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Comment 23 hours ago

With all the talk about the passing game, please don't forget the power running attack. That's where OSU excelled in 2013. Hyde pounded them.

So I see Mike Weber returning to prominence on New Years Eve. Also, OSU plays well when JT runs. So I have no problem with him doing that. Keep in mind that this OL is much better at run blocking than pass protection too.

Comment 06 Dec 2016

Just remember that Damon Webb is the fourth best cornerback at OSU after Conley, Lattimore, and Ward (possibly Arnette too). That's nothing to be ashamed of. Many teams "hide" their best receiver in the slot which matches him against a weaker DB like OSU did with Devin Smith at times in 2014. 

Sometimes a team's best receiver is the slot guy. Anyway, that's usually who Webb guards - the slot. Teams punished OSU earlier in the season for being unwilling to change assignments and moved their best receiver to the slot.. When OSU adapted they'd often use motion to create a numbers advantage in the run game (Wisconsin).

Anyway, the issue is often a scheme chess match not a slam on the player. Every team has a guy who isn't as good as the best players at the position but is still a good player. Webb seemed to find his footing in the back half of the season. I have faith in him. Plus I think no one except Conley or Lattimore will guard Mike Williams.

Comment 26 Nov 2016

Probably too early to know if this team is tournament worthy. And UVA is a very good team. Beating them in Charlottesville is a tall order. I'm glad OSU already had one road game in Annapolis though.

One sign of progress from last season is these past two games. OSU probably would have dropped one of these games during the prior campaign. Let's see what they can do with the Cavs.

Comment 23 Nov 2016

I don't share your definition of a drop. Failing to catch a throw you get your hands on, even if it's a less than perfect throw, is a drop. Nevertheless, JT did not have a good day throwing the ball. It is worth noting that all QBs who played in  D1 games in the state of Michigan last Saturday struggled.

Comment 20 Nov 2016

It's on me too. I was in Pittsburgh visiting colleges with my son. We got to the game in the second half. Apparently it was just enough to tilt the scales. Don't worry, we're back at our posts this Saturday. FWIW he's a big Buckeye "lean" but we had to check out Carnegie Mellon and Pitt so Mrs. OGIJ felt confident we were doing our due diligence.