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Comment 23 Jun 2017

Don't EVER go to one of those quacks! My mom swore by them, so my first year after graduating from tOSU I went to a guy in Miami after messing up my back in the gym - $750 (1980 $ at that!!) later, my back was worse & I was paying that pirate off for over 2 years!

I should have sued the mope - the x-rays he took should have shown L4, L5 disc issues that a REAL doc found later, and no amount of "manipulation" would have fixed. 

Comment 20 Jun 2017

At a conference I attended not long ago, I sat with some other clergy who were African-American. They described the behaviors they taught their children to follow if/when they were stopped by the police (actually, it was great advice for ANYONE - keep hands in plain site, follow instructions, always tell cop what you're going to do...). But the fact THEY were themselves still apprehensive - these are highly educated, well spoken, well-dressed people - hit me hard. Definitely a conversation that needs to take place. 

BTW, to a person, they SUPPORTED cops & said they understood what a difficult job they have. These clergy also lamented the funerals they had to officiate because of violence in their own communities.

Comment 14 Jun 2017

Still waiting on that response I see, Crice. 

I get that Gene should have canned Matta in March; I'm sure there are some other things along the way with which he could be criticized. I'm class of '79 & have been a Buckeye fan as long as I can remember, I can't think of another time when athletics at tOSU have been so good across-the-board - especially the non-revenue sports. Then, of course, there's football. It's at another level entirely, and we've been top 5 bluebloods since before I was born.

Comment 13 Jun 2017

I'm sorry, even if someone doesn't agree with Bucknut1994's (probably tongue-in-cheek) proposal to bring A. Craft onto the Cavs, how in the name of all that's holy does any Buckeye fan DV this??

Comment 13 Jun 2017

I know this is a quaint, outdated concept, but maybe work on playing defense? When the series was getting set to start a stat was thrown out on WKNR's "Really Big Show" that NO team who had defensive stats as low as the Cavs (15th in the league) had ever won a championship. 

Wisdom from ages ago (1970s actually): If you score 32 and your man scores 34, you lose. My Jr. High b-ball coach (RIP, Coach Ron). 

Comment 13 Jun 2017

Andrew, we all know Urban is a master at flipping kids to the good guys; is there any hope of prying Gaoteote away from USC? He really impressed me in their game against St. John Bosco last Fall, and I know he was very interested in the Buckeyes at one time - especially with Tate Martell in his ear. "Never say 'never'", but is there a realistic chance? (Cue Jim Carrey in "Dumb & Dumber"!)

Comment 12 Jun 2017

I'm spitting coffee, SP! 

That wonderfully photoshopped pic has everything you'd want in order to showcase Southern stereotypes: mullets, moonshine, "googley-eyed" momos, mouth-breathing froth spitters, baby mamas looking for which cousin/brother impregnated them... Yeah, I lived in west-central GA for 5 years, NC for 2 - some wonderful people, for sure, but some scary lunatics too (not to say we don't have our share in the North). Thanks for the laugh. 

Comment 27 May 2017

Just pipe down, Silver. 

BTW, unless it's a Hammond D-3, organ music is weird & creepy... always makes me think of funerals. 

Tissue/organ donation, in all seriousness, saves many lives & gives a lot of people an opportunity to live a more normal life. Just had a story up here in the 419 of a Toledo cop donating a kidney to a fellow officer. Pretty cool & takes some real courage. I'm a donor but would prefer to reach room temperature before anyone else uses them (unless it's one of my kids - they already have most of my $$$ anyway...).

Comment 28 Apr 2017

Well, the Saints must be somewhat competent - yeah, they've been 7-9 the last few years - but they HAVE won a SB, and have been competitive in the not-too-distant past. The Browns? Last time they won a championship I was in 2nd grade & they DID have Buckeyes playing for them. 

I quit the Browns 10 years ago - too much pain. SMH

Comment 16 Apr 2017

Spot-on, Kevin. I was living in GA at the time, but came "home" one summer with my boys, 5 & 7. We went to the C'bus zoo, then made the pilgrimage to my alma mater. We walked the Oval (one kid on my shoulders now cuz they were getting tired), went by Mirror Lake, then to the Shoe. The boys were awed by the size of the stadium, and my oldest was able to slip between the iron fence structure & walk onto the field (again, this was about 1992). The kids, now men, are Buckeyes to this day. 

Those kind of moments - like you experienced - are priceless.