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Comment 22 Feb 2017

The one guy not mentioned here is Aeneas Hawkins.  He would likely be the "project" at this point since he's ranked in the 300's, but his offer list says otherwise.  If the Buckeyes can get Vincent and Hawkins, and pull in Jones (who could play on either line), I think that would be an extremely successful cycle at DT.

Jones is similar in size to a Billy Price, coming out of HS.  People forget he was initially recruited as a DT, with measurables that would indicate a perfect fit at NT.  Jones is the same way.  If the OSU staff really thought it was necessary to have a NT in this defense, they would plug in a guy like Price at the nose and not even try to move him around.  Obviously they haven't felt the need to do so, and the results have shown them to be correct.

Comment 14 Feb 2017

Does Michael Jordan have the ability to transition outside to tackle as a junior?  With his size, I would think he could be a prime candidate to do that, a la Jack Mewhort a few years back.  Tackle is definitely a priority, but guys like Jordan and Myers, while figuring into the depth chart at guard for next year, could potentially develop into tackles at the college level.  It would be really difficult to rely on unproven players in 2018 at tackle, whether that be guys currently on the roster with likely little experience (Feder, Bowen, etc.) or true freshmen.

Comment 10 Feb 2017

Crazy list of prospects who OSU has a shot at in 2018, but that is what is now expected to happen every year with Urban Meyer leading the charge.  And even crazier that there is one player left off the list who OSU is expected (at the moment, according to the CB) to snag.  #40 Matthew Jones, DT/OL from Curtis Samuel's old stomping grounds at Erasmus Hall in Brooklyn.

The best players want to play for the best programs, it's as simple as that.  That's why every top recruit considers Alabama, and why basically every top recruit considers Ohio State.  OSU is hotter than ever at the moment in the eyes of HS players.  Might as well strike while that iron is hot!

Comment 16 Jan 2017

Ethan Pocic - All-American C LSU|
Porter Gustin LB Southern Cal
Josh Sweat DE FSU
Ejuan Price DE Pittsburgh (committed to OSU as a LB then decommitted with all the Tat-gate issues, as I recall)

Seems like the past 5 years, Ohio State has been in on all the best players in the nation, so almost every All-American was once considered a "possible" OSU prospect.  Amazing what Urbs has done with recruiting at OSU.

Comment 16 Jan 2017

This is what is so frustrating about this team.  They have talent.  They have guys who can make plays, but too often this season (and last) those guys have made bad decisions at inopportune times.

When you value the basketball and take good, smart shots in the flow of the game, you can do some really good things.  Lyle is a mismatch nightmare on the perimeter when he's not throwing the ball away.  Kam and CJ can get open shots, they just need to make a decent percentage of them.  When Loving and Tate are "complementary" players and not relied on to be "the man" each game, they are very good in that role.  And Thompson can do some damage down low on both ends of the court when he's smart, does not over commit, and has some intensity in his game.

The inconsistency is perplexing, and I hope like crazy this result leads to some permanent changes to the way the guys play.  It's hard to envision that happening, but I'd love to see it!

Comment 10 Jan 2017

I think there will be a tremendous chance next year for a bevy of players to fill that hybrid role, led by Parris Campbell.  People forget just how dominant he was as a runner in HS.  He's big enough (6'1 208) with a chance to get even bigger this offseason if it is expected of him to carry the ball some.

Add in Demario McCall's shiftiness and ability to make explosive plays, and there are two legit guys.  I think J.K. Dobbins is another who can contribute and do it right away.  He's already big enough, and has the complete skill set for that position.  Guys that come in early tend to make some noise their first year.  EGW is slight, but explosive with the ball in his hands.

There are plenty of options, and I hope OSU is open to using more of them next season.

Comment 10 Jan 2017

This has nothing to do with the hybrid "H" back role, per se, but Tyjon Lindsey was mentioned at the end so I guess it fits here...

I CANNOT wait until OSU has that pure slot receiver that is sure-handed, finds holes in the zones, can beat man coverage, and has enough speed and wiggle to make plays when the ball is in his hands.  Yes, Samuel did some of that, and yes, Philly Brown was relatively good at all that, but look at the difference a player like Hunter Renfrow makes in that Clemson offense when Watson just needs a play.  Coming into the CFP, Renfrow had only 3 games this season with 5 or more catches, and 50 or more yards receiving.  But, when it matters most against a great defense, Watson trusts him to get open and make sure-handed catches, and he does it.

Tyjon Lindsey is the first true slot WR that OSU has recruited, that I can think of, during Urban's time here.  There have been hybrid players, and there have been true WR's that just aren't that big to play the X or even the Y.  But Tyjon Lindsey is a guy that understands how to get open in the slot.  I'm hopeful he can become that sure-handed slot receiver that all championship teams seem to have.

Comment 08 Jan 2017

This team and this program have become unwatchable. 

Thad Matta is a man of tremendous character. He's done unthinkable things with this basketball program. Unfortunately, I think we've reached a point of no return. The program has plateaued. 

I don't know how it has gotten to this point, but this team (actually the past 2-3 years) has become the antithesis of what we've known of Thad Matta-coaches teams. They foul too much, choke under pressure, turn the ball over far too much, and have terrible shot selection. The tenets of OSU basketball that we've been accustomed to seeing over Thad's first 9-10 seasons have vanished. Disappeared. Gone. 

I don't know the answer right now, but with an 0-5 start to B1G play looming, the NCAA tournament is already almost certainly out of the picture. It's sad, frustrating and disappointing to watch, but the time has come where something drastic needs to happen. There is no change in sight if the program remains as is...

And this all comes from someone who has vehemently opposed those calling for Matta's job the past 2 years. He earned the right to turn this around, but unfortunately nothing has changed this season and instead we've almost seen regression. 

Comment 05 Jan 2017

Remember back in 2013, when Corey Brown, Devin Smith, and Evan Spencer were the starting wideouts?  Remember when they struggled to get open and create plays down the field?  Braxton and Hyde masked a lot of the offensive problems that year.  Urban talked about needing someone to become a game-changer at the WR position.  Michael Thomas, who was being redshirted, called out those starting WR's after the Orange Bowl performance.

The common denominator here is the fact that OSU has not recruited the WR position well enough.  That group of WR's from 2013 just were not up to par (yet).  Then 2014 happens (Philly moves on to NFL, Thomas plays and Jalin Marshall steps in to play).  Michael Thomas and Devin Smith each became game-changers, and guess what - they were the only true WR prospects of the bunch.  The other guys were mostly hybrid players who OSU tried to turn into WR's.

We're seeing the same thing this year.  Terry McLaurin, Noah Brown, Parris Campbell, Dontre Wilson, and on and on - all were hybrid type players coming into OSU and all have had their fair share of growing pains becoming good route runners and consistently getting open.  

In 2017, will Zach Smith be able to help a few of those guys take the next step to becoming good secondary options with true WR's like Bin Victor, Austin Mack, and KJ Hill  becoming the true go-to targets?  To me this becomes the question that needs to be answered with a resounding yes if this offense is expected to take off.

Comment 05 Jan 2017

Rumblings also that there could be a surprise on someone who leaves, with that player being Jamarco Jones.  Not a lot of pub for JJ this year at LT, which is always good.  Seems his advanced stats were very good all year.  I'd be shocked if he left, but who knows!

As for the others already mentioned, I agree - I think Lewis and Lattimore go pro, and Samuel stays to put himself into the conversation as a 1st round pick.

Comment 05 Jan 2017

Chip Kelly: If Chip takes any role in college football outside of a head coaching job (he's not going to take an OC job in college), I firmly believe it would be in an analyst/consultant role with Ohio State.  Urban has shown, especially recently, that he is completely open and willing to hiring friends in the business, and it is known that Urban and Chip are friendly and have a lot of mutual respect for each other.

The one thing with Chip that would be difficult for any college coach to deal with is his strong personality and ideas, and whether he would dominate discussion, even as just an analyst.  It would be tough for someone like a Butch Davis, for example, to have Kelly on staff because Chip is more accomplished and more highly regarded than the majority of college head coaches.  There are probably two coaches who could handle Chip's ego, and that would be Saban and Urban.  Based on Urban's friendship with Chip, I could see that working.

As an analyst, I think Chip would be in a perfect setting, both for himself as a "football guy" and for Ohio State to utilize his strengths.  Game-planning, recognizing defenses, in-game adjustments - all would be incredibly beneficial for OSU, and Urban's sway would definitely "limit" Chip's ego as much as anyone else could.

Comment 05 Jan 2017

I don't think there is any question the only way he comes to OSU is as an analyst/consultant.  He's going to be looking for his next head coaching opportunity, and regardless of what happened in the NFL, he would be the hottest name available for the next highly-regarded college football job.  He's a short-timer, and I doubt Urban would even want that headache of having to replace an offensive coordinator again so quickly.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

Absolutely - he tries to get way too cute with too many of his passes, when he can make the easy pass instead and live to fight another day.  He's like the gunslinger QB who is going to make the spectacular throw each game from time to time, but will also try to fit a ball in the coverage that gets returned for a back-breaking TD.

Lyle has the qualities you want in a lead guard.  I just think he is miscast, at times, as the PG.  When C.J. Jackson was in the ball game and initiating the offense, I felt like things worked much better last night because OSU did not need to make SC Top 10 plays.. too often they just needed to swing the ball quickly to the open man and it did not happen.

Moral victories are not something you want to build on very often, but when you are a team learning how to compete and win at the highest level, sometimes that is what you need.  They learned they can compete with the best, but also will throw away games if they make poor decisions.  How often do we talk about the positive impact Sparty's tough early season schedule has on that team during the stretch run of the season?  Same thing here for the Buckeyes.  This game will serve them well as we see them go forward.

Comment 01 Dec 2016

I'm going to choose to look at this result in a positive light. The game was there for the taking for OSU, and there is still a lot of work to be done as far as execution in late-game situations. There are plenty of things to improve upon, both individually and collectively. But, if you look at this performance as a whole, considering KBD did not play and Kam Williams was basically unnoticeable, I think you have to look at this positively.

Everyone wants to now call this team "experienced" because they returned so many of their top scorers, but this is still a young team who is becoming experienced. Last year, this team would have crumbled after what Virginia did the first 5 minutes of the 2nd half.  But they did not last night. I'm pretty confident this club is better positioned to make adjustments from game to game and show the ability to learn from their mistakes rather than continue to commit them.

We'll see, and luckily they have several chances to right the ship against really good opponents over the next month prior to conference play.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

I'd love to see Washington play the Buckeyes in a semifinal, along with Clemson-Bama in the other.  First of all, Washington is the least physical of all the options, meaning the best chance of staying healthy going into the title game.  Conversely, Clemson could give Bama a great game and either team would be beat up after facing the other.

Clemson-Bama in Atlanta
Ohio State-Washington in Glendale

Comment 14 Oct 2016

I like Marvin.  He's done some amazing things in Cincinnati, considering where this franchise was prior to him arriving.  He's finally convinced Mike Brown to allow someone with football knowledge to make the football decisions.  He's drafted extremely well and signed underrated, yet talented free agents.  He's turned the Bengals into one of the more consistently "good" franchises in the NFL, due to the talent he has accumulated.

However, I don't think the Bengals will ever win the Super Bowl, let alone a playoff game, with Marvin at the helm.  His team plays undisciplined and without regard to the larger picture.  I am one who has said in the past the Bengals won't ever win with Andy Dalton at QB, but the more I've seen the more I've realized it is not Andy Dalton who shrinks and struggles in big games - it is Marvin.

One event can be a coincidence.  Even two may not necessarily point to a trend.  But 0-7 and numerous other failings in big games is definitely a trend, especially when the Bengals are normally the more talented team.

As long as Mike Brown is willing to still cede control of football operations to another head coach not named Marvin Lewis, I think the Bengals job would be pretty enticing with all the talent they've accumulated over the years.

Comment 06 Oct 2016

I think, believe it or not, if the offense distributes the ball around more frequently (rather than relying on Samuel), Curtis will actually be more effective.  If other WR's begin to demand attention, and the legs of Weber demand game-planning to be stopped, it will only help Curtis achieve the 1K double.  

Right now, Samuel is the guy.  If his touches don't get out of hand - say 10 carries and 6-8 receptions a game, I think his average yards per touch will at worst remain the same, but likely go up.  More chances to move him around, and get him matched up against a LB out of the backfield or slot (e.g. Bowling Green game) will only make him harder to scheme for and harder to cover.

The man is a mismatch nightmare!