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Comment 19 Apr 2014

Agree 100% 'Dude. Now that we know (or at least we think we know) a lot of the defensive woes may have been due to Coach Withers' philosophy, it will be interesting to see what the Bullets do this year. If the Spring Game was any indication, it is encouraging.

Also, I'm not so sure Senior leadership is as important as leadership from your best players (of course, Braxton must be a leader, given the position. And, hopefully, he has become much more vocal in the locker room, on the practice field, in the weight room, and in the huddle). This team is loaded with talent, let's hope their work ethic is on the same level - that is where leadership will be reflected IMO.

Comment 19 Apr 2014

I really didn't "here" (assume you meant hear) Coach Drayton say anything, Bo. Not really sure what your point is, either. Obviously there are some other 11-dubbers that are puzzled as well (given the dv's). Was it a tough Friday night, 'cuz the words are English but they don't make much sense? BTW, I'm not dv'ing you - just curious...

Comment 17 Apr 2014
Myron Rolle simply shows that academic acumen doesn't translate to real "smarts" or common sense (and I have 2 graduate degrees so I'm not dissing academic achievement). That is one of the more ridiculous analogies I've read in a while - the lynching of an innocent kid and the (alleged) cover up of a rape by a coddled, star athlete?! In the words of my son, "WTF?!?!"
Comment 15 Apr 2014

BAM! Scarlet pullin' out the stats takes the prize! UV to you, good sir.

Also, DJ - "JoeBots" had me spitting out coffee!

Comment 15 Apr 2014

I think you have a good point, Belliott. "Balance" would be attained if we can both "ground and pound" and threaten opposing D's with blazing speed; especially in the unpredictable climes of B1G country.

Comment 05 Feb 2014

Once again 11W shows why it is the best site for all things Buckeyes!

The doldrums were definitely setting in after a) The way the season ended for our beloved 2013 S&G; b) the inexplicable meltdown of the b-ball Bucks over that 6-7 game stretch; c) the bloody freakin' weather!

The addition of new coaches on D; the talent just signed by The Closer; Thad seemingly (hopefully) getting the b-ball ship righted; and one day closer to Spring have moved this fan from "meh" to "Oh, hell yeah!"

Welcome young Buckeyes. Enjoy your time in C-bus and take home a handful of gold pants when your playing days are over!

Comment 04 Jan 2014

Cajun, the nimrods, haters and mental midgets are out in force right now; I don't take anything seriously that these clowns post. I know you're on 11W a lot and post good, thought-provoking insights (as do the vast majority of fellow 11 dubbers). An honest, well reasoned critique is always welcome here; most of the "gems" on here today (like this one: "Urban is over-rated and over paid") are from immature people reacting out of frustration and anger, without any thought or rationale behind their verbal diarrhea.

Give it a week, most of the trolls will be back under their bridges by then! And, by the way, in response to the post about not beating southern schools, I think we won a Nat'l Championship by beating The U, didn't we? Isn't that in the South? How about Arkansas? Aren't they in the SEC (oh, wait! Sorry! We really didn't "win" the Sugar Bowl that year, did we)?

Comment 04 Jan 2014

I am ashamed to say I'm a Buckeye fan if idiots like these guys also consider themselves "fans"!    I can't believe some of this garbage people are tweeting. What are you, 14 years old? Philly did not "cost us the game", Ernie & Jay and all you other morons/mental midgets that spout this verbal diarrhea!

To the Buckeye players: We TRUE fans and alumni love you guys! We have your backs! We appreciate all your hard work and the way you represent this great university! Are we, the fans, disappointed? Of course! But not half (I'm sure) as disappointed as you are! All I can say, as an Ohio State alum: Keep working hard; you have one of the greatest coaches in CFB; there will be fixes made on the defensive side (look at the recruiting class coming in), plus many freshmen and sophomores got significant playing time (like last night), which can only help next season. We (as you) expect great things for 2014!

Seniors, thanks for staying here when you could have left after the "tatgate" sanctions. You have made football history at tOSU!

Comment 21 Dec 2013

Too bad for Mt. Union. They have had an amazing run at that school. Looks like real dark times for Ohio football, given the huge amount of failure from its D-I, II & III programs!

Comment 20 Dec 2013

That's some really good stuff, MH. Thanks. I always followed Buckeyes in the Draft and the League more than recruiting. Since UFM has arrived, however, the playing field between those categories has leveled.

Birm, Jordan, et. al. - you guys continue to knock it out of the Shoe! This stuff really shouldn't be free, you know!

Comment 18 Dec 2013

Never mess with the Almighty and idolatry! I think He had something to say about Big Butter Jesus at that church on I-75 between Dayton and Cincinnati!

Or else He's an art critic!

Comment 18 Dec 2013

C'mon, Hove! The B1G is no "grind"! Nobody hits hard in this league, unlike the SEC where EVERY defense is elite! Heck, even Vandy is going to send 7 or 8 players off its D to the NFL... And they'll all be first round selections!

Comment 17 Dec 2013

One of my favorite moments in sports media. Rome is always spouting outrageous nonsense. A large part of it is schtick - he is annoying, though, with his Valley-girl vocalizations! His opinion carries little weight with people of substance, like UFM, who actually walk the walk.

On a much better note: Welcome to the Buckeye family, Mr. Dixon! You have the privilege and opportunity to receive a world-class education and become another in a long, long line of Buckeye greats at receiver (Cris Carter, Santonio Holmes, Paul Warfield [yeah, technically a running back for Woody, but he did OK in the NFL for Shula and the Dolphins!], David Boston, Joey Galloway, Michael Jenkins, Anthony Gonzales [too bad he got hurt], and on we could go)!  Work hard, be humble (simply means you know that you don't know all there is to know!), stay hungry!

Comment 13 Dec 2013

Meechy is a Buckeye, Actor. He's already made it clear tOSU is home.

Congratulations, big Meech! Not only are you an amazing athlete, you have the potential to be the next great lineman in a tradition of great O-linemen that have matriculated at Ohio State. Even more impressive (to me, anyway) -- you are an amazing human being; a man of faith; a man of your word; a leader!

Can't wait to see you in Scarlet and Gray next year!

Comment 11 Dec 2013

Young man, you write very well, first of all (not to patronize you; but I see real talent there)! 

I've been a Buckeye fan as long as I can remember (I'm 57). My dad matriculated there and I earned my undergrad degree at tOSU in 1979. I've been watching and rooting for the Bucks over 50 years -- there have been some really, really high points (win over USC and "The Juice" in the '69 Rose Bowl; beating the snot out of ND in the '90s; the 2002 National Championship; the amazing win streak over scUM during Tressel's reign); there have also been some periods of bitter disappointment (losing to scUM in AA in 1969; John Cooper vs scUM; 2006-2007 NC games).

That's the way sports is. Be thankful you root for a quality school that is doing amazing research to combat cancer and other diseases; is top tier in Veterinary medicine; is working on ways to better feed humanity; has world-class facilities and educators; and, oh, yeah, has exciting, competitive sports teams!

There will be B1G championships and national championships to celebrate. The reason losing hurts is because Buckeyes are not used to it!

Comment 11 Dec 2013

I am so jealous, Zaphod! Have you seen the DVD of him at Montreaux in Switzerland? Amazing! What a great talent lost way too young!

Comment 11 Dec 2013

Probably meant "the window may be closing" for this group of players -- Braxton in particular.   

I'm disappointed with the loss, of course, but couldn't be more proud of my Buckeye heritage and this year's team. They showed massive heart in coming back from 17 down against Sparty. It seems like the last half of the season was played with a huge cloud over everything -- "Will we make it 25-0? Can we do enough to not get jumped by (insert SEC team here)? When will the D play like the Silver Bullets we're accustomed to seeing? Etc., etc., etc." There seemed to be a lot of pressure on everyone (even we fans! How many of us really couldn't enjoy the run because of fear it was all going to end, and end disastrously?).

I'm confident that we'll only get better. I don't believe UFM will keep any "dead wood" around when it comes to assistants. I also believe he's such a competitor, he'll be doing a lot of self examination as well.

Let's start a new streak beginning in Miami!


Comment 09 Dec 2013
No kidding, UNKY. I think that post shaved 15 points off my IQ.
Comment 08 Dec 2013
Agree with the sentiment here. Have to respect Dantonio big time. Also, who can forget the major role he played in our NC in '02? I'm very, very disappointed, of course. But not too surprised, especially after last week's squeaker at scUM. As for the issues last night: D needs work (duhhh!); not sure why some of the stud youngsters haven't played up to their high rankings (THAT is most likely due to coaching); let's get that fixed one way or another. The play calling on the 4th down at the end of the game MAY be a case of being too smart by half. As an OC, you know your tendencies; you have to assume a smart DC like Narduzzi does as well. What do you normally do in that situation on offense? RIDE HYDE. Instead, thinking that's what the D is expecting, you run the QB. Give Sparty credit, they made a play (blown block?)! Anyhooo, this has been an amazing ride! I say we start a NEW winning streak come January! "...we will fight to the end for O-HI-O"!