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Comment 20 May 2015

Well written, 73Buckeye. I think you have summed-up the differences/similarities between Urban and Woody very well and very succinctly (my junior year at OSU was the year Woody was released after the infamous Gator Bowl "punch"). Many of us students, at the time, were calling for Woody's head. And, to be fair, he probably did "disqualify" himself. But after "the seasons pass(ing)" and "the years ... roll(ing)" on, Woody's stature only grows in my estimation - and it's as much for what he accomplished with his players off the field, as on.

I believe Urban will be seen in that same light when he is ready to hang up the whistle (after winning 3 more Natty's!). 

Comment 20 May 2015

Agree, Mr. Green! "Sticky Fingers" is a great album - all the love from critics goes to "Exile On Main Street", but they were doing some cool stuff with their sound on "Sticky" ("Sister Morphine" especially comes to mind).

I thought they sounded horrible when they played halftime at the Super Bowl in Detroit and thought, "Wow! They need to hang it up and enjoy their private islands!" But a friend who was at the game said they were really, really good.

Comment 20 May 2015

I love The Stones, but ... holy mazoly! Maybe Mick should continue his work with Joss Stone, Damian Marley, et.al. on studio albums like "Super Heavy" and retire from touring all together.

Comment 07 May 2015

I didn't see that one!

Yeah, who would want to talk "football, football, football" when you're recruiting a kid to play ... football! Absolutely brilliant! Leaving aside what we know about the family atmosphere recruits and their parents rave about here, the "Real Life Wednesdays" Urban has initiated, the outstanding academics at tOSU and the fact that Columbus has become a great place for the arts and other cultural enjoyment, you sure wouldn't want to try and land (let alone develop) kids that might be good enough to make it into the NFL! That post was obviously written by one of the academic geniuses of which scUM boasts!

Comment 07 May 2015

It's a good thing scUM won all those games from 1890 to 1939, otherwise, they'd really have squatoosh to brag about.

Actually, one semi-rational skunk weasel fan on MGoBlo summed things up quite well (to paraphrase): "These 17-18 year old kids haven't known a time when *ichigan was relevant."

Comment 07 May 2015

"I love the smell of napalm roasting skunk weasels in the morning!"

Comment 07 May 2015

I would love to see Collier succeed -- I think he's a great story (I know there were some among the commentariat at the time who wondered why Urban offered him, since he was "only" a 3 star coming out of high school). But he's a high character young man from a great family who said he shed tears when he got his Buckeye offer. It's pretty easy to root for a kid like that.

Comment 07 May 2015

It's really too bad Troy Smith contracted strep throat or tonsillitis or whatever, and lost the job to Flacco - it would have been interesting to see how he would have worked out. Obviously, from the Spring game's QB challenge's results, Troy still has a gun.

Cardale & JT will succeed, I believe, in the League at QB. It's going to be interesting to see what happens with X-Brax. He's too good an athlete to not get drafted by some team. 

Comment 01 May 2015

Could have all four in the top 10 depending on teams' needs.

And, yeah, Cooper recruited amazing talent. That's what was so frustrating for all of us that endured the 90s. He should have won 2 Nattys.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

Heck, they might be better off drafting William Shatner!

I gave up on the Browns many, many moons ago when they traded my favorite player, Paul Warfield, to the Dolphins. I'll still root for them (unless they're playing the Dolphins, who have been a dumpster fire, too), but it's too hard on my physical/mental health to support them fervently. To you Browns' fans who have hung in there - you have my utmost admiration!

Comment 30 Apr 2015

One of DJ's funniest and (unfortunately for Browns' fans), most insightful lines evah!!