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Comment 13 Mar 2013

Even though I believe Matta should have been COY over Creen and Ryan 3rd, it may have been the blowout loss by OSU at Wisconsin that sealed it. It was a Sunday afternoon game on CBS and was maybe the most embarrassing loss for the Bucks all season.

I know I am getting more homer here but there is no way that Oladipo should have beat out Craft for DPoY. Oladipo is more rounded, that is a given, but I would argue that more coaches fear Crafts defense playing OSU then they do Deshaun's offense. That certainly cannot be said for coaches facing Indiana who must worry about Zellar in the post, Hulls raining treys, and yes Oladipo, but even then the fear is more him going to the hole then his defense, which of course is awesome, second though to Craft.

I don't have as much of an argument for Craft over Hardaway other then it's a preference thing. I will say this with the rumor that there is a Creen / Craft "issue", mentioned in another thread, if that is true, it would help explain why Craft was 1st team media and 2nd team coaches.

Comment 24 Nov 2012

Now it is time to see how Meyer does against Hoak. The OSU/Mich rivalry always seems to come down to which coach has the other one's number. After Shembechlar and Woody/Bruce fought to a 10-10-1 record it then became Shembechlar/ Moehler over Cooper (5-1-1), Carr over Cooper (5-1), Tressel over Carr (6-1), Tressel over Rodriguez (2-0)...today begins a new era. Go Bucks!!!

Comment 18 Jun 2011

Nice Post Joe.

It is sad that Tressel couldn't weather the storm. If he could have held on, then I believe this episode would have been a footnote 10 years from now, should he have coached that long. Now, the way he went out, it becomes part of the legacy narrative, much like Woody.

The only difference is the body of work that Woody amassed was much more extensive, so history has started to treat him kinder now that decades have passed. Outside of Buckeye nation I'm not so sure Tressel will get that, especially when all the haters think of his lone National Championship as tainted by a late flag and the Maurice Clarett debacle.

The other big difference between Tres and Hayes is the actual end. Hayes, true to form, was unapologetic, refused to resign, and had to be fired by his former assistant Hindman. Not being an "in the know" guy on the matter I would like to think Tressel, rather then resigning to avoid the storm, recognized his transgression and took penalty like the classy human being he is.