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Comment 17 Sep 2014

At least FSU did something to punish Jameis for his latest incident.  No going back now, you would think - any more incidents and the punishment should continue to grow.

One half sure isn't much, and if this one incident occurred in a vacuum you may think the punishment is adequate or even slightly severe considering the "crime."  However with all that has happened with Jameis's run-ins over the past two years, this equates to little more than a slap on the wrist.  Maybe, MAYBE, he has finally learned his lesson... but after a now 4th or 5th incident in two years I am doubtful.

Comment 11 Sep 2014

Am I reading that wrong - shouldn't it be "He's WINLESS against ranked teams on the road" ??

Also, if Hoke is saying his players are doing the best they can, yet he wouldn't change any of the preparation for last week's game... then what is he really saying?  Either the coaches didn't have the players well-prepared, or the players did not execute ANYTHING properly.  It has to be one or the other, but it cannot be both.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

It DOES boil down to having players make plays.

Urban and Herman's spread offense is based on playing the numbers game to your advantage.  If you have talent that can block, catch passes, complete passes, and make one guy miss when necessary, you are going to be successful.  Hat on a hat, if you are better than the player across from you, you should win that battle.  Right now, OSU just has to go back to the drawing board as far as better identifying what the defense is doing to combat the base OSU offense, and come up with a variable that throws those designed defenses into confusion.  The "constraint" plays should do that, but again, it takes execution on those constraint plays to keep the ball moving.

This is a young team, both in terms of years and experience.  The coaches need to keep coaching them up, and the players need to continue soaking it all in.  With the talent on the roster, those things should happen over time.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

KBD, along with Russell, is a skilled player.  Yes, they are athletic, but lately OSU has filled up on athletic body-types and tried to mold them into basketball players.  Here, you have some guys that have the skills necessary to play high-level basketball, but may need to work on adding strength before they really cause a stir in the B1G.

KBD has a sweet stroke, and he's going to score some points right off the bat for this team.

Comment 10 Sep 2014

I think it is a fair assessment.

I'll expound on a couple of things you mentioned:

3rd Down Defense - VT was content to run the ball into traffic on 1st and 2nd down (and OSU had some good run blitzes called, it seemed), but on 3rd down they dialed up some nice plays.  Conversely, the OSU defense seemed to try and bring pressure quite often on 3rd down, but VT tried to get the ball out of Brewer's hands quickly.  With that combination, OSU was left with blitzing LB's who did not have time to get to the QB, and instead were left with little help in the secondary or on intermediate routes.  If OSU's DL is really as good as many think they are, I don't see a need for OSU to blitz as often on 3rd and medium/long, but instead to take away the quick passing attack that so many will try to employ against the Buckeyes.

Running Game - VT aligned their DL to take away the inside running game, and aligned their LB's and nickelback to take away the zone-read or jet sweep action.  Yes, if OSU had hit some of the deep balls it would have helped take VT out of that cover zero coverage.  But, I also think there comes a time when you have to try the middle screen/slip screen/WR screen to stretch them horizontally.  Meyer/Herman have preached the fact with their offense that they want to stress the defense vertically and horizontally, but it did not feel like that was the case on Saturday.  The only "stretching" they did horizontally was the speed option, normally to the short side of the field.  With the supposed playmakers OSU has, you've got to take a chance that getting your player the ball on the edge with one man to beat should be to your advantage.  OSU pretty much conceded the edges of the field to VT.

One last thing... is OSU allowed to call a slant and go?  If there is cover zero with no safety help, VT is pressing the line of scrimmage, and their CB's are obviously trying to jump everything, why not run a double move?

Comment 09 Sep 2014

Thanks again, Ross, for the breakdown.

It seems the Buckeyes' offensive staff has no choice but to look to implement a few new plays/philosophies in order to combat what I'm sure they expect to see much more of this season.  Not everyone has VT's personnel, but forcing unproven players (basically the entire OSU offense) to make plays down the field seems to be the most likely strategy all of OSU's opponents can and will employ.

The chess match has begun - I'm very interested and excited to see how OSU counters.

Comment 09 Sep 2014

I don't like the what seems like constant onslaught of criticism of the B1G by the national media, but it's getting to a point where there is just no leg to stand on to defend the league.  They rarely win big games (basically never during the regular season, and only sporadically during the bowl season), they struggle with mediocre to below average teams (Ball State, Akron, Toledo, etc.), and the recruiting overall has fallen off a cliff.

I did not expect any B1G team to make the CFB Final Four this season mainly due to the fact I didn't see anyone going undefeated, but also based on the overall perception of the league.  I'm concerned that a performance like this past Saturday will damage anyone's (Ohio State's) chances for NEXT season.  At some point, B1G programs have to beat some one of substance.  Quite frankly, OSU hasn't held up their end of the bargain over the past 3-4 seasons either.  Until the league begins winning games against other top conferences/teams, the criticism will continue and truthfully will be warranted.

Go out and win a game, B-1-G.  It's time...

Comment 08 Sep 2014

When you have a green O-line who have not been through the wars together; when you have a green QB who is not yet adept at picking up blitzes/reading defenses pre-snap; when you have completely given up on your run game against a team who has declared their intention to blitz and bring zone pressures... what do you get?  You get what we saw the last two series of the game.

I think to some degree, people are overstating how "bad" the O-line was based on the last 2-3 series.  There definitely needs to be some improvement in technique and communication, but when J.T. Barrett is not quite yet able to recognize the blitzes and find the easy underneath receivers, you're going to end up giving up sacks.  It's a combination of a lot of factors, not the least of which is a magnificent gameplan by Bud Foster. 

I scoffed at Foster's statement that this OSU offense is basically like playing Georgia Tech's triple-option, but that is exactly what the OSU offense looked like Saturday night.  Runs up the middle and option to the outside, with the only passing game consisting of trying to beat single, no-help coverage over the top for big gainers.  Foster was almost prophetic in the way he described OSU's offense, because I have never seen it so strictly "one-dimensional" as far as only looking for the deep ball when throwing the football.

Comment 08 Sep 2014

I don't think it is an easy explanation, as I am sure several factors do play a part in it.  Things such as: population shift from the MW to the coasts and South, spring football basically not happening in the MW, as opposed to being the norm in most southern states, overall coaching "talent" - not just the head coaches, but also the assistants at B1G schools and an unwillingness (for the most part) of B1G schools to open their pocketbooks for head and assistant coaches, as compared to the SEC.  All of that, along with the weather, factor in. 

The overall offensive philosophy in CFB has shifted to a wide-open, spread passing attack.  Programs like Texas A&M, Missouri, Baylor, Clemson, and on and on... they are not traditional powers, but they have utilized these new-age offensive methods of spreading teams out, throwing the ball horizontally and vertically down the field, and they're doing it with good QB's from Texas and the South.  Each year, you don't see a lot of high-profile QB recruits from the Midwest - instead, they are all from CA, TX, and other Southern states where they've been developed against top level high school competition, and with year-round training.  This is just one example of some of the factors beginning to shift power away from power-based football programs (B1G).  You have to be balanced offensively now, and very few B1G teams have that ability.

Comment 03 Sep 2014

Golden State signed Leandro Barbosa to a 1-year deal last week, so Craft has competition to make the team, for sure.  Craft also, with his low-money, partially guaranteed deal, has a shot at both making the team initially out of training camp, or getting stashed on the GS-affiliated NBADL team in order to get minutes, but yet still be available to bring up to the actual roster if any injuries were to occur.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

But what will they do when WVU finishes 5-4 in the Big 12?  One really good thing about the selection committee is they will have to give feedback on their rankings.  As the season goes on, and WVU or Ok State begin to tail off with middling records (if it happens), it will become apparent that Bama and FSU would have two non-conference wins that do not mean as much.  IF Navy upsets ND and/or goes 9-3 this season, OSU will/should rightfully get a bump for that.

At this point, Ohio State just needs MSU to beat Oregon, Michigan to beat ND, the B1G to keep winning non-conference games, and OSU opponents to keep winning games after losing to the Buckeyes.  Whether we like it or not, OSU is not going to get the benefit of the doubt.  They're going to have it earn it on the field, and then let everything else sort itself out.

Comment 02 Sep 2014

I am really, really excited about the performance of Darron Lee.  An underrated guy, who shows off the work ethic necessary to come in to OSU as an afterthought, change his body in order to change positions, and then put on a performance like that in his first ever real college game experience... that says something.

It's been referenced many, many times before, but John Cooper famously said, "If they're going to bite, they're going to bite as pups," and Darron Lee showed off some massive jaws right from the get-go.  Look at other Buckeye players who produced the way Darron Lee did as true/RS freshman, and you tend to find OSU greats.  Laurinaitis, A.J. Hawk, Chris Spielman, etc.  I'm not trying to compare Darron to the those guys, because that isn't fair.  All I'm saying is history shows a guy who performs on the big stage in his first ever chance, normally tends to turn out to be a great Buckeye!

Comment 22 Aug 2014

It is quite puzzling how much ESPN and other media outlets/personalities have been harping again on OSU's schedule, and even using it as a reason as to why OSU will be fine without #5.  I realize many of the B1G schools are looked down upon right now, and truthfully some of it is warranted (c'mon Michigan, pull your own weight for once, would ya?!?!).  However, overall there are many really good teams this year if the talking heads were to actually look closer.

The non-conference schedule has even been bashed to a degree, which makes zero sense.  VaTech is a traditional power.  Cincinnati has been a good program for years now.  Navy has outpunched their weight class for years now.  That is three good to very good non-conference opponents.  Problem is none are a heavyweight, and according to some the only way to have a tough schedule is to play an SEC or PAC12 conference schedule, and play at least one top 15-20 team in the non-conference.

It's up to Wisconsin and MSU to win their big matchups right out of the gate, OSU to beat VaTech, and Michigan to beat ND.  Wins over ND, VT, Oregon, and LSU in the non-conference would serve notice that the B1G is back this year.  For once in what seems like forever, the league needs to perform prior to conference season.

Comment 22 Aug 2014

I don't think it is as much taking Oregon/Philadelphia's play calling or style of play on the field, but more of the behind the scenes stuff Chip Kelly does with his teams that is so different from everyone else.  Chip has a method to all his madness, from the way his teams practice to the nutritional aspect, like @ChemicalWaste said.

Sure, OSU has gone to the faster-paced, spread no huddle offense, but otherwise Urban has his own identity he brings to the table that he wants to see from his team.  But, if he sees different ways of doing things from the norm, and he feels it will help his team on the field, you better believe he's going to heed the advice of some other successful coaches.

Comment 21 Aug 2014

Make it two votes for Jalin Marshall on offense.

Defensively, I feel like Darron Lee, who many have talked about already because of his surprising move up the depth chart, is going to be someone's name we hear called a lot on Saturdays.

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Why couldn't Cardale Jones be a Blake Bell/Tim Tebow (freshman yr) type of QB?  In goal line situations, or 3rd/4th and short, you have a 250 lb. Mack truck behind what should be a good run-blocking line, and possibly with guys like Rod Smith and Bri'onte Dunn serving as wing backs to also help block.

Tebow, especially as a freshman, prided himself solely in converting short yardage situations.  Urban and the offense had a few variations, including some quick screens, jump passes, playaction, etc., but for the most part they allowed Tebow's size, strength, and desire to take over and he was rarely stopped.  I don't know exactly how hard Cardale runs, but based on how he looked running the ball last year he seems like a guy who can convert in short yardage.

This gives Cardale a sense of place and purpose on the team, keeps him engaged after I'm sure some disappointment at initially losing the backup job, and hopefully brings up his confidence even more should he be needed to spell Barrett.  I don't like the "traditional" 2-QB system, but the way Urban did it at Florida with Leak and Tebow was pretty unique.  I'd take those results this year in a heartbeat.

Comment 19 Aug 2014

Let's say the worst news possible on Braxton comes to light today - MRI reveals structural damage, requiring surgery and essentially putting him out for the season.  This may mean the last of Braxton at OSU.

This may also mean "The Era of JT" has begun.  Starting as a RS Freshman, with potential weapons around him.  He can grow into the position and the situation.  He doesn't have to be required to win games, but instead be more of a manager at the start.  If Braxton really is done, this may mean 3-4 years of JT Barrett starting at QB for Ohio State.  That may not be the greatest scenario for this year, but for the future of the program, it could mean everything.  A talented 3rd or 4th year starting QB for one of the most athletic and talented teams usually means a legitimate championship contender.

Comment 13 Aug 2014


Zwick was a big name/hot commodity mostly because of his production beginning with his time at Orrville, and then after transferring.  He was a big, athletic kid who played well at a young age, but he did not have the pure and necessary QB skills needed to thrive at the next level.

Danny Clark seems to be a kid who is aware of the hype around him, but who does not let it affect him negatively.  Instead, he seems determined to prove the hype is justified, or that he can be even better than the hype.  Either way, his maturity and work ethic at this age points to a first-class leader who any team can rally around.  Gladly, OSU will be that team in a few short years.

Comment 08 Aug 2014

Couldn't agree more.  I said it on a different story that there is just something special about Jalin's high school film.  He competed against top-level Ohio high school competition, and absolutely dominated.  He has football speed and a knack for breaking tackles.  Combine that with hopefully fully developed hands to haul in passes from Braxton, et al, and you've got a potential star as a hybrid player.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

Great opportunity with a brand new coach who loves what Aaron represents, and what he brings to the table every day.  From what I've read (may have even been on 11W), his main competition for that 3rd PG spot is a European guy who has vastly underperformed so far as property of the Warriors, and it would actually save the Warriors money to cut him and sign Craft instead as the 3rd PG.

Comment 04 Aug 2014

Count me in as another one on the Jalin Marshall bandwagon.  I'm not exactly sure what it is/was about his high school highlight tape, but as soon as I saw that I was smitten with him as a "hybrid" type of player.  The injuries he's suffered certainly have slowed down the talk of Jalin and his potential, but he's a guy who the coaches seem to love and has always been on the verge of doing something big, just to have an injury.

I could definitely see Marshall as a breakout player this year on the Ohio State offense.