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Comment 20 Mar 2017

every time I hear of another non-football sport doing well (today, Lacrosse, Women's Hoops, Wrestling), I wonder why men's hoops is given a pass year after year.

Sad.  So glad that Westerville guys are staying home and going to OSU, but I wish I felt like the University was making the proper effort to be excellent in all sports.

Thank you Wesson family!

Comment 16 Mar 2017

you know, if OSU hoops had been really bad in 2012, and then Thad came in and went 9-17 and 13-15 and now 17-15, then yes, I could see that he was making progress and deserved another year or two.

In this 10th or 12th years, 17-15 is just not good.  I know he and his whole staff wish it had been better but it's the job of the AD to look a season or two ahead and figure out where we're going.

If we win 22 games next year I'll be shocked.  I think it will be more like 17-15 again.

The next coach? It's someone we don't really know right now.   Who was Beilein before he took the Mich job?  Who was Izzo before he took MSU?  He's out there - Gene Smith's job is to find him.

Comment 09 Mar 2017

I could not view the vid here at work,  but if I'm reading between the lines of these comments that he even partially blamed social media for his  troubles, or called clocking his fiancé as a "mistake", that saddens me.  I have two married daughters, and as someone said, what if it was your daughter? 

Still... still, it's a good message for the players.  I have never been a star athlete but I imagine it would be so easy to start to believe that the whole world revolved around you.

Always be humble and kind.

Comment 09 Mar 2017

If Matta stays another year - or two or three - then the University is saying that this is okay.  No other way to look at it.  Just ask Earle Bruce. Earle started hot, excellent, and then had a few seasons of Kirk Ferentz-like success and they broomed him. 

Coach Matta, it's true: BIG TIME, top-twenty basketball has come to this. If you want to be the Buckeye coach, this is where the fans' expectations are at.

If you want pure hoops coaching with good kids, I'm not being funny or an AH, but that would be Otterbein, or Ohio Dominican. 

Save your soul, and get out while you can. 

Comment 08 Mar 2017

Okay, my response, in order:

1. I love Thad Matta   2. I have been thinking there was a 50% chance that he was gone after this year. 

3. after reading Smith's statement I put that at about 75% chance he will be gone after this year, if for no other reason that it's embarrassing when your AD has to put out statements like this.

4. His record is great, stats are undeniable, so move on now before you tarnish the record.

I will root for them tonight regardless.

Go Bucks!

Comment 06 Mar 2017

yeah, I am not too worried about making the NIT.  What is scary is we would get some inspired team looking to make their season by beating tOSU.  Like a Wyoming.  18 and 13 overall, and unless they win their tourney they will be headed to the NIT. 

I have no inside info, I don't know if Thad will stay or go.  I just thought it would be nice if he did it on his own terms. 

Comment 03 Mar 2017

The stats were very revealing, and a good followup to his earlier article, as he pointed out.

I remember liking Eldon Miller's teams, and one of the reasons is because he really coached good defense.  I always thought his emphasis on defense made an NBA player out of Clark Kellogg.

On the other hand, my buddies and I used to enjoy imitating Miller's post game comments, always the same: "they got after it with great intensity..."  spoken in his guttural bark.

final note: you could look at the defensive stats, and the steal stats, and you could see what years Aaron Craft was playing.

Comment 03 Mar 2017

Too many choices!!

So wayyyy back in the 70s (I can feel you all rolling your eyes), living on E 15th, we had a bud who worked at Domino's on 17th, right by the Laundromat and the viaduct.  so.... we got a LOT of free pizzas. 

We also understood that it was owned by Bo Schembechler, a gift from Tom Monaghan.

Strange, I am writing this in my office in Domino's Farms office building.  Karma. or something....

Comment 23 Feb 2017

1. Love and respect Thad.

2. Who is next?

and by the way, when other coaches and ex-coaches lobby for a coach, it's because he's on the ropes and they know how it feels when you lose your mojo.

It's obvious to a recruit, or to the recruit's family, that tOSU doesn't care enough about hoops, because there is NO WAY WE WOULD LET THE FOOTBALL PROGRAM FLOP AROUND LIKE THIS.  The fact that we are saying it's okay to be #230 in the country at ANY statistic speaks volumes.

Tonight vs Wiscy?  I can't watch. sorry!

Comment 26 Jan 2017

he looks good!  But so does the right tackle.  I mean, whoever is coaching their OLine is doing a good job.

I also had to laugh - their center must also be big, because when their quarterback, #2, takes the ball from center and backpedals, jeeeeezzz the kid looks like he's 5-5 and 115 pounds.

I wonder how big that kid is.

But most of all, Meyer seems to really enjoy football. That's what I like.  He looks like another Kirk Barton, playing smashmouth football and havin' fun at the same time.