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Comment 23 Jun 2016

A wonderful sentiment, but it actually highlights a common misunderstanding about depression. Mental illness is usually not about circumstances. Kosta may have actually found his place and still also found himself clinically and chronically depressed. That's part of what makes depression so hard to beat.

My hope is that Mr. Karageorge can manage his guilt. It's not his fault. No more than cancer would be his fault. 

RIP Kosta and positive thoughts for the Karageorge family.

Comment 06 Jun 2016

How is taking issue with a position overreacting? Saying only 11 teams can win and OSU isn't one of them is asinine. The writer works for ESPN and wrote those very words. So OSU fans, and anyone else, can attack the logic.

I think the idea that ESPN doesn't regularly post or air opinions designed to tweak OSU fans is pretty ridiculous. But a better argument is to ask why OSU fans are such easy targets. I never click any of that crap for that very reason.

Comment 06 Jun 2016

You left out Antonio Williams, but maybe you think it will be all Weber and Dunn. I think Williams will get meaningful carries this season though. Otherwise, I look to positions where depth screams for early PT and for that reason I think all three freshman TEs get a look as do all the DBs. I think we may see Davis before Fuller because he's more of a pure corner, but either way there should still be lots of competition through the summer and into August camp.

Comment 06 Jun 2016

You're forgetting Jonathon Cooper too. He has the benefit of a set of spring practices, while Bosa is coming off a serious injury. Put me in the camp that says this year is a redshirt for the younger brother while he gets fully healthy and LJ figures out how he wants to play him. But I think young Bosa has a very bright future.

Comment 05 Jun 2016

While Perry has better straight line speed than lateral quickness and he's not overly physical at the POA given his size, Perry was generally in the right spot during the past two seasons. He's a smart guy.

But his athletic limitations should have made him vulnerable to a player with the physical gifts that Booker has. Yet Booker only played mop up.

I think that's because Dante Booker is still learning to harness his athleticism. When he played extensively against PSU, Barkley cut back on Booker's over pursuit time after time. So it may take a few games before he's able to manage that.

Comment 31 May 2016

Agreed. Burrow's performance in the Spring Game was eye opening because he was under constant pressure yet still able to make accurate throws. That is a rare talent in a redshirt freshman.

Haskins may end up the better QB, but this is by no means an easy choice at this point.

Comment 31 May 2016

Lol that's what I was thinking.

I would substitute Lewis for Price and add Johnston somewhere (5b?). I think this team will need to take advantage of field position early in the season.

Comment 31 May 2016

I was and remain a Tressel fan. Even his offenses (football) didn't bother me as much as they did some others. Despite his "Senator" moniker, he could get feisty too ("We have an up tempo defense").

That said...the media hatchet job would not have been possible if Tressel himself did not hand over the the ax. JT made a bad mistake. Forgetting what he knew or didn't know beforehand, he lied on an NCAA compliance document: terrible move. 

But despite that...he is a great coach. He re-established OSU not just as a well supported program, but as a winner again. And I will always cheer him when he comes back, just as I did at The Game - 2012 edition.

Comment 27 May 2016

OSU football has a history that OSU basketball will likely never have. To expect the same performance is to be disappointed alomost every season. But contending for the B1G is a reasonable yearly occurrence. OSU hasn't been a part of that discussion for two seasons. I am a Thad fan, but I recognize that he likely has 2016/17 and 2017/18 to move this program out of the two season doldrums it's been in. Having said that, the program isn't far removed from an Elite Eight trip, so let's all just be like a bunch of little Fonzies and be cool.

Comment 24 May 2016

I would like to see OSU improve their team FT % by 10%. My post was only to point out that while OSU was terrible to start the season, they did in fact improve  a lot and shot very well to end the season.

And while Chris Jent was Mr. Intensity as a player and had a good looking shot, those qualities did not always translate to an great shooting -%. But I think his influence will be very positive nonetheless.