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Comment 02 Feb 2016

His Twitter profile still shows that he is an Ohio State Buckeye commit.  I think it's safe to say he'll be signing on to the Buckeye's class tomorrow.

Comment 02 Feb 2016

Games against Northwestern, at Nebraska, and at Rutgers are games this team SHOULD win.  Then, they'd need just one win out of the remaining 5 to finish with 18 regular season wins.  That should put them in a very winnable Wednesday game in the B1G tournament for win #19.  An NIT win would do it.  I'd say, chances are around 75-80% that they reach 20 wins, even if the NIT appearance is necessary to get that done.

Regardless, Thursday at Wisconsin is MUST WIN if this team is to have any hope whatsoever of making the NCAA tournament.  A win on the road against a fellow bubble team is very important, especially considering OSU has only 1 quality win so far this season.  Chances are still slim that they make the Big Dance, but Thursday we'll find out if any hope is even warranted any longer.

Comment 01 Feb 2016

What people seem quick to forget is Lyle had a few downer games earlier in the year when he was starting.  He was basically worthless at UConn and against Virginia, and he hasn't been much better in several other games.  He's the definition of inconsistent.  I'm sure the bench role has played a part in Lyle's recent play, but he's got to rise above that.  

He's been in the game with the ball in his hands the past two games, even as a "non-starter."  OSU can't afford for him to check out mentally.

Comment 01 Feb 2016

This team, in general, is just so frustrating.  I know it's just what you expect to get with a youthful team, but their lack of consistency is maddening.  The turnovers, bad fouls, lack of awareness, and overall just brain farts at the most inopportune time have to be driving Thad crazy.  It doesn't matter who is in the game - everyone seems to be at fault and find themselves at the wrong end of a play/decision from time to time throughout the game that just leaves you shaking your head.

The issue with Lyle is he has just one speed.  In high school (or prep school), when you are bigger, taller, quicker, and just plain better, than 95% of opponents guarding you, that is fine.  In the B1G, it is not.  He needs to begin using different speeds at different times, showing aggressive play at times and taking what the defense gives at others.  Right now he's too easy to guard, and that doesn't even begin to mention his penchant for bad turnovers that are usually completely unforced.  He's got to wrap his head around the fact he needs to be a leader and scorer when on the court, but also someone who can be counted on to make the right play.  He, like others, is just not consistent in his approach from game to game and the results bear that out.

Comment 28 Jan 2016

Comparisons are always tough. I do like Vonn Bell - Eric Berry. My initial thoughts on Michael Thomas (Brandon Marshall) and Jalin Marshall (Golden Tate), I'm not completely sold on just yet.

Zeke's combination of size, power, speed, and vision make him a special prospect. Not too many have that blend. Maybe a bigger Marshall Faulk? Or a faster Edgerrin James?

Braxton is the toughest. He has prototypical WR size, but inhuman agility and burst. I think it's too early to know what exactly Braxton can be after seeing his success at the Senior Bowl practices thus far. 

Comment 28 Jan 2016

You CANNOT pass on DPJ.  Being from Cass Tech, if he wants in even if Grimes and Harris have already committed, you take him.  His SPARQ score at The Opening this past summer was off the charts.  Getting him is not only strong for OSU from a strategic recruiting standpoint in continuing to develop relationships up north, but he's also a top-10 recruit.

Comment 19 Jan 2016

You hit the nail on the head with the issues on defense, especially the rotations.  

First, the initial on-ball defense overall has been very bad.  OSU's players just don't move their feet like they should, and instead have been prone to using their hands/arms or just allowing the penetration.  Second, when that penetration happens, one of two things tend to happen.  Either no one gives help defense and it is an easy layup, or everyone helps and it leads to an easy, wide open 3.

The communication is bad with this team, which is not unexpected for a young team.  If they want to improve and actually give themselves a chance against a good opponent, though, that will have to change.

Comment 12 Jan 2016

I've said my piece on this subject many times, and several of you (IronPastor, BSK33, et al) are bringing up the exact points I've stated over the past 2-3 years.  No need to re-hash.

But, I will say that John Calipari at Kentucky has changed the dynamic of college basketball, and it has made things more difficult for programs like OSU - teams that are not blue bloods but have produced very similar results over the last decade as the traditional blue bloods.  The '1 and done' used to mean those high-level prospects were spread out over many programs.  Thad got his fair share of big-time prospects, partially based on their geographic location, but also partially because Duke and other blue bloods didn't necessarily love the idea of getting multiple '1 and done' players.  Calipari has turned all of that on its head.

Now, ALL of the blue bloods are in on ALL of the top level players because they see the ability to still win national championships while having several one-year players.  Those players are now teaming up and all going places together to win titles, rather than trying to find their own path where they can make themselves into a superstar player on a really good team.  These 5-stars are accepting lesser roles because they see they'll still be drafted extremely high even if they aren't putting up 20 points a night in college.

This is where being a blue blood comes into the picture.  Places like Duke, UNC, Kansas, and UK all have amazing home atmospheres.  They have (mostly) legendary coaches.  They are the stars on campus because basketball is the biggest and baddest thing going.  If Thad is to get any of these 5-stars today, he has to really work some magic to entice them.  More often than not, a 5-star is going to pick a Duke or UK over OSU basketball.  Thad has had to change the type of player he's going after, and that transition period has been these past 2 years.

Comment 23 Dec 2015

Doubtful, unless UT-Arlington and LA Tech are each running away with their respective conferences (which could happen).  I think OSU needs likely 13-14 wins between conference play and conference tournament, including a big upset on the road (or two).  That would put their record, at worst, at 21-13, but more likely needing at least 22-12.  They cannot afford losses to PSU, Rutgers, Nebraska, or any other bottom of the barrel B1G teams, and then they will need good showings at IU/Purdue/Maryland/MSU.

The good thing is the B1G is top heavy this year, with a bunch of middling teams who don't look to be anything special.  Can OSU rise to the top of the "middle" in the B1G, just below the top 4?  If they can finish 5th in the league standings including maybe a win at IU and at Maryland, for instance, I think they're in line to make the big dance.

Comment 23 Dec 2015

I think this is honestly the toughest non-conference schedule OSU has played under Matta - ever.  Look at the high majors they've played (UK, UConn, UVA, and throw Memphis in as well because of their historical success), and then look at the mid-majors.  

UT-Arlington has several good wins and an OT loss at Texas.  LA Tech doesn't necessarily have any good wins other than OSU, but they look like they may be the best team in CUSA.  Both have outstanding shots at making the tournament.  Same goes for Mercer, and you could possibly throw NIU into that category with an outside chance of winning the MAC based on how they've played thus far.

Overall, this young OSU team has been tested early by all different types of teams.  Hopefully that pays off when they get into conference play with the variety they'll see.

Comment 22 Dec 2015

Take care of the basketball and play sound defensively.  This team has enough offensive options and athleticism that they can and will win most games if they limit mistakes and don't give up easy baskets.  The problem has been making poor decisions or being lax with the ball, especially at inopportune times, and then allowing those bad periods of offense to affect the team on the defensive end.

Hopefully the UK win was just the kickstart this team needed to understand how it can best function.  Sometimes youthful teams need that boost of confidence of actually "doing it" to prove to themselves they are capable.

Let the win streak commence!

Comment 21 Dec 2015
This season will be a process for this team. I don't expect that all of a sudden OSU becomes a powerhouse and won't lose several more games that will have us scratching our heads. They are young, inexperienced, and still don't have a "go-to" player offensively. With that said, I hope this team saw what they are capable of when they value the basketball, are intent on taking good shots, and they play together on defense. This team is extremely talented overall, and when they can lock in on these things, as well as incorporate specific game-planning given by the coaching staff, I think they have a chance to do very well in the B1G this year.
Comment 17 Dec 2015

I noticed last night during the handshake line after the game that he looked pissed.  Thought to myself he could be unhappy based on the fact he's not playing, the team is not doing well, he's from TX, and his TX compadre Mitchell is also not playing.  

Stinks to see such a good shooter leave the program, but when you're a freshman on a freshmen/sophomore dominant team and you aren't playing much, thinks tend to not look very bright in the future.  Best of luck to Austin wherever he decides to go.

Comment 11 Dec 2015

During his time at Rutgers, especially in the latter years of his tenure, Schiano either coached or recruited quite a few guys on the defensive side of the ball that ended up being pretty highly thought of NFL prospects.  Logan Ryan (DB with the Patriots, 3rd Round pick), Devin McCourty (DB with the Patriots, 1st Round pick), Jason McCourty (DB with the Titans, 6th Round pick) - all were guys brought in to Rutgers, and in many cases coached up, by Schiano.

He's got a great defensive pedigree.  He was thought to be a pretty serious candidate for the HC job at Miami.  He's intense and fiery, and his players seemed to love him when he was at Rutgers.  I absolutely LOVE the hire.  Urban knocked the cover off the ball on this one.

Comment 08 Dec 2015

I have some family in Oklahoma.  When the matchup was originally scheduled I thought we may make the trip, but doesn't look that way now.  Definitely wish it would work out though!

Comment 08 Dec 2015

So Thad doesn't go after/get the best Ohio kids, and that's a problem.  But, he does go after and get one of the best national players (Russell) - but.. he didn't know Russell would end up being a NPOY candidate, and that is Thad's fault?!?  Seriously?!?

NO ONE knew Russell was going to be a one-and-done player heading into his freshman season.  ZERO recruiting experts.  ZERO Division I head coaches.  ZERO NBA scouts.  Something clicked for Russell - he was given the keys to the OSU offense as a point guard (something even his HS and AAU coaches did not do) and he knocked it out of the park.  Thad saw something in him that made him believe he could be an Evan Turner-like player at the point, running the show and also shooting/scoring the basketball at a high level.  Russell became the #2 pick in the draft in large part due to the opportunity Thad gave him, and confidence Thad had in him.  

But no - let's blame Matta for creating a 1st team All-American...

Comment 08 Dec 2015

He's already won a national championship, set numerous Buckeye rushing records, and is a projected mid-1st round pick in the draft.  Zero reason for Zeke to come back.

Guys like Marshall, Apple, Elflein, Lee, etc. - if you aren't a projected 1st/2nd round pick, then by all means come back another year to improve your draft positioning.  But if you're already a 1st round pick and you've accomplished the ultimate goal - a national championship - then why risk it?

Comment 08 Dec 2015

The other thing to keep in mind is what Urban said about the progression of the OSU offense at the beginning of this season - he wanted to develop it into more of a pro-style attack rather than a read-option offense.  That was part of the thinking in putting Cardale in as the starter rather than JT.  Obviously things didn't turn out the best, but a lot of that was due to the offensive line's struggles as well as lackluster QB play at times (from both Cardale and JT).

I think Urban would love to have an offense where the QB is most dangerous throwing the football, and they are able to get the ball to the playmakers in space while spreading it around.  Doing that, as well as having a QB who can run the ball every now and again (5-7 times a game) to keep the defense honest.  That is exactly where Haskins thrives.  Getting the ball out quickly, running when it is necessary when the defense doesn't account for his feet.

Look at the QB's who will be competing for the starting QB job over the next few years.  After JT, you have Burrow and Clark.  Neither are "runners" but instead very good passers/distributors who can use their feet when necessary.  Looks to me like Gibson and Wallace are trending to the WR/athlete category, and OSU is trying to get away from relying on the QB run 15-20 times a game against good defenses.

Comment 04 Dec 2015

I'd be surprised if he wasn't interested in Georgia as well, but my feeling is Georgia had their eye on one guy the entire time.  I don't think Georgia even got past Kirby Smart to consider someone else.

With that said, I'm not sure Herman wants a big time SEC job unless it is A&M or a truly great program like Bama.  Other than Bama, OSU, or Texas, my gut feeling is he is fine with where he's at and he's not going to jump to a "great" job unless it is a top 3 job (such as those I mentioned).  In fact, if something happened today that caused Urban to retire, I'm not positive Tom Herman would take the OSU job because I think at the end of the day he wants the gig in Austin, and he sees Charlie Strong's job status is tenuous at best.  UT is what he wants, and unless Texas does not hire Herman as their next coach, I don't see him leaving Houston in the near future.

Comment 03 Dec 2015

No, I think Houston was the perfect opportunity.  Many have said it already, but Houston is a terrific stepping stone job historically.  Tons of great HS prospects available within your own city, a large university with access to great resources, yet playing in a smaller conference that he could likely help dominate for a few years.  Plus, his affinity and comfort with Texas and the recruiting scene in that state already is something that was perfect for his profile.

Add that all up, and then factor in that certain guys take jobs for money, and others take jobs because they have a plan in place to get somewhere specific at the end of the day.  Guys like Urban Meyer have a plan, and that involves creating a legacy of being a winner at every stop with highly successful teams.  Herman could have taken a job like Illinois, or Kansas, or Rutgers, and been at a place where 8-4 or 7-5 is a really good season.  He'd make his money and at some point he may get a shot for a higher profile gig.  But, when you move from good situation to good situation, and you're constantly winning at the highest level you begin to make a name for yourself as a truly great coach.  Herman is on his way to doing that by looking for the right situation at the right time, much like Urban has done.