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Comment 2 hours ago

So I read that as the Chargers got rid of the offset language, since the entire contract is fully guaranteed.  Right?

The signing bonus was already fully guaranteed, from my understanding.  The only issue there was the timing of the payment (partially upfront, partially deferred to next March).  

Comment 24 Aug 2016

So it sounds like Ahmir has issues that give legitimacy to why Harbaugh would suspend him, and therefore lead to Ahmir leaving Michigan altogether.

Serious question here: OSU went after Ahmir for a bit, and then his "decision" came down to OSU and Michigan (even though Birm made it clear multiple times that OSU was no longer involved in Mitchell's recruitment).  Did OSU have an idea about Mitchell's issues or immaturity?  The recruiting analysts here would obviously be the only ones that would likely know the answer to this.  I just always thought it was strange that Mitchell, a "top" recruit, had enough interest in OSU to put them in his final two, but OSU was not actually actively recruiting him any longer..

Comment 03 Aug 2016

Thank you for being one to actually acknowledge this.  I didn't have the time to comment on the initial post about Bosa's holdout, but the fact many were making it seem as if Joey just needed to sign the deal and move on so he can get into camp is ludicrous.  Asking him to wait so long for his bonus money (with substantial CA taxes), and then also putting the offset clause in the contract would pretty much be a big fat loss for Bosa on all accounts.  NO ONE, as a top 3 pick, has ever had to put up with a team insisting on both of these items in the contract.

The good news is at this point, DE is one of the easier positions for a rookie to come in and play right away.  I don't think missing a few days to a week of training camp will really hamper Bosa all too much for the season.  But, if something isn't done rather quickly then more problems will set in and the animosity between both sides will pick up steam.  Not a good look from the Chargers.

Comment 03 Aug 2016

Nope, his contract is an albatross.  Even when he is putting up staggering numbers (he's 28-for-54 with 17 walks since the break, with a .625 OBP, 4 HR and 10 RBI), it is hard for any team to justify his contract in future years.  I don't foresee Votto ever being traded, unless the Reds kicked in a TON of money in a deal.  The good thing is Votto's game should age well as long as he doesn't lose bat speed.  He'll continue to walk and get on base at a high frequency.

Comment 03 Aug 2016

For those that don't follow the Reds all that closely, or haven't followed them closely for the past 7-8 years, I could see there being questions about Joey Votto's personality, his likeability, or in general just what kind of guy he is.  He's a guy with a huge contract.  He's constantly been questioned about how he plays the game - taking walks rather than swinging away, has had his toughness questioned multiple times, has been told he's not a team guy, etc.  

All of these things stem from the fact that Joey Votto is maybe the most honest, thoughtful, and perceptive professional athlete I've ever seen.  The guys just thinks about things differently than a regular human being, and he analyzes things from all angles.  He's a smart dude who has mastered the art of hitting, and quite frankly the art of not making outs in the batter's box.  His honesty has led to questions about him that I think have been unfair over his career at times (his panic attacks, his knee/thigh injury, his willingness to swing at a ball in order to drive in a run, and so on).

There is no doubt in my mind that Votto genuinely apologized for his role in the incident.

Comment 10 Jun 2016

For soccer fans in the US, the next week or so will be about as good as you can get.  Euro games in the morning and early afternoon on ESPN, and Copa games in the evenings on FOX.  All day soccer isn't something we ever get to witness, even during the World Cup!

Comment 04 Jun 2016

Klinsmann has grand plans.  He wants the team to push the pace.  He wants them to play proactive soccer.  The problem is he continually puts together lineups that just aren't going to do that at the international level.  When you plug in Bradley, Jones, and Bedoya together in the midfield, you have zero creativity - you just have guys with high work rates.  Zardes, same thing.  Plus, he's just not a winger at the international level.  Dempsey is just past his prime, and he doesn't fit in a 4-3-3 at all.  Put it all together and you have a disjointed lineup, once again.

Jurgen has players in this roster that can help play a possession-style, proactive and creative game.  He has to make the decision at some point that his same lineup choices aren't working at the highest level, and to go a different direction.  Nagbe, Pulisic, and Fabian Johnson need to be in the attack.  Put them with Wood, use Bradley only as a holding midfielder, and I think the team has a chance to play attacking soccer.

Last night wasn't all bad.  The possession was fine and the back four played pretty well overall.  But 2-0 is 2-0 and you can't change that with the idea you "played them even."  As Jurgen has always said, results matter.

Comment 26 May 2016

Didn't Dino Babers cut his teeth under Briles?  Looks like he may have jumped the BG ship a year too early..

Comment 26 May 2016

I think a very likely scenario is for Baylor to take a look at former Baylor assistant coaches under Briles who understand the school and also understand Briles' offensive system.  Someone like a Philip Montgomery, who is currently Tulsa's head coach, but was OC under Briles up until last season.  That may be enough of a separation from Briles while still being able to have some continuity and familiarity with the current team.

Comment 24 May 2016

It's puzzling to me that they upgraded to a flagrant-2 (which would have automatically ejected him from the game), but he still is not being suspended for game 4.

Unfortunately, this is just another example of the NBA completely and absolutely playing to needs of their star players and top teams.  It's been happening for years, so it's hard to get upset when it has become the expectation.

Comment 17 May 2016

I think this idea, with some tweaks, could work perfectly in college football.  My idea in the past was to create some sort of promotion/relegation system (for those familiar with global soccer leagues).  If you have this top level of teams, with whatever number/amount of teams you need to make it work, along with other "minor leagues" for the mid-majors or others who missed the cut, I think you could do the promotion/relegation rather easily.  My personal opinion is you need something more like 32 teams (4 regions of 8) in the top level rather than 24.

If you take a look at how Mandel breaks down the system into geographic regions, you can mimic the same exact thing for all other schools to fit into those geographic regions.  For instance, in the Midwest Division, you could have Indiana, Purdue, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas State, Iowa State, and Missouri as your 2nd Midwest Division.  Let's say in 2026, Michigan falls flat on their faces and finishes in last place at the top level Midwest Division, while Missouri goes undefeated and wins the 2nd level Midwest Division.  Those two would switch places the next season.  Maybe you even switch the top and bottom 2 teams rather than just 1.

Either way, this would create a system where schools would basically decide - do we want to compete for championships or not?  If so, spend the money for a good coach, big stadium, recruiting support staff, etc.  You do that, and the results follow on the field, you get promoted to the top level and you have a chance to win a national championship.  If not, you get left behind.  No more could teams/programs survive simply on their name or brand.  No more could teams schedule patsies out of conference to buy wins and still be in the running for a national title.  These things would actually get decided on the field, and a program like a Boise State or Houston could possibly show their worth and their class, have an opportunity to play with the big boys on a more level playing field, and they could prove whether or not they deserve to stay there.

The amount of college football programs at all different shapes and sized lends itself to a system like this.  It would not be hard to have 4 levels of 32 teams, each broken up into the same divisional structure from a geographic standpoint.

Comment 02 May 2016

The buzz is with Louisville, but I'm hoping Markell picks the Buckeyes.  He's a dynamic athlete who would help make OSU's offense more diverse - having multiple guys on the court who can penetrate and break down the defense is exactly what this team needs to give their shooters more space to work.

Comment 13 Apr 2016

I think the psychology of what happened in this situation, in New Orleans in particular (with all the homicides recently), along with the surveillance footage and witness testimony, paints a picture of what very well could have happened on that fateful night.  Bear with me here...

Smith's Mercedes SUV was obviously following Hayes at least for a few blocks.  He wasn't riding Hayes' bumper the entire time.  Suddenly, Hayes stops short for no apparent reason (based on surveillance footage) and Smith may have bumped him.  This is a classic maneuver for robbery or even for a simple shakedown to avoid any insurance incidents.  Smith sees this, and decides he doesn't want to caught in anything and speeds off.  When he notices that the same vehicle (Hayes) is now chasing him down and rear-ends him, I'm sure he felt threatened.  I'm sure the threat of something sinister and deadly had crossed his mind (there had been a reported 20 murders in 26 days) when he sees a man charging out of the Hummer at him.  It would not be surprising for Smith or someone in his party to have a weapon, based on the current New Orleans environment.  It would also not be surprising to warn the perpetrator that Smith had a gun in an effort to stop the situation.

Comment 12 Apr 2016

From my understanding, in college basketball it tends to be well-known that offers are given out on a 1st come, 1st served basis.  In this case, I think it is very likely that OSU offered Jackson and Trice, and told both they'd take the commitment of one PG who is not Markell Johnson.  With limited schollies and limited roster sizes (as opposed to what we hear of "commitable" offers in football), I believe all cards are out on the table for everyone to see, and recruits know if they are slow to pull the trigger they may miss their chance.

Comment 12 Apr 2016

Agreed.  I don't think that matters at all and is a complete non-issue.  If anything, I think it just goes to demonstrate how underrated Jackson has been.  Now after a year at JUCO, he's getting interest from UConn, UNLV, Missouri, Cal... he finally had the chance to be the lead guard and proved he was better than the recruiting rankings had indicated.

If he played PG the majority of the time in JUCO (I don't know if he did) and shot 45% from 3, that is a good sign.  That would likely mean he's a good shooter off the dribble, and good shooters tend to be even better when spotting up with a catch-and-shoot.  I think his size and the type of player he seems to be, based on his numbers, should transition just fine to OSU and the B1G.

Comment 12 Apr 2016

I don't think it does.  OSU still, currently, has very little in the way of true PG's on the roster.  If anyone wants to consider Lyle a true PG, I guess that's fine, but that is questionable.  Jackson sounds like he's more of a combo guard but can play PG as well.  Johnson is still needed and still would fill a major hole on this roster as a true PG who would allow Lyle to play more off the ball.

Comment 12 Apr 2016

Completely agree.  Obviously, my OSU pom-poms are probably skewing my vision here, but this kid seems like he's played for some very successful programs/teams, and he's been a big part of the success of each, albeit under the radar and behind some other more well-known teammates.  Hopefully he's a good fit within the team construct, and he fits in academically as well.

Comment 12 Apr 2016

Sounds like Jackson played alongside some other really good prospects on his AAU team, as well as his high school team his senior year (Montverde - same school as D'Angelo Russell and Micah Potter).  He may have been overlooked based on that.  Originally committed to George Mason, but coaching changes prior to his enrollment made him re-think things and he went the JUCO route.

I like his description in the story below.  Seems like a good all-around player.  He basically comes in as a replacement for AJ Harris, only bigger and a better shooter.