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Comment 12 Aug 2016

Those are some bold statements and I don't think I agree with any of them. So far as I can remember, Parris Campbell was never recruited to play RB at OSU. Just like Jalin Marshall wasn't recruited to be a QB. 

And he didn't play nearly enough to know what kind of receiver he will be. He dropped one very visible pass last year. In the Spring Game he didn't seem to have any issues. The coaches want to see him out there, which is good enough for me.

Comment 11 Aug 2016

I agree with those who said that Tate starts. He is the soul of the team and he actually improved his offensive efficiency with greater minutes last year. That's tough to do. He seems to be continually adding some elements to his game.

Plus I like bringing offense of the bench with the first sub. If we're going to start Kam, I like the suggestion of making Loving the sixth man. He will never be a lead player, so I see little downside.

IMO, the season hinges on KBD and Lyle. They have the most upside and they must make the next step for the dynamics of this team to change.

Comment 02 Aug 2016

So your assertion prompted me to check out Birm's article at Landof10. Andrew and Birm both cover the Lindsey commitment date, the targets from 2018 who added a fifth star, and Shaun Wade. Those are the areas of overlap as far as subjects. But Andrew does not offer a word for word rehash of any of those areas. 

And given that there aren't many spots left in this class, there is a strong likelihood that there will be some overlap because there are only so many players to discuss.

It looks to me like your statement goes too far.

Comment 31 Jul 2016

I think he will be an excellent player during his career. Will he have more of an impact than his brother did as a freshman? Joey displaced Adolphus Washington in the starting lineup. That is a big ask from Nick. His brother was one of the most dominant DE's OSU has ever had. Even you compared him to Joey in your reply. I'm content to let Nick have his own career path and let it play out.

He clearly has gifts and was rightly a 5*. But it would be a surprise if he took meaningful playing time from Tyquan Lewis, Sam Hubbard, and Jalyn Holmes. That means he's battling Jonathon Cooper, who played during the spring and trained with the team since January, for the remaining time. Should be a great battle.

Comment 31 Jul 2016

Totally agree. The expectations for Nick are over the top because of his last name. There are very talented players at his position who have been in the program and have flashed big talent too.

It will be a major accomplishment if he makes the rotation this year. But that's not a slam on him, that's just how talented this team is.