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Comment 05 Dec 2013

when Ohio state wins saturday they will win more than a game against sparty. they will win the big ten outright. they will have a win over the talking heads who said it couldn't be done. they will have a win over the espn network who has led the charge against OSU. they will have a win against the big ten network that has went out of its way to tamp down the enthusiasm for OSU . they will have a win against the blogger/haters who said it couldn't be done. they will have a win against the sec who talked like the bcs national championship game was their birthright. they will have a win for urban meyer who should have got big coach of the year as well national coach of the year. they will have a win for us fans.

Comment 02 Dec 2013

as a digression i did watch college gameday saturday. numbnuts from meatchicken was the only one picking meatchicken. herbsreit when asked if his sons would be watching the game or another he did say that they would be all dressed up in thier gear and watching just one game. later while whats his face  was spouting off about michigan herbie was looking disgusted and had a retort ready. but it is interesting that neither time did he say ohio state, espn has him boxed in. probably forced him to move to tennessee to get him out of columbus and off columbus radio. he might welcome a shift to fox if they paid him well and didnt restrict him like espn does. but would he ever leave corso? espn might be so afraid of that happening that they allow him some freedom. speilman speaks his mind and gets away with it, herbie can also.

Comment 02 Dec 2013

my thoughts exactly by not doing anything to meatchicken the big only encourages them to do the same thing again. it is time to break the michigan culture that allows them to strut like they do and play dirty.

Comment 19 Nov 2013

meanwhile over at faux sports, they did a website redesign that means your old links do not work and if you manage to get on their "new" website and try to go to ncaa football you get the results of page not found. way to shoot yourself in the foot boys. does this mean that the whole website should be repealed....it is not working....repeal it.

Comment 18 Nov 2013

I would also remind everyone that fox sports is also an active big ten and osu basher and they employ that idiot clay travis. also even tho the big ten network is run by fox sports, the big ten network goes out of their way to cast doubt on osu.

Comment 15 Nov 2013

i have always enjoyed seeing the illini fall to the Buckeyes, it makes up for the ones that the refs gave to illinois back in the cooper years as well as the one stolen from tress.