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Comment 06 May 2016

Yeah, Quad. Surprised the mods didn't nuke it already. (Also, speaking from experience, I was admonished for calling them 'State P---' No biggie, cuz their site their rules; but I've heard it referred to that way since we lived in PA 20+ years ago. The other is kind of classless now - but Nit fans are so unbearable it's hard not to dive in the cesspool to smack 'em down some.)

Comment 05 May 2016

If Judson impressed UFM enough to get an offer and commit, I can see why he might be a little disappointed. On the other hand, I don't know how you keep 85 players' names and faces straight, plus GAs and other support people as well as all the different recruits. 

Probably an older person would have brushed it off as a "brain fart."

The pastor that married the lovely Mrs Oldschool and myself called us the wrong names during the ceremony (dude had double booked himself and done another wedding about 2 hrs before ours)! 

I think the words from this Eagles' song sums up how I feel; "Get over it!"

Comment 28 Apr 2016

Yeah, the MSU "Charlie Foxtrot" ("Cluster F#%k") is bitter - but the talent going off the draft board in the '90s was ridiculous; and even more frustrating was the fact that one or two total meltdowns during the season against teams we should have beaten - especially AACC - often cost us chances to compete for "MNCs". 

The fact Coop, God love him, never won a Natty with the talent he brought in blows my mind to this day.