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Comment 18 May 2017

Thad built it up and then it's slid under his watch, I believe he should have the chance the build it back up. Not that he needs me to defend him; but I admire Gene Smith's loyalty to Thad, not enough of that in the world today.

That said, Thad ought to be on the phone to every JC coach in the country looking for players who can immediately help this squad. 

Comment 17 May 2017

RER; two things about OU; much like us they reload AND they do have Baker Mayfield one of the most talented players at the most important position in college football. My neighbors kid is one of the GA's trainers at OU and he said Baker has been seen from time to time around the football facility this spring wearing a torn Ohio State tee shirt. I guess as a reminder of the butt whooping they took last year. They are switching to a 3-4 defense too; but Stoops useless brother is still the DC. 

Comment 01 May 2017

Since you mentioned BasketBuck Micah Potter; did anyone catch that over the weekend, the NBA sent out 60 invites to their version of the combine to prospective draftees and Trevor Thompson wasn't one of them? If he's not amoung the top 60 he has zero chance at the NBA. Whoever is advising him either has their head up their butt or has been hitting the crack pipe, just saying.

Comment 18 Apr 2017

I missed the spring game live on Saturday as I was at my daughter's Owasso Lady Rams (defending state champs) golf tournament. When it was over and they were posting scores I checked 11W on my phone and saw the news about Josh Proctor's verbal. Went over to tell my kid but of course all the #teens already knew from their Instagram. Owasso is baseball power with something like ten state championships in the last twenty years and regularly sends kids to D1 and the big leagues (Dylan Bundy- Orioles) so it's great to see Proctor heading to my Buckeyes. Our local rivals, Jenks & Union are a pipeline to Norman so this is sweet. When she got home last night my daughter said Josh was rocking his Buckeye garb at school yesterday. Go Bucks!!