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Comment 8 hours ago

Through a quirk of family events combined with me playing in a band on the weekend, I will be home by myself for The Game.  And I'm glad.  I really hate watching this game with anyone who isn't totally over the top Buckeye fanatic.  They just don't understand!

On the topic of today's fans vs "the old days", I will say that what used to happen every year is BOTH coaches turning super-conservative.  I mean like punting-on-third-down conservative.  Like a chess match opening with pawn moves, The Game used to almost always start with a couple of 3 and outs by both teams.  Glad those days are gone.

I hope our LBs keep their heads up and spy the ball instead of bunching up in the gaps. The scum RBs are quick enough to bounce it outside if they have to.

Finally, I must agree that The Game doesn't follow the script of the previous 11 games.  Although against Notre Dame this year, scum had like 180 TOTAL YARDS OF OFFENSE - how the hell do you even do that? - I would not be totally surprised to see Gardner throw for 275 yards.   At times it seems that The Game exists in a parallel dimension to the real world.

Go Bucks, just win (and run up some style points) Baby!

Comment 19 Nov 2014

I would love to see the Bucks shut down IU's rushing attach, because it truly is all they have.

But the other way to counter their rushing attack is for our offense to keep the freaking pedal down. By that I mean, let's put 50 or 60 on the board, and then if IU gets 180 yards rushing and scores 13 points, i'm okay with that! :-)

Can't have the turnovers.  Without the turnovers against Minny, we would have won 48-14.

Of course, it would also be totally cool to have them limit Coleman to 25 carries for 60 yards or somthing like that!

Can't look forward to Michigan --- or Wiscy.

Comment 19 Nov 2014

I thought they looked pretty exciting.  Need to play better defense and limit turnovers, but having that kind of shooting ability means they'll be able to win some games at the end, and be able to come from behind.  And if you are the opposition, who do you stop?  I like having 9 or 10 guys with the scoring mentality.

Comment 19 Nov 2014

Like I've said before, if we beat the Hoosiers and scUM, and then beat Wiscy/Neb in the B1G championship, at that point we will have an eleven game winning streak, better than anyone in the top ten except possibly FSU.  Maybe someone else could also have an 11 game stretch going, but it should still be impressive to note.

On a related stat question, has anyone ever won every regular season conference game in their first three years?  I have to think that Urbs should hold the record at that point.

Comment 17 Nov 2014

If I had to choose between IU and Meatchicken - which team do I want to beat by a large margin? - it would be Missagain.  No one expects us to be jerks and beat Indiana 84 - 0... and besides, no one will be watching. But the OSU-UM game always gets a lot of attention, it's Rivalry Saturday, and really, we expect a better game from UM... so I would be fine beating Indiana 42-3, and then beating TSUN 63-0. Or worse.

If we play wisconsin in the B1G championship?  That will be a real challenge.  I just can't believe Urbs would let us get to that game again, only to lose again... But Wisconsin is tough.  We would probably be favored as well, which gives Wiscy the underdog mentality.  Ugh. I can see us beating Wiscy 38-34 or something....

As tense as I was watching the Minnesota game, playing Wisconsin in the championship will probably kill me!

Comment 16 Nov 2014

one thing in the Buckeyes' favor re: national perspective:  People like a team with a superstar.  LeBron James, Tom Brady, etc. We have one who has turned into a superstar right in front of us: JT Barrett.  I think the committee wants him in the playoff if we win out.  He just makes for good television.  Amazing to watch!

Comment 16 Nov 2014

The interception today was not 100% his fault, either.  I thought Smith 84 slowed just a little after his second "move" when he saw the defender... Then, he should have played  a little defense when he saw the ball going too far.  Maybe JT thought he had Devin Smith back there. Smith would have been in position to catch the ball or at least knock it down.

Does anyone really think Barrett is going to back up Braxton Miller next year?

Comment 12 Nov 2014

well, if we win out, at that point in time we will have one of the top four winning streaks, right? eleven games in a row?

Comment 11 Nov 2014

you know, I think if we were at home, it would be easier for the Bucks to lose their focus.  At home, they are still getting all the love and attention and unrealistic expectations.

Hopefully, in Minny, they will get treated like dirt, booed, spit at, disrespected...  It won't make us underdogs again, but we need to be pissed off.  Maybe we could paint "VT" on all the Minny helmets?

OSU 38-10. Boring 28 point win.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

Re: the Braxton vs JT debate:

I think if they asked the players, especially on the Offense side, they would say they would play for either guy, but if pressed, would want to continue what they have going with JT.  Not "fair" to Miller, maybe, but  to re-insert him as the QB next year would mean starting over again.

I also think ultimately Braxton will settle this.  He will either declare JT the starter, or he'll switch positions, or transfer.  I can't see him coming back after having a front row seat to what Barrett has done all year and insist on having his job back.

It will be interesting.

I hope it's just we fans who are spending time thinking about this.  The team has to be thinking about holding onto that ball on Saturday and beating Minny.

Comment 11 Nov 2014

I absolutely don't want to jinx anything but... I think if our defense plays well, we could win these next three games running the Dave over and over.

I'm just joking but seriously, I would have been a little worried if we had lost Dontre leading up to the MSU game.  We have enough options we can win these next three games three different ways.  Especially if the Defense plays well.  I'm worried about over-pursuing at Minnesota. We need containment and good tackling.  If (when) we get past Minnesota, I almost feel comfortable about our last two games... Almost.

Get well soon,  Dontre.


Comment 10 Nov 2014

Bring on the cold weather.  And BTW, it doesn't help Minnesota.

Minnesota's quarterback seems like a cool guy and everything but he looks like Garo Ypremian as far as his QB skills. I think we have a couple of picks coming this weekend if they try to throw it.

As for running the ball? I will take our chances of our running game vs their running game.

Tought game because of the cold, but I would say 42-20.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

Barrett's touchdown where he snuck in by right tackle looked like a re-enactment of Krenzel's TD in the NC game. I think they both were 4th down, right?

This win is so sweet for me personally, because I work in Ann Arbor.  All, and I mean all, the scUM fans were rooting for Sparty.

let's get all this celebration out of the way by tonight, because we have a decent test coming up saturday.

Comment 09 Nov 2014

Yeah, I'm not worried about Nuernberger - that FG missed by 8 inches. I'm wondering where Curtis Samuel was tonight, though?

But hey, great game. Instant classic

Comment 08 Nov 2014

It seems un-Buckeye like to say this, but I want to see our SPEED run the MSU fatties all over the field.  We'll see what kind of DEPTH MSU has when their front seven is bent over, holding their knees.

The other thing I would like to see is something "special" that the coaching staff has prepared for this game.  New wrinkles on offense and defense.  Ever since the VT game, I want to see us out-coach someone!!

Oh, and P.S., our special teams are better, including our FG kicker. Their kicker has missed 5 FGs in the last few weeks.  Buckeyes, 38-28

Comment 08 Nov 2014

First off, it's T O M C Z A K.

I had just started working in M****gan when some of my co-workers invited me to go to the OSU-UM game.  In retrospect, it was very nice of them to take a Buckeye fan to the game.  I kept telling them, "watch out for Carlos Snow", and he had a 67 yard TD in the third quarter that was pivotal, and eventually I got to watch them carry Coach Bruce off the field in his funky black suit and fedora.  Next to OSU-Purdue in 1968, it may have been my most memorable game attended in person.

Comment 06 Nov 2014

This is going to be a game that they show on BTN for years and years.   I just hope it's a Buckeye win.

Should we win, this will be a reputation-defining game for Barrett.   Well, I guess either way, it will be an important chapter in his career.  Somehow I feel like he will handle it well --- handle it better than I'll handle it for the next 2.5 days!

Just win, baby!

Comment 05 Nov 2014

SlumLord, you da man.  Don't need iPhones, Netflix or 1200 channels of infomercials. and yes, get off my f***ing lawn.

I still like our neutral site top 10 victories, like the NCG, 2003, The Fiesta Bowl vs Charlie The Hut, and The Rose Bowl over the fastest team every in the history of Sports (Ducks).   I'd have to say anytime a B1G team is ranked in the top 10, and then is at home vs any other B1G team, they will probably be favored --- by virtue of the home field advantage.

But I am coming around to agreeing with what the rest of you are saying: this is a must win.  Nothing to hold back, no trick plays or formations to save for scUM.  Whatever we have, let's see it Saturday at 8.

Man I hope we win!

Comment 04 Nov 2014

I think it would be high-larious if we came out and ran wildcat 15 straight times at MSU.  alternate between Marshall and Wilson. Just side to side for the first 15 plays. Nothing up the middle, no lookie to the sidelines.  After we are up 14-0, then put JT in and run our offense.

I'm not worried about defense --- we gotta score!

and... just kidding about the 15 wildcats.  But that would be cool!

Comment 04 Nov 2014

I'm hoping the coaches have a great game plan, along with a few tricks planned for this game.  One of the most enjoyable games to watch, ever, was the OSU/Oregon Rose Bowl.  We came out with a completely different game plan and approach on our opening drive.  Oregon was supposed to be way too fast for our defense, Pryor had thrown about 25 passes in the previous 4 games, and we came out throwing the ball.  A thing of beauty.  Coach Tress really threw everybody (Oregon, Kirk Herbstreidt, etc.) for a loop.   I want to see some of that Saturday.  And not just for one drive.  Throw on first down all day. Roll out passes. Wildcat/reverse/pass options... I want to see it all.  Our D will hold Sparty to 21 or 24 points, I'm pretty sure, but we have to score.

Comment 03 Nov 2014

MSU was winning that Oregon game until, folks say, they ran out of gas.  Having Elliott and Samuel and Wilson and Marshall could be MSU's worst nightmare.  I know it won't be hot like it was that day at Oregon, but tired is tired.  Running side to side at 100 mph can wear out the Dline, especially if we run a true hurry up, and not the lookie lookie.  Interesting element to this weekend's game!