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Comment 15 hours ago

How about OSU's entire schedule?  There can't possibly be any backlash for the Buckeyes' schedule strength next year.  BG and Tulsa are two really good mid-major programs in the non-conference, followed by a tough game at Oklahoma and the new 9-game conference schedule, including games against teams with likely good new hires for Rutgers and Maryland (and possibly Indiana).  The meat of the schedule though will be extremely tough:

@ Oklahoma
@ Wisconsin
@ Penn State
@ Michigan State

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Agreed on your first point.  If we step back and look at this honestly, if Urban fires Beck after one season it is just as much of an indictment on Urban as it is on Beck.  Urban could have hired A LOT of really good offensive coaches to come in to a perfect situation, and he chose Beck.  Then after one "bad" season (mind you, one loss to a top 10 team and the highest scoring B1G offense coming into late November) he's fired.  What "hot commodity" coach would want to come into that situation?  It will be tougher than many think to just handpick an offensive genius who likely has many opportunities out there.  We're talking absolutely ZERO margin for error, if Beck is fired.

Comment 18 Nov 2015

Bryce Harper.  Should be named NL MVP tomorrow, and he's a Buckeye fan.  I believe he was engaged to a OSU women's soccer player.

Or, I could see Jason Day.  Heard he just had a child born in Columbus last week or the week before. 

Comment 13 Nov 2015

On the other hand, who else is excited to finally see Darlington Nagbe in a US shirt?  I really hope Jurgen uses both he and Miazga right off the bat to get them entrenched.

Comment 13 Nov 2015

I don't mind Dempsey being left off, per se.  They SHOULDN'T need Clint to win these first two qualifiers, but with the run of form they've had lately you never know.  It is time to see what the younger players have (Dempsey likely won't play in Russia '18, and if he does he'd likely be a late-game player, not typically part of the starting 11).  

My main concern with that is I'm not sure I trust Jurgen to play those youngsters in the right places, or what he'll try to do tactically.  They have looked like a hot mess recently.  They've regressed to a point where it's tough to figure out what they're trying to accomplish.  In order for Klinsmann to remain as the leader, they almost HAVE to win these first two games.  At the very worst, a win tonight and a tie at T&T.  Sadly, I'm not very confident we'll get both results.

Comment 11 Nov 2015

The Lakers franchise (Buss ownership and front office) does not allow for the idea of "rebuilding."  That is why Kobe is still on the team, and that is why Byron Scott is still trying to put veteran players out on the floor as much as possible.  The Lakers have some proven (albeit BAD) veteran players, and the message Scott has received from upstairs is to try to win however possible.  As we've seen so far, even playing the veteran players is not working.  Having guys like Kobe, Lou Williams, etc., means Scott has some players who are decent/good individual NBA players, so it is hard for him at this point to hand the reigns to an unproven rookie who is definitely experiencing a sharp learning curve.

I think the built-in excuse of trying to win will flush itself out here very quickly within the next few weeks.  It will become apparent to the Lakers (how could it not be apparent already?) that they will not win this year, and at that point I think we'll begin to see DAR get consistent major minutes and much more leash from Scott.

BUT - as long as Kobe is a Laker and on the court, it will be difficult for any young guard to truly grow as an NBA player.  Best case scenario for DAR is obviously for Kobe to take a backseat, whether by choice or by injury.  The likeliest of those is obviously injury.

Comment 05 Nov 2015

Good thing I read through, as I was going to say the same.  Completely agree with you - Collier may be the scout team QB this week, but he knows the OSU offense well enough that he can/will come in if the game is out of hand, even after not getting many "quality reps" during the week.

No way OSU burns the redshirt on Burrow, unless we see Armageddon and injuries force the coaches' hands.

Comment 26 Oct 2015

I've been one in the past who worried quite a bit about the perception of the B1G, and what that could do to OSU's chances of getting in to a playoff situation if there were questions over the Buckeyes versus anyone else.  Last year helped take away some of those fears, but it was truly a perfect storm for Ohio State, IMO, that they were given the golden ticket rather than Baylor or TCU.  Like it or not, if Baylor was Texas and TCU was Oklahoma, I don't think OSU makes it into the CFP last year.  The name on the front of the jersey, as well as the 59-0 drubbing of Wisconsin, helped tremendously.

For this year though, OSU could win their remaining 5 games by a total of 5 points, and they would make it in to the CFP.  That would be at least two wins over top 10-ish teams (MSU and Michigan), and likely three (Iowa).  

There is no way an undefeated reigning national champion (and Ohio State at that) would not be selected as one of the top 4 teams in the country, especially with a resume including several top 10-15 wins to end the season.

Comment 26 Oct 2015

Sometime soon, Kevin Hogan will have a Kevin Hogan game, and Stanford will be out of the playoff picture.

Unless a ton of the other unbeaten teams lose unexpectedly, Iowa will probably not get real national respect until they are 10-0, after having beaten Minnesota.  That will likely all but wrap up the B1G West.  It was a similar issue for Wisconsin and Minnesota last year (though each did have a loss or two), as no one nationally wants to buy in to a non-traditional B1G power until they have no other choice.

Comment 21 Oct 2015

I'd LOVE if OSU got the chance to play LSU in the CFB playoff.  Don't get me wrong - LSU is a very good team with some very talented players, but they are ridiculously one dimensional and if you give Ash and Fickell four weeks to prepare.. watch out.

Comment 20 Oct 2015

Here's the deal, IMO...

The passing game has been lacking all season due in part to one major reason - the QB run, whether designed as a QB run or as a zone-read, was taken almost entirely out of the offense, and replaced with Braxton in the Wildcat.  The opposing defenses could feast on the fact that Cardale and J.T. were not threats to do anything but hand the ball off, or throw.  Suddenly, the "numbers" game that Urban Meyer's entire offensive philosophy is based upon became stagnant.  The defense had a situation where they always had the numbers advantage.  To go along with that, OSU became extremely predictable in who was getting the ball and how they were getting it, based on the offensive alignment and pre-snap motion.  Teams stacked the box and protected their edge, while still having safety help in the backfield.  The best (and easiest) way to unlock that type of defense is running a read-based offense where the QB is a threat and the offense once again has a numbers advantage.

The past two weeks, with J.T. now finally becoming a threat in the run game, defenses once again are forced to pick their poison with the OSU offense.  They, again, must decide what they want to take away, but then hope OSU does not take advantage of their decision.  J.T. looked lost in the passing game earlier this season, even against lesser opponents, because the offense was drastically different from what he'd run last year.  As long as the OSU offense continues to allow J.T. the opportunity to be a threat running the ball, I think the passing game will take off once again as it did last season with J.T. at the helm.

Then, the OSU offense will truly show how frightening they can be for opposing defenses.

Comment 14 Oct 2015

I'm not familiar at all with NC high school football, so I tried to read up a bit on North Stanly, the high school of Antonio Williams.  I saw they have moved "down" to 1A in the past year or two, which leads me to believe he is playing against smaller schools.  However, his highlight reels and his stats show a very good, tough, fast runner.  Williams may be slightly undervalued due to the thought of him competing against "lesser" high school competition.

Comment 06 Oct 2015

With another injury at WR and assuming we don't suddenly see a true freshman crop up into the depth chart (Gibson, Hill, Stump), does Michael Thomas remain on the field more, rather than continually rotating guys in at WR?

Comment 06 Oct 2015

Watching on TV, it is sometimes hard to see the true cause and effect in the offense.  Many of Cardale's throwaways/pressures/sacks come after holding on to the ball for quite some time while looking for options down the field.  Is this the result of receivers not creating enough separation?  Is Cardale not getting through his progressions soon enough to see the right (open) option?  Is he just being hesitant and conservative in his decision-making?

Comment 16 Sep 2015

It's not open yet, but will be soon IMO.. I'd look at Maryland.  Very fertile recruiting ground.  Loads of money flowing into that program by way of UA.  That would be a perfect place for Babers to make a name for himself quickly.  

Comment 02 Sep 2015

1) Ohio State, Florida State, Arizona State, and Alabama

2) Nick Chubb

3) Louisville over Auburn

4) 6-5

5) Barrett

6) Michigan State (though VT will be no walk in the park)

Comment 27 Aug 2015

I feel terrible for Noah Brown - a kid, it seems, who has been doing everything right since arriving on campus.

For the "replacements" in this VT game, sure the inexperience and lack of game reps is concerning, but I tend to look at it from a different perspective.  They are all 4-star, highly regarded and talented kids.  And, all were on the outside looking in for substantial playing time this season prior to suspension and injury.  Now is their chance.  They've got an opportunity right in front of them to work their butts off for the next 8-9 days in order to show the coaching staff they can be counted on in Blacksburg and going forward.

A guy like KJ Hill, who is obviously impressing in order to get his black stripe off early, now has a chance at Ohio State to possibly get time as a major contributor as a true freshman.  That does not come along often.  I think we'll see some young wideouts with chips on their shoulders and something to prove Labor Day night.

More importantly, what this injury really means is the Silver Bullet defense has to be cocked and loaded and ready for prime time right from the get-go this season.  You cannot count on an offense filled with young skill position players putting up huge numbers against a stout defense on opening night.  The defense MUST step up and lead the charge.  Cause some turnovers, get after Brewster, and force VT into bad situations from the opening bell.

Comment 24 Aug 2015

Exactly right - I don't want to sound pessimistic because I'm not, but expectations are so sky high and everyone just assumes our Buckeyes will run over anyone in their path.  Let's just pump the brakes a bit on that.  There will be games where the score is closer than we want or expect.  The team was young last season and the mistakes were many, but they were so talented they could overcome it.  Hopefully those youthful mistakes are gone, and there is no need to overcome them.

Comment 24 Aug 2015

My takeaway is this: we consider this team to be a "super-team"; a team with loads more talent and pro prospects than everyone else; a dominant, unstoppable force.  After watching the majority of the season again, this team did improve leaps and bounds from the beginning, but even at the end of the year (except for the B1G title game), they struggled to get out of their own way at times.  The margin for error for this team missing the playoffs and losing the Sugar Bowl was pretty slim.  Even the Oregon game was much closer than it should have been because of compounding mistakes.

I would caution that we should not expect this team to flat out dominate and leave everyone in its wake just because they are defending national champions.  They put it all together at the right time last season, and hopefully they can build off that instead of starting from scratch.