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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being able to witness the 2006 game between #1 Ohio State and #2 Michigan. It is something I will never, ever forget. Electric moment in time with a buildup that was second to none, and a game result to match.
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Comment 01 Dec 2016

Absolutely - he tries to get way too cute with too many of his passes, when he can make the easy pass instead and live to fight another day.  He's like the gunslinger QB who is going to make the spectacular throw each game from time to time, but will also try to fit a ball in the coverage that gets returned for a back-breaking TD.

Lyle has the qualities you want in a lead guard.  I just think he is miscast, at times, as the PG.  When C.J. Jackson was in the ball game and initiating the offense, I felt like things worked much better last night because OSU did not need to make SC Top 10 plays.. too often they just needed to swing the ball quickly to the open man and it did not happen.

Moral victories are not something you want to build on very often, but when you are a team learning how to compete and win at the highest level, sometimes that is what you need.  They learned they can compete with the best, but also will throw away games if they make poor decisions.  How often do we talk about the positive impact Sparty's tough early season schedule has on that team during the stretch run of the season?  Same thing here for the Buckeyes.  This game will serve them well as we see them go forward.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

I'm going to choose to look at this result in a positive light. The game was there for the taking for OSU, and there is still a lot of work to be done as far as execution in late-game situations. There are plenty of things to improve upon, both individually and collectively. But, if you look at this performance as a whole, considering KBD did not play and Kam Williams was basically unnoticeable, I think you have to look at this positively.

Everyone wants to now call this team "experienced" because they returned so many of their top scorers, but this is still a young team who is becoming experienced. Last year, this team would have crumbled after what Virginia did the first 5 minutes of the 2nd half.  But they did not last night. I'm pretty confident this club is better positioned to make adjustments from game to game and show the ability to learn from their mistakes rather than continue to commit them.

We'll see, and luckily they have several chances to right the ship against really good opponents over the next month prior to conference play.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

I'd love to see Washington play the Buckeyes in a semifinal, along with Clemson-Bama in the other.  First of all, Washington is the least physical of all the options, meaning the best chance of staying healthy going into the title game.  Conversely, Clemson could give Bama a great game and either team would be beat up after facing the other.

Clemson-Bama in Atlanta
Ohio State-Washington in Glendale

Comment 14 Oct 2016

I like Marvin.  He's done some amazing things in Cincinnati, considering where this franchise was prior to him arriving.  He's finally convinced Mike Brown to allow someone with football knowledge to make the football decisions.  He's drafted extremely well and signed underrated, yet talented free agents.  He's turned the Bengals into one of the more consistently "good" franchises in the NFL, due to the talent he has accumulated.

However, I don't think the Bengals will ever win the Super Bowl, let alone a playoff game, with Marvin at the helm.  His team plays undisciplined and without regard to the larger picture.  I am one who has said in the past the Bengals won't ever win with Andy Dalton at QB, but the more I've seen the more I've realized it is not Andy Dalton who shrinks and struggles in big games - it is Marvin.

One event can be a coincidence.  Even two may not necessarily point to a trend.  But 0-7 and numerous other failings in big games is definitely a trend, especially when the Bengals are normally the more talented team.

As long as Mike Brown is willing to still cede control of football operations to another head coach not named Marvin Lewis, I think the Bengals job would be pretty enticing with all the talent they've accumulated over the years.

Comment 06 Oct 2016

I think, believe it or not, if the offense distributes the ball around more frequently (rather than relying on Samuel), Curtis will actually be more effective.  If other WR's begin to demand attention, and the legs of Weber demand game-planning to be stopped, it will only help Curtis achieve the 1K double.  

Right now, Samuel is the guy.  If his touches don't get out of hand - say 10 carries and 6-8 receptions a game, I think his average yards per touch will at worst remain the same, but likely go up.  More chances to move him around, and get him matched up against a LB out of the backfield or slot (e.g. Bowling Green game) will only make him harder to scheme for and harder to cover.

The man is a mismatch nightmare!

Comment 27 Sep 2016

1) Ohio State
2) Texas
3) USC
4) Michigan
5) Notre Dame
6) Alabama
7) LSU
8) Florida State
9) Oklahoma
10) Clemson

My top three are firm.  After that, 4-10 it is a toss-up as to the order.  I also considered Nebraska, Texas A&M, and several traditional SEC schools (Tennessee, Florida, Auburn, Georgia).  Georgia just missed the cut because of their history of NOT winning the big game, but the recruiting base there is unbelievable.

Comment 19 Sep 2016

Nail on the head here.

As most who have followed this site for a few years know, OSU's offense is based on the arithmetic, or numbers advantage, that each situation presents.  When JT run the ball on QB sweeps or QB power, it is all based on having the additional blocker at RB.  We don't see OSU use those plays when they're playing an inferior opponent, because they assume each blocker will win their own battle, and the ball carriers can make plays on their own.  When OSU plays a "like" opponent, they assume it won't be as easy to win those 1-on-1 battles and that the numbers advantage is much more important.

Comment 15 Sep 2016

As was discussed in the piece on Greg Schiano earlier this week, I think it is "funny" that OU's quarterback, albeit the backup, would actually say something like this, knowing full well OSU likely hasn't shown all the looks they will show on Saturday.  When you have a top-shelf defensive coordinator, with NFL experience, along with a group of defensive coaches who helped lead a team to a national championship, you know they aren't going to be "basic" against a high-level opponent.

The chess match will be fun to watch.  Interested to see if OU is even prepared for that, as right now it would seem not...

Comment 14 Sep 2016

This relates to the game day and recruiting, more so than the game itself.

OU is having maybe their biggest ever "recruiting day" on the same day as maybe their biggest non-conference clash in years.  We hear quite often about recruits who are visiting getting pulled in to Urban's office to talk with him and other coaches, or just in general that a recruit got to spend time with different players and coaches (and ultimately leads to them knowing they are a recruiting priority).

How does a typical game day go for a recruit on a visit, and how is it possible for a coaching staff and/or players to spend time with recruits when, I am sure, the task at hand is the one and only thing on their minds?  With such a big game, and then so many big-time "priority" recruits at the same game, how does a coach have time to do all of this?  Can something like this backfire on Stoops and OU if players don't feel like they've been made a priority or aren't given "adequate time" with coaches during an official visit?

Comment 13 Sep 2016

I think Schiano has mentioned he only does 1-year agreements right now because he's technically still being paid by Tampa Bay, along then with his coordinator contract at OSU.  My guess is it's all a money thing, and he wouldn't get the full amount from the Bucs if he signed a "long-term" coaching contract that is longer than 1-year with someone else.

He seems genuinely happy so far with his role - hopefully he sticks it out at least another year after this season so that this secondary has continuity going into what should be an absolutely loaded team in 2017.

Comment 13 Sep 2016

It'll be interesting to see if OSU still plays so much man-coverage against OU and Mayfield.  Mayfield can hurt you with his legs, and if he's able to get outside the pocket and recognize man-coverage, he could have some good running options.

I'll be absolutely shocked if OSU does not show several different looks, mixing and matching coverages throughout the game, to keep Mayfield guessing.  The nice thing about the secondary and how well they are playing in coverage is that OSU can then attack OU's running game with more in the box.  They can't let Mixon and Perrine to get momentum and start reeling off chunk plays in the running game.

Comment 02 Sep 2016

I really believe Curtis Samuel is the first H at Ohio State that Urban can actually use similar to what he did at Florida with Harvin, Rainey, and Demps (and NO, I'm not comparing him to Percy!).  To this point, H-backs at OSU have only been used as a slot receiver, or a guy that takes a pitch or jet sweep wide to the outside.  Samuel, with his stronger frame and freshman experience already as a RB, is a guy who can do all that, but he can also run between the tackles.  Harvin, Rainey, and Demps absolutely thrived at Florida because they had the ability to hit the hole, not dance between the tackles and bounce everything outside, and had home-run/breakaway speed.

Samuel is built for this role, and I can see many occasions where this offense will line up with a 5-wide look to get the defensive personnel on the field they want to see, motion Samuel into the backfield, and then let him run wild between the tackles.

I'm excited to see him finally get the opportunity to show off his versatility in full effect.

Comment 30 Aug 2016

I've probably watched bits and pieces of these on YouTube 5 or 6 times.  The callers are amazing, and watching Finebaum, McElroy, and Booger try to explain what is happening while the Buckeyes are in the midst of their 28-0 run is just... the best.  The meltdown of the SEC fan-base during that game is classic theatre.

Comment 29 Aug 2016

So I read that as the Chargers got rid of the offset language, since the entire contract is fully guaranteed.  Right?

The signing bonus was already fully guaranteed, from my understanding.  The only issue there was the timing of the payment (partially upfront, partially deferred to next March).  

Comment 24 Aug 2016

So it sounds like Ahmir has issues that give legitimacy to why Harbaugh would suspend him, and therefore lead to Ahmir leaving Michigan altogether.

Serious question here: OSU went after Ahmir for a bit, and then his "decision" came down to OSU and Michigan (even though Birm made it clear multiple times that OSU was no longer involved in Mitchell's recruitment).  Did OSU have an idea about Mitchell's issues or immaturity?  The recruiting analysts here would obviously be the only ones that would likely know the answer to this.  I just always thought it was strange that Mitchell, a "top" recruit, had enough interest in OSU to put them in his final two, but OSU was not actually actively recruiting him any longer..

Comment 03 Aug 2016

Thank you for being one to actually acknowledge this.  I didn't have the time to comment on the initial post about Bosa's holdout, but the fact many were making it seem as if Joey just needed to sign the deal and move on so he can get into camp is ludicrous.  Asking him to wait so long for his bonus money (with substantial CA taxes), and then also putting the offset clause in the contract would pretty much be a big fat loss for Bosa on all accounts.  NO ONE, as a top 3 pick, has ever had to put up with a team insisting on both of these items in the contract.

The good news is at this point, DE is one of the easier positions for a rookie to come in and play right away.  I don't think missing a few days to a week of training camp will really hamper Bosa all too much for the season.  But, if something isn't done rather quickly then more problems will set in and the animosity between both sides will pick up steam.  Not a good look from the Chargers.

Comment 03 Aug 2016

Nope, his contract is an albatross.  Even when he is putting up staggering numbers (he's 28-for-54 with 17 walks since the break, with a .625 OBP, 4 HR and 10 RBI), it is hard for any team to justify his contract in future years.  I don't foresee Votto ever being traded, unless the Reds kicked in a TON of money in a deal.  The good thing is Votto's game should age well as long as he doesn't lose bat speed.  He'll continue to walk and get on base at a high frequency.

Comment 03 Aug 2016

For those that don't follow the Reds all that closely, or haven't followed them closely for the past 7-8 years, I could see there being questions about Joey Votto's personality, his likeability, or in general just what kind of guy he is.  He's a guy with a huge contract.  He's constantly been questioned about how he plays the game - taking walks rather than swinging away, has had his toughness questioned multiple times, has been told he's not a team guy, etc.  

All of these things stem from the fact that Joey Votto is maybe the most honest, thoughtful, and perceptive professional athlete I've ever seen.  The guys just thinks about things differently than a regular human being, and he analyzes things from all angles.  He's a smart dude who has mastered the art of hitting, and quite frankly the art of not making outs in the batter's box.  His honesty has led to questions about him that I think have been unfair over his career at times (his panic attacks, his knee/thigh injury, his willingness to swing at a ball in order to drive in a run, and so on).

There is no doubt in my mind that Votto genuinely apologized for his role in the incident.

Comment 10 Jun 2016

For soccer fans in the US, the next week or so will be about as good as you can get.  Euro games in the morning and early afternoon on ESPN, and Copa games in the evenings on FOX.  All day soccer isn't something we ever get to witness, even during the World Cup!