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Comment 25 Oct 2016

You hit on something that I hadn't considered. When PSU loaded the box, OSU went five wide. But that puts tremendous pressure on WR to get open fast and on OL to maintain blocks for what will either be a quick pass or QB draw.

Maybe OSU would be better served by running max protect with two excellent route runners like Samuel and Brown. The Redskins used to do this under Joe Gibbs.

Comment 18 Oct 2016

Moderating the open thread during a competitive OSU game would probably drive me over the edge. I've peeked in from time to time and it's not easy to take. One thing I learn from those threads is that the back up QB (insert name) is clearly better than the starting QB (insert name) and the OC (insert name) is a bum unworthy of Urban Meyer, who clearly only has input on the plays that work.

Also, the DC (insert name + Fickell) is great when OSU is stoning the opposition, but if the opposition (insert name) has any success, that coach needs to be asked to find an HC job pronto and it's clear that Meyer only kept Fickell on staff as a favor to Jim Tressel, who still secretly is involved with the program. When summoned he meets with Urban, Earle, and the ghost of Woody. Sometimes they invite Cooper too, but only when he has his lucky Buckeye on his person at the time the Bat signal is sent.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

I don't find your assessment of JTB honest. Sometimes he doesn't trust his receivers so he throws a second late, but most of the time he makes very good decisions. That's why it's so glaring when he makes a bad one.

Plus the guy basically took this team to a gutty win yesterday with little help from his receivers. I'll take him any day.