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Comment 12 hours ago

... imagine him with 3-4 years of strength training with Marotti (the best in the Business) and refining under Warriner and Stud (also the best in the Business).

I'm wondering if Gramps saw the way OSU is developing players for the next level and said, "Head East, young man, head East."

(Man I'm old! I remember watching Willie Davis eat QBs for lunch when I was a kid. Now his grandson is going to suit up for the Scarlet & Gray?!!)

Comment 12 hours ago

... ultimately, that potential means squat in the crucible of expectations at the WHAC. And Urban, Mickey, and the whole staff for the Bucks will smelt the steel from the slag.

That is some beautiful wordsmithing, GTH!
And, yes, there are high expectations for many of these young Bucks (UFM has said he expects Li'l Bear to play this year), but ... what is it that we say about Cleveland/NE Ohio​ O​SU? Oh, yeah - nothing is given, everything has to be earned!

Comment 23 Jun 2016

Do you have anything good to say? Ever?

Not too often from what I've observed, Toad.
Obviously Gavin is going to have a big adjustment to make going from a small school like Leipsic to an elite D-1 program like tOSU - but so are the rest of the incoming freshmen.

I was born and raised in NW Ohio and am rooting for this kid to succeed. I think it's a testament to our coaches that they recognize talent and potential in kids that aren't as highly touted as some others (Darron Lee anyone?). Also, as someone has mentioned on this thread: don't discount Gavin's NFL bloodline, as well as the work ethic instilled in many of these small-town kids from an early age.
As Urban said, they didn't just "award" a scholarship to this kid out of a sense of charity and goodwill because they felt bad for how Dantonio treated him. Gavin did it "the old fashioned way" - he earned his scholly performing in front of Urban, Warriner and the other coaches.

Comment 22 Jun 2016

I still prefer "well, bless your heart" - as a Southerner, Travis would understand exactly what kind of shade you're throwing on him.

Comment 18 Jun 2016

You guys may be correct - however, it's a loooooooong way until February 2018 signing day. We do have "the Closer" as well!
Toledo is a weird place. I grew up in NW Ohio and there have always been a fairly large contingent of scUM fans around (when my kids were young I would tell them that these people were very confused and needed our pity!).

If people aren't familiar, there is a pretty good talent pool in the 419 that pumps out D1 level football players on a regular basis - the TRAC (Three Rivers Athletic Conference) is one of the tougher conferences from top to bottom in the state: Toledo Central Catholic (perennially making deep runs in the playoffs), St. John's Jesuit (Dallas's school), St. Francis De Sales, Toledo Whitmer, Findlay (home of Josh Huston and, of course Big Ben), Fremont Ross (Bob Brudzinski - other Little Giant alums won't be mentioned!) and Lima Senior (William White, Brendon's dad).

Comment 16 Jun 2016

No doubt a new car.
Although she wouldn't park like any of these momo's, my wife would park out in BF Egypt when we'd get a new car.

Anyway, the gifs are cracking me up - well done, people! (I hope that idiot wasn't parking where a Life Flight helo was supposed to land! "A whole new level of a**hole parking" indeed!)

Comment 16 Jun 2016

Don't think the Baptists would approve of Thomas' overindulgence of the fermented spirits....

Just as long as he didn't dance!

Comment 16 Jun 2016

I guess it's not hard to believe, but whoever is advising Art should be canned. He's going to lose big-time in the court of public opinion, I would imagine.

On a side note regarding this whole mess; do any of you Warriors think Briles gets another head coaching gig? He's a jackass, for sure. That court of public opinion may render a "guilty" verdict against him. But he turned around Baylor football for goodness sake! (That's kind of like seeing Purdue contend for B1G titles!) Does some D1 team take a chance down the road?

Comment 16 Jun 2016

Great comment, Avail! I think we all know the answer to your question.
There is no doubt his personal "evolution" during 2011 gave rise to what we're seeing now. Urban was probably the poster child for "football is everything" during his tenure at UF; and it almost cost him a great deal in the things that really matter - health and family. He came away different (as it has been well reported) - much more "balanced" - yet still with the "fire" in the belly.
As a parent, I am blown away by the emphasis this program puts on life-preparation-for-after-football. And, oh yeah, the on-field product and player development ain't too shabby either! No wonder top recruits are lining-up to (at least) see what's being built in Columbus!

Comment 15 Jun 2016

The COC will feed on this earful.

Quite possibly the best use of succinct punnage I've read in a while. Masterfully done, GTH!

Comment 15 Jun 2016

So Coach is going to be a grandpa! Congratulations and best wishes for Nicki, Corey and their family.

I'm certain Urban will mellow out now! 

Comment 13 Jun 2016

Frankly, this is inspired.
Urban is reinforcing the culture of respect-for-women he demands of the players (his "zero tolerance" policy regarding abusive behavior toward females is well-established, I believe  - right El Guapo?!). Also, he is connecting players and staff with a hugely important segment of the fan base.

I wonder if UFM has thought of having Buckeye moms speak at any of these: "Paging Annie Apple"...!