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Comment 3 hours ago

Ok we're up at the half and get the ball to start Q3; again I say THROW THE DAMM BALL ON FIRST DOWN! We threw the ball a whopping 6 times in the first half; seriously their pass defense is not that good; throw it more and Zeke finishes with 300+

Comment 4 hours ago

Here; a clue biy; when Peepers is in the game chances are good he's getting the dam ball; Him Butts and Darboe are ALL they've got

Comment 6 hours ago

Flag's up, fixing to mix up a pre game Scarlet Mary; nervous but ready for the Bucks to put together a complete game.

Go Bucks!!!!!

Comment 24 Nov 2015

Some of you young guys would be surprised at how many of the old coaches were, asshats or assholes as we would call therm.

Comment 24 Nov 2015

That's why, after a Buckeye loss, I go on a self imposed media blackout for at least 48 hours so I don't hear the garbage that comes from the talking morons on espn..

Comment 23 Nov 2015

Glass half full perspective; we played our absolute worst game on offense in years, the defense couldn't stop a pair of scrub QB's running it up our ass with the Walrus behind the curtain, and..............it took a last second FG to beat us.

Bucks need to rally around each other; head up to whoreville and remind the ttun and the rest of the B1G; who the defending champ is!

Comment 22 Nov 2015

That game was painful to watch, All the overpaid offensive coaches could come up with was QB keepers, sweeps, draws and roll outs; stunning incompetence by all of them, On defense we couldn't stop the Walrus' scrub QB's and they ran it up our ass with a lot of help by the stupid penalties.

Bucks better regroup and pull their collective heads out of their asses or we will get waxed by three TD's up in whoreville.