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Comment 8 hours ago

DBU - going all the way back to Jack Tatum, through Shawn Springs, Antoine Winfield, Chris Gamble, Nate Clements, Mike Doss, Will Allen, Malcolm Jenkins, Donte Whitner ("Hitner"), Bradley Roby, (next up)!

I know other long-time (read "old"!) Buckeye fans, like myself, are in awe of what is taking place right now - it's always been great to be a Buckeye, however, this may be the best era in the history of OSU football we've ever seen (and that isn't just "recency bias" - we "old dogs" remember Woody's heyday).

Comment 25 Jul 2015

Yeah, that video of Mickey Marotti's house of horrors almost made me want to puke in a garbage can.
Too bad about the mouth-breathers, glad I wasn't around them - I did see JT, Cardale, Bruce Judson, Zeke and others sign some autographs for kids on the field - thought they handled themselves with class and character.

Comment 25 Jul 2015

What a great evening. There were a decent number of Buckeye fans in attendance (maybe a couple of thousand? I'm not great at doing crowd size); what really stood out to me was how "tight" this team is: from Cardale and JT throwing to each other, to 'Zeke messing with some of the recruits (Judson, I think) like a big brother, to the way the current players were coaching-up/mentoring these prospects - Urban has created something special here. I don't believe I've seen anything like it in my 50+ years of being a Buckeye fan. All I could think was, "Wow! Watch out B1G!"

BTW, the video of the workouts they showed the campers made me want to puke! Holy **it! No wonder they wore down 'Bama & Oregon! 

Comment 25 Jul 2015

It was great seeing these young men in action, as well as the current and former Buckeyes coaching, mentoring, goofing off - definitely a culture of mutual respect, hard work, as well as fun.

I was impressed that Bruce Judson came into the stands and signed a bunch of stuff for kids - he's "all Buckeye" for sure! Also saw Cardale and JT taking time to sign t-shirts and stuff for the kids. Urban has recruited some really, really, really great human beings, as well as phenomenal athletes! 

Comment 24 Jul 2015

Quick question: Why is there a section(s) with "AA" in it/them?

Interestingly, I was at Dodd Rehabilitation Hospital (across from The James) a couple weeks ago visiting a friend. They told me he was in the "blue" gym. A red flag kinda popped up. Then, they told me he was in "the yellow room inside the blue gym"!!! I thought, "WTF?!?" I even said, "As an alumnus, I have to ask: Who made the decision to have a yellow room inside a blue gym here at tOSU? They should have been fired on the spot!" The nurses thought it was funny; I was (almost) dead serious!

Comment 24 Jul 2015

You may just be my long-lost third son, Rosenbuck! My oldest loves the classics (on which he was raised; in fact, he was nursed as my wife listened to Pink Floyd & Zeppelin & Allman Bros., etc. in the early morning hours); my youngest (same age as you) is in a "post-punk Indie" band in Denver. Whatever the hell that is - it's really loud, though!

Comment 24 Jul 2015

It's like the mile high club but better!

Could you please let us all in on those perks, cuz I didn't know anything about them!

Comment 18 Jul 2015

Bitterness will corrode the soul, Mr. Bianchi. Let it go. It's been 5 years since Urban was at UF and has changed in many respects, if you haven't noticed. The kids being recruited to OSU are the whole package - talent and character.