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Comment 26 Apr 2017

I agree that this reflects poorly on Matta himself, not so much on Gene Smith or anyone else.  He must be telling them at review time that he can get this going in the right direction. 
I like that the university is loyal to their coaches. 

I'm a little surprised that Matta hasn't thrown up his hands and said the heck with it.

Comment 19 Apr 2017

Yes, we need to remember that when he lost 4 of his best recruits last year, it was said that we were getting rid of bad blood, bad apples... But then we came into this year with no stars and no leadership.

It's okay, but just barely okay. 

As the article says, why aren't we hearing more about this? Why is there no reaction from the admin?

Why are we okay with this?

Comment 17 Apr 2017

It was a fun game to watch in person.  The guys who passed the "eyeball test" were:

1. Justin Hilliard.  Made one behind the line stop where he penetrated 4-5 yards and then made a hard right and was quick enough to bring down the RB when it looked like he didn't have a chance.

2. Johnnie Dixon

3. Tate Martell.  Quick.  I'm not saying he looked like the complete package, but he has a little of the Johnny Football in him (before he became a Brown).

4. Demario McCall.  Jitterbug with some power.

5. and finally, getting plays off in 12-15 seconds. 

2017 could be the new season scoring record for Ohio State.  They look like a 500-point team. 

Yeah, I know, spring game.

PS: the final touchdown play was great.  But bad tackling! :-)