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Comment 27 Feb 2015

More "Buckeye Porn", as someone called it.

Just ordered both. Would be cool if the B1G Championship would come out, too.  Aside from the 59-0 domination score-wise, I don't have to watch 4 stinkin' turnovers.

Can't wait.  These will be my #2 and #3 faves, right behind the 2003 Nat Champ game DVD, which I have just about worn out. Is it possible to wear out a DVD?  :-)

Comment 12 Feb 2015

May have cost us the Purdue game (and that's up for debate), but it also may have some positive results down the road, not the least of which is "if you guys do this you're gonna get caught!!!".

Also gave some needed minutes and boosted confidence in Kam Williams, Bates-Diop, Tate, etc.  KBD especially showed some effort around the rim last night.  Nice stuff.  Good coaching.

Comment 06 Feb 2015

As I said in another thread, Meyer needs to call Weber at some point and make sure everything is cool.

And just my personal opinnion, if Weber decides he doesn't want to be here, let him go.

I think it's funny his HS coach is talking about "we try to teach Mike about honoring your committments" when Weber originally was going to Michigan, then Ohio State, then taking visits even when committed to Ohio State.

I just heard the coach's comments live on 105.1 in Detroit, and Wilcher makes it sound like he personally is hurt, like, this is his high school, you got to pay your respects to the Coach... He probably gets a big ego boost at being the "gatekeeper" to these high quality recruits.

Meanwhile, there is a separate controversy brewing about a former Stanford player coming to Ann Arbor and his mother suddenly has a job at Michigan.

Comment 06 Feb 2015
I agree that we don't know what happened here. There's no smoke, no fire. On the other hand, we can't deny this is already getting too many clicks, too many headlines, etc., and if I'm Urban Meyer, I'm talking to Weber and also talking to the media. Proactive media control is better than letting rumors swirl around on their own. I also agree that it is still in Weber's best interest to stay, but he should be free to change his mind. Because I don't think you can make an indentured servant out of a high school senior just because he signed a letter of intent. He might be the next Mo C, I like the way he runs. ...but we need to put this issue to bed, now.
Comment 30 Jan 2015

Driving home the day after Va Tech, I was glad to hear the coaches more or less said that the loss was more their fault.  I thought we didn't adjust very well during the game, but... not a big deal.  But yeah, I thought 9-3 and hope we win a bowl.

In the excitement of the Cardale Jones Era, let's not forget that the B1G ended the year so well, and this will elevate the whole conference next year.  I would not be surprised to see 4 Big Ten teams in the  pre-season top 25.

Two things I'm looking forward to at the beginning of next year -- Minnesota beating TCU  and the Bucks getting pay back on Va Tech and their hallowed coach, old Gobbler Face.

I'm also looking forward to Meyer schooling Harbaugh in November, and a NC repeat.

If we don't achieve all of this, fire all the coaches!

Comment 30 Jan 2015

Well, most of the teams we played before football was "over" were not very good --- and then with North Carolina and Louisville we lost those games, so there was nothing too headline-worthy with the basketball team, except the growing realization that this Russell guy was everything they said he would be!  The B1G is such a good basketball conference, every game is good... and more newsworthy.

The next thing I wasnt to see?  a quality road win.  No sarcasm, just emphasis!

Comment 30 Jan 2015

ah yes, I remember when we "Ginned" (with a capitalized, 'hard' G).  Teddy scored three ways - pass reception, run (end around) and a punt return... and if I remember correctly, he literally did not get a hand laid on him on those three plays.  Incredible!

I say let's play Army!

In basketball... competitive cheer... skeet... baseball...

But not football.

I'd love to see the hoops team meet up with Louisville again, in the tourney.

also would love for Russell to "open a pipeline" to Kentucky/Southern Indiana hoops recruiting.

Comment 27 Jan 2015

Please! Don't start the playoffs on  New Year's Eve@!!!

I wish CFB would put it up to a vote.  there's plenty of time to arrange it, right?

NYE would suck for all of us musicians/sports fans.  The best paying night of the year for many musicians is NYE.  If I couldn't watch the Buckeyes in a playoff game because I was playing Elton John for a bunch of yacht clubbers, I'd be pissed!

It was bad enough I played on the night of the B1G championship game, but by the time we started the first set, the Bucks were up 17-0. After two tunes, it was 31-0.  We took a break and it was half time and we were up 38-0. So.... at least I wasn't sweating bullets about the outcome of the game.

January 2 would be great. Somebody start a petition!

Comment 23 Jan 2015

The end of the game was hard to watch.  Love Buckeye hoops but looked like neither team was going to earn the victory.

I just hope (1) we get to 20 wins, since Matta has never had fewer than 20 victories as a head coach - ever - and (2) we do well enough to get in the tourney as a 12 seed and then we can knock off a 5 seed and get a little momentum going into next year.

I like the Lee/Tate/McDonald feel of the game.  I think Amir is what he is, not going to change it, but still should be able to contribute a few good minutes (more than 3) each game.   Scott, Cam Williams, Loving --- we'll be okay.

When I watch Buckeye football, there is no acceptable outcome other than victory, and I can get pretty tense.  But watching the basketball team? Well, I tell myself R-E-L-A-X and just enjoy the game.

Comment 20 Jan 2015

ditto on the film room.  I got on the link while reading the Xs and Os last night and had to stay up late.  It was great hearing other programs (MSU, Miss St., Vandy, etc.) say spontaneous happy thoughts about the OSU program (like when 12 Guage hits that nose tackle and they rewind it a couple of times) while Spielman tries to remain neutral as he can.

My wife just doesn't understand, but I guess I'll keep her anyway.

Comment 20 Jan 2015

I don't like the shop pimping the fact that they worked on OSU players. They got paid for their work. Why should they be able to disclose their clients' names for everyone to see?? Most businesses can't do that.

Signed, grumpy old dude.

Comment 19 Jan 2015

Before we say goodbye to this championship, I hope Devin Smith is given a lot of love on Saturday.  Playing with Braxton for three years, he probably didn't get as many opportunities to make his big plays.  So great that this year, he was able to show his big play ability, his hawk-like ability to track and snare a ball while running full out at 15 miles an hour and a cornerback punching you in the torso.

Then, most importantly of all, he told Cardale against Wiscy, "throw it up there, man, and I'll go get it".  As we all know, one of those TDs was laid right in his belly, but on two of them he really had to fight for them.  His three TDs and 140+ yards receiving made up a huge chunk of Cardale's stats that night.  And, I believe, in a big way he was responsible for Cardale having the confidence to do what he did for his three starts.

Smith is a senior, he's all done. What a way to go out.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

the slo mo replays of Zeke's runs were beautiful, not only the way in which he took on would-be tacklers with a burst of violence, but in the symphony of the o-line and TEs blocking schemes.  Truly a beautiful, Tressel-worthy process...

Ducks can get fucked.

National Champs baby!

I gotta get to work!

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Some day, years from now, CFB running backs will compete to win the Ezekiel Elliott Trophy.  Legendary.

The replays in slo mo just illuminated how great he was.

Also -the replays confirmed how great the blocking schemes were, and how great the line (and Vannett) blocked.

Just freaking awesome.

Can't wait to go to work tomorrow.  In Ann Fucking Arbor!!  ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah aha ha ha ha ha ah a

Comment 12 Jan 2015

you know, Steve Miller's pick 6 in the Bama game should serve to remind us that someone unexpected always rises to the occasion.  We are so wrapped up talking about the stars of the last game --- let's not forget the Bucks have SO MANY players who can grab an opportunity to make The Key Play.

How about Jalin Marshall? How about Curtis Samuel? How about Curtis Grant? Josh Perry? Doran Grant?

Or Adolphus? or Vannett or Heuerman? Man I'd love to see one of the TEs have a big day.

And isn't Bosa due for an eruption?

That's why I think we will win --- we have so many people beyond Cardale, EZE and Von Bell. Yes, Cardale and Zeke will be key, but our "other guys" will make the difference tonight.

Just remember, when we beat up on Ken Dorsey, he had won 34 games in a row.  And he had Andre Johnson and Willis McGahee as weapons.

Can't you see it happening again tonight?  I can!

OSU 38-33. National Champs!

Comment 12 Jan 2015

I like the swagger, as long as they don't waste any time showboating tonight.  When the whistle blows ending a play, get lined up for the next one....

Unless you are running off the field after intercepting the ball, of course.

I just hope we save the celebrations for the trophy presentation after the game!