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Comment 18 Dec 2014

And again, the Craft haters think when you talk poorly about the team, you are talking about everyone excluding Craft.  No - I mean the entire roster and coaching staff. 

The roster last season consisted of a bunch of guys who didn't mesh well together offensively.  You had a guy with a skill set to be a dominant college scorer, but he was just way too inconsistent (Ross).  Big men who had not developed at all and were a hindrance on the offensive end of the court.  Swingmen who could shoot the lights out one night, and not hit the side of the barn the next (LSJ and Slam).  Point guards who were not shooters or scorers, but because of the focus of the offense were repeatedly forced to try and make plays at the end of the shot clock (Craft and Scott).

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Exactly.  Facts and reasoning was asked for and given.. and suddenly Craft is no good for a different reason.

Craft was not a scorer.  He was not a good shooter.  He was pressed into trying to make plays for last year's team that didn't fit his skill set.  Many people criticized him last season, and at times it was warranted.  But, it had more to do with the team than with Craft, and as the season wore on he became a punching bag for the people who never liked or appreciated his game.  Go back and look - it's not as if people were downvoted into oblivion for saying he wasn't playing well at times.

At the same time, what is the point of starting a thread just to bash one of the most accomplished players in Ohio State basketball history?  Frankly, it is pointless and a losing proposition because many people DO appreciate AC's game and how special he was, especially post mortem in his OSU career.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

... And I JUST gave you the answer, same as several others have.

You can continue to beat the horse asking the question and getting the same answers.  He's a good kid who helped the Ohio State program do extraordinary things for four straight seasons.  He left his heart out on the court.  People feel like they "know" him, and many have personal examples of the type of person he is.  All the while, he was able to achieve many individual awards because HE was such a GOOD player.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Why is Aaron Craft beloved at Ohio State?

Aaron Craft, first and foremost, is an awesome, awesome kid.  Awesome.  He gets it.  He's a hard-working individual.  He is a competitor.  He came from a small-town upbringing, with everyone doubting him, and he worked his way into one of the most accomplished Ohio State players in the university's storied history.  He played in a Final Four, two Elite Eights, and 3 Sweet Sixteen games.  He was a 4-time All-B1G defensive 1st teamer, and two-time B1G Defensive Player of the Year.  He was a two-time Academic All-American of the Year(I think).  He was a national defensive player of the year last season.  He holds the record for most assists and most steals in a career at Ohio State.  Any time a loose ball was on the floor, you didn't even have to watch the game to know who was going to come away with the ball.  Seriously.

Add it all up, and add in the fact he played for four years on four really good teams, and he becomes part of the "family" so to speak of Ohio State basketball.  You "get to know" players that play all four years and are one of the more recognizable players all four of those years.  Doing all those things, and epitomizing the "underdog" role makes him one of the more endearing players to ever put on the Scarlet and Gray, on any athletic team.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

I'll bite here because I'd love to hear this response:

What players have been "better" than AC at Ohio State?  More specifically, what point guards have been better than Aaron Craft?  This is not rhetorical... I'd love to know what your opinion is on this.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

Let's try this...

Let's say Shannon Scott played the role of Aaron Craft last season, and Craft played the role of Scott.  In other words, Scott never left the floor, almost always handled the ball, and had to make big plays against good opponents in clutch situations.  Would you have been confident OSU would have had the same season last year as they did? 

Let's say we plugged Aaron Craft onto this year's team in place of Scott - do you think this team would be any different thus far?  Do you truly believe AC would have had to sit out the last 12 minutes of the Louisville game because he was hurting the team?  That answer is no, by the way.

I'm not here to downplay Shannon Scott.  He is a good college point guard.  But PLEASE let's not downplay Aaron Craft now that he's no longer with the team.  I would venture to say if AC had these weapons at his disposal this season, he'd be putting up some gaudy assist numbers as well, with far fewer turnovers.

Comment 18 Dec 2014

I'm fine with Harbaugh to Michigan as well.  Let's not fool ourselves - this would make Michigan the one true, legitimate threat to OSU in the B1G.  I doubt they would be at that level right away in year one (they need a QB), but make no mistake - Harbaugh knows how to turn things around and quickly.

If I was a UM fan, there are just a few things though that would scare me about Jim Harbaugh: 

1) He changes positions frequently because his "schtick" grates on those around him and who work with him after only a few short years.  From all indications, he's tough to work with for a long period of time, especially if he is not getting exactly what he wants. 

2) He has not yet shown the ability to build the long-lasting relationships with his players that are imperative if you want to be a first-class recruiter.  Guys who played for him at Stanford rarely talk about him, and when they do it tends to be more of the negative variety (Richard Sherman/Doug Baldwin).  Yes, some of this could be coincidental based on not being in the job long at Stanford, and also competing in the NFL's best rivalry today against some of his former college players.  But, if he wants to truly bring in the big fish to Michigan he's going to have to work on that.

3) To go along with #2, Harbaugh is more of the intense, fiery competitor type, similar to Urban Meyer and Nick Saban.  Those coaches tend to attract similar types of players.  We saw with Brady Hoke at Michigan the difference in personality and environment compared to OSU.  Michigan was all about "laid back, family atmosphere" while OSU is all about competition and "choking your opponent over checkers."  Friday Night Lights versus Big House BBQ is a perfect illustration to the difference in focus of the two programs under Meyer and Hoke.  Harbaugh is more Urban than Hoke, so they'll be competing for similar recruits.  Can Harbaugh outmanuever Urban and Saban for the big-time athletes nationally?

Comment 17 Dec 2014

Actually, Brian Johnson is not the MSU play-caller.  He's not even an offensive coordinator right now.  Dan Mullen calls plays, and there are two co-offensive coordinators (Billy Gonzalez and John Hevesy).

Johnson may not have "flourished" as a young play-caller (and when I say young, I mean 24-25 years old), but he did very good work with the QBs at Utah, including having quite the injury conundrum themselves during that time.  Also, keep in mind Utah was in the process of just getting in to the PAC-12 while still having a Mountain West roster.

I'd like to think he helped Dak Prescott quite a bit in developing into a legitimate college QB.  I would not be shocked if he was the guy who is hired as QB coach at Ohio State, with Warinner and possibly Stan Drayton becoming the co-offensive coordinators.

Comment 16 Dec 2014

Doubt there will be much, if any, of this happening this season.  This year's team is already so young - having senior/captain leadership is valuable out on the field, especially with a young team.  Sure, Raekwon could possibly start over Curtis Grant, but Grant has overall been fine this season.  Plus, against a power running game, Grant actually tends to play better.

Last year, with an underachieving group of upperclassmen on the defensive side of the ball, it was a much easier thing to do.  This year, with an already young team, it is much more difficult to take senior leaders off the field when they are still producing.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

Agreed.  Some "may not understand" and may believe being a HC is not as good of a job as being co-offensive coordinator at OSU.  What those people may not realize is that a guy like Tom Herman has aspirations.  He WANTS to be an Urban Meyer.  He WANTS to run his own program.  It is a challenge, and it is something he must do if he ever wants to be the HC of a major blue-blood program.  No matter what anyone says, Tom Herman was never going to stay at OSU for 10 years and then suddenly become the next HC of the Buckeyes when Urban retires.  It doesn't work that way at an Ohio State, Alabama, USC, Notre Dame, etc.

If true, I'm ecstatic for Coach Herman because it seems like a great opportunity.  Houston traditionally has been a good "stepping stone" job.  From the sound of it, the current roster is good enough to compete for their conference championship.  If Herman goes in and has 2-3 outstanding years at Houston, he becomes a viable option anywhere in the country.  That is just the way today's coaching world works.

Comment 15 Dec 2014

@RunEddieRun1983 stole my thunder a bit, but here is my prediction:

Ed Warinner is promoted to play-calling duties, and becomes the true offensive coordinator/offensive line coach.  The new QB coach of Ohio State (and possibly co-offensive coordinator, in order to make it a promotion rather than just a lateral move) becomes Brian Johnson, the current QB coach at Mississippi State.

Johnson fits all the criteria - he's young, he's a born and bred Texan, he played QB in Urban Meyer's system at Utah, he has experience coaching up a very similar system (under Mullen at MSU), and he's done a tremendous job helping a young QB develop into a big-time player (Dak Prescott).

Comment 11 Dec 2014

I have no qualms with Tom Herman looking for a head coaching job, no matter where that may be.  He is a young guy, smart (obviously), and has ambitions to be the head coach of a major program.  If that's the case, at some point he's going to have to test and prove himself as a head man.  For instance, if we as Ohio State fans ever want to see Tom Herman possibly as the HC of OSU, he's going to need experience somewhere else as the HC.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't be happy for OSU's sake that Tom Herman may leave, but that is what the business entails.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

I'd actually study film the most from the Arkansas game this season.  The Razorbacks held Bama to barely over 200 yards total offense, and Amari Cooper was held to 2 receptions for 22 yards.  I don't know what all connections Chris Ash still has with the Arkansas defensive staff, or if Arkansas could possibly even still be using many of the same philosophies used previously under Ash, but whatever they did seemed to confuse the Alabama offense and really did a great job bottling up Amari Cooper.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

Burrow is really impressive. TCC is much bigger and more athletic, but JB is doing a pretty good job avoiding the rush and making plays. He also gets the ball out VERY quickly and uses different arm angles to fit the ball into open windows.

He's definitely not OSU game ready right now, but I really like his potential, and most importantly, his accuracy.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

OHSAA has specific guidelines as to playing for both a school-sponsored team at the same time as a non-scholastic team, obviously both during the same season.  By the sound of it, we are talking about 8th grade so it really wouldn't much matter at this point.

I personally like the idea best to go the route of playing scholastically in the fall (it's really only a massive commitment from August through October) and then going the club route the other 8-9 months out of the year.  You get to experience different coaching methods, you become more flexible with different playing styles and types of teammates.  This is all assuming you have a high school team with a knowledgable coach who can help develop you.

Comment 04 Dec 2014

If it is truly an advanced club, then definitely club.  Club is always better than JV, unless you are talking about a tradition rich school team who will play top-level competition.

I am biased to high school soccer (versus club soccer) as I do some coaching at that level.  I love the atmosphere, playing for your school, etc.  Even with that said, I personally feel the best alternative is high school soccer in the fall, and club soccer in the winter/spring/summer.  So, I still feel like club soccer is the higher value, especially if it is for a high-level club that is visible at larger tournaments where they can be seen by college coaches.  First and foremost, if this is your nephew's way of breaking into an advanced club at an earlier age, go for it!

Comment 03 Dec 2014

YES.  I have been saying the same.  To my recollection, Cardale has been in only two real short-yardage situations this season in a game/situation that mattered, and he has failed in both situations.  The first, I think against PSU, was a 3rd or 4th and 1, and he hurdled a leg on the ground rather than lowering his pads and driving for the necessary yard.  The second, against Michigan, was his first play of the game after JT's injury.  He completely misread the hole, which was wide open off guard, and instead ran right into his blocker and the D-lineman.

Now, in both situations he came in cold and it was his first real snap of the game, so it could just be coincidental or nerves for that first play.  However, he's going to need to read those blocks much better if OSU intends at all for him to be effective between the tackles as a runner.

Possibly JT's best quality is his ability to read the block, turn it upfield quickly and drive for that one or two extra yards necessary for a first down.  With Cardale's size, I hope this is something he can use to his advantage but we've yet to see it.

Comment 03 Dec 2014

That would only happen if OSU lost the game, but basically remained in the same position in the playoff rankings - above Michigan State and Mississippi State.  It is highly, highly doubtful, but not impossible.

Comment 03 Dec 2014

I think we've been given more information now to know Ohio State is better than VT.  It was an aberration based on the fact OSU has played and beaten several good teams, and VT has not.  Their resumes are not similar, so there are very few "data points" that suggest VT is better than OSU.

At the same time, Baylor and TCU will have played almost identical schedules after Saturday.  There is virtually no separation between the two schedules, all across the board.  With that in mind, the entire body of work is almost identical.  Baylor has a better win than TCU (head to head, no less), which to me trumps anything TCU gained by beating Minnesota versus Baylor beating Buffalo.

Comment 03 Dec 2014

Your #2 and #3 are a little off.  Here is my understanding:

A displaced B1G champion (meaning they cannot go to their tie-in game - the Rose Bowl - because it is a semifinal this season) cannot play in the Orange Bowl this season.  The Orange Bowl will put the ACC champion, or the 2nd highest ranked ACC team if the ACC champion makes the semifinals, against the highest rated non-champion between the SEC/B1G/Notre Dame.  So, the winner of OSU-Wisconsin cannot go to the Orange Bowl no matter what.  Actually, it is looking like Michigan State will likely go to the Orange Bowl as the highest seeded non-champion.

Everything I have read indicates if OSU wins and does not make it into the playoff, they will play in the Cotton Bowl on January 1 at 12:30, likely against either TCU or Baylor, depending on how the committe shakes those two out in the playoff.

If OSU loses to Wisconsin, I believe the Badgers would also go to the Cotton Bowl, and I think you are tight to say OSU would likely go to the Citrus Bowl.

Comment 03 Dec 2014

I sincerely HOPE you are correct.  We and the national media can sit here and talk all we want about who "looks" like the better team or is playing better, but if it comes down to Baylor vs. TCU, this shouldn't even be a question (assuming Baylor beats K-State).

After Saturday, their schedules will be virtually identical, save for one major deciding factor.  8 similar conference opponents, 1 common non-conference opponent, each played an FCS school,  and then the one difference in that TCU played and beat Minnesota, and Baylor won at Buffalo.  The one major deciding factor?  Baylor BEAT the TCU Horned Frogs.  They played on the field, and Baylor won.  It cannot (and should not) get easier than that in order to differentiate two almost identical resumes.

Comment 03 Dec 2014

OSU needs help just to get in, but they do need style points as well.  If FSU were to lose and all of the remaining top 6 won their games this weekend, OSU would need to look good against Wisconsin assuming Baylor beats K-State by somewhere around 2-3 touchdowns.  I would not put it past the committee to put two Big 12 teams, whose resumes would be almost identical, into the four.

Regardless, I don't think anyone knows what the committee will do in the end.  These rankings, until Sunday, have been pointless because one of the top criterion the committee is supposed to consider (being a conference champion) hasn't even been in play to this point.  How much weight will the committee put on being a conference champion?  How about undisputed champion, by winning a conference championship game, versus being co-champions?  For all I know, the committee could say undisputed champions are more impressive, so OSU would jump TCU.  Or, they could not weight it much at all, and use the theory as to who "looks" like the better team.

The entire thing is crazy because there are still so many questions, and I doubt many of those questions will go away entirely even after Sunday.

Comment 02 Dec 2014

If OSU brings the extra safety into the box, and goes with cover 1 and cover 0 at times to confuse Stave, am I wrong in saying the CB's really MUST do a better job in man coverage getting their head turned when the ball is in the air?  It seems like Apple, especially, just does not read pass quite as quickly, and normally gets picked on because of his inability to turn his head to play the ball more quickly.

Defensively, it seems as thought the D-line really just needs to try to eat up as many blockers as humanly possible, and then hope having that extra safety in the box can help clean up some of the gap deficiencies we've seen the past few weeks.  Not easy to do by any stretch of the imagination, but the LB's have got to stay gap sound on Saturday.  Gang-tackling is a must.  If all else fails, FORCE Joel Stave to beat this defense consistently through the air - I am not convinced he can do that with the set of TE's and WR's currently at his disposal.