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Comment 06 Dec 2013

It sounds like Marcus Hall is genuinely sorry for the way he acted after the ejection.  It would be best to help him put it all in the past, chalk it up as a mistake, and move on.  I would not celebrate the obscene gestures and certainly wouldn't want it memorialized on a T shirt.  Playing this clip like some sort of highlight reel is not good for Marcus Hall.  I am sure that it is not how he wants to be remembered as a player at OSU.

There is going to be some blow back from this at the game Saturday.  Some extra volume at player introductions, comments from fans directed toward him, possibly even obscene gestures directed at him.  He has shown that he has a short fuse and now some instigator types will try to pull him off his square.  He needs to be ready to ignore a lot and play through the distractions.  Ditto for the team.

Comment 04 Dec 2013

Great post, thanks.  Looking at how a team preforms against a specific opponent and making the comparison to their averages is a good late-season measure of success.  Of course you can't control for all variables like weather and injuries but patterns will emerge.  Better yet is the comparison factoring in multiple opponents.  For example, if a team holds opponents to 75% of their average in rushing yards it is a good bet they play good run defense. 

Remy, you are a good numbers cruncher.  I am reading your "run down" next.

Comment 03 Dec 2013

These were comments made in the pre season.  It would be a stretch to consider them trash talk.  Doubtful that OSU need the extra motivation with the NCG on the line.  .