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Comment 10 Jun 2013

I think that you are correct in that tOSU always plays ttun like there's no tomorrow whereas these other opponents are more mundane and therefore warrant less emotion and intensity.

Comment 16 Apr 2013

In the picture with the "bullet chairs" there are two mannequins with what appear to be new jersey styles.  Are these the new pro combat uniforms?

Comment 06 Mar 2013

I respectfully disagree with your contention that Williams and Ravenel are the same.  Ever since that "pep talk" at NW, Ravenel has shown the intensity that had been lacking to complete his game.  Williams still looks lost against the upper tier centers of the league.  He lacks the killer instinct that Ravenel brings.  IMHO.

Comment 03 Mar 2013

You are right.  Matta really raised the bar so that we all expect greatness from his teams.  

Comment 26 Feb 2013

I'm also a big fan.  I hope to see him and RDS decimate some RBs in the future.

Comment 26 Feb 2013

I would be upset too with the garbage call at the end of regulation for I State, but assaulting the opposing team's coach?  Stay classy, I State. 

Comment 25 Feb 2013

Very good point.  As is often noted, when the PG is playing like his life depended on it then the team will respond, and I think that that is what we saw yesterday.  Craft was a beast who fired up other player like Ravenel et al.

Comment 25 Feb 2013

Thanks for the updates!  Is it just me or is there far less hype about this year's combine than last year?  (Te'o excluded...)  

Comment 24 Feb 2013

You gotta love catching any team sleeping, but especially one with a top-notch coach like Izzo.  THERE WILL BE BLOOD

Comment 24 Feb 2013

I'll be rooting for him for sure.  This will live in my memory for ever