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Comment 29 Oct 2014

I'm glad UFM is keeping him on scholly - hopefully Rod will take advantage of the opportunity to earn his degree and get some counseling for his "demons". He should have a shot to play at the next level if a team is willing to take a chance on him (maybe last round or invited in as a free agent) - at 6'3", 230 lbs and speed, I'm sure at least one or two will give him a long look. Good luck, Rod.

Comment 26 Oct 2014

To go into a hostile environment like State Penn, play a team with nothing to lose and the possibility of making a statement win, play a less-than-stellar game, cough-up the lead and gut it out in 2 OTs with a team loaded with freshmen and sophomores - yeah, I'll take the 'ugly' win. This team showed something last night. I Don't know if we'll make the playoff; a lot of things would have to happen, but I LIKE this team. Reminds me a little of '02.

Comment 10 Oct 2014

I think you make a valid point, Fear. As much as I despise State Penn (endured 7 years in PA - when the Nitwits came into the B1G), the NCAA isn't set up, nor is it really in their purview, to deal with criminality of the Sandusky type. The victims should (and maybe they are trying to) sue the bejeezus out of that backwoods/HillsHaveEyes hellhole. Hit them hard in the wallet and the NCAA can use its authority to ban ANYONE that coached or was in administration during the abuse years, and looked the other way. 

Comment 10 Oct 2014

I'm updating my resume now. Thanks Hunter S! BTW, have you noticed how many writers are serious substance abusers? Not saying anything about a certain person who writes our morning Skully, but...

Comment 09 Oct 2014

You're spot on, Killer. Brady's self-assessment would be even more interesting: "Uhhhhh. Ummmm. Practice good. Ummmm. Great effort. Uh, yeah, um. Gotta coach better. Ummmm. Skill people are really skilled at the skill positions..."

Comment 09 Oct 2014

The Elliott's are awesome representatives of tOSU! We are very fortunate EzE chose the good guys. And from Dawn's response to the twitter-hater after 'Zeke broke his wrist during Fall camp, I'd rather mess with Stoneburner's jungle cat than Mama E!!

Comment 08 Oct 2014

...but Cash is forever cool.


Johnny Cash is hard to categorize, though. He was the consummate cross-over artist.

Comment 08 Oct 2014

BUCKtuckian, having lived in the South (and from your user name, it appears you are that direction of the Mason-Dixon line), I have to say that this dude was probably spelling it phonetically (at least that how it might sound to a 'Bama fan)! "Uh, hey man, 'regrets' is spelled R-E-G-R-E-T-S," said tat artist. 'Bama fan's response: "Spell it lak I did done write it down hyar!"

Comment 30 Sep 2014

That graph is amazing!

I tried reading through the transcript of Hoke's presser from yesterday on MGoBlo - I finally gave up about halfway through his opening remarks. Totally incoherent with a double dose of coach-speak throughout. SMDH!

Comment 29 Sep 2014

Allow me to play devil's advocate here. If I were an up-and-coming assistant with HC aspirations, I would think long and hard before accepting a job at a basketball powerhouse. As far as football goes, UNC, up and down at best; Duke, the same; UK, meh (maybe Stoops can turn that around); IU, yuck! About the only university (I can think of) that is a traditional basketball power and relevant-to-very-good in football is Louisville.

Comment 29 Sep 2014

That's actually pretty ingenious with the use of the shopping cart! I don't think it's Jabba, though, FitzBuck; this is actually Anthony Wunder putting his (almost) MechEng degree to good use in the future!

Comment 29 Sep 2014

Yeah, AZBuckeye, that collage of Brady's efforts to piece together a coherent sentence never gets old. As much fun as we made of his physique, his rhetorical "skills" are even greater fodder for a little fun.

I "Wunder" if the young on-field intruder will be able to finish his matriculation through tOSU. What will the University ban-hammer look like? And, if Coach Schlegel is sued, I believe we should all pitch in some $$ for his defense fund.

Comment 28 Sep 2014

MMan, I believe it was Ace on your own MGoBlog that DJ referenced. Now, Ace inserted something of a qualifier when he said:

"...an almost certainly concussed..."

It doesn't seem that DJ is any further "out on a limb" than Ace and a great deal of the commentariat on MGo, based on what has been posted there today. The whole Morris issue, however, is simply evidence of a much larger problem - Brady Hoke has lost control of the football program.  

Comment 28 Sep 2014

First off, good to see you back, BamaMike - you are one of the few rational 'Bama fans I've encountered. Great analysis, too. And you're right, the whole conference-dominance thing is a cyclical phenomenon.

Comment 27 Sep 2014

Was trolling perusing MGoBlo (the schadenfreude has become like heroin the last 2 years) - scUM fans are reporting a complete meltdown in the locker room. Offense bickering internally; defense and offense not speaking to each other. It's much worse than even Rich Rod's epic fail. 

Comment 27 Sep 2014

...just want to keep the discussion from veering offtrack.

How could that possibly happen, Hove? We're talking about Penn State!

Comment 27 Sep 2014

I love the Queen City; my wife is a UC alum (and will be rooting for the Buckeyes tonight - she is also brilliant as well as beautiful!); I'm a Red's fan... There have been some in the commentariat that have roasted Cinci, I think it may be due to history - many top HS players from there have chosen to matriculate elsewhere. That seems to be changing some. And I don't recall DJ having done flamed the city in any article. Methinks Colerainbuck is a tad too sensitive.

Comment 26 Sep 2014

It's also pretty crazy the game against Cincinnati was, like, the fourth (~) biggest nail-biter that championship team played.

Yeah, that 2002 season is probably the reason I have high blood pressure, receding hair line, tooth decay, no cartilage in the left knee and unusually loud flatulence!

Comment 24 Sep 2014

I've been counseling a young man (early 20s) with an addiction to heroin. He steals to support his habit, ends up in jail (so it's difficult to get a job when he's released), does well for a while, gets high, steals to support his habit... This kid doesn't need imprisonment, he needs treatment (which is very expensive). The way this nation deals with drug addicts/offenders is medieval at best (and I'm not a bleeding heart by any stretch of the imagination).