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Comment 17 hours ago

After listening to Urban's presser after The Game, I turned to WJR out of Detroit to listen to Ol' Jim's (yeah, was doing a lot of driving Saturday). I told me wife that Hairball sounded as though he was close to jumping off the top of *ichigan Stadium's press box.

For Zach the scUM fan, if Urban had kicked a field goal it would have been "running up the score"... Complete delusion in Skunk Weasel country. I know it's probably not going to happen, but it would be nice if Saturday's reality b*tch slapped them up-side the head. The difference in talent was gloriously obvious (in spite of Brady's "top" recruiting classes the past few years).

Comment 28 Nov 2015

Something that was just as impressive to me: during the post-game show on 610 WTVN, Jeff Logan and Stanley Jackson were discussing how the Buckeyes under Urban have never lost true road game (18-0).

As bitter a pill as last week was, this performance shows the incredible culture that UFM has created in Columbus. Ballsy performance by the "men of the scarlet and gray"!

Comment 28 Nov 2015

Per expectations, Ramzy - another great article.

I don't know if Adolphus is Kalis's man in the 2nd video, but holy crap, the way Diesel blows by him makes the tree stump in my yard look quick!

Comment 14 Nov 2015

Herman is a member of MENSA?!

Not only did he have a rough first year, Gum, but remember all of the comments on here about how horrible he was LAST year - until he wasn't. 

I no longer subject myself to the freaking out on the in-game thread during the game, but I checked a little while ago & there are some folks quite upset with the staff. I'm sure many of them would make much better OCs than Beck/Warriner; and, no doubt know so much more than Urban about hiring good coaches.


Comment 05 Nov 2015

Sorry. MJ was great, Magic was great. Wilt was great. Kareem was great. Bird was great.

Greatest evah? The Big O, Oscar Robertson.

Comment 26 Oct 2015

Delusion and scUM go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

Also, they are in a no-lose situation when it comes to The Game: Lose, and its, "Well, wait 'til Hairball gets his players here..." Win, and its, "There's a new sheriff in town, biotches!"

Comment 26 Oct 2015

I quit reading the open threads last year after VaTech - a small-but-loud segment of the commentariat is, well, no other way to put it: insane!

I get that this team wasn't performing up to expectations; but the idea that some schmuck sitting behind their laptop/smart phone knows more about play-calling and player preparation/development than UFM, Warriner, et.al. is beyond laughable, bordering on delusion.
Comment 14 Oct 2015

Spent a decade in the Commonwealth ... I don't miss it.

Amen, Hove! Arrived in Lancaster County (you have to pronounce it LANK-I-ster if you live there, by the way) when the Nits were entering the B1G. All I heard was how they would dominate the conference for years to come, yadda, yadda, yadda... Well, they did have a couple of impressive wins against Coop; but by the time we moved back to God's country, they were reduced to giving me sh!! about the Buckeyes losing to scUM.

So maybe a game-day experience in State College is different than having to live with PSU Nitpickers 24/7/365...

Comment 11 Oct 2015

Well played, Zmoty. Unless one is severely sarcasm impaired, the tip-off was your mention of Herman :)

Comment 11 Oct 2015

Alcohol and drugs are for the weak-minded.

Lol! "Thus Spake Zarathustra" - thank you, Friedrich Nietzsche. Hey, how's that work on the "Ubermensch" coming, anyway? Lord have mercy...

Comment 03 Oct 2015

E$PN Gameday "anal-ysts" are stirring controversy for ... ratings​! That ​​​there is some truth in what they are saying (the Buckeyes haven't played up to expectations at this point) only adds to the meme and tends to rile up the fan base - which means more publicity, more eyeballs, more advertising $$$. I heard what Corso said and laughed - especially when Herbie called him on it. Just ignore this crap. As many have wisely said, nobody is winning the Playoffs in October, the Buckeyes will improve, and, it's probably good motivation for Urban.

Comment 26 Sep 2015

Yeah, Keels really sucks. Maybe we could get Beth Mowins and Gary Danielson to do Buckeye play-by-play!​

Comment 23 Sep 2015

It's too bad Urban couldn't convince Campbell to join the Buckeye staff in 2012 (though I understand the attraction of being a HC rather than an assistant, even an assistant in an elite program like tOSU). I've been impressed by him since he took over at UT.