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Comment 13 Jan 2015

Loving the great recruiting news. Had a quick question too.

Not sure if this picture has been taken, but thought it would be very cool if a picture of
O-H-I-O could be done with the trophy with a player holding the trophy over their head for the 'I'
Not sure if that pic has been taken, but if not thought it would be a very cool since The Ohio State University will go down in the history books as the first program to win the play-off system. Couldn't do anything but help recruiting!!


Comment 13 Jan 2015

That would be absolutely amazing. Urban and his staff will use this victory to finish strong in recruiting that goes without saying. I know some fans might be turned off by how some of these recruits handle the recruiting process, but I've followed Lodge's recruitment from early this summer. He was committed to Texas A&M then decommitted, not sure why that happened. I say that to say this,  Lodge is a beast wide-receiver. Aggressive after he gets the ball, very aggressive, he has a stiff arm that should be a felony. If we can land him, that would be huge. Good times, fellow Buckeyes, Good times. Cant wait to see how recruiting finishes this year. Sorry for the long post. GO BUCKEYES!!!!

Comment 03 Jan 2015

Weber looked great running the ball out there. I like his running style, appears to be a combination of Ingram and Hyde. He has a low center of gravity and appears to be able to cut on a dime.

Comment 31 Dec 2014

It's a huge game. Straight statement game. Jump out the gate hit them square in the mouth, be up by three touchdowns before they know what hit them. It's hard for Cooper to catch the ball when he is on the sideline watching with the rest of their offense. If our D can get their offense off the field quick, and our Offense grind the clock. I really have a good feeling about our Buckeyes going into this game!!!


Comment 28 Dec 2014

Currently ichigan has 6 recruits. Six. Think about that. Now it goes without saying that Harbaugh will attempt to flip some recruits. But he is switching waters, going from NFL to having to recruit again. Plus mind you not just recruiting but recruiting and coaching in the BIG 10. Some of those in your face tactics he used at Stanford, theymight not play out as well with the players he will need to win in the BIG TEN. I absolutely love how arrogant Ann Arbor is being with this hire, because they believe he is going to walk in and save them immediately. They are playing with fire, because when he comes in and Urban and our Buckeyes straight clown stomp them, its going to be a hard pill swallow.


Comment 27 Dec 2014

If Harbaugh ends up at ichigan. Looking forward to our Buckeyes welcoming him to the BIG TEN in his backyard!

GO BUCKEYES beat bama

Comment 24 Sep 2014

Watched the segment last night. Very powerful, very informative. I truly believe coach will bring Championships to Columbus, but it's going to take time. This time around he is doing things the right way. He is a great coach, and all signs show he is a great father and husband. Very pleased to have him leading our Buckeyes. Great things are coming we just have to practice patience, buckle in and enjoy the ride. GO BUCKEYES!!

Comment 18 Sep 2014

Yeah. We are better than that. Lets keep it classy. It's a quick fix. How about this...

O-H-I-O!! Scarlet and Gray, let them know!!

Comment 09 Jan 2014

I agree we have alot of young talent coming in, guys that are willing to play and make a great impact on defense. Bosa will definitely step up and be a leader. Bell will be a huge step in the right direction with our secondary.