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Comment 11 hours ago

That wasn't even close to the most ridiculous thing I've written...

I literally barked out a laugh - well played DJ. 

Totally agree with your assessment of Woody's emotional maturity. I was a student from '75-'79, many of us saw the decline. He was/is still a legendary coach and impactful teacher of young people. He was, in the final analysis, a great man; but still just a man. 

Comment 06 Jan 2017

Went to Miami my freshman year - transferred to tOSU afterwards and couldn't wait to leave Oxford. Saw some great graffiti in a men's room there: "Miami sucks, but Oxford blows, so the pressure is equalized."

Couldn't agree more.

All of that "Harvard of the Midwest" stuff was BS, too. Classes were at least as difficult at tOSU, if not more so.  

Comment 31 Dec 2016

Let's consider - reflect-on - where we are as Buckeye Nation before the lads go into battle tonight: the youngest team in FBS by a wide margin with over 40 freshmen on roster; had to replace 16 starters, 12 of which were drafted by NFL teams; lost the best interior D lineman before the season started; had one of the most difficult schedules in the nation; along those lines, had to play the two B1G Championship game representatives AFTER each had a bye, in NIGHT games, on the road; played the most experienced scUM team in a long time & gutted out a win in double OT...

These are just a few thoughts off the top of my head. The coaching job Urban & Co. have done is beyond amazing.  No matter what happens tonight - and I believe we win 28-16 - this has been an incredibly successful year. It's truly a golden age of Buckeye football. 

Comment 01 Dec 2016

Ah, Gilmore Girls. I had to endure watching this pile of steaming *ichigan over the weekend as my wife & daughter-in-law commandeered the TV. Don't get the attraction - acting and dialogue sux, the townspeople are caricatures... I felt like I lost 10 IQ points (and I only watched 30 mins). May a stake be driven thru it's dark, ugly heart so it never rises again!

Basketbucks had me believing for awhile, then reverted to form. 

We will see improvement in the O-line & passing game. Book it. 

Comment 23 Oct 2016

KingD, you are spot on. 

Before the season we were debating whether our beloved Bucks might lose as many as 3 games this due to youth and inexperience. This seemed like a game that could/should have been won. That makes a loss harder to swallow, of course. 

Fire everyone. Lol. C'mon guys & gals. We heard this with Herman & Fickell several years ago. Is there work to do? Of course. Will it get done? Past history with Urban suggests yes. I've watched Buckeye football for 50+ years. This is a special time for us. Enjoy this golden age. 

Great write-up as always, Ramzy. 

Comment 07 Oct 2016

Hove feelin' the love for IU! I don't think the Bullets give up that many (of course, a return or turnover or combination thereof could account for some points); I think JT & the lads put up more than 36, too: 49-10 S&G.
I think the Hoosiers definitely have our full attention, though.

Comment 07 Oct 2016

Was totally bummed to see that Myles was (this time for real) closing down. Best greasy, artery-clogging 'za around! I drove by last Friday about 2:00 PM - the line was out the door, around the building, heading toward Kinko's!
​Demolishing Long's is sad. I know there is a push to "clean-up" the High Street "corridor." I lived on W. 10th Ave. ('75-'78) - from 9th Ave. south was pretty dilapidated back in the day (I'm being kind!). Sterilized boxes may be great for appearance-sake; running the winos, hookers, junkies and local "regulars" out may make parents feel better about sending their kids and $$ to tOSU, but losing iconic structures and businesses seems ... just sad.

Comment 01 Oct 2016

Maybe Wyatt Davis?
He's a 2017 commit from St. John Bosco Prep in Cali.