health, you don't leave him in there to block.

I kinda wondered if we were in trouble when we went in as 13 point favorites!!  Dantonio said this morning on M&M that was part of their motivation.

We will get it straightened out by Saturday.  Maybe Beck will miss the bus??

Comment 22 Nov 2015

It is just one game. I also am not worried about recruiting so much.  OSU will always draw a lot of good players.

I do agree that coaching changes are needed.

Low risk, low (or no) reward.  But I still gotta like 48-4.  Considering that came after 6-7.

I will feel better if we win  next week.  A lot of good teams have rebounded from a bad loss.