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Comment 1 hour ago

Tamarack was the 3rd location. I managed a couple weeks there when the store manger took a leave of absence. Grote had a knack of opening store where neighborhoods were new and growing. When Tamarack opened the only thing in the area was a 7/11, a miniature golf place, and lots of construction.

Comment 2 hours ago

I love Charleston too, been wanting to go back. My wife and I did a day trip from Holden Beach and loved it so much we got a room and stayed a 2nd day. Loved the waterfront parks, the market, Patriots Point, Fort Sumter, did a cool bus tour, and a boat tour of the harbor.

Looking forward to going back and not doing all the touristy things next time. This time I will drive across the bridge, my wife freaked out last time.

Comment 5 hours ago


From someone who has been there 10+x, I would tell you to avoid the Sevierville, Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg areas because of traffic and tourist trap things, but unless you know the back roads, there is no way to avoid the traffic coming in. It should be much better coming in on a Monday instead of Friday or Saturday. I would suggest taking 40 east out of Knoxville and then going south on 66, it is faster then 441 out of Knoxville.

The Smoky's can be seen as sort of "low rent" because of these areas, but I have no issue with them, especially for first-timers. Some serious people watching to be had. We go to The Smoky's because it is cheap for the amenities you get and for us it is about the family get-together.

Most of the places you listed are good to go to for the first time down. I would suggest going to places like Clingmans Dome later in the day after the haze has burnt off, much better views and pix. Another place I would suggest for a day trip is driving through the park to the Cherokee side and heading west to the Fontana Dam area. Not many people and no touristy things over there and some beautiful areas to explore. BE CAREFUL though, the temptation is to look at the map and think it would be quicker to get back to the Gatlinburg area by just continuing west on 129 and looping around instead of turning around and going back through the park. Unless you have a motorcycle or an Austin Healey you will end up on The Tail of the Dragon...I did that in a mini-van once...once!

The last place I will mention for a first time visitor to go to is the arts and crafts loop. If you or your spouse are into that sort of thing, there is a loop that runs off of 321 a few miles east of Gatlinburg. Must be a over 50 places to check out. Painful for me, but it scores some major points with my wife.

BTW, the cool pix and places McGahee's Leg is talking about is over near Chattanooga (my son lives there). Neat area, especially if you are into Civil War stuff, but a good 2+ hours away.

Comment 9 hours ago

Love Sanibel, we usually stay on Longboat Key, but my wife has to go down and do the Sanibel Stoop at least one day during the week.

Comment 9 hours ago

Good topic...with this crappy winter I will reminisce a little.Three grown kids and 9 grandchildren all scattered, so every other year we have a family vacation in the Smoky Mountains.

We rent 2 four bedroom cabins next to each other at the top of a mountain (hill to those of you out west), complete with pool, hot tub, bbq, pool table, foosball table, big screen TV, and deck with an awesome view.

One of the places we have been to a couple times is on a road called Bear Walk Way and it lives up to it's name. We would get bears almost everyday, even on our deck.

During the day everyone is on their own and can head into the park for hiking or whatever, some go into Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge (to waste money), but at night we all gather and each night a different family cooks for the whole group. We then spend the night playing games and watching movies. Except in the middle of the week we all go to Cades Cove and spend the day with a big picnic / cook out.

Fun times

Comment 21 hours ago

Another Jekyll and Hyde game, only this time the 2nd half rally didn't fall short.

Plus, Amir played one of his better games of the season, but you had to love the end of the game when he just started walking with the ball and time left on the clock...classic Amir. The announcer said he must have had a mental lapse..,HA! If that was a drinking game I would be sitting next to Charlie Sheen and Kieth Richards in rehab.

Comment 24 hours ago

LOL, just to show you what kind of a "babe in the woods" you're dealing with, I had to Google both "camel toe" and "yoga pants", oh my! I feel violated :-)

Comment 01 Mar 2015

Aside from all the obvious ones and from a pure entertainment standpoint, I am really loving these 3 things from the last 50 years or so...

1) Home computer / Internet (Thanks Al Gore)

2) Cable / HD Large Screen TV 

3) VCR / DVR

Comment 01 Mar 2015

Back in my fantasy football days a bunch of guys would come to my house on Sundays to watch the games. It happened almost every week that they would ridicule me for liking Pam Oliver. She reminded me of a girl I almost dated in HS. Back in 1975 the black and white thing was still pretty taboo, plus white guys with black girls was almost unheard of. We remained good friends, but it was always a what if?

Comment 28 Feb 2015

Netflix Binges- Mad Men, House of Cards, Alias, Burn Notice, Doc Martin, Longmire, Arrested Development, Scrubs, Blue Bloods, and recently added M*A*S*H

Comment 28 Feb 2015

I often ponder left turns and right turns in life, like what if I would have moved to Tennessee when I had the chance, or had taken that job instead of this job, or what if me and what's her name would have gotten married, etc. ? Those are forks in the road that I hope there is a video room in heaven to see just how we were guided.

When it comes to the Spence/Miller fork in the road, the much, much, much, did I say much, bigger fork in the road is the Braxton/JT/Cardale fork. Now that is a three-way stop sign to sit and ponder. In the end I think this was a team of destiny and everything happened for a reason.

Comment 28 Feb 2015

As I read each paragraph my mind kept seeing Jon Lovitz saying, "yeah, that's the ticket", but I loved your ending about not giving a rats about who believed you.

BTW, you have to be as old as me to remember Belzer doing standup. Still the best Jagger impersonator I ever saw.

Great story, and as someone who has spent much of their life in accounting, be thankful for having what sounds like a dream job.

Comment 28 Feb 2015

Not really a sports reporter, but I do miss Jillian Barberie giving the game day forcast on Fox pregame and flirting with Bradshaw.

Comment 28 Feb 2015

Man, that is some foot-stompin' good stuff.

I'm glad you liked Arnold. I became a fan a bunch of years ago when I heard him at a JT concert sing the fills in the coda of this hit song. Check out his voice and how this song becomes 10x better then the recorded version because of him.

Comment 28 Feb 2015

OK, I'm gonna give this a shot because this may be the perfect thread to ask this on. There was a show that was on one or maybe two seasons and I have tried to explain it to people at my office, but I have so little to go on I can't google it.

I don't remember any of the actors, but the plot that I do remember is there were three college roommates who a few years after college 2 of the roommates were framed as terrorist by the 3rd roommate who was holding a grudge against them.

What I remember about the pilot was these 3 guys getting back together and pulling an old stunt they used to pull back in college, which was rollerblading through some kind of government building, like maybe a huge library?. Anyways, they avoided the security and 2 of them came out of the building laughing about the stunt and the building blew up killing a bunch of people.

The rest of the episodes was them on the run and trying to prove their innocence, as all the video footage pointed to them blowing up the building. Lots of plot twist and double-crossing and I remember them being aided by an ex-girlfriend? Also, maybe one of the boys fathers were in on it? He was a rich political player of some sort?

Does all that crap jog anyone's memory?

Comment 27 Feb 2015

Good stuff JCL...this heads more to the blues, but he is a Cleveland guy who I was listening to when I saw your post, so I thought I would share. Many know him, but not by name. He has been a backup singer for James Taylor and many others for like 40 years.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

These dudes...if Al Green and James Brown had a chubby white love child, this would be him.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

I assume you wanted those all to continue because you enjoyed them so much, because they all had decent runs.

MASH was one of my all time top 5 comedies, but it lasted 8 years longer then the war it was set in. By the end they all had grey hair and most were almost 50, except Harry Morgan (Potter) who was pushing 70.

Comment 27 Feb 2015

I can't believe I forgot this classic. Only 12 episodes, but I have savored all of them. My favorite episode, "The Psychiatrist".

Comment 27 Feb 2015

Gilligan's Island always brings up two famous questions...

1) They built huts, a battery charger, a pool table, a lie detector, a washing machine, etc, but why couldn't they fix the hole in the side of that boat?

2) A much more important question...Ginger or Mary Ann?