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Comment 23 Jan 2012

Adam Schefterm just tweeted, "Chip Kelly has decided not to take Buccaneers offer. "Its a no-go," said a source close to Kelly. "His heart is still with Oregon."

and it was retweeted by Joe Schad.



Comment 08 Nov 2011

With the information that we know of what JoePa was told about the actual sex acts was that there was fondling or some sort of sex acts.  The Grand Jury Report doesn't say he was told specifically and it doesn't charge him with perjury for saying he didn't know specifics, however, it does mention what the witness told the Curly and Shultz and they are being charge with perjury and failure to report to the police  because of what was said in that meeting and PA law.  If JoePa was in  that meeting reviewing the 28 year old witness's accounts then and still did nothing I'm sure he would be charged as well.

I agree that Paterno could have or even should have called the police, but to solely focus on him and drag his name through the mud is wrong when there are other players involved that are more at fault then him and nobody focusing them.  Now if a person can prove, not speculate, but prove that Paterno wanted to keep this in house as much as possible then I say burn him at stake.  Until then I'm not going to tar and feather Paterno with the witness didn't do sh*t the night it happened, over the weekend, the following week and he still didn't do anything when he was told the outcome.  He is the once with the burnt image in his head.  He is the only one that could ID the kid. 

Justice for me would be social embarrassment and pressure on the Curly and Shultz, pressure on the only witness for not reporting it or making sure it gets reported and dragging the monster Sandusky through the mud and back.  Paterno should get some pressure on why he didn't repot it to the police but we shouldn't solely focus on him; letting the witness escape his responsibility.  He was a 28 year old adult.  I'd hope a high school kid would report this.  Oh, if we are going to through mud at Paterno then we should do the same to the witness's father; he didn't say sh*t either.  His father could have called the cops that very night  and the police could have cought Sandusky in the act.

Comment 07 Nov 2011

Oh, the grad student's dad should have called the cops then too.  He was the first person to hear about it from the only witness.  Yet he said to call Coach Paterno.

Comment 07 Nov 2011

The grad student was a 28 year old man.  I can understand being shocked and fumbling around the lockerrom but he called his dad and not the cops.  Common now.  Can we not expect more from 28 year old men?  He is the only one who actually saw it and can ID the kid.  I can't deny that JoePa could have done more but until I hear more about it, I'm not going to assume the worse of people.

Comment 07 Nov 2011

It's PA law too.  It says the instituation responsible for the child is to investigate and report any reasonable suspected abuse.  It is not typical that everyone who heard of a suspected event has to report it to police. 

My wife is a special Edu teacher, she periodically has to report abuse.  Typically she reports it to guidance or the school social worker, the call the student it and confirm the report then call the police or DHHS.  My wife only had to call DHHS once becuase everyone else wasn't available so they asked her to do it.


Comment 07 Nov 2011

Why would he follow up with it?  How do we know he didn't?  They School administration said it wasn't what it seemed and they just took away the keys from the locker room and said don't bring kids around anymore.  It is not JoePa's job to investigate a retired coach's activities and to track down an unidentified kid. 

JoePa's job was to tell the administration and they are to follow up and investigate to see if there is reasonable suspicion.  Word of mouth accusations should be told multiple times to different people so to avoid false accusations.  Why didn't the adult witness stop it and call the cops?  Why didn't Second Mile call the cops?  All this attention on Paterno made me forget the monster's name who preyed on little boys.

Comment 07 Nov 2011

It is sad that people are bring so much attention to JoPa and that he didn't call the cops.  We are all now going to remember over reactive people wanting to blame a good person (as far a we know at this point) and not the actual name the rapist coach, not the Penn St Administration who didn't call the cops, not the Second Mile director who didn't call the cops and not the witness who didn't stop it and call the cops.  Just that JoPa left Penn St. because he didn't call the cops.

Of what If read from the Grand Jury Report, JoPa did exactly what he should have done.  From what I understand JoPa didn't get any detail of what actually happened.  It is not JoPa's job to investigate, that is an administration job.  The AD and President are responsible to investigate it then decide if the was reason to report it.  They failed but they did tell the Second Mile of what was going on with one of their kids.  Why didn't they call the cops?  Why didn't the adult grad assistant stop it and call the cops?  Why isn't anyone blaming them.  For all we know, JoPa was told it was taken care of and settled.  

Comment 04 Oct 2011

I this point I'm ready for chemo, dialysis, antibiotics and surgery.  If needed, use a tourniquet; if limbs are lost, so be it. 

Comment 01 Oct 2011

You have it wrong.


The Offensive Line has sucked forever. Not having an experience/mobile QB just exposes it.

Comment 01 Oct 2011

After watching the Wiscy O-Line, I think Ohio State needs to set up a weekly 'Wiscy O-linemen of the Week' award. So sad.

Comment 14 Sep 2011

Did I just read that the booster that gave the money actually gave it to Terrelle Pryor as a travel expense reimbursement and then he went ahead and passed it on to the 3 current players. 

Did I just read that correctly in the Dispatch

Or did the booster give TP the money with the purpose of giving it to the current players?   Either way, TP should know better.  WTF!



Comment 10 Sep 2011

The Defense was not physical.   More accuately the back DB's (back 7); They didn't come off blocks and they have been missing TFL.  Even Tyler Moeller has had issues with bad angles. WFT is going on; it's 1/11 baby.  Get it done.


The O-line couldn't run block either and the running backs ran soft 70% of the time.

Comment 04 Sep 2011

Number 34 on special teams, I believe it is Nate Ebner, had an awesome day on special Teams. 

Comment 03 Sep 2011

I'm Hoping the Jo Bauserman/Braxton Miller Combo proves to be a monster force.

With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound
He pulls the spitting high-tension wires down.
Helpless people on subway trains
Scream, bug-eyed, as he looks in on them.
He picks up a bus and he throws it back down
As he wades through the buildings toward the center of town.

Oh, no, they say he's got to go
Go go Bausmillah
Oh, no, there goes Hokeyo
Go go Bausmillah

History shows again and again how nature points up the folly of man.

*I know I'm reaching a bit.


Comment 01 Sep 2011

Wiscy with a good start.  Lets see how they are as the game settles down.  RW looked good, smooth passes. 

Wouldn't that be a bitch if Wiscy players got cought trading memorabilia for cheese and milk.

Comment 23 Jul 2011

I don't get what you are saying above.

  Tressel admitted he is accountable.  He isn't asking for sympathy nor his is trying to blame others.  He didn't blame the kids and is still trying to protect the University, the team and current and formal players. 

Don't confuse getting in trouble and making bad decisions wrong choices on occasion with being a bad leader.  JT is a great leader.  He was taking care of his troops realizing they could be in bigger trouble than NCAA regulations.  He didn't take appropriate actions at first, but when time came to pay the piper, he took blame and took it like a man.  All great leaders, all great people screw up and sometimes the screw ups cause pain.  JT wouldn't have had the the success and such an outstanding reputation if he wasn't such a great person and leader. 

All words you describe above associated with being the best leader is what is Jim Tressel does is.  Great leaders are the best leaders and Jim Tressel of what I know of him so far is a great leader.