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Comment 18 hours ago

If Har-Har-Harbaugh is using posts from the commentariat of a rival website as bulletin board material, he's even more looney than I thought. The "little brother" crap didn't come from fans, it came from scUM players (Mike "0-4 against the Buckeyes" Hart was one who famously - infamously - used the phrase).

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Looks like Spielman could still suit up and bring the hurt - loved that guy when he played; he's an even better human being.

Comment 22 Apr 2015

What does he have to do with basketball?

It's sarcasm, Funky. Because of the defensive "struggles" (to put it nicely) during 2012 &'13, some people were calling for his head. In fact, the "Fire Fickell" chorus was growing louder and louder each week (especially after The Game, The B1G Championship, and the Orange Bowl loss vs. Clemson in '13).

Not sure why there aren't serious calls for him to be canned anymore...

Comment 21 Apr 2015

That is awesome. But I would add one thing to your wardrobe - a bulletproof vest!

Comment 21 Apr 2015

Well, you are using a screen name that has negative connotations for many of us who endured The Game during the late '80s to the turn of the millennium (that took 3 years off my life); now, another like-named individual is stirring the poop pot with his whining, so there is that :-)

Comment 19 Apr 2015

We fans are often myopic when it comes to, well ... pretty much everything related to our beloved Buckeyes. Sometimes kids just love/feel comfortable with/have been fans of/just like the vibe of another university. UGA fans could not comprehend how a Georgia kid like Raekwon could choose tOSU; a player from Cass Tech should go to scUM, and a scUM fan can't conceive how a great player like Webber could choose their hated rival (Desmond Howard is still a traitor in my mind - see how that works?!). I don't believe it's because Fickell (#fireFickell!) recruited him rather than Ed Warriner. An O-lineman certainly knows who his position coach in Columbus is going to be - and he knows that position coach is responsible for putting guys in the NFL and turning a "meh" group into a finely tuned machine that blew Wisconsin's, Alabama's and Oregon's D-line off the ball on the way to a National Championship. BangkokBuckeye put it well, we need to "stay classy", wish any recruit who chooses a different university "good luck," and have faith that the Buckeye coaching staff has other targets and will develop them into the dominant slob-monsters that we've seen over the last few years.

Comment 19 Apr 2015

Well, crud! Was hoping he'd end up in S&G. Good luck, young man. Even though I detest the Domers only slightly less than TTUN, it is a beautiful campus with a top-notch academic reputation.

Comment 19 Apr 2015

Igor, Igor, Igor. On this, I'm going to have to disagree with you. Urban is "home" (his words, not mine). At best, ND is a lateral move. And, unless he would feel some motivation in returning them to national prominence (which, in spite of 2012, they haven't sniffed since Lou Holtz was there), it really doesn't make much sense for him to leave Columbus. 

Don't know why you're getting DV'd for your opinion. +1 to you, sir.

Comment 19 Apr 2015

I know "Mase" was a Buckeye & all, but is there a worse commentator on BTN? Man, some of the stuff out of his mouth is cringe-worthy. 

OTOH, Bobby Carpenter isn't too bad. Scarlet & Gray dominating the sports' networks!

Comment 17 Apr 2015

In case there was any question why the Urban Meyer coaching tree is a bloody, freaking, huge-ass oak - and still growing!

Some day (hopefully a long time in the future), a branch from that tree is going to replace UFM and start to work on winning our 13th Natty.

Comment 12 Apr 2015

Uh-oh. I thought all those ads I was getting for bearded women with cellophane fetishes were just coincidences. How do you delete your browsing history again...?