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Comment 17 Nov 2015

Ed Warriner is the same guy in charge of this group as last season. It's not the coach.

Players change. Opponents evaluate further and find weaknesses. And winning big every week, despite how easy Urban Meyer makes it look, is hard.

Comment 16 Nov 2015

Agreed. People assume that Cardale was the guy who played in the CFP. I think he was loose because Meyer took all the pressure off him. To that point he was a career back up. 

He's a good player, Buckeye legend for his response to last season, but I think this season we saw why Cardale didn't start until JTB broke his ankle. 

And that's OK.

Comment 15 Nov 2015

I'd go a little higher than you and say somewhere 5-7. You've got Maryland and MSU at the top. Then Wisconsin, IU and skunks. OSU, Illinois, and Iowa are probably right behind but I think OSU is the best of that group. 

If OSU matures fast, they could get to five. And if IU is the fourth team, never underestimate their ability to choke away a good thing. But that would require everything to go right. 

I do know the top of the league was no pleased by what they saw from the Bucks against MSM.

Comment 15 Nov 2015

Here to admit I was wrong about Lyle. Just didn't think he would have PG skills, but he definitely DOES. 

I wish Kam shot the ball more consistently so Loving could come off the bench. But OSU will have to go with a three forward lineup for now.

Comment 15 Nov 2015

Tate and Lyle are the clear leaders on this team. KBD has tons of potential. And the center position is much more athletic and active.

Yes, there will be nights when you remember that they're all sophomores and freshmen. But the top of the B1G had to hate what they saw this afternoon.

Comment 13 Nov 2015

I really want to see the shooter he was early last season. If he's that guy, OSU is a much better team because Tate will have more mid-range room, and Lyle will have another guy to kick the ball out to.

In fact, if Loving, Kam, and KBD shoot as advertised, this becomes a team no one will want to play. That is still a big IF, but I was encouraged by what I saw against Walsh.

Comment 13 Nov 2015

I can't refute OSU's scoring by season. But what the shot clock was intended to eliminate was games like several UNC - UVA games in the Ralph Sampson era, when Dean Smith went four-corners once his team got a lead. IIRC, UNC held the ball for nearly 10 minutes of a game that I think ended 49-47.

What really killed the college game was early entry to the NBA. When players had to stay for 4-years, teams developed more skill and cohesion. Instead, I would change the one-and-done rule so that if a player signs a letter of intent, they commit to the school for at least two seasons They could transfer to another school within the current rules, if they chose that.

But I would also let high school players go straight to the NBA. If the pros want them and the players want to go, they should be allowed to do it.

Comment 12 Nov 2015

Some great OSU RB performances against the Illini - Byars in 84, Eddie in 95, El Guapo in 13. I'd love to add Zeke to that group. 

Comment 11 Nov 2015

When Loving came back from suspension, he did nothing to supplant Tate. In fact, his play regressed as Tate's improved. That's why it was KBD taking important threes against VCU and not Loving. 

While an engaged Marc Loving will be an important player, it's almost as likely that he loses his starting position to KBD alongside Tate.

Given what we saw against Walsh, I expect a three player rotation at the 3 and 4 among Tate, Loving, and KBD. 

Comment 11 Nov 2015

It's just an exhibition game. No one doubts that Loving will play. But to interpret his playing time against Walsh as an indication that he's the key player to Thad or that he will play close to 40 minutes a night goes way too far.

I would say that he protected his most important player, who had an injury, by not playing him in a meaningless exhibition game. That seems more likely to me.

Comment 11 Nov 2015

Oh yes he will. The value of original art goes up, not down. That's not some framed print from the home selection at Sears.

As Fitzgerald said, the rich are different from you and me.