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Comment 07 Feb 2014

Yep, and Blake Countess had his approved as well. I'm sure it's only a matter of time for Clark.

Comment 04 Apr 2013

Not for nothing, but Michigan does have Zak Irvin and Derrick Walton coming in to fill the shoes of a departing Burke and Hardaway. They're definitely no slouches - rivals #34 and #47 recruits in the country, respectively. I'm not saying *next* year if Burke and Hardaway leave. However, the way Beilein is recruiting, it might not be as long as you think.

Regarding earlier posts - I really hope Robinson III sticks another year. Kid is gonna be unreal next year. Hopefully he sees what Burke did for his draft stock this year, and realizes he can do the same thing with a big step forward.

Comment 24 Mar 2013

I'm actually kind of rooting for OSU today (as much as I can stomach, anyway...I want an all-B1G Final Four, even though it probably won't happen).

It's with that caveat that I'll say this: Even with a couple missed calls, these refs are WAY better than B1G refs.

Comment 15 Mar 2013

Well, in that case, you picked a good example. The 247 boards, as a rule, are dreadful. Most of my original post was about the exact subject that you intended, I think.

As far as Michigan goes, I s'pose I can get a little defensive about the maize and blue 'round these parts...

Comment 14 Mar 2013

I don't think I did misinterpret it. If you have a point of view that's based on a small sample size, you can always find something to support it. I could just as easily create a post that said, "Many Michigan fans are discussing Urban Meyer's handling of team arrests with dignity and class," and then have found a great example of that.

I also don't accept your premise that "if these kids were angels, they wouldn't be playing football in the first place." There are tons of outstanding football players who are exceptionally talented AND exceptional people. Passion does not necessarily breed unsuitable behavior. Ego, perhaps, but focusing on working very hard and playing with confidence doesn't necessarily mean they think they're untouchable. At the very least, it shouldn't.

Calling out the hypocrisy of other posts is definitely a worthwhile pursuit. I just think if he's going to choose to call people out on their hypocrisy, it should be a board that isn't tantamount to the village idiot.

Comment 14 Mar 2013

Using the 247 boards and the writing of anyone who uses "O$U" is not a good way to get a representative sample of the Michigan fanbase.

Sometimes, there's just no way to predict it, and you do all you can as a coach and a teacher, and kids still pee in alleyways or try to do a hood slide even though they weigh 300 pounds. In fact, the whole "bunch of thugs" argument almost never holds water for me.

This stuff CAN be easy to predict, but frankly, it's a GOOD thing that coaches take chances on trying to reform kids with visible character issues. They're kids - they deserve that shot. It's just unfortunate that most of the kids who get it can run 4.3 40-yard dashes or have a killer swim move.

The stuff that you *can't* predict...well, you can't predict it. Kids make poor choices sometimes. As a coach, you just have to be willing to do the right thing when it comes about. I have no problems with the way Meyer or Hoke have handled the situations that have come up.

Comment 06 Mar 2013

We've had that discussion before. a) There is a time limit, and it didn't pass. b) They're not gonna turn down a year of eligibility from a guy with Gardner's tools, no matter what.

They'd planned for the entire year to make sure Devin got his redshirt. It's not like they decided he was successful enough for them to pursue it. Gardner is the best pure athlete on the team. What possible reason would there be to give up on the chance for another year of that?

I'm willing to bet this "Shane Morris as messiah" thing you think Michigan fans have - even if it's real - doesn't extend to the coaches.


Comment 05 Feb 2013

That was a foul. However, Craft also got a 3 after the shot clock expired and hit GR3 in the face in what would've been called a flagrant if it had happened in a different situation. Really, at the end of the game, all you can hope for is an even distribution of bad calls against both teams.

Both fanbases are bitching about the refs after this one.

Comment 13 Jan 2013

Alex, your comment is more likely than the article's premise. I'm doubting, when coaches decide whether to offer a kid, they consult Rivals or ESPN ratings to say, "Let's see if this kid is any good according to the recruiting services..."

They use their own talent evaluators to figure out which players would fit their needs. As you said - OSU needed bigs, not guards, and they already had Scott. It was a matter of space/need. Simple as that.

Comment 05 Jan 2013

Mitchell is a physical freak. Good get for you guys.

Comment 02 Dec 2012

Drew Sharp is a hack. His shtick is to take incredibly controversial opinions and use completely baseless arguments to support his crackpot theories. He's the worst.

Giving him page views is a losing proposition - that's why you'll see a TON of Michigan fans avoiding the Free Press at all costs.

People here will defend Tressel's presence at The Game until they die, and whether or not I agree with you is immaterial. One thing we can all agree on is that Drew Sharp is a bag of dicks.



Comment 27 Aug 2012


Short answer: No. Not even close.

Long answer: McGloin and Bolden are about as explosive as ketchup. Denard is a senior in his second year in the offense. Last year, the only game in which Michigan was outscored by PSU given a common opponent was Eastern Michigan. Iowa: M -16, PSU - 13. Northwestern: M - 42, PSU - 34. Purdue: M - 36, PSU - 23. Illinois: M - 31, PSU - 10. OSU: M - 40, PSU - 20. Nebraska: M - 45, PSU - 14. It's not a close battle.

Comment 27 May 2012

And win.

Also, let's not forget that Michigan's business school and medical school are among the tops in the country - they're studying to run Fortune 500 companies and save the lives of heart patients, too. You've got me on the horses thing, though.