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Comment 18 Apr 2016

I am planning on pulling out the OSU-Bama game tonight and watching it.  Maybe the NC game.  Point is, of the players who got any significant playing time in those games just 15 months ago, who will we still have?

JT Barrett will be back, but he didn't even play in the NC run.

Elflein and Price?  Ummm Conley? McMillan?

I mean, from the Nat Champ game to this fall, we will be almost a completely new team.  Good - I hope we are underdogs against the Sooners.  Please Sooners, don't suck this year!

Comment 05 Apr 2016

The Stube was great, way back in the 70s. Great juke box -- played "Doctor My Eyes" about a hundred times.

The other memory was Linden, and Northern Lights Shopping Center.  My early years were on EN Broadway and Dresden, within walking distance to St. James the Less.  Mom would take us to Northern Lights for our back to school clothes, usually at The Boston Store. 

In the summer we walked to the pool, Linden Beach.  Not really a beach, of course....

Comment 30 Mar 2016

well, all teams lose players to injury, and all teams have some close losses they coulda won.  The basketball program is down right now, at least in comparison to where it has been in the last 10 years and also, more importantly, compared to the standard we would expect ofr a major sport at The Ohio State University.  I know Coach Matta wants the team to be better.... and I'll bet he's working hard to get it figured out. 

Comment 29 Mar 2016

If Thad was leaving and telling his team this, word would leak out.

I also hope it's not something onerous like he tells these guys, I'm pulling your scholarship, and so they get mad and leave.

I gotta believe the admin is getting together their short list, and making some calls. The guy Dayton just re-signed but I'll bet you a buck he has an "out" clause for the Ohio State job.

Comment 29 Mar 2016

Well, we need a winning record and, I hate to say it, some "star" players, or at least players with some personality.  Sullinger was one. Sam Thompson was fun to watch. Diebler hitting consecutive threes was cool.  Aaron Craft was worth the price of a ticket.  Now, it's who, Lyle?  Nice player, but you wouldn't even notice him in Kroger's.  The best "sports center" moment this year was AJ Harris's baseline drive and dunk, and now he also is thinking about leaving?

Sometimes, restaurants close because they get stale or boring, not because they are putting out bad food.  Sometimes, coaches have to move on, too.