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Comment 12 hours ago

Rain hasn't made it Tulsa area yet; we're waiting, need it.

Comment 13 hours ago

Right on, on the stress free Saturday. I'm only getting a pass on the leaves because of Bedlam.

Comment 13 hours ago

Yes he is but that play was all Baker; glad we caught the Sooners when we did, they are playing as good as anybody, at least on offense.

Comment 15 hours ago

I yell "throw the damm ball JT" during every game as he holds onto it and takes yet another sack but it is better than an INT. This year the biggest issue in the passing game has been the Slobs inability to PP; mainly from the right side and our WR's not getting separation. At the QB position the most important six inches on the field is between the ears. JT has that covered and he knows the only stat that really mattters is the W and he has a led these young Bucks to eleven of them so far this year when many pundits and fans said we were looking at 3-4 loses this year. He may not be the best passer but I'll take a winner any day of the week and twice on Saturday's.

Comment 13 Nov 2016

Ah November, where chapions emerge AND if you lose you should be out of the CFP conversion. For my money, Clemson should be done, hell they should have two loses; at home, if not for a terrible NC State kicker. Ditto Washington with a November home loss to an SC team with three of their own. It's a crazy year though, but if the mission of the wizards behind the curtain is to have the best four teams, no way can they keep the Buckeyes out of the dance.

That said the Bucks only mission right now is to Beat Sparty; beat them like a drum boys!